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Kaya Cast

Kaya Cast

By Kaya Push

The Kaya Cast podcast is a weekly show where we interview thought leaders in the cannabis industry about their experience and expertise of working with cannabis. The aim of the show is to help cannabis retailers do what they love and share their stories.
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Developing People First Cannabis Companies with Jon Bond (Dutchie)

Kaya CastOct 25, 2022

Developing People First Cannabis Companies with Jon Bond (Dutchie)
Oct 25, 202242:26
Growing Social Media Connections in Cannabis 🤳
Oct 20, 202212:20
Creating In-store Digital Experiences with Amber Erickson (Seed Technology)
Oct 18, 202240:01
Unpacking Biden’s Marijuana Pardon Policy w/ Tahir Johnson (MPP)
Oct 11, 202227:38
The Top 10 Jobs in the Cannabis Industry 💼
Oct 06, 202213:44
Growth Principles for Your Dispensary with Tommy Truong (Kaya Push)
Oct 04, 202224:38
Building an Indigenous Owned Cannabis Company with Dianna Tarbell & Myan Adams (Seven Leaf)
Sep 27, 202227:35
Coming Together Through Cannabis 🤝

Coming Together Through Cannabis 🤝

Tom and Maria discuss some of the most important insights from our recent cannabis industry seminars that we hosted in Albuquerque, New Mexico and Portland, Maine.

We joined with our partners across the country to share growth techniques to successfully launch and grow a dispensary. It was fantastic to connect with cannabis retailers and hear their stories.

Sep 22, 202212:21
How to Successfully Launch and Grow a Dispensary [LIVE]

How to Successfully Launch and Grow a Dispensary [LIVE]

This week’s episode features the “Greatest Hits” from our cannabis industry seminar that we hosted in Albuquerque, New Mexico and Portland, Maine.

Designed to help you navigate the process of opening a cannabis dispensary with best practices of over 3000 dispensaries and how they succeeded.

Gary Cohen, CEO of Cova

Gary Cohen is the CEO of the most trusted award-winning POS brand in North America. He has met with nearly 2000 dispensary operators from coast to coast and leveraged expert knowledge to provide cannabis retailers the support they need to get a license, pass inspection, launch a store, and improve operations. Gary frequently leads seminars on retail technology, compliance, business operations, and cannabis banking laws at some of the industry’s largest events including NCIA and MJBizCon.

Naomi Granger, Founder of NACATS Pros, CPA, MBA

Naomi Granger is the only CPA to have been featured in The Wall Street Journal for her unique approach to helping accounting professionals expand their practice to support the legal Cannabis industry. She’s provided her support, consulting, and business development skills to over 600 accounting professionals across the United States.

Naomi entered the cannabis industry in 2017 and went from start-up to exceeding $3 million in revenue in just over two years. She’ll guide you to your own solid revenue gains in the highly regulated Cannabis industry with a strong foothold in the market.

Tommy Truong, CEO of KayaPush

Tommy Truong (CPA) is the co-founder and CEO of KayaPush. With over $1 Billion of payroll processed last year, Kayapush helps dispensaries scale through an easy people management platform. Tommy has helped thousands of business owners grow their companies through simplifying workforce management.

Christine Gervais, CFO Cultivate Consulting

Christine has been a licensed CPA since 2010 using her skills to help small businesses grow and achieve their fullest potential.

With a Master’s degree in accounting, in addition to years of experience both in public accounting as well as serving as the CFO for large private organizations, Christine has the knowledge base to provide comprehensive accounting and consulting services to Cultivate’s clients.  Most notably, Christine is also a nationally recognized speaker and 280(e) expert, providing cannabis tax education not only to her clients but to other accountants.

Kirk Morrison, Co-Founder Budsense

Kirk is one of the founding partners of BudSense and has a background in product development, marketing, sales and management consulting. Kirk has been involved in the creation of a number of technology products in the retail sector and has been working with cannabis retailers since the earliest days of federal legalization in Canada.

Sep 20, 202236:22
 Successful Dispensary Launch Strategies with Neal Chaudhary (Red Pill Labs)
Sep 13, 202228:02
Advocating for Diversity in Cannabis with Ernest Toney (BIPOCANN)
Sep 06, 202232:42
Top Tech for a Growing Dispensary 🧑‍💻

Top Tech for a Growing Dispensary 🧑‍💻

As a dispensary owner, you need different technology and softwares to help you with all your daily operations, like your sales and your inventory management, and even your security.

Cannabis Technology helps you manage your people and streamline operations, which saves you time and money.

Today, we want to talk about the top six dispensary technologies that you need to run a growing cannabis store.

Our top 6 Cannabis Technologies are:

  1. A compliant POS System
  2. Website, E-commerce, and product menus
  3. Integrated payroll software
  4. Security system
  5. Inventory management software
  6. Employee management system.
Sep 01, 202207:45
Reducing Cannabis Security Risks with Haley Glover (Sapphire Risk)
Aug 30, 202230:07
5 Ways To Retain Great Employees 👏

5 Ways To Retain Great Employees 👏

In today's episode, we're gonna talk about five ways dispensary owners can retain great employees and keep them engaged.

Engaged employees are going to be happy employees and happy employees don't want to leave.  They will be committed to the business. But it's not just finding good employees because that's only half the battle. It's keeping them. That's what the dispensaries are struggling with.

Our 5 tips for retaining great employees are:

  1. Focus on Total Compensation
  2. Invest in your employees w/ growth opportunities
  3. Track employee progress
  4. Annual reviews and reward longevity
  5. Make work fun
Aug 25, 202207:35
Cannabis Infused Customer Experiences with David Thomas (Budsense)
Aug 23, 202239:40
5 Ways to Increase Dispensary Profits 💸

5 Ways to Increase Dispensary Profits 💸

In today's episode, we're gonna look at five tips that dispensary owners can use today, to make your profits go up and through the roof.

The growth and sustainability of a cannabis dispensary depends on a delicate balance of revenue vs. expenses. Turning a healthy profit can be difficult with all of the costs in launch and scaling a cannabis business.

Our 5 tips for increasing your profits are:

  1. Increase dispensary profits with smart ordering
  2. Learn how to use the data
  3. Invest in good people
  4. Make dispensary marketing a team sport
  5. Cut back on admin costs
Aug 18, 202211:09
Decoding Cannabis Accounting with Naomi Granger (NACAT Pros)
Aug 16, 202237:11
Ninja Marketing Tips for Dispensaries 🥷

Ninja Marketing Tips for Dispensaries 🥷

We all know that marketing is an essential aspect of business, but when it comes to marketing and cannabis you need to learn how to be a Ninja Marketer 🥷  

From social media to email marketing we give you some inside tips to help you improve your marketing and grow your business.

Aug 11, 202207:43
 Building Your Dream Dispensary with Mike Wilson (Temeka Group)
Aug 09, 202227:36
What it Takes to Open a Dispensary 🏢

What it Takes to Open a Dispensary 🏢

How do you get started opening your dream dispensary? It takes hard work, money, and a dream. 

In this episode of the Kaya Cast Podcast we discuss some of the basics in opening a dispensary including costs, franchising and more. We also share insights into how much money you can make as a dispensary owner. 

Plus, we dive into software solutions to help you launch and grow your thriving cannabis retail store. 

Aug 04, 202209:46
Running an Efficient and Compliant Dispensary with Chris Lara (Greenspace Pro)
Aug 02, 202220:60
Introducing Kaya Cast

Introducing Kaya Cast

  • How do I get started building a growing cannabis business?
  • What are the most important things I need to know as a dispensary owner?
  • How do I hire the right budtenders to help my business grow?

If you’re new to the cannabis industry or you’ve been working in it for a while, I want to invite you to listen to a brand new podcast from Kaya Push. The Kaya Cast podcast is all about helping cannabis retailers do what they love and share their stories.

I’m your host, Tom Mulhern, and I am so excited to explore the ever changing cannabis business world with you. Each week we’ll interview thought leaders from around the industry about their experience and expertise of working with cannabis.

We’ll also be releasing bonus episodes giving you essential insights to help you grow your business and be more effective in every aspect of your canna-career?

You can listen and subscribe to our free podcast wherever you download your favorite podcasts, including Apple , Spotify, Google and more.

Be sure to check out our website at to access all of our past episodes and dive deeper into each episode of the podcast and our guests.

Thanks for listening and we can’t wait to share more stories, every week, on the all new Kaya Cast podcast!

Jul 19, 202201:28