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Keep Blooming

Keep Blooming

By Elizabeth Montigny

Coaching the Catholic woman to stop overthinking and take action so she can become the person God is calling her to be!
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Ep. 47: Embracing the Gift of Womanhood with Ann Burns

Keep BloomingSep 27, 2023

Ep. 47: Embracing the Gift of Womanhood with Ann Burns
Sep 27, 202334:33
Ep. 46: It's Never Too Late to Find Joy with Laura Dominick
Sep 20, 202332:13
BONUS Ep. 45: Grief & Healing After Child Loss with Eileen Tully
Sep 15, 202358:44
Ep. 44: Being at Peace with God's Plan for Your Life with Christina Brown
Sep 13, 202341:56
Ep. 43: Letting God Build Your Business with Dominique Tomaino
Sep 06, 202332:37
Ep. 42: Trusting God to Design Your Life with Meg Seeley
Aug 30, 202334:02
Ep. 41: How Do I Pursue My Husband? with Dana Nygaard, LPC
Aug 23, 202343:45
Ep. 40: Stop Making Your Health a Luxury with Kimberly Brockway
Aug 16, 202328:08
Ep. 39: What Does "Well" Mean with Nichole Haugen
Aug 09, 202328:26
Ep. 38: Five to Simplify

Ep. 38: Five to Simplify

In this episode, Liz shares five considerations to help you simplify your plans for work and home. Plus, she shares what's next for this podcast.

Lectio Divina:

Galatians 1:10

Aug 02, 202323:45
Ep 37: Your Mid-year Goals Check-in

Ep 37: Your Mid-year Goals Check-in

Liz shares quick tips for giving yourself a mid-year goals assessment. You still have plenty of time left to adjust and achieve your goals. Get Liz's Goal Planner here.⁠

Lectio Divina

Psalm 20:2-6


1: The podcast is out of the office for July! Liz is recording lots of interviews for when the podcast returns in August. You can catch up on 37 existing episodes on your summer travels. Happy Summer!

2: Your last chance to register for Liz's destination retreat, RESTore 3.0, is August 1st! If you've been thinking about it, time to hop off that fence and onto the plane and come away with us. Here's the link to the itinerary and registration.

Jun 28, 202314:11
Ep: 36: The Ultimate Summer Self-Care Glow Up
Jun 21, 202315:06
 Ep. 35: The Formula for a Perfect Start to Your Day
Jun 14, 202322:54
Ep. 34: WFH and Rest in the Summer
Jun 07, 202321:06
Ep. 33: How to Wait Well with Laura Roland
May 31, 202358:26
Ep. 32: Hope for Health Challenges with Lisa Bergin
May 24, 202329:28
Ep. 31: Worry Holds You Back
May 17, 202320:56
Ep. 30: 3 Ways to Get Through Your Busy Season
May 10, 202314:58
Ep 29: Saving Time for You
May 03, 202322:11
Ep 28: Reclaim Your Time
Apr 26, 202323:06
Ep. 27: 4 More Spring Makeover Tips for Your Life... (part 2)

Ep. 27: 4 More Spring Makeover Tips for Your Life... (part 2)

This is part two of Liz's quick Spring makeover tips for you life. Good news is you can start making these changes now. Plus, she's got a free download and early bird savings on her retreat for you, so keep reading the show notes...

Lectio Divina:

Romans 12:1-3

Wheel of Life

free download

Destination Retreat

RESTore 3.0

Sao Miguel, Azores

October 1-8, 2023

Save $500 now on the destination retreat RESTore

Want to hear more about destination retreat RESTore 3.0?

Tune into these episodes of Keep Blooming:

Ep. 18: hear from Anna Soares, our travel & event planner, owner of Perfectly Planned

Ep. 22: hear from Kassie Zinzel, Soulcore leader

Apr 19, 202321:23
Ep. 26: 3 Spring Makeover Tips for Your Life (part 1)
Apr 12, 202324:51
Ep 25: Coming out of the desert...
Apr 05, 202319:17
Ep. 24: How to talk Theology of the Body with Lindsay Caron
Mar 29, 202329:40
Ep. 23: Put Your Money in its Place with Erica Mathews
Mar 22, 202325:16
Ep. 22: Trusting Your Journey with Kassie Zinzel
Mar 15, 202330:01
Ep. 21: Jesus in the Workplace with Lilia Grundy
Mar 08, 202328:54
Ep 20: 5 Ways to Make this Your Best Month
Mar 01, 202315:04
Ep. 19: What if Lent is Easy?
Feb 22, 202312:15
Ep. 18: Preview of RESTore Retreat 3.0

Ep. 18: Preview of RESTore Retreat 3.0

In this episode, Liz welcomes Anna Soares, owner of Perfectly Planned - trips & events, to give you a glimpse of Liz's destination retreat, RESTore 3.0.  This retreat is for women who want to reach their goals with grace instead of hustle. Join us October 1-8, 2023 on the island of Sao Miguel, Azores.  Anna not only handcrafts itinerates for leaders, life coaches and educators but she also designs custom travel experiences for anyone who wants a unique adventure. Once you meet Anna, you will immediately sense her love and passion for travel. She is truly "THE Azorean" specialist!   Lectio Divina: Mark 6:31-32 Visit the RESTore Retreat 3.0 website for all the details and to register for this experience!
Feb 15, 202333:50
Ep. 17: The Power of Your 7 "Whys"
Feb 08, 202313:46
Ep 16: Boost Your Self Image
Feb 01, 202320:33
Ep. 15: Less is More
Jan 25, 202314:40
Ep. 14: Prayer and Your Body
Jan 18, 202329:15
Ep. 13: Create a Doable Morning Routine
Jan 11, 202314:57
Ep. 12: Permission to Rest
Jan 04, 202318:36
Ep. 11: How to Give Yourself a Personal Year-End Review
Dec 28, 202223:29
Ep. 10: Advent Series - LOVE yourself through God's eyes...

Ep. 10: Advent Series - LOVE yourself through God's eyes...

This is the final episode in Liz's 4-part Advent series. If you're falling prey to comparison games or need a boost to your self-image, this episode is for you.

Lectio Divina:

Matthew 5:16

Just so, your light must shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your heavenly Father

Destination Retreat 2023

RESTore 3.0

Details and registration NOW OPEN

Love Letter from the Father

“My beloved one (Sg 2)… Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you (Jer 1). I drew you with human cords, with bands of love; I fostered you like one who raises an infant to his cheeks (Hos 11). Yes… You are my beloved child, and in you I am well pleased (Mk 1). I have chosen you and not cast you away (Is 41). You shall be called ‘my delight’… for the Lord delights in you… and As the bridegroom rejoices over the bride, so shall your God rejoice over you (Is 62).

For though the mountains may fall away and the hills be shaken, my love shall never fall away from you (Is 54). I have loved you with an everlasting love; therefore I have continued my faithfulness to you (Jer 31). Do you not perceive it (Is 43)? For I know well the plans I have in mind for you… plans for your welfare and not for woe, so as to give you a future full of hope. When you call me, I will listen to you… When you seek me with all your heart, I will let you find me (Jer 29). For I am with you, I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you (Is 41). I will fight for you (Ex 14). And I will not withdraw my merciful love from you (Ps 89).

And so… my daughter… Let me see your face, let me hear your voice, for your voice is sweet and your face is lovely. (Sg 2) Behold, I am with you always (Mt 28). Do not be afraid… I have called you by name, and you are mine. You are precious in my eyes, and honored, and I love you (Is 43).”

- Fr. John Burns (GIVEN Forum 2022)

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Dec 14, 202216:35
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Episode 6: Why God Wants Us to Turn Our Dreams into Goals!
Nov 23, 202214:13
Episode 5: Spiritual Motherhood - Between Friends with Laura Roland
Nov 16, 202235:43
Episode 4: Building the Powerful Habit of a Self-Reflection Practice
Nov 09, 202221:00
Episode 3: More Being, Less Doing with Vivian Bruno
Nov 02, 202226:09
Episode 2: Burnout - Prevention + Recovery
Oct 26, 202220:30
Episode 1: See, I am doing something new!
Oct 19, 202213:02
Introduction to Keep Blooming with Liz Montigny
Oct 19, 202200:50