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KEEPING UP With The Conejo Valley

KEEPING UP With The Conejo Valley

By Lori Carrese

KEEPING UP is a podcast about staying connected with our community, the Conejo Valley.

Featuring: KEEPING UP with the Conejo Valley, as a Podcast Collective for the community, by the community, of the Conejo Valley and surrounding areas, locale, Southern California. Always ah ha moments and key takeaways with local businesses, residents, and experts! We're also KEEPING UP beyond the local, with episodes on healthy living, through KEEPING UP with your Wellness segments for Everyone, Everywhere!
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S1E32: Modern Orthodontics | Early Prevention

KEEPING UP With The Conejo ValleyMar 05, 2023

S1E32: Modern Orthodontics | Early Prevention
Mar 05, 202316:44
S1E31: Why Your Sleep Matters
Feb 26, 202311:40
S1E30: Momentum & Nutrition after having kids, with Olga Gurts
Feb 19, 202323:15
S1E29: "Modern Orthodontics" | Keeping Up With Your Wellness - a discussion with Dr. K
Jan 31, 202329:40
S1E28: Wellness Accountability | Sarah Sklar
Jan 24, 202316:47
S1E27: "Prioritization" with Nicole Lauderback
Jan 17, 202316:22
S1E26: Storytelling: Own your stories, make a difference
Jan 10, 202314:53
S1E25: Giving & Receiving Feedback | Nicole Lauderback
Jan 03, 202315:47
S1E24: "The Teens" | Tapouts Radio S1E5
Dec 27, 202230:17
S1E23: "Your Tribe & Accountability" | Wellness For The New Year
Dec 20, 202216:24
S1E22: Disciplinary Action With Students | Kelly Simon

S1E22: Disciplinary Action With Students | Kelly Simon

Kelly Simon, Bridges Charter School

This is Keeping Up With The Conejo Valley

Dec 16, 202219:02
S1E21: The Power Of Gratitude
Dec 13, 202218:51
S1E20: Kids, Education, Mental Health, and Coaching | Tapouts Radio Series E4 | Chrissy and Daniel
Dec 11, 202220:37
S1E19: Don't Let Your Wellness Go During The Holidays
Dec 04, 202215:05
S1E18: Tapouts Radio E3 | Transforming Kids Lives with Molly and Andrea

S1E18: Tapouts Radio E3 | Transforming Kids Lives with Molly and Andrea

On episode 3 Molly sits with Andrea, a tapouts coordinator- and mother, to dive deeper into the tapouts program. Andrea is in constant contact with the parents and sits in on tapouts sessions, giving her a very close look into the transformation of these kids lives. Tapouts is a life coaching program for kids 8-16, for more information visit or @tapoutsapp on Instagram and Tiktok.

Nov 28, 202220:37
S1E17: Healthy Habits Around The Holidays | The Perfect 3 Series
Nov 23, 202214:55
S1E16: Bringing Out Your Best Self
Nov 21, 202215:06
S1E15: Overcoming Self-Sabotage
Nov 18, 202217:49
S1E14: Women Entrepreneurship, with Jennifer Ditzhazy - Founder of The Perfect 3
Nov 16, 202218:18
S1E13: Tapouts Radio | "The Series E2"
Nov 15, 202214:36
S1E12: Moms and Imposter Syndrome

S1E12: Moms and Imposter Syndrome

15-Minute RESET | Moms and Imposter Syndrome

Hosted by Lori Carrese, guest Klara Sedlacek

Nov 12, 202228:31
S1E11: Wellness Communities and Advocacy
Nov 10, 202216:03
S1E10: "Tapouts" Talks Mental Health and Empowering Kids
Nov 07, 202219:43
S1E9: "Second Mom"

S1E9: "Second Mom"

We're Keeping Up With Inspiring Women Today, with Rachelle Osorio, with her episode "Second Mom".

Oct 31, 202201:00:17
S1E8: Behind The Microphone with "Tapouts"
Oct 26, 202214:40
S1E7: Benefits of Collagen with The Perfect 3
Oct 19, 202212:31
S1E6: Karate Talk | "Roger's Story"

S1E6: Karate Talk | "Roger's Story"

This is Roger's Story, introducing the new series "Karate Talk" E1

Conejo 101 Radio Show host, Roger Lacombe, owner/operator of Premier Martial Arts in Westlake Village, CA.

Premier Martial Arts Website

Oct 12, 202216:36
S1E5: Mornings With Moms | Lori & Kelly on Education
Oct 05, 202214:05
S1E4: KEEPING UP With Your Wellness | "Farm To Table & Beyond Organic"
Sep 28, 202216:56
S1E3: Behind The Microphone with Frank and Leah | Redefining The Win In Youth Sports
Sep 17, 202221:20
S1E2: Conejo Out and About with Limitless Karate

S1E2: Conejo Out and About with Limitless Karate

Lori talks to Phil McGrath, one of the owners of Limitless Karate in Calabasas about self defense, empowerment, and entrepreneurship.

Limitless Karate website.

Sep 12, 202215:08
 S1E1: "RESET Your Self Protection"
Aug 28, 202235:20