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Let's Connect With Keith Macpherson

Let's Connect With Keith Macpherson

By Keith Macpherson

Join motivational speaker and author, Keith Macpherson every week as he initiates conversation with some of the world's most inspiring up and coming thought leaders, artists and motivators.
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Keith Macpherson on Dealing with COVID-19

Let's Connect With Keith MacphersonDec 07, 2020

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Why People Heal with Bonnie Schroeder

Why People Heal with Bonnie Schroeder

Why do some people heal, while others don’t? Why are some of us content with just a little, while others can never be satisfied, no matter how much they get out of life?

My guest today on Let’s Connect is someone I fondly call my ginger sister, Bonnie Schroeder, a healing practitioner who has traveled five continents over three decades working as a clinical researcher, in medical management, and doing energy work that merges science and spirit.

Through this drawn-out pandemic, are you longing for a better moment than this one?

Bonnie invites us to start small, taking baby steps towards ourselves with curiosity and heartfulness. Her deep call is to provide healing energy medicine, and how she works her magic is a little hard to pin down in words, but I have been through the energy work she offers and it is transformative.

Resolve to be kind to yourself, starting today. Enjoy some music in this episode.

And some more good news - the Making Sense of Mindfulness course has just been re-launched, and my personal gift to you is a free video workshop on stress and anxiety. Information on these offerings - and much more - can be found on my website,

Bonnie is going to remind us now that our first relationship is with ourselves. Isn’t that a good way to look forward to 2021?

Connect with Keith Macpherson






Dec 28, 202001:12:48
Keith Macpherson on Gift of Music
Dec 21, 202025:28
On Coaching with Karen Wright
Dec 14, 202054:31
Keith Macpherson on Dealing with COVID-19
Dec 07, 202026:28
 Let’s Connect with Emma Glass on Human Design!
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Keith Macpherson on How to go Inward

Keith Macpherson on How to go Inward

We’re living in a time where it’s becoming more and more difficult to discern what’s real and what’s a racket.

The social networking systems we’re being informed by are feeding us a steady stream of content that complex algorithms have decided is what we’re craving. Perhaps most concerning is that so many of us are just going along largely unaware of the forces of manipulation that are competing for our headspace.

So, how can we breathe, get still, observe, and be aware of the truth? What are the secrets waiting to be revealed to us when we go inward? And how do we even do that?

With all that we’re witnessing right now in an unstable world, I’m ready to put the brakes on this roller coaster.

I welcome you to join me now on Let’s Connect to share in a transformative reality check.

A better reality really does exist above all the noise and chaos.

Nov 09, 202018:13
Matthew Ode on The Will to Survive
Nov 02, 202058:04
Keith Macpherson on Let It Go and Let It Go

Keith Macpherson on Let It Go and Let It Go

As I sat down to record this particular episode of the podcast, I had a major internal battle with myself. I was trying to be “perfect” and appear to have things all together, when inside of me, something just didn’t feel right!

After 24 hours of struggling to get this podcast recorded, I finally came to understand what this inner battle was all about! I was distracted and preoccupied with all the noise around me (including my phone buzzing, my to-do list, and many of the habits that have unconsciously crept into my life over the past few months). I realized that I had lost touch with my inner spirit.

In our world, there is so much emphasis on delivering results that we often lose focus of other important things that equally matter; our physical, mental, and emotional health. And in the process of getting to the end result, we can develop deteriorating habits that negatively impact not only our peace of mind but more significantly, our own productivity. How do we counter this? How do we let go to find space and foster a perspective of living mindfully?

In this episode, I vulnerably share my own struggle with striving for perfection and offer some newfound tips that I am also integrating into my own daily life.

When we sit down with ourselves, take a deep breath, and really open our minds; we find the space and ease that we need in order to get to the end result that we want.

Join me as I sift through helpful tips to live life mindfully, and talk about negative habits to watch out for! In this episode of Let’s Connect; slow down, create space, and achieve freedom in a bustling world.

Connect with Keith Macpherson






Oct 26, 202018:11
Dr. Paul Hokemeyer on Mental Health

Dr. Paul Hokemeyer on Mental Health

Mental health is now a subject of open discussion, a dramatic change in the perception of what used to be an extremely sensitive topic.

I have always been interested in the subject, especially as I learn to take care of my own mental health through meditation.

In this episode, my goal is to find out as much as I can about mental health; especially the demographics.

Here’s the important question: who is most likely to get depressed?

According to an article on, individuals belonging to high-income groups are more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety.

To gain a deep and meaningful insight into mental illness, I invited Dr. Paul Hokemeyer, a psychotherapist who works with people and families in the United States, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, and the European Union. He holds a doctorate in law, a Bachelor of Arts in economics, and a Master of Arts in clinical psychology with a focus on family dynamics.

Dr. Paul’s work revolves around people who go through a silent but deadly crisis characterized by trauma, substance-abuse disorders, addiction, physical and emotional infidelity, personality disorders, and gender dysphoria.

Strangely, most of his patients are either famous or wealthy. In fact, more often than not, they are both.

Dr. Paul believes that there are an ingrained hostility and resentment towards the upper class. After all, they should have what it takes to be happy and healthy. Little do we know that their wealth is a blessing as much as it is a curse. It would appear that the underlying cause of a lack of access to proper mental health care lies in wealth itself.

In fact, a counterproductive means of dealing with modern-day loneliness and depression is to invest in extravagant quantitative aspects of life, like fame, money, and validation, if only to achieve a sense of security.

Dr. Paul advances a whole new different perspective on the demographics of depression: rich people can have it, too. In his emphatic words, every human being deserves culturally competent care. No matter who you are.

Check out his book about this topic, Fragile Power, on Amazon!  link here. 

Listen to the whole podcast here: *LINK*

Connect with Dr. Paul Hokemeyer






Connect with Keith Macpherson






Oct 19, 202046:29
Keith Macpherson on Gratitude

Keith Macpherson on Gratitude

How will you practice gratitude if you are facing a $30,000 house repair?

This was Keith Macpherson’s personal experience when he was challenged to practice gratitude in his most challenging times, just like facing a $30,000 bill to repair his house in Canada.

Keith lives in Winnipeg, Canada, and it's quite common for houses in Canada that shift foundations because the city was built on a waterbed system.

Despite this, he calls himself lucky to have a moving house.

Keith is a wide range reader, and the book by Florence Scovel Shinn about gratitude changed his perspective in life.

Florence says, “Gratitude is the law of increase, and the complaint is the law of decrease.”

And in the $30,000 bill that he’s facing for the repair, he sees it as a symbol of gratitude or thankfulness to whatever service is provided for him.

Through and though, Keith continues to practice the law of gratitude and navigates and moves through life’s difficulties with a gratitude state of mind every single day.

And on money, he says, “Financial Freedom is God's idea for a man what God has done before he can do for me and more opens doors.”

Keith wants to know what you think about gratitude as well, and share your experience also.

Drop it in the comments section or message him. Link below.

Listen to the full episode here: *LINK*






Oct 12, 202016:40
Kat Trimarco on Discovering your True Self
Oct 05, 202059:15
Keith Macpherson on Forgiveness
Sep 28, 202021:11
Hayley Gene Penner on People You Follow
Sep 21, 202001:01:06
Keith Macpherson on Vulnerability

Keith Macpherson on Vulnerability

In this this episode, Keith talks about Vulnerability. He purposely has no guests today on the show and instead takes a personal deep dive into today’s topic.

For those who are regular listeners, every second week of the month for this point forward, Keith will be doing this Q and A format and answer your questions along with sharing powerful insights and wisdom. On alternate weeks, Keith will continue to interview guests and share their stories with you.

In today’s episode of Let’s Connect, Keith answers listener’s questions about vulnerability and self-love and gives his perspective on the topic.

He reminds us that being vulnerable is about "putting yourself out there, literally taking your mask off, and showing and exposing who you are and your truth in the world.

In this episode, Keith shares why he was so grateful for living in this world and how he almost didn’t make it here. Find out what limiting beliefs had been holding him back and how you can identify yours and release them.

Today’s Episode highlights:

  • Being vulnerable is one of the most      courageous things a person can do and should practice in their life.
  • On gratefulness: his mother was confronted      by doctors about him, but his mom fought for his life.
  • Back on his Canadian Idol days, which was      the epitome of needing to be loved and seen, Keith realized there was more      to life than trying to be famous.

Quotes from Today’s episode:

  • "Vulnerability is about putting      yourself out there, literally taking your mask off, and showing and      exposing who you are and your truth in the world" - Keith Macpherson
  • "Anything that's coming up that feels      edgy or uncomfortable or feels misaligned is most likely fear that's      needing to be released" - Keith Macpherson.

Keith Macpherson is a motivational speaker, life coach, and author of the book "Making Sense of Mindfulness. He was also the top 22 in the fourth season of Canadian Idol. He was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He demystifies the meaning and practice of mindfulness and offers concrete and practical tools and strategies to apply mindfulness to one's everyday life.

Copies of “Making Sense of Mindfulness" are available at






Sep 14, 202014:18
Victor McGuire on Coaching for Everyone
Sep 06, 202039:35
Jessica Hendrick on Conscious Relationships
Aug 16, 202056:18
 Kiirsten May and Alex Varricchio on Creative Thinking
Aug 02, 202043:23
Karla Dueck Thiessen on Mindful Breathing
Jul 26, 202045:08
Dr Elizabeth Cronin on Coping with Anxiety
Jul 19, 202048:08
 Denise Dudley on Positive Communication
Jul 11, 202058:20
 Dr. Lori Whatley on Being Connected and Engaged
Jun 28, 202045:56
Sophie Gray on Journaling Therapy

Sophie Gray on Journaling Therapy

In this episode, Keith interviews Sophie Gray, creator of the DiveThru journaling app. Sophie reveals how she turned to journaling to cure the anxiety and sense of alienation she felt after building her successful fitness brand on Instagram. She is a firm believer in the process of putting her thoughts down on paper in order to gain greater insight, clarity and purpose in her life and she explains how journaling helped her to understand her emotions and reconnect to her authentic self.

To find out more about Sophie’s journey and try out her journal app, Dive Thru, click here .

Find out more about Keith:

Keith's Website:

Keith's Instagram: @keithmmac

Jun 14, 202053:11
Jane Helbrecht on Achieving Your Goals
May 31, 202051:04
Don Amero on Music as Medicine
May 24, 202001:00:19
Keith Macpherson on Connecting to Light

Keith Macpherson on Connecting to Light

In this episode, Giovanna Minenna talks to Keith Macpherson about the ancient Hawaiian healing and spiritual practice of Huna Kane and about finding the divine in ourselves and in our everyday lives. Keith describes his efforts to balance masculine and feminine energy, to live more in his heart than in his head and to connect to his highest self, which he envisions as a source of pure light. He stresses the importance of the breath in strengthening our connection to spirit and deepening our awareness of the thin veil between the physical and spiritual world. His intention is to clear old patterns of behaviour and become an embodiment of light in order to help others heal through transformative energy work.

Find out more about Keith:

Keith's Website:

Keith's Instagram: @keithmmac

The Making Sense of Mindfulness book:

May 17, 202041:39
Sarah Chipman on Soulful Nourishment
May 10, 202048:32
Vanessa McDonald on How To Be Brave
May 03, 202048:54
Dr. Erin Fall Haskell on Living a Soul-Filled Life
Apr 12, 202047:28
Kienan LaFrance on Playing to Win

Kienan LaFrance on Playing to Win

In this episode, Keith talks to professional athlete Kienan LaFrance about what it’s like to play in the CFL. Kienan discusses the highs and lows of his career and reveals how his competitive instinct, combined with talent and hard work, paved the way for his sporting success. He is currently a running back for the Saskatchewan Roughriders and is proud to be involved in the team’s partnership with the Red Cross to raise awareness around the subject of domestic violence and abuse.

Apr 05, 202043:27
Joseph Khoja on Daring to Dream
Mar 22, 202045:35
Vincci Tsui on Intuitive Eating
Mar 01, 202052:55
Dr. Friedemann Schaub on Connecting to your Consciousness
Jan 05, 202049:28
Laurie Duperier on Talking to Animals
Dec 15, 201955:51
Dr. Greg Wells on Taking Control of Your Life
Dec 02, 201952:03
Shannon Leppky on Learning from Horses
Nov 17, 201959:07
Dr. Riley Klassen on Building Lasting Health

Dr. Riley Klassen on Building Lasting Health

In this week’s episode, Keith is joined by Dr. Riley Klassen, a chiropractor with a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. Riley explains how the position of the spine affects the nervous system and impacts our overall health.

He specializes in providing gentle chiropractic care and advocates a proactive approach, stressing the importance of maximizing health by adopting an active lifestyle, a healthy diet and a positive mindset.
Nov 03, 201948:21
Monica Berg on the Power of Change

Monica Berg on the Power of Change

Keith’s guest this week is Monica Berg, author and Chief Communications Officer at The Kabbalah Centre, New York. Monica is a passionate advocate for the power of change to bring more joy, peace, and fulfillment into our lives. She talks about the teachings of the Kabbalah tradition and the need to tame the ego in order to expand consciousness and pursue a spiritual path.
Oct 20, 201947:22
Suzi Friesen on Mental Fitness and Self-Care

Suzi Friesen on Mental Fitness and Self-Care

Keith is joined this week by his friend, Suzi Friesen, who runs the Project 11 program promoting mental health awareness in schools. Listen in as Suzi explains the importance of developing healthy coping strategies early in life and shares how her interest in mental wellbeing was shaped by her childhood experience of watching her mother struggle with schizophrenia.
Oct 06, 201954:49
Roger Berrington on Building Hope and Confidence

Roger Berrington on Building Hope and Confidence

In this week’s episode, Keith’s guest is Roger Berrington, development coach and visionary. Roger likes to think of life as a game of snakes and ladders where the qualities of hope, optimism and confidence can inspire you to achieve your goals and take you to the next level. As well, he emphasizes the role of resilience in allowing individuals to overcome the obstacles and struggles that they will inevitably face.
Sep 22, 201951:48
Leslee Watt on Peak Experiences

Leslee Watt on Peak Experiences

On today's podcast Keith is joined in the studio by Leslee Watt to discuss her upcoming book "Wide Open". During the fall of 2015, Leslee walked the El Camino trail, a large network of ancient pilgrim routes stretching across Europe that culminate at the tomb of St. James in north-west Spain.
Sep 15, 201948:05
Tim Magwood on Heartfulness at Work
Sep 08, 201948:04