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Perpetual Good

Perpetual Good


How does it feel when you hear a story about something good happening? Does it do more than just tug at your heartstrings? Does it make you want to tell your own story? To find some good to do yourself? Look at how often a simple story or video gets rebroadcast, and you will agree that people thrive and rely on knowing that good things are happening. The problem is that we don't hear enough about all the good things that are going on. This journey will be to uncover good things that are happening, and not only giving the ability to rebroadcast what others are doing, but spur us to our own good
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The Good of Celebration - A Father's Day Podcast

Perpetual GoodJun 19, 2021

Treasures In the Deep - The "Why" of Your Story
Feb 03, 202323:32
The Good of Good Food, Part 2
Jan 20, 202335:25
The Good of Good Food Part 1
Jan 13, 202334:09
Defying Time and Circumstance

Defying Time and Circumstance

Have you ever looked back at your life and thought, "if only I had more time", or "if only that one thing hadn't happened, I would have fulfilled my dream"? Delays, prohibitions, jobs, having kids, etc., all valid reasons why things get placed on the back burner, or get locked away, never to be considered again. There is a proverb that says, "delayed hope makes the heart sick, but fulfilled desire is a tree of life." Delayed and unfulfilled dreams, or circumstances that prevent us from fulfilling who we really are can have a profoundly negative affect on us. 

What if I told you that neither time nor circumstance are powerful enough to stop us from fulfilling our dreams? While the end result may look different than we originally pictured it, as long as we hold onto those desires, there is a possibility for them to happen. 

In this episode of Perpetual Good, we will look at 2 people who defied both time and circumstance to see the fulfillment of what was in their heart:

  • Angela Alvarez, the most recent winner of the best new artist category at the Latin Grammy's, at 95 years old
  • Jason Wang, who overcame a past marred by bad decisions and prison to create FreeWorld, an organization who helps former inmates escape the cycle of prison by providing training and employment with respect and dignity. 

Theme Music: Wild & Windy - BledJon (Worth The Weight, 2020)

Transition Music: Soaring Above the Waves - RolikMusic

Additional Clips:

Living For the City - Stevie Wonder (Innervisions, 1973)

Time Has Come Today - The Chambers Brothers (The Time Has Come, 1967)

Media Graphics and Production: Imani Tahira

Jan 06, 202320:26
Small Things with Big Impact
Dec 09, 202219:16
Living a Life of Gratitude - Audio Only
Nov 23, 202222:14
Living a Life of Gratitude
Nov 23, 202222:14
The Other Side of the Heroic - Real Stories of Real People

The Other Side of the Heroic - Real Stories of Real People

Are you like me when you see a member of the armed services, you go out of your way to thank them for their service? It only takes a second - you can do it and be on your way, letting the soldiers - our heroes - know our appreciation for their sacrifice. It's easy to do... sometimes too easy. Have you considered what appreciation looks like to the soldier?
Heroes occupy a special place in our lives, but sometimes we forget that those we put on a pedestal are, like us, human.
This week, we will hear a little different perspective from some soldiers on being appreciated and elevated, as well as from a doctor attempting to treat victims of a war torn region, as we attempt to get behind the hero's cape, connecting the real people behind the uniform.

Theme Music: Wild and Windy by BledJon, featuring Linnea Locsin
Additional Audio: Soaring Above the Waves, by Rolikmusic;
Hard to Express, by BledJon
Episode Art: Photo by Lance Reis on Unsplash
Nov 10, 202223:52
Building Lasting Community – The Story of Sunnyhills – Part 2
Nov 04, 202226:19
Building Lasting Community – The Story of Sunnyhills
Oct 28, 202233:10
The Good of Taking Action
Oct 21, 202223:24
The Good of Starting Over, Part 2 with Victoria Pinkins
Oct 14, 202225:43
The Good of Starting Over
Oct 07, 202226:24
The Good of Good Improv
Sep 30, 202223:32
Our Good - The Gifts We Have Within, Part 2
Jul 08, 202132:22
Our Good - The Gifts We Have Within, Part 1
Jul 02, 202127:18
The Good of Celebration - A Father's Day Podcast
Jun 19, 202116:23
Unlikely History Makers
Feb 26, 202123:24
Episode 11: The Good of Mental Health and Wealth, Part II
Dec 11, 202040:47
Episode 10: The Good of Mental Health and Wealth, with Anthony Ware - Part 1
Dec 04, 202033:29
Episode 9: Champions of Good Part 2

Episode 9: Champions of Good Part 2

This episode is part 2 of a conversation with Vince McCastle, founder of Urban Champions, an organization designed to turn disengaged and ineligible athletes into student athletes, and to help them to succeed in areas other than sports.


Theme music: Wild & Windy, by BledJon –

Transition Music: Strawberry Sands, by Elijah Ray

Oct 29, 202031:36
Episode 8: Champions of Good - Part 1
Oct 22, 202024:27
Episode 7: The Good of Paying It Forward
Oct 09, 202024:20
Episode 6: The Good of Community - Part 2

Episode 6: The Good of Community - Part 2

Show up...


Pay attention...

Use what you have...

Being a person who helps build community is not hard. It may take time, resources and presence, but there is not a complicated formula to help. It just takes being willing and  taking the step to get out and get involved. Nate Frazier, founder of SwellPDX and discusses not only how he has gotten involved, but how he leveraged his community of friends, entrepreneurs, founders and others to bring needed change and benefit to Portland and beyond. 


Sep 27, 202037:43
Episode 5: The Good of Community - Part 1
Sep 19, 202034:35
Episode 4: The Struggle for Good
Sep 05, 202017:13
Episode 3: Celebrating Good
Aug 28, 202016:40
Episode 2: Defining Good
Aug 20, 202020:26
Intro - Getting Started with Perpetual Good
Aug 09, 202019:09