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Believing Better with Kenny Bishop

Believing Better with Kenny Bishop

By Kenny Bishop

As a recovering fundamentalist Evangelical preacher, I've discovered that I spent a lot of time in my early faith missing the best parts of who God is and shunning some of God's favorite people. This podcast is an effort to share some of my faith evolution through some of my sermons and some of the talks and speeches that I've given. The hope is that together, we're going to rediscover who God really is, find out who God really loves, and learn how to believe better so we can be better.
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"One" by Kenny Bishop

Believing Better with Kenny BishopMay 16, 2023

"One" by Kenny Bishop
May 16, 202320:35
"Us" by Kenny Bishop
Apr 30, 202316:03
"The Lord's Earth" by Kenny Bishop

"The Lord's Earth" by Kenny Bishop

NOTE: Much of today's message is brought by the beautifully inspiring Robin Wall Kimmerer. You can learn more about Robin and find her books on her website at

It means something to "be the church." We can say we are the church, but actually being the church is something else altogether. It means we must do more than claim our position as followers of Christ, it means we must mimic his ways of compassion and embracing humanity. Today, the day after Earth Day, we continue our spring series "Be the Church" focusing on protecting the environment. The psalmist says the earth is the Lord's, which means it is intended to belong to all of creation, which means it is not ours to abuse and consume.

*My sermon on April 23, 2023 at ⁠Bluegrass United Church of Christ⁠ in Lexington, Kentucky.

MESSAGE: "The Lord's Earth" by Kenny Bishop

SCRIPTURE: Psalm 24: 1-2

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