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Kids Bible Stories

Kids Bible Stories

By Jessica White

Hear the Bible presented to children through engaging and artful storytelling using imagery, sound effects, and voices. These short episodes teach young children the Bible and helps them apply the Gospel to their own lives. "Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God" Romans 10:17. May your children hear the Word through this podcast. Simply click play and enjoy listening during car rides or breakfast.
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#277: Which Brother will become King?-Solomon part 1

Kids Bible StoriesMar 01, 2023

#300: Tag You're it Elisha; Elijah part 8
Sep 27, 202309:11
#299: How Does God Speak to Us Today?
Sep 20, 202314:40
#298: God is in the Whisper: Elijah part 7
Sep 13, 202312:50
#297: Sometimes you Just Need Food and a Nap; Elijah part 6
Sep 06, 202313:24
#296: The Forecast Calls for Rain; Elijah part 5

#296: The Forecast Calls for Rain; Elijah part 5

1 Kings 18:40-46 & James 5:17 Today we hear Elijah tell Ahab that the drought is finally ending. Elijah knows the rain is coming but it is not until the seventh time that his servant makes the trip to the sea that there are signs of rain. Elijah faithfully waits and sends his servant to look over and over again. God was with Elijah when things happened immediately like in last week's episode, BUT He's also with him in the waiting. I point out that the Bible says that Elijah was a man like us. That gives us encouragement that we too can pray fervently as he did. We have a few more exciting Elijah episodes left so make sure to tune in! To receive 50% off your HelloFresh order click here use code 50kbs for 50% off plus free shipping! To connect with me go to To receive bonus content for this episode and others, go to
Aug 30, 202313:52
#295: Fire Falls at the Showdown: Elijah part 4

#295: Fire Falls at the Showdown: Elijah part 4

1 Kings 18:16-39 & Exodus 20:3 

This episode is full of action when Ahab and Elijah meet again. Elijah asks the people "How long will you try to serve both Baal and God?" The people have wandered from God and God is calling them back to His loving arms. Elijah has set a challenge; their Baal versus God. Tune in to see what happens.

We will discuss:

1. That Elijah didn't do this to make much of himself but to make much of God. You hear that in his speech.

2. God is patient. He calls the people back to Him.

Aug 16, 202317:00
#294: Right is Still Right Even if No One Else is Doing it; Elijah part 3
Aug 09, 202312:29
#293: The Widow's Never Ending Flour Jar; Elijah part 2
Aug 02, 202315:16
#292: Elijah Fed by Ravens; Elijah part 1
Jul 26, 202314:24
 Coloring pages & Bonus Content!
Jul 19, 202302:39
#291: You Have Nothing to Prove
Jul 12, 202308:04
#290: 1 King, 2 Kings, lots and lots of Kings : Solomon part XIV
Jul 05, 202314:29
#289: God's Love Never Changes; Solomon XIII
Jun 28, 202311:41
#288: A Healed Hand but Hard Heart; Solomon part XII
Jun 21, 202313:59
#287: Two Golden Calves should Fix my Problem: Solomon part XI
Jun 14, 202312:36
#286: This is My Doing: Solomon part X

#286: This is My Doing: Solomon part X

1 Kings 12:20-24 & Romans 14:11 The kingdom is divided: Solomon’s son Rehoboam is king over the southern kingdom, Judah while Jeroboam is king over northern kingdom, Israel. King Rehoboam is not happy about this and assembles an army to win back his kingdom. Will they battle OR does God have a different plan for their lives? We discuss the fact that God says "This is my doing." We are reminded God is always in control and has plans for our lives even when we can't always see it or feel it. We can trust his control and His plans. Why do I trust Him? I trust Him because I can look to the cross to see the His rescue plan for us. The cross reminds me of the cost Jesus paid, the love we are given, and the salvation we didn't earn or deserve. All of this reminds me, I can trust God's plans. Please join me in helping with the hunger crisis in Somalia. For just $12, you can help feed a family for an entire month! Click the link to do so: To connect with me, click here:
Jun 07, 202309:47
#285: The Kingdom Divided: Solomon part IX
May 31, 202314:24
#284: Solomon be Warned: Solomon part VIII
May 24, 202316:23
#283: Nothing can Satisfy you like God: Solomon part VII
May 10, 202315:10
#282: Solomon, don't Wander from God: Solomon part VI
May 03, 202315:40
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Apr 26, 202311:30
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Apr 19, 202313:48
 #279 Wisdom: Solomon part III
Mar 15, 202313:10
 #278: Solomon Crowned King: Solomon part II
Mar 08, 202316:07
#277: Which Brother will become King?-Solomon part 1

#277: Which Brother will become King?-Solomon part 1

<strong>1 Samuel 16:6-12, 1 Kings 1:1-25, Chronicles 22:7-10</strong><br />
Today we kick off our series on Solomon. We begin with a quick refresher on David since that is Solomon's father. As David aged, his reign as king was coming to an end. It was time for him to announce who would rule after him but before David even chose, one of his other sons, Adonijah, decided he would be king next, not Solomon. How will David choose who should become king next? We read in Chronicles that long before this moment, the Lord told David who would become king next. <br />
<br />
I hope you enjoy this Solomon series. Parents, some parts of episodes are adapted out of respect for the variety of ages that listen (Examples include adaptions for graphic violence and sex). Scripture is always referenced for parents to read and include more as is appropriate for their family.
Mar 01, 202313:04
Introduction to Solomon
Feb 22, 202303:40
#276: Love part 2: Love Doesn't Mean Always Getting What you Want
Feb 15, 202313:29
#275A: Love Part 1: What Love IS
Feb 08, 202311:34
#274A: From Here to There and Everywhere....the Unstoppable Gospel
Feb 01, 202312:16
#273A: Part 2: Sealed by the Holy Spirit
Jan 18, 202312:31
#272A: Part 1: The Gift of the Holy Spirit

#272A: Part 1: The Gift of the Holy Spirit

 Acts 1:12-14, 2:1-19, 32-33, 38-39, & John 14: 25

We start our episode hearing Jesus tell his disciples that the Father will send them the Helper, the Holy Spirit. But when will He send Him? Today's episode addresses this.  We fast forward to after Jesus has risen and returned to heaven. The kids will get a brief order of events to help them understand when the episode takes place. We hear the Holy Spirit arrive...howling wind, flames of fire, everyone miraculously speaking different languages... incredible !!!!! Peter addresses the crowd who is chuckling at this wild site. Peter explains what is happening and reminds them that the Holy Spirit is a gift from God.

 There is so much to say about the Holy Spirit. Today we will cover when He arrived and how He helps us. Next week we will discuss another aspect of the Holy Spirit so tune in. Your children may have many questions........mine asked me 10 questions about Heaven yesterday !  Don't shy away from them. Be honest. If you don't know, tell them you will look it up and see what your Bible says or other online, Biblically sound resources have to say. I've also found it helpful to ask them what they think. It gives you a gauge on what they already know and sometimes clarifies what they're actually asking. There will also be times we don't have an answer..God is God, we are not, so we don't know it all but, we can remind our kids that we can trust what He says & pray for help to understand his Word. 

To connect with me, simply go to

Jan 11, 202315:40
#271A: He will Come Again
Jan 04, 202313:00
#270A: Oh Little Town Of Bethlehem
Dec 23, 202211:52
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