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The Funsized Podcast

The Funsized Podcast

By Kierstin Cifelli

No matter your height, weight, or shape, The Funsized Podcast will help you find joy, confidence, and strength in your body. Join Kierstin, founder of Funsized™ for solo episodes and empowering interviews from women under 5'3"(160cm) who are killing the game in beauty, fitness, and life. We're here to help you stop apologizing for what you can't change and start embracing what makes you so unique!
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15. The Female Brain

The Funsized PodcastMar 12, 2020

154. Short Girl Gym Hacks (Part 2)

154. Short Girl Gym Hacks (Part 2)

It's time for part 2! Get ready to take your fitness game to new heights with these six brand new short girl gym hacks that will blow your mind!

⁠1) Pull-ups ⁠

⁠2) Deadlifts ⁠

⁠3) Sumo Deadlifts ⁠

⁠4) Hip thrusts “booster seat"⁠

⁠5) Standing Hamstring Curl⁠

⁠6) Lat Pulldown ⁠

Trust me when I say that these hacks will take your exercises to a whole new level of effectiveness! So, whether you're a dedicated follower of The Funsized Podcast or you're just joining us for the first time, get ready to discover six new short girl gym hacks that will revolutionize your fitness routine.


If you haven't caught Part 1 yet (Episode 95), don't worry—I've got your back! You can easily scroll back or click here to catch up on all the awesomeness.

📸Follow me on instagram: @funsized.life_

💪🏼Funsized Fitness Monthly Workout Subscription:

May 30, 202320:51
153. The Power of Routine: How I Overcame Old Habits and Changed My Schedule

153. The Power of Routine: How I Overcame Old Habits and Changed My Schedule

In this episode, I'm getting personal and sharing my experience with breaking a bad habit that had me stuck in a less-than-ideal routine for years.

I had to face the hard truth that I was unhappy with the way I was living my life and needed to make a change. With some self-reflection and determination, I was able to identify what was holding me back and was able to create a new, more fulfilling schedule - for everyone involved!

Join me as I share this one small thing that changed my paradigm! Hopefully this inspire anyone looking to break free from their own monotony and take control of their lives.

*Heads Up*: I recorded this episode while on a walk in my neighborhood and the audio starts out a little broken-up but it does get clearer about 2 minutes in!

May 23, 202318:24
152. Digging into the Benefits and Basics of Growing Your Own Food
May 16, 202301:15:58
151. Petite Celebs at the 2023 Met Gala + Their Fitness Routines
May 09, 202313:03
150. Golden Rule of Glute Growth, Busting Big Booty Myths, and Favorite Workout Gear for a Peachy Pump
May 02, 202327:01
149. From Binge to Balance: How to Get Back on Track After a Weekend Bender
Apr 25, 202323:42
 148. Unlocking Muscle Growth with Mobility, Stretching, and Self-care
Apr 18, 202358:45
147. Fun Comes In All Sizes: Why We're Changing Our Sizing Codes for Petite Women
Apr 11, 202316:05
146. Spice Up Your Training: 10 Advanced Techniques to Boost Your Gains And Keep It Fun
Apr 04, 202340:02
144. Big Personality in a FunSized Package: Getting to Know On-Camera Host, Actress, Model & Content Creator, Allyson Berger
Mar 28, 202345:05
143. Sugar in Fruit: Friend or Foe for Your Weight Loss Goals?
Mar 21, 202314:21
142. Flexing Your Manners: A Hilarious Guide to Gym Etiquette

142. Flexing Your Manners: A Hilarious Guide to Gym Etiquette

Welcome to our latest episode of "Gym Chronicles", where we (Kier and Jess) share personal stories and laughs about our gym experiences!

In this episode, we're breaking down the dos and don'ts of gym etiquette with a comedic twist AND we're diving into the hilarious and cringe-worthy moments that happen when we hit the gym.

From accidentally dropping water bottles to feeling creepers’ stares, we've all been there, and we're not afraid to share our embarrassing moments for your entertainment.

But we're also tackling some serious issues, like how to handle that person who always hogs the squat rack or what to do when someone tries to chat you up during your workout.

So if you're ready for a good laugh and some practical advice, grab your headphones and join us for another episode of the Funsized Podcast!

Mar 14, 202301:00:55
141. Ladies, Pump Up Your Chest, Wrists, & Forearms with These Top Exercises
Feb 21, 202301:02:57
140. The Surprising Benefits of Keeping a Photo Journal of What You Eat
Feb 14, 202314:32
139. Which Exercises Should You Squeeze Your Glutes On And Why You Have Hip Dips
Feb 07, 202325:23
138. The Best Exercises For A Strong & Sexy BACK
Jan 31, 202345:48
137. Why I’m Breaking Up With MyFitnessPal After A 10 Year Relationship
Jan 24, 202313:04
136. The Secret To Having Nice Arms
Jan 17, 202301:01:11
135. How I Plan, Prep, & Succeed with Nutrition
Dec 27, 202219:47
134. The Shortlist : Classic Petite Styles for 30-somethings
Dec 20, 202227:48
133. The Best Core Exercises for Strong & Sexy Abs [PART 2]
Dec 13, 202201:00:40
132. The Best Core Exercises for Strong & Sexy Abs [PART 1]
Dec 06, 202226:47
131. Top 6 Short Girl Nutrition Hacks
Nov 29, 202217:09
130. How To Deal With Food Anxiety Over The Holidays
Nov 22, 202218:45
129. The Best Booty Building Exercises
Nov 15, 202243:15
128. Working Out While Sick: Should You Rest Or Sweat It Out?
Nov 01, 202211:58
127. Fit-Shaming; it's like fat-shaming, but the exact opposite
Oct 18, 202253:48
126. Breaking Barriers in the Modeling Industry with Britney Wittes - Founder of 'Why Not Petites'
Oct 11, 202229:03
125. This Petite Went Plant-Based and Here’s What Happened
Oct 04, 202201:17:13
124. 'Short Apparel' Petite Activewear with Stephanie Green
Sep 27, 202250:38
123. Unfiltered Stories from Former Bikini/Figure and Women's Physique Competitors (Pt. 1)
Sep 13, 202201:40:45
122. My 3 Year Hypothalamic Amenorrhea (HA) Recovery Anniversary
Sep 06, 202218:15
121. 10 Ways to Lower Your Grocery Bill as Prices Increase
Aug 30, 202211:55
120. Learning To Use Macros As A Tool + Not Letting Them Have Power Over You
Aug 23, 202201:21:40
119. Cool [Healthy] Things to Eat During the Summer
Aug 16, 202215:53
118. Introducing Funsized Associate Coach, Jess Uthe!

118. Introducing Funsized Associate Coach, Jess Uthe!

Meet Jessica, your new (and first ever) Funsized Associate Coach! 

Tune into the episode to learn more about Jess, her new role at Funsized, and what you can expect from us — 2 spicy athletic petites — moving forward!


Previous Episodes with Jess...

Episode 18 - where we literally spoke to each other for the first time and instantly vibed

Episode 49 - Jess reflects on pregnancy, moving and getting a new puppy during the pandemic

Kier's Instagram: @funsized.life_

Jess's Instagram: @fitness_funsized

Bomar Supplements: [coupon code: FUNSIZED]

Strong Coffee [coupon code: FUNSIZED]

Tango Charlie [coupon code: UTHE15]

💪🏼Funsized Fitness Monthly Workout Subscription:

Aug 09, 202201:39:09
117. Funsized Success Story with Katie
Aug 02, 202236:57
116. Pretty & Petite - An Online Clothing Store for Women 5'4" & Under
Jul 26, 202201:28:25
115. My Transition into Intuitive Eating
Jul 19, 202217:09
114. Was It Worth It? An Herbal Supplement for PMS

114. Was It Worth It? An Herbal Supplement for PMS

Did you know that 90% of women experience period pains? That’s over 1,000,000,000+ hours of lost productivity and enjoyment of our lives. Yet, the current solutions are primarily hormonal birth control pills (nearly 58% are prescribed to manage menstrual symptoms) or painkillers, both have awful long- term effects on our health.

On a mission to reduce/alleviate my most troublesome PMS symptoms, I tried a holistic supplement of potent, healing botanicals that holistically reduce comment PMS symptoms. Tune in to hear my 3-part personal experience after my first few months of taking this product! 

Jul 12, 202232:26
113. Malenki Shoes: Heel Heaven for Petite Feet
Jul 05, 202249:13
112. Q&A — protein tips, eating back calories burned during exercise, and why petites?
Jun 28, 202225:04
111. How To Dine Out AND Stay On Track With Your Macros
Jun 23, 202219:31
110. Funsized Success Story with Mariko

110. Funsized Success Story with Mariko

You're about to hear from one of my #petite clients, Mariko (who likes to go by "Ko"), who had multi-dimensional success from my Funsized 1:1 Coaching Program. 

As a former collegiate athlete, Ko was extremely regimented in her exercise. The problem was...after years of trying every fad diet & cleanse under the sun, she felt so lost on how to actually eat right for her powerfully petite body. 

In just 2 weeks, she went from "MFP is too complicated" to "WOW, I GET to do this and am seeing tremendous success from it!"

Throughout her 16 week experience, her calories never went below 1600, she only did 10 minutes of "cool-down" cardio 3x per week, she went out to eat 1-2x per week AND she dropped 17lbs - Now THAT, my little friend, is the power of #consistency!

But besides the scale and seeing tremendous changes in her progress pictures, Ko made several perspective shifts that enabled her to be as successful as she was, she crushed PRs, she even went up several belts in Taekwondo, and she's made counting macros an essential part of her routine so that now (several weeks after her program ended) she's still using MFP because she genuinely enjoys using it as a tool to keep her feeling structured and productive!

Tune into today's episode to hear her story directly from Ko!


1:1 Nutrition & Fitness Coaching Info & Application:

Lacuna Fit Leggings [coupon code FUNSIZED15]:

Pamcakes Pancakes [coupon code FUNSIZED]:

Follow me on the 'gram📸: @funsized.life_

Jun 16, 202201:00:44
109. How I Fell Into Modeling - Even Though I’m Only 5 Feet Tall
Jun 02, 202239:46
108. CARDIO: How much should I be doing alongside strength training?
May 18, 202229:21
107. 4 Nutrition Tips to Eat Healthy While TRAVELING
May 11, 202238:08
106. How Funsized Changes Can Make A BIG Difference
May 04, 202221:04
105. How To Not Be So Hard On Yourself When Counting Macros
Apr 20, 202222:04
104. Funsized Success Story with Jessica in Australia

104. Funsized Success Story with Jessica in Australia

Hey everyone! I'd like you to meet my 20yo Aussie Engineering student who completed my 16-week Funsized 1:1 program!! 

Jess started working with me at the end of her 2nd semester (literally during finals week) to get in control of her health & wellbeing during the Australian summer so that she could roll into her next semester with more confidence in her abilities to choose the right foods in the right portion sizes for her 5'2" body  while still having fun doing the things she loves (such as rock climbing & hiking) and soaking up university life. Basically, she was looking for that #balance .

Aside from dropping a whole dress size, Jess achieved several more incredible non-scale victories that she never would have imagined! For example, a better relationship with her body image and fully accepting that it's something that will always require effort and TLC - just like ANY relationship (at her ripe young at of 20, that's a HUGE accomplishment that I wish I would have learned at that time of my life). Other non-victories include more confidence in the gym, re-gaining her natural cycle, and becoming a positive healthy influence on her family.

Tune into the episode to hear directly from Jess what her experience in my 1:1 program was like, more about her accomplishments and success AND her BRILLIANT strategy for "journalling" to consistently strengthen her body image!


📸Follow me on instagram: @funsized.life_

Learn more about my 16-week Funsized 1:1 coaching program:

Apply now for my 16-week Funsized 1:1 coaching program:

Apr 13, 202201:14:18
103. My Food Sensitivity Results From EverlyWell
Apr 06, 202226:55
102. 5 *Planning* Tips to Meet Your Macros
Mar 30, 202226:37
101. Gut Health with Registered Dietitian, Amanda Sauceda
Mar 22, 202252:56
100. Why Petites Need a Unique Nutrition & Fitness Approach
Mar 16, 202224:53
99. Feeling In Alignment & Picking Your Path Based On Your Core Nature
Mar 09, 202229:27
98. My Top 10 Go-To Quick & Easy Recipes

98. My Top 10 Go-To Quick & Easy Recipes

If you're not new around here, you probably have checked out my Funsized Recipe Library (at least once!).

But I'll admit, even though I enjoy the slightly-more-labor-intensive recipes I have housed in there, the majority of the time, I like to keep it really quick and simple. Don't get me wrong, I love cooking but I don’t want to spend my whole Sunday cooking.

So if you're wondering "well, what does this girl actually eat FOR REAL in real, regular person life?"...

Answer: these 10 recipes.

Now, just be clear: obviously I eat more than just these ten foods because I’m always, always, ALWAYS making new things. (and I always eat up everything I create for my recipe library!)

This list just highlights the recipes that seem to find their way back into my life again and again and again by virtue of good taste, ease, flexibility, and familiarity.

In this solo cast, I'm sharing my favorite & go-to ways to cook the following foods:

Chicken (2 recipes) Ground beef/turkey Sweet Potatoes (2 recipes) Rice (2 recipes) Veggies like green beans, broccoli, and asparagus Veggies like brussels and zucchini Oatmeal


FREE Funsized Recipe Library:

FREE Guide: 5 Petite Nutrition Hacks:

🥑1:1 Nutrition & Fitness Coaching:

📸Follow me on instagram: @funsized.life_

Mar 02, 202220:58
97. Personal Stories, Water Goals, and “Is it better to do cardio before lifting weights or after?”
Feb 23, 202219:00
96. Food Scale Tiny Tips & Tricks
Feb 16, 202217:51
95. 6 Short Girl Gym Hacks (Part 1)
Feb 07, 202216:60
94. Fitness Lingo, Progressive Overload, & Periodization Training
Feb 02, 202216:43
93. LIWEAU Petite Fashion with Jessica

93. LIWEAU Petite Fashion with Jessica

LIWEAU is a new clothing brand for ambitious women 163 cm (5’4) and under launching in Spring of 2022!!! In this episode, I interview the founder of LIWEAU, Jessica (5'2") who has turn her struggle to find clothes that fit her petite & curvy body into a mission is to give ALL petite women MORE options. She wanted more professional-looking clothes you can wear to work, but also to fancy dinners and weddings! So if you're sitting there nodding your head like "YES! WE NEED MORE OF THAT!" then press play to learn more about LIWEAU, what it means, who it's for, what styles to expect , it's petite muses, a brief history of petite fashion and so much more! LINKS Subscribe here for first access to the debut collection: Follow on Instagram: @liweau
Jan 26, 202225:51
92. My 2022 Self-Care Goals

92. My 2022 Self-Care Goals

Curious what goals I have this year? Tune into the episode to learn what my big goals are this year & how I plan to achieve them! Links Day One Journaling App: Funsized Fitness App Info: Funsized Fitness App program options: Petite Posing Guide:
Jan 19, 202222:55
91. Why Eating Too Little Could Be Stalling Your Progress
Jan 12, 202221:09
90. The Pros & Cons of Progress Pictures
Jan 05, 202218:36
89. Funsized Success Story with Becky
Dec 08, 202101:26:50
88. 8 Holiday Hacks to Prevent Fat Gain
Nov 23, 202118:45
87. How to Calculate Your Macros [Funsized Edition]
Oct 23, 202121:20
86. 2 Year Anniversary of being recovered from Hypothalamic Amenorrhea
Sep 08, 202112:37
85. The Funsized Formula [LAUNCH]
Aug 26, 202111:40
84. What Muscle Soreness Really Means
Aug 17, 202113:55
83. Overcoming Hyperthyroidism, Fad Diets, & The Fear of Eating More With Sydnee Weinberg
Aug 10, 202101:06:18
82. Living a Colorful Life with Your [Petite] Pal, Jordyn Rush
Aug 03, 202135:30
81. Mini Cut Month 2 (Wrap up!)

81. Mini Cut Month 2 (Wrap up!)

For more about this "Mini Cut", Listen to 'part 1' in episode 79 and check out my story highlights "cut month 1& 2" on my Instagram: @funsized.nutrition

Jul 26, 202119:02
80. How Fitness Helped Me Find Femininity
Jul 13, 202118:59
79. Mini Cut Month 1
Jun 30, 202116:11
78. Why the numbers matter more for petite women [who want to shed body fat]
May 25, 202112:35
77. What does "Petite" actually mean? (with Tasha Harris)
May 18, 202132:37
76. How Height Affects Metabolism... #SHORTGIRLPROBLEMS
May 11, 202112:49
75. When You FEEL Good, You LOOK Good — with LaTasha (Chloe Debre)
May 04, 202141:19
74. My Honest 3-month Review of FLO PMS-relief Gummy Vitamins

74. My Honest 3-month Review of FLO PMS-relief Gummy Vitamins

Have you seen those ring-shaped FLO gummy vitamins floating around social media claiming to reduce PMS symptoms???⁠

IDK 'bout you but my PMS symptoms got me feeling CRAY. ⁠⁠

And at my one of my weakest moments a few months ago, I gave in to ordering these suckers. (well... gummies)⁠

I just wanted to see for myself what all the hype was about ...or if I was just being fooled by REALLY GOOD marketing.⁠

So not only did I try them out, but I recorded my opinion/experience after each period while taking this supplement. 

In this episode, you'll listen to 4 parts: 

1. INTRO (What they are, receiving my first order, & taste review)

2. Month 1 review

3. Month 2 review

4. Month 3 review & ultimate verdict

So if you're curious if just 2 little ring-shaped gummies can reduce your PMS crazies, tune into this episode where I give my honest experience of taking FLO vitamins. ⁠

Got further questions? Message me @funsized.nutrition or email

Apr 27, 202131:25
73. Petiteness Isn’t A Flaw That We Need To "Fix" By Appearing Taller (with Stephania & Tracy)
Apr 20, 202129:43
72. 3 Ways to Improve Your Body Image TODAY
Apr 06, 202115:20
71. From Extreme to Reverse Dieting (with my bestie Candice Smith)
Mar 23, 202101:30:24
70. Cali & Dana Curvy Petite Jeans & More!

70. Cali & Dana Curvy Petite Jeans & More!

The struggle to find clothes as a short girl is REAL AF. But what happens if you're curvy too? Are you just SOL?! Not👏🏻 Any👏🏿 More👏🏽 Because Cali & Dana is here to solve your biggest clothing struggles starting with premium denim designed for #curvypetite women.  Founded by 3 very ambitious self-funded women of color (Choua, Ali & Dana), Cali & Dana is a young and ambitious brand who's mission is to facilitate inclusion in the fashion industry and amplify other women's voices as a society.  Tune into this short & sweet episode to learn more about the brand who is making curvy petite voices HEARD and can provide you with your next new favorite pair of jeans (and so much more!) Links: Instagram:@lovecalindana Cali&Dana Website: ⚡USE COUPON CODE CDFUN15 FOR 15% OFF YOUR ORDER!⚡
Mar 16, 202125:25
69. Ditch The Debbie Downer
Mar 09, 202115:59
68. Petite Strength-Training // How to Choose the Right Weight to Lift
Mar 02, 202114:58
67. Carbs: A Petite's Secret Weapon

67. Carbs: A Petite's Secret Weapon

How carbs can be used to lose body fat & keep you feeling full, happy, & healthy! For more information about my refeed meal strategy check out episode 41 of this podcast! Links:
Feb 16, 202118:05
66. Petite Ave — Personal Shopping for Women Under 5'5''
Feb 09, 202121:54
65. Life After Recovering from Hypothalamic Amenorrhea
Feb 02, 202124:36
64. Where to get your Petite Leggings! with Lucy Scott Brown founder of LACUNAFIT

64. Where to get your Petite Leggings! with Lucy Scott Brown founder of LACUNAFIT

Wanna know the #1 fitness question that pops into my inbox? It's "Where do you get leggings that fit short girls?" And my answer forever was... "Good questions, still searching for it but right now I just get 3/4 length of 'regular' leggings." But now..... I HAVE A BETTER ANSWER: it's Lacuna Fit Leggings!!      In this episode, I interview Lucy Scott Brown — the founder of Lacuna Fit leggings for petites.  I'm over the moon obsessed with her brand and her leggings (WITH POCKETS).  Check out & follow the Instagram page: @lacunafit We even partnered up to offer you 15% off your total order at  Just use coupon code FUNSIZED15 at checkout!     More info👇🏼 💪🏼Funsized Fitness App Info: 📝Funsized Fitness App Registration: 📸Instagram: @funsized.nutrition 🎙️Support this podcast:
Jan 26, 202133:40
63. 10 Ways to Get Over your Workout SLUMP
Jan 19, 202115:42
62. 6 Home Workout Mistakes That Sabotage Your Success
Jan 07, 202116:34
61. Food Freedom & Fertility with RD Lindsey Lusson
Dec 22, 202029:47
60. Losing 46 pounds & 46 inches in 6 months
Dec 15, 202001:04:14
59. How to Boost Your Metabolism Via NEAT

59. How to Boost Your Metabolism Via NEAT

There are 3 main ways our bodies burn calories: BMR, NEAT, and actual planned exercise. The biggest portion of how we burn calories is via BMR(basal metabolic rate) which is basically the calories our bodies burn to stay alive and carry out it's basic functions.⁠ The next biggest piece is NEAT(non-exercise activity thermogenesis) which is the calories we burn by being active throughout the day like walking your pup(s), cleaning the house, or even reaching for that top shelf!  ⁠ ⁠And finally, actual planned exercise like weight lifting and cardio and whatever else. This might be surprising to you but remember let's say you're working out for about 1 hour ... that's only about 4% of your day so it's no surprise we would burn more calories outside of our designated exercise window. ⁠ ⁠While I absolutely & whole-heartedly believe in actual planned exercise for toning up and fat loss, we have a greater (and easier!) ability to increase our overall calorie burn throughout the day via NEAT.⁠ In this episode, you'll learn how to increase your calorie burn via NEAT, how to set & reach a challenging step goal, and so much more! Send me a DM on instagram (@funsized.nutrition) Cute Scrunchie Fitbit/Apple Watch bands: 
Dec 08, 202018:44
58. Turkey Day Do's and Don't's
Nov 24, 202027:52
57. 3 Tips for Eating & Exercising When Sick
Nov 17, 202012:53
56. Funsized Success Story with Nadia
Nov 03, 202042:00
55. Consistency is the Solution to Most of Your Fitness Probs

55. Consistency is the Solution to Most of Your Fitness Probs

"The key to progress, while effective, is extremely boring. ⁠It is, simply, consistency.⁠"

say's Beth Skwarecki in her article 'Consistency is the Solution to Most of Your Fitness Problems' on

After reading this article, I was dying to share it with you! Tune in to find out if consistency is YOUR answer!

For more information on my 1:1 coaching program message me @funsized.nutrition on Instagram or apply at

Oct 27, 202019:12
54. How to Make Getting Fit More FUN!
Oct 20, 202018:21
53. Funsized Success Story with Anonymous

53. Funsized Success Story with Anonymous

This 5'3" client has been working with me for 1 whole year!

When she first started working with me she told me she wanted to GO SLOW and she was fine with results taking a little longer if that meant she wouldn't feel restricted*. 

As always in my 1:1 program, I respected her wishes by customizing her programming to her needs and goals. We kept her total calories above 1750 and I'm sure she could attest that most weeks she didn't see look or feel much different BUT her 1 year transformation photo is P-R-O-O-F that it all adds up over time!!

In this episode she talks about

her experience in my program for 1 full year  how my program has created a safe space for her to transform without a poor relationship with food, exercise or the scale how the switch from cardio-focused workouts to strength-focused workouts has decreased the amount of stress she put on her body and therefore decreased the amount of weight  the minuscule macros changes from week to week that are hardly noticeable but actually works  how she's continued to make progress even with being out of the gym for 6 months (half her time with me) how having my guidance with food and workouts takes out all the mental work and it's just so EASY to follow what the expert says her 3 favorite things about working with me and what to do if you're on the fence about signing up for my 1:1 program!

IF you're interested in working with me go to or message me on Instagram @funsized.nutrition

*Trigger warning: Please skip the first 11 minutes of this podcast if you are sensitive towards disordered-eating topics

**This client wished to remain anonymous out of respect for a loved one. 

Oct 13, 202048:24
52. Optimizing Exercise Around Your Period
Oct 06, 202042:22
51. Check-in Call with Funsized Client, Nadia
Sep 29, 202027:36
50. Nutrition Q&A
Sep 22, 202020:03
49. Pregnancy, Moving, and a New Puppy During a Pandemic

49. Pregnancy, Moving, and a New Puppy During a Pandemic

With all that excitement comes some stress and uncomfortable moments. In this episode, I interview my funsized sister from another mister, Jess Uthe (@fitness_funsized), about these exciting but stressful times.
In this episode we talk about...

The good (how she became pregnant even though the doctors told her she was infertile),
The bad (the reality of fitness and nutrition when you're pregnant - on top of being in a pandemic in a new state),
And the ugly (negative comments and fake people on social media)
and so much more!

Join us as we get real, raw, and downright honest!
Sep 15, 202001:22:12
48. My 1 Year Anniversary of Getting My Period Back!!!🎉

48. My 1 Year Anniversary of Getting My Period Back!!!🎉

September 6th, 2019 will always be a day to remember for me and a day to celebrate how amazing and incredible my body is for bouncing back to healthy! In this episode I share a few thoughts on how I’m feeling as I reminisce on the past year. If you’re going through Hypothalamic Amenorrhea recovery, don’t hesitate to reach out to me on Instagram @funsized.nutrition and check out my journey in my story highlights and IG TV.
Sep 06, 202026:44
47. The Short and Sweet on Sugar

47. The Short and Sweet on Sugar

Do you have to eliminate sugar to lose body fat? 

In this episode, I’ll explain what sugar does for a female under 5’3” and how you can have your cake while eating it to. After all, you can’t spell funsized without the FUN!! 

To get my full funsized recipe library go to 

For the best ever protein pancake mix go to [use code FUNSIZED for 10% off]

Check out for all your supplement needs(and healthy snacks too!) [use code FUNSIZED for 10% off]

Sep 01, 202018:17
46. Condiments for Petites?

46. Condiments for Petites?

Is it okay?  How much can I use? 

In this episode, learn how to use condiments and read nutrition labels when you're funsized!

See the blog:

Learn more about Funsized Coaching:

Message me on Instagram: @funsized.nutrition

Email me

Aug 25, 202014:41
45. Shifting to Spark Motivation
Aug 18, 202015:47
44. Petite MISTAKE: Inconsistent Steps
Aug 11, 202016:11
43. The 6 Healthy Habits of Lean Petites
Aug 04, 202018:10
42. Is the Pandemic Turning Americans Against the Gym?

42. Is the Pandemic Turning Americans Against the Gym?

Are we in the middle of a fitness revolution? Are there other options to be fit outside of the gym? On this solo episode, I talk about my experience inside the gym since the re-opening and my thoughts about fitness moving forward. I wanna hear from YOU! Message me on Instagram @funsized.nutrition to share your thoughts on this topic.
Jul 28, 202014:34
41. Cheat Day MISTAKE for Petite Weight Loss
Jul 21, 202014:60
40. MISTAKE: Calorie Calculators for Active Petites

40. MISTAKE: Calorie Calculators for Active Petites

It seems odd yet somewhat believable when calorie calculators tell active short girls to eat 1000 calories per day. But as a short girl myself, let me tell you why these calculators are WRONG, what to do instead and how to know if the calories you are eating are appropriate for your height. If you enjoy this episode, you should also check out episodes 22 & 27. If you have questions, dm me on Instagram @funsized.nutrition and for more info about my coaching program for petites go to
Jul 15, 202014:22
39. 10 Ways to Prevent Stress-Eating
Jul 09, 202016:37
38. Getting Back to a HAPPIER Weight

38. Getting Back to a HAPPIER Weight

An update in my personal health and fitness journey. Check out my 6 months progress picture on my Instagram @funsized.nutrition
Jul 02, 202017:47
37. Funsized Success Story with Sheena Hua
Jun 29, 202035:40
36. Over on your Macros... Now What?!
Jun 25, 202009:55
35. Funsized Success Story with Felicity Smith
Jun 22, 202015:18
34. How to Stay on Track on a Trip
Jun 18, 202017:58
33. Standing Tall as a Short Girl - in America, Sports, and Cosplay

33. Standing Tall as a Short Girl - in America, Sports, and Cosplay

Story time!!! On this episode, my guest, Angela Fernando talks about the short girl struggles when she moved from the Philippines to the United States. We talk about our perspective in teen sports, our biggest petite probel, being called names, modeling & cosplay, and so much more! Feel free to connect with Angela on Instagram @angela08trekz and with me, @funsized.nutrition
Jun 15, 202051:40
32. My Morning Routine
Jun 11, 202032:01
31. Funsized Success Story with Rachel Kuhl
Jun 04, 202032:01
30. Mic SWAP! Kierstin gets interviewed on The NXTLVL Show

30. Mic SWAP! Kierstin gets interviewed on The NXTLVL Show

The boys from The NXTLVL Show (Jon, Mike, and Gabe) interview me about my fitness journey, competing, being petite, niching down, food and more! Check out their podcast on Apple and Spotify (The NXTLVL Show and on Instagram @thenxtlvlshow
Jun 01, 202001:00:47
29. How to Return Back to the Gym
May 28, 202009:05
28. Q&A [Goal Setting, Body Image, Tracking OCD, Metabolism, and more]
May 22, 202028:10
27. Small Macro Adjustments for Small Women
May 14, 202019:16
26. How To Appear Taller
Apr 30, 202020:31
25. A Petite Partner’s Perspective

25. A Petite Partner’s Perspective

On this episode I interview my 6’1” boyfriend about how he’s learned to understand and accommodate for my small-er needs when it comes to eating food together. If you want more from Justin and I, check out his podcast “It’s Justin Time” and peep our Instagram @stin_adventures for the fun foods we share together and more!
Apr 27, 202001:05:56
24. For Long-time Macro-counting Petite Females Only
Apr 23, 202022:51
23. Yoga Off The Mat

23. Yoga Off The Mat

Practicing yoga was something I resisted for a long time.... until I went to one of Amber Hennesy’s classes. On this episode, I’m joined by another fun-sized friend, Amber, who also happens to be my favorite Vinyasa Flow yoga instructor! We talk about different styles of yoga, how it’s helped our mindsets and body image, and how you can continue practicing while yoga studios and gyms are closed due to the pandemic(all heights welcome! lol). Check out her virtual classes every Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30pm EST on Instagram @_nylecoveasana_
Apr 20, 202034:05
22. How to Start Tracking Macros like a #girlboss
Apr 09, 202017:09
21. What happens if you DON’T stay active

21. What happens if you DON’T stay active

We all know we should be staying active during the quarantine.... but why? What could happen if we don’t? On this episode, I share my experience of taking 3 full months off from the gym, how I’m paying for it now, and what I wish I would have done differently.
Apr 02, 202015:15
20. Movement is Medicine
Mar 30, 202040:19
19. How to Increase Motivation at Home
Mar 26, 202019:42
18. Funsized Nutrition meets Fitness Funsized
Mar 23, 202001:24:26
17. Short & Sweet Stories of Fear
Mar 19, 202015:41
16. Training Strong Women with Mark Breedon
Mar 16, 202036:21
15. The Female Brain

15. The Female Brain

Ever wonder why your emotions fluctuate so much?? Or why your confidence can be super high one day and hanging by a thread the next? It has more to do than just “that time of the month” because the female brain actually changes every single day of the month. In this solo episode, I talk about how a lack of sufficient hormones during Hypothalamic Amenorrhea has affected my brain as well as how my brain is changing now that I am recovered. If you’re a female or interested in understanding women, this will BLOW YOUR MIND! For more information on this topic, check out ‘The Female Brain’ by Louann Brizendine!

Mar 12, 202014:30
14. Funsized Success Story with Meghann

14. Funsized Success Story with Meghann

Meghann, 4'10, was one of my very first petite clients who helped me arrive at my short girl niche. We talk about relationship with food, being petite, macros, intuitive eating, planning for a job where she’s constantly on the go, communicating with our partners about our food struggles, and our favorite superfood!

Mar 09, 202001:02:20
13. How to Get a Flatter Belly
Mar 05, 202018:22
12. My Hypothalamic Amenorrhea (HA) Experience

12. My Hypothalamic Amenorrhea (HA) Experience

In this solo episode I talk about my personal HA recovery journey, how I got it, how I recovered, and what life looks like for me now. I talk about some of the symptoms I experienced as a result of regaining my cycle and where to find help if you feel you might have HA. Warning: I cried a bit during this episode. Learn more about HA by reading “No Period, Now What?” By Nicola Rinaldi. Find out more about my journey on my instagram @funsized.nutrition
Feb 27, 202049:07
11. High Vibes of Positivity with Melissa Impett
Feb 20, 202040:16
10. Top 3 Diet Mistakes Petite Women are Making (and how to fix them!)
Feb 17, 202023:18
9. Beautycounter
Feb 13, 202016:20
8. Low Tox Living with Jessica Erceg
Feb 10, 202034:48
7. Petite Nutrition & Fitness FAQ
Feb 06, 202023:20
6. Pretty & Petite Fashion with Sara Ponce
Feb 03, 202013:43
5. What is The IBMS? With Patrick McKinney
Jan 30, 202027:09
4. Nutrition After Sports with Katie Spada
Jan 27, 202034:32
3. Personal Trainer Jonathan Alvarez

3. Personal Trainer Jonathan Alvarez

Special guest Jon Alvarez is a Personal Trainer and online fitness coach. We talk about his fitness journey, why he enjoys coaching, common fitness myths and the difference between simple and easy when it comes to getting healthy. Find him on Instagram @jonalva7
Jan 20, 202027:30
2. Tabitha Carcaba with Island Fresh Meals

2. Tabitha Carcaba with Island Fresh Meals

Tabitha is a former client and dear friend of mine as well as an OCB pro bikini competitor, coach, mom, and director of operations for an organic meal prep company. We talk about her fitness journey from long distance running to bodybuilding and how fitness and nutrition helped her to transform her body, mind, and even her career! ((Warning: audio on this episode is a little wonky but information is so valuable!))
Jan 17, 202028:54
1. Why it’s SO hard for petites to lose body fat

1. Why it’s SO hard for petites to lose body fat

Women under 5’3” have it rough when trying to lose body fat and build muscle. #shortgirlproblems 🙇🏻‍♀️ Kierstin talks about why it’s so hard for petite women to be in a calorie deficit and why she helps them eat, train, and think like a petite to build a body they are proud of!
Jan 10, 202016:22


Welcome to the Petite Par-tay! The Funsized Fiesta! The Short Girl celebration! - what-ever it is you want to call it, we are about to have some FUN up in here!

If you’re new here, my name is Kierstin Cifelli and I am a nutrition & fitness coach for women under 5’3”. 

I know, pretty darn specific right? But here’s the thing… 

Throughout my entire childhood, I hated being short. I felt limited in so many areas and I never felt like I was taken seriously.

Fast forward to now, I still can’t reach the top shelf, but I am proud to be petite because I’ve learned to use my short stature as my superpower and oddly enough, fitness and nutrition helped me get there.

Yeah sure, there will always be short girl problems like when you have to jump to reach the lat pulldown bar but there are also some pretty great perks like how just a little bit of muscle on a shortie is extremely noticeable and not to mention powerful.

So that’s why I’m here in your head-phones or your car stereo or where-ever that sound is coming out of.

Because I want to help you quit acting like a victim (aka letting uncontrollable circumstances - like your height - control your life) and start being a total badass and creating a life that has you waking up in giddy disbelief that you get to be YOU.

Because being short is a blessing, not a curse!

So if you’re under 5’3” - or 160 centimeters - make sure you hit the subscribe button to get your weekly dose of petite empowerment! And get ready for valuable, practical short-girl-friendly healthy, beauty and general life tips from me and my fellow funsized friends who are killing the game as well.

Cheers to embracing your height, trying new things and having fun along the way!

Jan 08, 202001:53
January 7, 2020

January 7, 2020

This podcast doesn't have a description yet. Stay tuned!
Jan 07, 202000:59