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Let Fear Bounce - Tossing out nuggets of hope

Let Fear Bounce - Tossing out nuggets of hope

By Kim Lengling

Welcome to Season 3!
Join in as I host special guests for a casual chat to talk about motivation, inspiration, letting fear bounce, and the occasional dog story.
We'll share stories of kindness, compassion, struggles and the decision to let fear bounce. Providing hope and a bit of light to those who may need it.
We may or may not discuss dogs and coffee. So sit back and listen in to the dynamic people I have the pleasure to speak with from around the world. You'll be inspired and you may learn a thing or two!
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EPS 66 Caramel Lucas - Best Selling Author and a woman of many hats!

Let Fear Bounce - Tossing out nuggets of hopeAug 25, 2021

"I was held captive by fear for years." with author Karis Meier S3 EPS 48

"I was held captive by fear for years." with author Karis Meier S3 EPS 48

Karis holds a BA in Christian Education and an MA in Counseling. She is a wife, mother, author, counselor, and speaker.

She has struggled with chronic illness for years and is passionate about sharing how God leads her through this journey. Her heart is to walk alongside others in their suffering and seek God's comfort and hope in the process.

When Karis is not writing, you can find her enjoying the sun, taking walks, playing with her kids, watching soccer, and reading.

Karis grew up as a missionary kid in a loving family. She always believed in Jesus, but it wasn't until after her freshman year in college that she came to find the life-giving empowerment of the Holy Spirit and the joy of her relationship with God.

Shortly after getting married, she grew quite ill, and it was discovered sometime later she had contracted parasites while overseas several months prior.

After lengthy treatment, she expected to recover but didn't. She had always feared disease and death, and now was facing those enemies head-on. This began a cascade of health problems and conditions that she still deals with to this day.

About five years ago, Karis felt God calling her to start writing to encourage others who were suffering. God has blessed her with the opportunity to share through writing a blog and recently publishing a book called Suffering Redeemed: Finding Strength to Endure, purpose in Pain, and Hope for Tomorrow.

Karis shares, "Many days, it feels impossible to keep going, but I do. There is an unyielding hope that spurs me on. I know it is not of me. I am learning to live by faith and not in fear."

"The blessing of hope unseen is a miracle only accomplished by God. I want to encourage others to keep going when life feels too hard."

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Dec 06, 202331:09
"I became a voracious reader as an escape" with Horror Author, Mo Mashaty S3 EPS 47

"I became a voracious reader as an escape" with Horror Author, Mo Mashaty S3 EPS 47

Nov 29, 202338:44
Mindful eating over the Holiday Season with Michelle May, Author S3 EPS 46
Nov 22, 202333:11
We can solve the world's problems in an hour - Glenda Benevides S3 EPS45

We can solve the world's problems in an hour - Glenda Benevides S3 EPS45

Glenda Benevides is an award-winning, Recording Academy voting member, GRAMMY® considered a singer-songwriter who weaves stories that touch the soul. Imagine the soul-singing love child of Heart, Janis Joplin, and Bessie Smith and that is Glenda. A powerfully resonant voice, emanating with blues and soul, demanding attention, calling to action, and uplifting the very fabric of love shared amongst us all... Like a wild tent revival preacher, Glenda’s sermon is empowerment, enlightenment, and building bridges of understanding all wrapped in powerful self-expression that moves you from the head to the feet!

Glenda Benevides was born in Oakland Ca and has been singing professionally since 16. Deeply influenced by classic vocalist Sarah Vaughan to Rachelle Ferrell to Staple Singers, her soul's expression and intention are of the heart. Glenda has toured from Japan to the EU to the UK on through Canada leaving no stone unturned to light a fire on the dance floor.

Glenda’s career has included singing and performing for the South African Film Festival in Cannes France, The Brava theater for a women’s fundraiser gala in San Francisco, the Popkomm Music conference in Berlin, a Beverly Wilshire, Los Angeles solo performance for best-selling author Harv Ecker (Millionaire Mind seminars), and a guest appearance at the Crown Plaza in Santiago, Chile to a Presidential fundraiser for Dennis Kucinich at the Kuumbwas Jazz Center in Santa Cruz, CA, and in 2017 a rally for Alabama Dem Senator Doug Jones.

Glenda has also produced many of her live performances, a web series, music videos, and has been the creative director and producer for many private events such as an exclusive fundraising gala for The Shakespeare Society of America, and the Foundation for Climate Restoration and donates a percentage from her music sales to One Tree Planted.

Glenda also started her own record company Good Witch Records in 2004, along with Mirror Speaks The Truth productions for music in film and TV. Glenda wrote and developed a TV script called Never Give Up. She started Global Badass Goddess online Magazine and podcast in 2018, which features women from around the world sharing stories of inspiration and empowerment. She now has Glenda Benevides Music podcast to share stories from extraordinary artists in their trials and triumphs.

Glenda is the author of Courage, Find Your Fire, and Ignite Action in Your Life along with Own The Goddess Within e-book and workshop.

Glenda has worked and sung with artists Toto, Jeffrey Osborne, Pink Martini and Broadway artist of "Aida" fame, Damian Perkins, and Steve Smith of Dirty Vegas, just to name a few.

Awards include: AOF Action on Film International LA Film Festival X 2014 award winner for Best Score, Original Composition Change - Orphans in the Storm.



IG: glendabenevidesmusic



Learn more about your host, Kim Lengling at

Nov 15, 202358:10
A humble Thank You on Veteran's Day 2023
Nov 11, 202320:08
Magical places and magical reads with Award Winning Author, K. T. Anglehart S3 EPS 44
Nov 08, 202345:20
"We might have to run at any time." with Author Audrey Birnbaum-American Wolf: From Nazi Refugee to American Spy. S3 EPS43

"We might have to run at any time." with Author Audrey Birnbaum-American Wolf: From Nazi Refugee to American Spy. S3 EPS43

"American Wolf: From Nazi Refugee to American Spy" is available to pre-order online including via Amazon on September 15, 2023. This book is a riveting and inspiring book It is the true story of Audrey Birnbaum's father, Jack Wolf Schwersenz, his family's nail-biting escape from Germany, and his subsequent adventure-filled efforts to embrace his adopted home.

Growing up in New York in the late 1960s, Audrey Birnbaum assumed that watching Holocaust documentaries was a perfectly normal family activity.

On her first day of elementary school, Audrey sat in the cafeteria, unwrapped her liverwurst sandwich, and excitedly told her new classmates about her public television proclivities. Her Brady Bunch-watching peers had never heard of PBS, but they had heard of PB&J (and they weren’t too keen on liverwurst either).

They made it abundantly clear: Audrey’s childhood was, in fact, not normal at all. We will never know whether it was schoolyard bullying or watching tragic Shoah documentaries that was responsible for Audrey’s acute sensitivity to others; but that empathy may have helped pave the way for her choice of medicine as a career.

Audrey chose to specialize in Pediatric Gastroenterology — for who needed more help than children? And where could anyone feel more suffering than in one’s gut? Day after day, she watched intricate family dynamics play out in the context of fragile health. Audrey listened to each patient’s story until she could retell it with clarity and give it meaning.

Through witnessing and recording these tender dramas, the seeds of writing had been planted. Those seeds took root when, shortly after her father’s death in 2018, Audrey stumbled upon his extensive notes detailing his childhood escape from Nazi Germany.

Audrey felt compelled to start writing his riveting story – a story addressing themes that are pressingly relevant today.

AMERICAN WOLF deals with tragedy and loss, while punctuating the triumph of the human spirit. It is a memoir of Holocaust survival, family drama, an immigration tale, and an often funny coming-of-age story that is sure to have an impact on anyone who has experienced prejudice, displacement, or questions about their identity. 

With her cherished medical career in the rear-view mirror, Audrey now enjoys singing, writing, reading, and being with friends who also had quirky childhoods. She lives with her husband in Westchester County, New York, and has three marvelous grown children. Audrey is currently working on her second book. Learn more at

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Nov 01, 202348:35
Part 2 of Books, farming and coffee with author Jennifer Carr S3 EPS 42