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Kink and Coffee with Mistress Lillith

Kink and Coffee with Mistress Lillith

By Lillith Valor

This is Mistress Lillith serving up a little kink with your coffee. A podcast series that offers you some enlightenment and sexual growth – a conversation that can take place over the time it takes to enjoy a cup of coffee…or a good stiff drink.

The most casual of conversations is over a cup of coffee. How do you like yours? Strong or perhaps with some additives to spice things up?

*18+ to listen ~ or not easily offended by sexuality and freedom of others*
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Kink and Coffee - More on Exposure. Are you even that interesting?

Kink and Coffee with Mistress LillithJan 15, 2020

Kink and Coffee - More on Exposure. Are you even that interesting?
Jan 15, 202006:22
Kink and Coffee: Sissy Beginnings
Nov 21, 201907:55
Kink and Coffee - Fun with Food and Masturbation
Nov 12, 201909:20
Kink and Coffee: Sissy Exposure
Aug 07, 201910:24
Kink and Coffee: Mind Manipulation and Games
Jun 11, 201907:12
Blog Read: Importance of an ABDL Mommy

Blog Read: Importance of an ABDL Mommy

In this episode of Kink and Coffee - I read a blog I wrote and posted on my abdl specific website,

The Importance of an ABDL Mommy

We all know the importance of mommies in the vanilla world - but when you are an ABDL (Adult Baby, Diaper Lover), it is even MORE important to have an ABDL Mommy.

Why? Because she already knows your secret life and STILL wants to get to know you. She KNOWS you wear diapers, she KNOWS you live an adult baby lifestyle and sees that as just a part of you. But, not a part of you that needs to be fixed. 


I hope you find your ABDL Mom. In person, online, or in some form or fashion so you can engage, release and live your best life.   

May 10, 201904:23
You have an urge you need me to control

You have an urge you need me to control

 Masturbation is one of those urges that you can only get rid of by giving into it. 

The more you give in, the more you want it…but for a moment it provides at least an ounce of relief. 

When you start to feel the urge you begin to notice everything about your surroundings and all of your senses become heightened.  With an Expert Masturbatrix you can close your eyes and grip a hold – and let her take you for a ride through all of your senses…I will lead your story, and guide your masturbation.

Mistress Lillith

Twitter: @mistresslillith


ext: 9417125

May 07, 201901:41
Masturbation on the brain

Masturbation on the brain

 You find yourself with that all too familiar itch. The sweat starts to gather on your brow and your eyes dart from side to side. You bite your lower lip hoping you can find a place to dash to for some peace and quiet.  Your mind opens up the conversation, but your finger tips click the mouse to feed your eyes with sexy and erotic imagery. Something that sparks some creativity. Just enough…to get you through. To get you through until you are bursting at the seems and must find relief. 

Can you find someone to help you with that relief? What about an expert masturbatrix, a Mistress that knows more about that cock than you do. Find some relief from your frustrations – find me…Mistress Lillith, of – you can find me on twitter and connect with me live on niteflirt. Enjoy the month that celebrates masturbation. Masturbation May. 

Apr 30, 201901:41
Welcome to Mistress Lillith's Playground

Welcome to Mistress Lillith's Playground

You have to have a place to start ~ one could argue that this is the place. To pull you into a rabbit whole of mind manipulation and kink foolery. You have to have a taste before you can know of my intoxicating abilities. Enjoy some kink along with your coffee break and find your mind opened to a whole new world. Welcome to my playground ~ let's have a little fun shall we? 

Apr 25, 201902:47