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Curious About Recovery - Diving Into Eating Disorders

Curious About Recovery - Diving Into Eating Disorders

By Kirsten Hunneyball

Eating Disorders are complex and challenging to navigate, whether you are a sufferer, professional or family / loved one of a sufferer. Join Peer Recovery Specialist Coach, Kirsten Hunneyball as she gets curious about recovery by interviewing professionals, chatting to ED survivors, and sharing her experience so that you can better understand various perspectives, remove stigma, hear inspiring testimonies and get curious about all things eating disorder related. Not meant as a replacement for any ED treatment. Apply as a guest:
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EP16_Attuned Eating for Eating Disorder Recovery: Tracy Brown, RD (Expert)

Curious About Recovery - Diving Into Eating DisordersSep 23, 2022

EP41_Accessible , Weight Inclusive & Affirming Eating Disorder Therapy with Emily Andersen, LMFT (Expert)

EP41_Accessible , Weight Inclusive & Affirming Eating Disorder Therapy with Emily Andersen, LMFT (Expert)

Nov 08, 202301:14:37
EP40_Star Wars, Body Grief, and Dudes in Recovery with Aaron Flores, RDN (Expert)

EP40_Star Wars, Body Grief, and Dudes in Recovery with Aaron Flores, RDN (Expert)

Navigating a changing body, whether it’s through eating disorder recovery or for any other reason, can be really challenging. Learning to trust your body is a process which often comes with trial and error, moments of joy, and grief. 

Coming back home to your body includes building relationship to it, which doesn’t always feel easy. In fact diet culture tells us we can’t trust our bodies! But this is not how we were born. We were born with the intuitive ability to trust our bodies, yet conditioning from systemic influences or personal experiences can lead you to “unlearn” how to do this effectively. 

In this episode, I speak to Aaron Flores about learning to trust the body, the process of going through body grief, and how one might use metaphors (like using the story of Star Wars) to grasp complex ideas in recovery from disordered eating.  

Aaron is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Body Trust® provider with a private practice in Calabasas, CA.  Aaron uses Intuitive Eating, Health at Every Size®, and Body Trust® as the framework to help individuals develop a more compassionate, non-judgmental approach to food and their body.  In addition to his individual work with clients, he is also a podcaster. His two shows are Men Unscripted and, Dietitians Unplugged

We also touch on the experience of being a person who identifies as male in recovery, and Aaron’s safe space for men to anonymously share their body stories on his podcast, Men Unscripted 

Aaron will also be speaking at Project HEAL and EDRD Pro’s event called “InformED” which is a virtual event that will be held on October 20th 2023 at 10:30am - 4pm ET on ‘The Medical Landscape: Ozempic and the Renewed Rise of “Thin at Any Cost”’

Find Aaron here: @aaronfloresrdn

Oct 11, 202347:21
EP39_Why We Need to Consider Mind-Body Interventions for Sustainable Eating Disorder Treatment

EP39_Why We Need to Consider Mind-Body Interventions for Sustainable Eating Disorder Treatment

In this episode, we delve into the complexities of eating disorders and the crucial role of understanding the body-brain connection in the recovery process. We emphasize why this understanding is essential for both professionals and individuals struggling with eating disorders.

Eating disorders can be challenging to overcome due to their multifaceted nature. They not only affect one's relationship with food but also disrupt the integration of self, leading to distorted self-image. Exploring the neurobiology of eating disorders, including the effects of malnutrition, is crucial in developing more effective treatment approaches. The brain's ability to change and adapt, known as neuroplasticity, plays a vital role in recovery.

We look at various mind-body interventions which involve working with the brain and nervous system to improve health or treat conditions. We look at techniques like mindfulness, EMDR, The Feldenkrais Method, and yoga which can aid in recovery by reducing stress, improving emotional regulation, enhancing body image, addressing trauma-related aspects of eating disorders, promote relaxation, reduce stress hormones, and positively affect brain function. 

This episode highlights the significance of considering both the neurobiological and psychological aspects of eating disorders and offers insights into various interventions that can support individuals on their journey to recovery. Understanding the intricate relationship between the brain and disordered eating behaviors is essential for more effective treatment approaches and reducing the stigma associated with eating disorders.

Disclaimer: This episode does not aim to diagnose, cure, or treat eating disorders or any mental health condition. Please seek professional help if you are struggling.

Sep 26, 202301:12:36
EP38_Nutrition & Body Image Counselling: Courtney Vickery's Story (Expert + Personal)

EP38_Nutrition & Body Image Counselling: Courtney Vickery's Story (Expert + Personal)

Dietitian, Intuitive Eating Counselor, Food Therapist, and Body Image Coach living in a small, rural town in Georgia. Today she shares her journey, and why she chose to work in the field of nutrition and body image.

We highlight the prevalence of disordered eating numbers in college students. You can find a study done by NEDA in 2013 here:

We also talk about some of the challenges Courtney faced in her own food and body wellness journey, and the tools she used to support her along the way.

We touch on the importance of raising anti-diet kids and discuss her other passion, design and being a creative.

On top of her business, Vickery Wellness (A nutrition private practice based out of Athens, GA specializing in Intuitive Eating and eating disorder recovery through a non-diet, weight-inclusive approach.) she also runs a business called Declet Designs, aimed at helping weight inclusive private practices get more clients through branding, web design, SEO, and more.

Courtney is currently seeing clients virtually throughout Georgia, New York, Vermont, Connecticut, Utah, Washington, Colorado, California. Vickery Wellness is a welcoming and inclusive space for all people regardless of their race, ethnicity, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or national origin.

You can find her at or

Follow her on Instagram at @vickerywellness or @decletdesigns

If you have a story (personal or professional) to share, or interesting insights into disordered eating treatment modalities, research or information, please contact me to apply as a guest on the show! @curiousaboutrecovery or @kirstenhuneyball

Sep 08, 202335:28
EP37_I Guess Deep Down, I Had Hope - An Anorexia Recovery Journey with Charlotte (A Personal Story)

EP37_I Guess Deep Down, I Had Hope - An Anorexia Recovery Journey with Charlotte (A Personal Story)

Today I speak with Charlotte Cummings, who currently works as a Recovery Coach at Monte Nido - which you can find out more about here:

She touches on her personal story through anorexia, the traumatic experiences she endured in treatment, and her Borderline Personality Disorder diagnosis. We talk about the importance of catching an eating disorder early, and what parents need to be aware of - checking in to see whether they are unknowingly encouraging disordered eating behaviour. We discuss the feelings of guilt that come up when trying to recover from anorexia and speak about her experience with various treatment modalities and tools that she has found useful in her anorexia recovery, including music, creative expression, pets, and EMDR, and her experience as a recovery coach in a treatment centre, seeing how her journey has equipped her with the ability to help others. We end off with some interesting insights into the gaps Charlotte has noticed within the treatment process, which are incredible concepts for professionals to reflect on.

You can follow Charlotte and her recovery journey on Instagram: @char_lives44

If you have a recovery story you would like to share, please get in touch with me via my website: OR via my Instagram @kirstenhunneyball or @curiousaboutrecovery

PS If you struggle with Gut Health Issues and are looking for a really great Probiotic, consider Rawbiotics - a brand I have been using for 6 years! Get your products here:

Aug 17, 202301:15:04
EP36_The Role of Relationships, Family Based Therapy, and a Dive into Kirsten’s Story: An Interview with Dr Susan Perkins, PART 2 (Expert)

EP36_The Role of Relationships, Family Based Therapy, and a Dive into Kirsten’s Story: An Interview with Dr Susan Perkins, PART 2 (Expert)

In this episode I invite Dr Susan Perkins, licensed marriage, and family therapist, for the second time onto the show. In our first meeting together, we discussed the role of family based therapy and how it fits into the process of eating disorder recovery, for both adolescents and adults.

We explored the many misunderstandings, frustrations, and challenges that both the suffering eating disordered individual and their families undergo. After we met, we had a lovely discussion about doing an experimental episode where we flip the script a bit in that Dr Susan interviews me (Kirsten, your host) about the role my family played in my eating disorder recovery journey.

Through a series of questions, we explore my perspectives on my individual family roles in early recovery, what challenges we faced as a family, what I might have done differently, or what I might have needed from my family at the time of early recovery, my treatment process and a bit about the relational influences on my eating disorder throughout the years. Here we explore early childhood friendships, bullying, toxic vs. non-toxic relationships, work relationships, and what my healed relationships look like today.

We highlight the importance of supportive relationships in the recovery journey, and how healing the system of the family can often be the most beneficial element of a person’s recovery, wherever this may be possible.

We understand that not every person in recovery will be able to heal familial or romantic relationships, but that does not mean that recovery is out of reach for these people.

We also hope to offer some kind of insight to family members and individuals currently navigating eating disorder recovery, so that they might become aware of ways that they can support themselves or their loved ones.

You can find part one of this conversation here:

You can find Dr Susan at – she is licensed in the states of North Carolina, Michigan, and Idaho, meaning I can provide in-person or teletherapy to NC residents and teletherapy to Michigan and Idaho residents.

Jul 15, 202301:35:21
EP35_You Don't Have to Be at War With Your Body. With Maya Naumann, RD from Non-Diet South Africa (Expert)

EP35_You Don't Have to Be at War With Your Body. With Maya Naumann, RD from Non-Diet South Africa (Expert)

Diet culture is pervasive. What it teaches, is problematic. Those that have tried it again and again, end up with a predictable set of behaviours and attitudes about food and their bodies. If the following list describes you, you may be one of them:

  • It seems as if I am always on diet

  • I lose weight, only to gain it again

  • I am preoccupied with the desire to be thinner

  • I feel guilty when I eat “illegal” foods

  • I have a closet full of clothes in different sizes

  • I have lost touch with my natural hunger signals

  • I fluctuate between periods of sensible, nutritious eating and out of control eating

  • I think about burning kilojoules when I exercise

  • I am at war with my body 

You do not have to be at war with your body to be healthy. In this episode I speak with Maya Naumann, RD and member of Non-Diet South Africa on her experience with disordered eating, diet culture and being at war with her body, even through her own dietetics practise. We look at what it means to be a dieter vs. a non-dieter, how you can learn to trust your body's intuitive human element in eating practises, the flaws in the biomedical model taught in dietetics studies, assessing the root of your diet culture beliefs, and Anita Johnston's four areas for eating disorder recovery.

​Maya is qualified with a Bsc (Medical Honours) in Dietetics from Stellenbosch university in 2000. Her dietetics degree gave her a good, thorough clinical understanding of nutrition and the human body...nevertheless, she left university with a painful, shameful VERY secret, borderline eating disorder. She had a fearful, obsessive relationship with her body and with food. 

After endless researching on how to be free of this disorder she learnt how to nourish herself and her body in a life-giving, peaceful, free, joyful, abundant, celebratory way. She now helps people realise that they do not have to be at war with their bodies to be healthy.

You can find Maya at or on Instagram at

PS If you are struggling with Gut Health issues in your recovery from disordered eating - head on over to to browse gut health probiotic support.

Jun 30, 202346:47
EP34:_“You’re Meant to Make Love, Touch, Connection to Other.” Sustainable Subconscious Healing with Paige Frisone (Expert)

EP34:_“You’re Meant to Make Love, Touch, Connection to Other.” Sustainable Subconscious Healing with Paige Frisone (Expert)

Resolving trauma and cultivating internal healing through talk therapy can do wonders for any mental health journey. But what about those challenges that we just can’t seem to get past? There are things going on beyond the conscious thinking mind that could be at play in keeping us stuck. Today I interview Paige Frisone, an integrative and sensory practitioner, writer, creator, educator, and speaker dedicated to helping others transform their innate wisdom into soul-powered living.

She helps you access your subconscious mind, the 95% that exists beyond our conscious thinking mind. This is an intricate and elaborate way to process emotions, which requires us to communicate with the invisible part of the brain, and helps us create sustainable healing and deal with root causes to our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual selves.

This is not a process that combines a bit of everything – it is a comprehensive and scientific hybrid that combines ancient wisdom with modern science in a different and unique way.

It gives me great pleasure to share today’s episode as Paige gets vulnerable by sharing her experience with an eating disorder and mental health issues as well as how combining elements from traditional western, and ancient eastern modalities can help us truly recover ourselves in any healing journey.

She also takes us through a practical tool that you can use to start your subconscious healing today – listen to find out more!


You can find Paige at or on Instagram @innerrealmwellness  

In the episode Paige mention’s Rumi’s poem “The Guest House” Which you can read here:

If you enjoyed this episode, please give it a like and share, and head onto my social pages to give me some love! @curiousaboutrecovery and @kirstenhunneyball or you can visit my website at

Jun 07, 202301:01:02
EP33_Challenges Faced by Trans+ & Intersex People in Eating Disorder Treatment with Kevin (they/them), FEDUP Collective (Expert)

EP33_Challenges Faced by Trans+ & Intersex People in Eating Disorder Treatment with Kevin (they/them), FEDUP Collective (Expert)

Eating disorders affect hundreds of thousands of people around the world, yet most people still hold the stigma that they largely only affect smaller bodied, caucasian, cis-gender females. This stigma is seen across the board in treatment centres, medical practises, and societies. For this reason, people who do not fit this typical mould often face harsh and even life-threatening challenges when trying to find safe and inclusive spaces for recovery from their disordered eating. 

In this episode I speak to Kevin (they/them) about some of these challenges. I acknowledge that I ask these questions from a privileged perspective. I hope that some questions I ask are relatable - as I am sure many have the same questions, but don’t step up to ask. I hope that this episode helps those who fall into the trans+, intersex, and gender diverse populations will recognise my attempt to truly hear what you have to say, and to allow for other professionals, organisations, and individuals to challenge their own stigma, biases, and treatment procedures.

Kevin is a disabled, queer artist from Western Massachusetts. Kevin’s art and activism speaks to their lived experience with mental health in an unfiltered way. They exhibit a passionate effort toward making the world a more accessible place for everyone. And their lifelong struggle with things like ARFID, chronic illness, etc fuels this passion. When they’re not, painting, sculpting, making or building something, they enjoy being at the Nubble Lighthouse, hanging with their cats Tucker and Potato, cooking and getting lost in the woods.

FEDUP is a collective of trans+, intersex, and gender diverse people who believe eating disorders in marginalized communities are social justice issues. Our mission is to make visible, interrupt, and undermine the disproportionately high incidence of eating disorders in trans and gender diverse individuals through radical community healing, recovery institution reform, research, empowerment, and education.

Find out more or how you can help at
and IG: @fedupcollective

May 22, 202301:31:42
EP32_Bravely Making Art for Mental Health Healing with Ali Gillett. (Expert)

EP32_Bravely Making Art for Mental Health Healing with Ali Gillett. (Expert)

Eating disorders are largely made up of self-criticism, perfectionism, inability to release control, and fear of vulnerability. Art asks you to challenge every one of those areas fully. That is why Ali Gillett from The Brave Arts, uses her artistic talent and lived experience with an eating disorder (whom she calls “Slug”), to help others navigate their internal fears with curiosity and compassion.

Ali holds a BA in Fine Art from RMIT, Melbourne, 2014, a current working with children card, and holds an NDIS workers card. She divides her time between a studio and mural practice as well as portrait commissions. Her company, Brave Arts focuses on taking the mystery out of art making, and in turn allowing the gifts that it provides to be unearthed.


In this episode Ali talks to me about how she helps her students navigate emotions, transform anger, and recognise what is within our control and what is not. She teaches us how art teaches can shift you from perfectionism to new perspectives as it requires you to look at your “ugly parts” from a gentle and inquiring space.

She also speaks about how art has helped her navigate concepts that used to baffle her such as pride and anger. She speaks about the power of choice and the concept of becoming a wholehearted person, which helped her in her own recovery journey. Ali tells us about her perspective on “eating disorder remission” rather than recovery and how vulnerability can be your greatest tool in your healing.

Visit Ali’s website for blog posts, artistic inspiration, and the chance at a scholarship for upcoming workshops:

And find her on Instagram at @brave_arts


In the episode, Ali mentions Brene Brown’s Whole hearted person TED talk, which you can find here:

May 15, 202348:46
EP31_Nourishing Others in ED Recovery with a Mindful Dietitian: With Laura Gajda, EDRD, LDN, CEDS-S 

EP31_Nourishing Others in ED Recovery with a Mindful Dietitian: With Laura Gajda, EDRD, LDN, CEDS-S 

In today’s episode I speak with Laura Gajda, a Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist with a background in Eating Disorders and mental health diagnoses. She specialises in working with adults with Eating Disorders and building sustainability in their recovery. She is not only incredibly passionate about the work of dietetics, but she has a personal history of a loved one with an eating disorder, which feeds into her passion for helping others in a holistic way. She works with her clients to help them build their own sense of autonomy around food and decrease the power that food can have over a client's life. 

Laura acquired her Certified Eating Disorder Specialist and Supervisor (CEDS) certificate earlier this year, which requires extensive training and supervision in Eating Disorder care. She recently become a Certified Eating Disorder Specialist Supervisor which means she is able to help train other Dieticians of working within the ED realm. Laura is working on making supervision for Dietitian’s cheaper so that access can be easier to accommodate and started her business NourishOthers, LLC to help new RDs work within the world of mental health and also works with clients in groups and individually.

We look at what it means for an EDRD to play a preventative role in the eating disorder recovery journey, navigating the client-professional relationship, and establishing trust in the process of recovering from eating disorders. We look at what role a EDRD plays within the treatment team, and integrating dietetics with CEDS certification. We also touch on the professional support that Laura offers other dieticians in terms of ED education.

Stay tuned as Laura has BIG plans for the world of Dietetics and mental healthcare and you can find more information on her website or on IG: @nourishothers 

May 09, 202351:30
EP30_Getting your Period Back – A Rewarding and Compassionate Process. With Cynthia Donovan AKA The Period Nutritionist (Expert)

EP30_Getting your Period Back – A Rewarding and Compassionate Process. With Cynthia Donovan AKA The Period Nutritionist (Expert)

Getting your period back after experiencing disordered eating is an important part of the recovery process. It can lead to a more fulfilled life & improved overall health. Some people may even fear not being able to conceive and become a mother in recovery because of the damage done to the menstrual cycle over the years. But there is hope!

While not every person will fully recover their natural cycle, there are steps you can take to improve those chances. And along the journey you will see how recovering your period is about so much more than simply your vitality. It’s about reconnecting to your body, learning to live in it compassionately, and feeling a sense of wholeness for possibly the first time ever.

Today my guest is Cynthia Donovan, a registered dietitian nutritionist that helps women get their periods back. She helps them reverse hypothalamic amenorrhea, restore their health, and regain fertility. Cynthia’s life purpose is to help women find balance with food and exercise. She has over 10 years of experience and founded the Eat to Regain Your Period Program in 2020. She’s helped 100’s of women across the world get their periods and life back. When she’s not serving women with period recovery you can find her having fun with the two loves of her life, her sons, Brian and Brayden.

Take a curious dive into topics around the hormonal biochemistry of the menstrual cycle, excessive exercise and food restriction, and their effect on your period, what a healthy period looks like, breaking stigma about the menstrual cycle, and approaching your body compassionately in period and eating disorder recovery. Cynthia also shares with us about how she helps women through her “Eat to Regain your Period Program” and her post recovery community she has created called “The Period Society”.

You can find Cynthia using these links:

Instagram: TikTok: @period.nutritionist


Apply for Period Recovery Coaching w/Cynthia:

The Fifth Vital Sign: Master Your Cycles & Optimize Your Fertility by Lisa Hendrickson-Jack:

Kirsten Hunneyball's website (Eating Disorder Recovery Coaching):


Apr 28, 202359:01
EP29_Embodied Recovery for Eating Disorders (ERED) with Rachel Lewis-Marlow and Annie Goldsmith. (Experts)

EP29_Embodied Recovery for Eating Disorders (ERED) with Rachel Lewis-Marlow and Annie Goldsmith. (Experts)

Rachel Lewis- Marlow and Annie Goldsmith join me from the Embodied Recovery Institute to talk about the importance of embodiment (for both the individual and the practitioner) in the process of recovery from disordered eating.  

Embodied Recovery Institute facilitates trainings, consultation, and program development for physical and mental health professionals in EMBODIED RECOVERY for EATING DISORDERS (ERED) – a trauma-informed, relationally oriented, and neurobiologically supported approach to the treatment of eating disorders that weaves modalities and interventions based on the latest research in traumatology, interpersonal neurobiology, and child development. This embodied perspective draws on principles of the Polyvagal Theory, Interpersonal Neurobiology, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy®, Sensory Integration, and Body-Mind Centering®.   

Some topics we explore in today’s episode include the Four Principles of Embodied Recovery for Eating Disorders (ERED), recognising that recovery is an additive process (and how the body physiologically responds to being in a space of defence versus safety/attachment when cultivating lasting behavioural changes), the importance of the practitioner cultivating embodiment in their own lives, using the body as a resource and understanding it’s native language, challenging traditional parameters for what recovery looks like, and cultivating safety as a primary tool for navigating the ability to nourish the body.

Rachel has extensive experience as a teacher and presenter, focusing on accessing the body’s unique capacity to give voice to the subconscious and to lay the foundation for healing and maintaining psychological and physical health. She specializes in working with people exploring recovery from trauma, eating disorders, and dissociative disorders.

Annie holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Rochester in Brain and Cognitive Sciences and attended Winthrop University for her graduate coursework in human nutrition. She has experience treating eating disorders at the PHP, IOP, and outpatient levels of care. She opened her outpatient group practice, Second Breakfast Nutrition, in 2015. Her practice is rooted in a foundational belief in the inherent worthiness of all bodies. She is passionate about working with clients from a “bottom up” approach, cantering and supporting the wisdom of the body and its innate capacity for healing.

You can find out more about ERED and the Embodied Recovery Institute (including upcoming trainings and courses) here:

Apr 22, 202301:01:17
EP28_Could Genetic Testing Save You Years of Trial & Error in Mental Health Treatment? A Chat with Dr Evelyn Higgins (Expert)

EP28_Could Genetic Testing Save You Years of Trial & Error in Mental Health Treatment? A Chat with Dr Evelyn Higgins (Expert)

Many people come into treatment for eating disorders and co-occurring mental health concerns and are put onto prescribed medication. Whilst this approach may work, often we see people getting worse, or struggling through trial and error to find the "right" combination. What if there was a way to avoid the back and forth of things not working? What if you could even avoid certain issues being triggered in your treatment process, or avoid certain triggers completely?

This is where Wired For Addiction® comes in. Wired For Addiction® specializes in the biological component of mental health and addiction recovery. With over 100 years of combined staff experience in the addiction field and 17 years designated for Research & Development, we have poised ourselves as a global expert in the science of addiction recovery.  

In today's episode, I speak with WFA's Founder, Dr. Evelyn Higgins. Dr Higgins is a recognized international expert in the science of addiction recovery.  As a Certified Addictionologist, Diplomate of the American Board of Disability Analysts specializing in pain management, and Diplomate of the American College of Addictionology and Compulsive Disorders, Dr. Higgins has had the honor of advising the U.S. Surgeon General, producing and hosting a Gracie Award winning nationally syndicated health and wellness radio program, and serving as a 1996 Olympic Team Doctor and Olympic torch bearer.   

With 35 years in practice, Dr. Higgins has specialized in the clinical application of the neuroscience & epigenetics behind mental health complexities.  Recent events include presenting at the 2023 Executive Summit on Addiction Treatment in Waikoloa Beach, Hawaii, honored as a 2022 TEDx Speaker, 2022 International Society of Substance Use Professionals Annual Conference panelist in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, 2022 International Gambling Conference in Auckland, New Zealand speaker, 2021 Nominee for Modern Healthcare’s Top 25 Innovators in Healthcare, 2018 & 2023 Compass Transatlantic speaker, and frequent national media healthcare commentator, Dr.Higgins finds herself at the nexus of epigenetics, neuroscience, and health.

Dive into this episode with me, and find out more about what science is doing for the world of mental health.

Contact Information:

To schedule an appointment:

To contact Dr Higgins:

Office: 1-888-841-7099

Link to recent previous speaking engagements

Understanding genetic markers of addiction | Evelyn Higgins | TEDxJacksonville - YouTube

Apr 04, 202349:23
EP27_From Recovery to Helping Others Recover with Kathryn Smith, LPC NCC (Expert)

EP27_From Recovery to Helping Others Recover with Kathryn Smith, LPC NCC (Expert)

Meeting a client where they are at is vital to truly creating safety in their eating disorder recovery journey. It is really helpful when the professional you work with has lived experience with their own recovery such as Kathryn Smith, who is passionate about helping individuals improve body image, stop disordered eating behaviours, find peace from emotional eating, and process the negative impact of trauma on weight related challenges.

With training in areas such as DBT, Yoga, The Gottman Method, Somatic and Attachment Focused (SAFE) Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), and  the Health at Every Size® (HAES®) and Intuitive Eating curriculum she brings a wealth of knowledge into the realm of disordered eating recovery.

In this episode she shares her personal journey with recovery from an eating disorder and what helped her choose the path of helping others through her work. We also chat about the importance of holistically viewing an eating disorder client as recovery is not a one-size-fits-all formula. We talk about some very real concerns for those living in smaller / rural areas and the challenges they have accessing necessary treatment and help in their recovery as well as looking at the role that trauma plays in eating disorder development.

You can find her website here:

Follow her on Instagram @kathrynlpc

And Facebook:

If you have liked this or any other episodes on this podcast, I would really appreciate you showing your support by following my account and sharing it with others!

You can find me at and Kirsten Hunneyball Peer Eating Disorder Recovery Coach

Mar 14, 202359:09
EP_26: Finding Your Reasons to Recover – A Male Role Model in ED Recovery, Alex Rodriguez (Expert)

EP_26: Finding Your Reasons to Recover – A Male Role Model in ED Recovery, Alex Rodriguez (Expert)

In honour of Eating Disorder Awareness Week this year, and in alignment with BEAT’s desire to spread awareness around men in the recovery world, I spoke to Alex Rodriguez, an accredited practicing dietitian and recovery mentor at River Oak Health in Brisbane, Australia.

It is not often that we see men in the recovery space and so it was really great to get his perspective and hear about the journey of finding his reasons to recover from anorexia. So often men are overlooked when it comes to disordered eating. There is societal pressure for a man to look a certain way, and we need to create more awareness around the fact that many men struggle in silence because of this.

In this episode we talk about how important it is to find your identity outside of your physical appearance, relearning how to have a healthy relationship to food and your body, and finding balance in exercise. We also touch on the RAVES model developed by Shane Jeffreys, and what Alex’s role as a Peer Mentor, Ambassador, and Dietician is within his workplace at River Oak and within the Butterfly Foundation.

Alex aims to use his lived experience, passion and empathy to help others pursue their recovery, and is a great inspiration to men out there who need healthy male role models to look up to in their recovery journey.

You can find him on Instagram at @arod_dietician where he shares his passion about breaking down eating disorder stigma and stereotypes, and spreading awareness about nutrition misinformation online.

Feb 24, 202357:43
EP25_You Can Break The Cycle - Navigating a Healthy Food/Body Relationship For You And Your Child With Dr Christina Stai, Psy. D. (Expert)

EP25_You Can Break The Cycle - Navigating a Healthy Food/Body Relationship For You And Your Child With Dr Christina Stai, Psy. D. (Expert)

If you have ever struggled with poor body image, low self-esteem, disordered eating behaviors, or feelings of being powerless and out of control, there is a strong possibility that you may unknowingly pass these same struggles on to your children.

In today’s episode I chat to Dr Christina Stai, Psy. D. about how to navigate yourself and your child through every stage of childhood development – starting with pregnancy, so that this doesn’t happen.

Dr Stai is a licensed clinical psychologist and the owner of Holistic Resources LLC in SE Iowa, where she provides therapy and neuropsychological assessments for children, teens, & young adults. Dr. Stai enjoys working in areas of neurodivergence (ADHD, Autism, etc.), trauma and abuse, foster care & adoption, disordered eating, developmental delays, and behavioural and emotional concerns.

We chat about and celebrate the 1 year anniversary of her book called “Don’t Pass it On – You Can Break the Cycle” which is designed to empower and equip all you mamas and soon-to-be mamas to break that cycle.

Don't Pass It On will help you identify, understand, and navigate your past and present challenges with confidence. It will give you practical tools to better ensure that you don't accidentally perpetuate these same thought patterns in your children.

We also explore potential things to look out for when it comes to telling the difference between potentially disordered eating, neurodivergence, or simply “normal kid” stuff when it comes to food and eating in children.

You can find out more about Dr Stai and her work through the following links:

Self-Published: Holistic Publishing, LLC

Where to buy: or

Available as: Paperback, eBook, audiobook—free for those with Kindle Unlimited 

To celebrate the one year anniversary of Don’t Pass It On, Dr. Stai and Holistic Publishing are running a sweepstakes to give away 5 FREE copies of the audiobook version! Send a DM on Instagram to @dr.christina.stai or @holisticpublishingllc if you are interested in entering!

Facebook & Instagram: @holisticpublishingllc

Practice: Holistic Resources, LLC


Facebook: @holisticresources

Instagram: @holisticresourcesclinic

Personal: Dr. Christina Stai, Psy.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist in IA and CA

Instagram: @dr.christina.stai

Feb 18, 202301:25:55
EP24_When You Need Therapy but Don’t Fit the “Neuro-typical Mould”: Halina Brooke, LAMFT, LAC (Expert)

EP24_When You Need Therapy but Don’t Fit the “Neuro-typical Mould”: Halina Brooke, LAMFT, LAC (Expert)

Good therapy goes beyond simply teaching skills or delivering a cookie-cutter intervention. Halina Brooke is a licensed associate counselor and marriage and family therapist in Arizona who works with those who have felt like “outsiders” or who conventional therapy hasn’t quite gelled for, and with those who are often pushed aside from healthcare because of the complexity of their recovery process.

Whether a person is struggling with autism, neurodivergence, minority groups or more, it can make recovery from disordered eating even more challenging to navigate. Halina is here to bring awareness to the fact that there is help for you, even if you feel excluded, even if you have had traumatic or unhelpful therapists in the past. You are not alone.

In this episode we explore topics such as healing from “bad therapy”, affirming neurodiversity, inclusivity, brining play into the therapy space, managing panic attacks, and the importance of reaching out in times of distress.

She also is passionate about creating community and support for clinicians who also feel like they don’t really “fit the mould” of conventional therapists.

You can find her at and

PS please excuse the poor audio quality on this episode. We had trouble with my usual recording system.

Jan 29, 202353:28
EP23_Where am I, How am I, Who am I? Three Questions for Creating Presence in Eating Disorder Recovery (Solo)

EP23_Where am I, How am I, Who am I? Three Questions for Creating Presence in Eating Disorder Recovery (Solo)

After this year's festive season (2022) I found myself in quite a slump. I was really struggling emotionally and could feel eating disordered elements start to creep their way back into my life as a way to try avoid or cope with things that I was suppressing. I know that every person with an eating disorder will, at some point face the same struggles. So, my aim for this episode is firstly to help you understand that you are not alone. Even professionals have slumps or bad days (or weeks), and that it is only when we stop paying attention to our internal state and try to push ourselves down or into a corner, that we lose sight of the bigger vision of our recovery journey.

In this episode I highlight 3 important questions you can use to create presence, check in with yourself, and move into recovery solutions.

Where am I, How am I, Who am I? Listen to the episode to dive deeper into the meaning and layers each question holds, and why answering them can help you move toward peace (via action and decision making) in your daily life.

Jan 09, 202332:03
EP22_Gut Health and Restrictive Dieting with Dr Heather Finley (Expert)

EP22_Gut Health and Restrictive Dieting with Dr Heather Finley (Expert)

Dr Heather Finley is a Registered Dietician and Gut Health Specialist who has helped hundreds of women find relief from digestive issues whilst moving away from restrictive dieting and toward long-lasting relief and balance.

In this episode she talks to us about gut health and we look at it from the lens of recovery from disordered eating. She explains a bit about the science behind why restrictive diets don’t work in restoring gut health and how a combination of low secretory IGA, stress and disordered eating can cause food sensitivities and other gut issues. She encourages food adequacy and variety as an essential parts of the gut healing process.

We look at the energy equation in gut functioning as a possible factor in feeling really full or uncomfortable when starting to eat adequately and why lowering stress and eating in a calm manner is critical in teaching the gut how to digest food properly again after disordered eating.

We also explore other tips for managing lasting relief from chronic gut issues, eating for gut health vs. Orthorexic food obsession and identifying the true source of gut issues.

Heather also tells us about her 6 month Gut Together program for people wanting to heal gut issues as well as information about her new book, launching on the 20th of December 2022, called The Happy, healthy Gut Cookbook. Find it here:

You can find out more about her program and new book on her website or find her hanging out on Instagram at @drheatherfinley

Dec 20, 202250:51
EP21_Life After Exercise Addiction - Holly Farrar (Expert)

EP21_Life After Exercise Addiction - Holly Farrar (Expert)

In this episode I speak with Holly Farrar, MS,LPC - owner of Dedicated Recovery, a unique health and mental wellness organization that specializes in helping athletes with many health and mental issues. We explore what it means to create a life for yourself after exercise addiction and how to challenge your relationship to movement and exercise.

Holly has her bachelor’s of science in kinesiology (aka exercise science). At 23years old she began her doctorate in physical therapy in California, but opted to step out of the program after six months of battling an upper respiratory infection. Thinking her life was over, Holly moved back to Arizona, an began working in the gym industry as a personal trainer. She began running into people’s disordered behaviors with food and exercise; having a large interest in mental wellness Holly applied to Grand Canyon University for her master’s of science in professional counseling.

Holly graduated in 2018 with her master’s. As an intern Holly worked in an outpatient private practice for eating disorders. Holly began working for The Meadows Ranch in Wickenburg, AZ in 2019. The Meadows Ranch is a residential treatment center for eating disorders. Holly worked on the adolescent unit for three years providing individual, family and group therapy.

You can find her at 

Dec 09, 202257:28
EP_20: Finding Food Freedom - We are Always in Process - Cherie Miller (Expert)

EP_20: Finding Food Freedom - We are Always in Process - Cherie Miller (Expert)

In this episode I speak with eating disorder therapist and coach, Cherie Miller, owner of Food Freedom Therapy™. Cherie loves to speak on topics related to food and body freedom, which we explore at different levels in our chat. We take a look at different modalities such as CBT, DBT, ACT, and taking a gentle approach to recovery from an eating disorder.

We look at what “food freedom” looks like for Cherie specifically and how you could apply these thoughts into your own life, acknowledging that diet culture tells us that our bodies can’t be trusted, but this is not the case. Emotions are always teaching us things about ourselves, and when we can be okay with not being okay and learn to manage uncomfortable or negative thoughts and feelings, we can gently move into a space of freedom from self-punishment for perceived “imperfections”.

We also touch on the fact that spirituality has been shown to be incredibly helpful in recovery from disordered eating, body image issues, stigma around eating disorders being perceived as a mode of “vanity”, and being open in our relationships as a powerful recovery tool.

Cherie is running an Anti-Diet retreat in 2023, which will help you explore the fact that your body is not the problem, therefore dieting is not the answer! Find out more information on her website here:

You can also get her free intuitive eating jump start guide here:

Follow her on Instagram @foodfreedomtherapist

Nov 07, 202259:16
EP19_Contemplative Prayer: A Tool for Growth in Eating Disorder Recovery (Solo)

EP19_Contemplative Prayer: A Tool for Growth in Eating Disorder Recovery (Solo)

Spirituality may be a really hard thing to navigate and explore in recovery from an eating disorder or any other addiction. Trust me, it wasn't always easy for me. I had very set views of the idea of a non-existent "God". After all - why would God put me through such pain? Fortunately, I was blessed to have started my recovery journey in a 12 Step Program, which allowed me to explore what God may or may not mean for me, in whichever way I saw fit. This was key to my spiritual journey, because I was never told my beliefs or views were wrong - I had the freedom and space to explore what a spiritual relationship meant to me.

Fast forward a few years and I can tell you, spirituality has been the core of my recovery. Without it, I don't think I would be here. I encourage you to listen with an open mind, and put whatever word you feel comfortable using in place of the word "God" if that's what resonates with you. This is by no means an attempt to inflict my opinions on you.

A great part of this spiritual journey has been the act of contemplation - an open space of infinite possibility and learning. In this episode I teach you how I spend time in contemplation in order to process any area of my life, whether its eating disorder related or not.

Contemplation doesn't even have to be spiritual if that doesn't work for you - it can simply be a space of deep thinking, reflection and openness to change. Try it for yourself, and see what happens. Please feel free to share your experience with me on any of my social platforms!

Oct 27, 202246:02
EP18_Weight Inclusive Treatment, a Much Needed Aspect in Eating Disorder Recovery: Dr Joy Zelikovsky (Expert)

EP18_Weight Inclusive Treatment, a Much Needed Aspect in Eating Disorder Recovery: Dr Joy Zelikovsky (Expert)

In this episode I speak with Dr Joy Zelikovsky, clinical psychologist and National Health Service Psychologist in New Haven, CT. She is also the founder of Nourish The Heart Counseling in New Haven, Connecticut.

I thoroughly enjoyed this discussion on the importance of having representation in the treatment process. So often we are riddled with the stigma around disordered eating - that it is a white, thin, female illness. This may be true in some cases, but not all! The problem is that there are so many treatment teams (for whatever reason) who comprise of exactly this description. This is not to say that there is an issue with white, thin females helping those in eating disorder recovery, but rather that it often spreads the message to those in larger bodies, of different cultures or gender identifications that recovery has to "look" a certain way. They often don't feel that they can relate to the people caring for them.

As Dr Joy quotes: ""We know representation is important. So when you don't see healthy models of fat people in recovery, it feels like that's not a possibility."

She speaks into topics such as her personal experience as an eating disorder clinician in a larger body, diet culture, intuitive eating and inclusive recovery.

You can find her at: or @nourishtheheartcounseling on IG.
Oct 19, 202254:52
EP17_Dream Interpretation as a Tool in Eating Disorder Recovery (Solo)

EP17_Dream Interpretation as a Tool in Eating Disorder Recovery (Solo)

Dreams may seem like a random string of symbols and situations that make no sense, but they are a way to connect with the deeper self. Our dreams are messengers that help us see ourselves clearer, process emotions or understand our fears or obstacles. They can be seen as a tool to access that which our waking mind struggles to connect with.

In this episode I take you through my personal experience with dreams and how they have played a role in my recovery from disordered eating. I look at some studies that were conducted in the 90’s that revealed common themes in anorexic and bulimic patients as well as help you get curious about dream symbolism.

I also provide you with some tools that you can start using to play with and explore your dreams.

I encourage you to work with your dreams as a tool in your recovery and in whatever life situation you are facing. You will be amazed at what comes up for you. Feel free to post about your dreams in the comments!

Sep 28, 202250:34
EP16_Attuned Eating for Eating Disorder Recovery: Tracy Brown, RD (Expert)
Sep 23, 202257:13
EP15_Anti-Diet, Eating Disorder Dietician Challenges: LKNutrition, Taylor and Jessi (Expert)
Sep 09, 202255:34
EP13_The Role of Family in Eating Disorder Treatment: Dr Susan Perkins: PART 1 (Expert)
Sep 02, 202251:48
EP14_Binaural Beats and Music in Eating Disorder Recovery (Solo) *Plus a bonus at the end ;)

EP14_Binaural Beats and Music in Eating Disorder Recovery (Solo) *Plus a bonus at the end ;)

Music has always been a huge part of my life and undoubtedly has played an important role in my recovery from disordered eating. In this episode I take you through a little story about my personal history with music and why it has been so significant for me, and then I get curious about some of the science behind why music is so healing.

I look at the different brain states and how binaural beats can help regulate the nervous system and reduce anxiety, how music has been shown to affect cortisol levels as well as how learning the guitar kept me from binging and purging in early recovery.

The science of music is fascinating and I really encourage you to see how it might fit into your recovery too. Whether it's listening to your favourite song or meditative frequencies, learning a new instrument, dancing to music or even getting Safe and Sound Protocol therapy - music can work wonders and when used effectively can help reduce and or deter your mind away from mental obsession around urges to binge and purge if you are a bulimic or binge eater. 

Its important to look at your recovery holistically though - we need to nourish the soul (which music can do), and we need to rewire the brain (which music can do as well) but we also need to nourish the body - this is something music can't do, BUT it can help you feel calmer and safer when needing to eat properly. So give it a try!

Some of the Youtube channels I listen to: Sleeptube, Medatative Minds, Magnetic Minds, Lovemotives.

Plus, at the end you will get a little treat from me - a song I wrote about forgiveness in recovery, and the lightness that can come with letting go and forgiving your past. The song is called Bright Smile and it was recorded with my band "Apparently Jak" in 2017. Thank you to Josh Devine, James Melon and Dustin Manson for your contributions and to Doppler Studios for your studio and recording work.

Aug 26, 202242:45
EP12_Gravitating Toward Love in Binge Eating Disorder: Dr. Kari Anderson (Expert)
Aug 19, 202248:35
EP11_Why Change is Scary in Recovery (Solo)

EP11_Why Change is Scary in Recovery (Solo)

Change is an uncomfortable thing for most people, but it is ever so more in a person who struggles with mental illness such as an eating disorder. In this short episode, I get curious about why we might perceive change (in general) as far more terrifying than your average person, and that creating safety around changes in your life can really help you with facing this very real fear. 

Have a listen if you're feeling afraid of changes in your life or in your recovery and would simply like to change your perspective to how you process change.

Feel free to contact me if you are needing help navigating change in your eating disorder recovery. 

Aug 08, 202217:52
EP_10: Plant Medicine for Eating Disorders - Francesca Rose (Expert)

EP_10: Plant Medicine for Eating Disorders - Francesca Rose (Expert)

Plant medicine is becoming an interesting topic in mental health treatment, and so I decided to get curious about how it might fit in with someone's eating disorder recovery. So I got chatting with the beautiful Francesca Rose from Cape Town, South Africa who, after navigating over 14 years of her own eating disorder recovery, found plant medicine to be an incredible support to her process. 

The trouble with this modality is that it is often very misunderstood and used incorrectly without proper guidance. Francesca takes us through the importance of how to approach using this modality wisely and compassionatley. 

She weaves embodied eating disorder recovery frameworks, sacred plant medicine teachings, trauma-informed integrative somatic coaching modalities, and her life experience into a compassionate approach to food and body recovery.

If you are new to plant medicine, she is offering a 6-week online "Micro-dosing For Embodied Dietary Transformation Program" which starts on the 25th of October 2022. She also has some incredible reading material available for sale.

You can find her at 

Aug 05, 202258:42
EP_9: Relapse in Eating Disorder Recovery: How to Bounce Back (Solo)

EP_9: Relapse in Eating Disorder Recovery: How to Bounce Back (Solo)

Relapse prevention is a part of the recovery process in eating disorders, which means there are certain things we need to manage to not fall back into old behaviour. However, eating disorders are non-linear and can feel quite challenging from time to time. You may even experience relapse.

This can be a scary place, especially if you feel like it came out of nowhere. It may be the first and only time you relapse in your life, or perhaps this has happened a few times for you and you’re feeling lost and confused.

Regardless of what got you here, the important thing is that you are here – simply by listening to this episode you are taking initiative to try come out of a potentially very dark place – I celebrate you for that.

In this episode I take you through practical steps that have helped me in times of relapse, and that I teach the clients I work with as a peer recovery specialist coach. I hope that it helps you start taking steps in your recovery and that you can apply these tools. I guarantee that if you practice each one of these steps, you are going to significantly increase your chances of getting back on track.

If you are struggling, please do not hesitate to reach out! 

Jul 28, 202216:06
EP_8: How Recovery Coaches Help - Merrit Elizabeth (Expert)

EP_8: How Recovery Coaches Help - Merrit Elizabeth (Expert)

Merrit Elizabeth is a Carolyn Costin Institute Certified Eating Disorder Recovery Coach based in Dallas, Texas. I had the honour of speaking with her in this episode about her lived experience with disordered eating and how she helps adolescents and young adult women through their recovery.

We chat about the fact that there can often be a lot of pressure for young girls at school and college, and that it's okay to reach out for help if you are struggling. We also explore how exactly a "Recovery Coach" can form a part of your treatment team and the importance of finding the right coach for your personal journey.

Merrit takes us through the things that help her on a daily basis (as a recovered professional) keep herself in a mindful and recovered mindset.

You can find Merrit Elizabeth on Instagram at @merritelizabethrecovery
Jul 27, 202235:34
EP7_Phases of Awareness in Eating Disorder Recovery (Solo)

EP7_Phases of Awareness in Eating Disorder Recovery (Solo)

In this solo episode (just me!) I share a personal account of some of the different areas, levels or "phases" of awareness I have felt in my journey with bulimia. 

When I first started noticing things (like my choices, feelings, thoughts etc.) I was thrown into deep self-blame, shame and even fear. However, through practising stillness, getting intimate with myself on a deeply explorative, inward journey, over time I have come to see that at each level of awareness, I am given opportunity to realise my wholeness on new levels and to grow toward love.

The intention of this episode is not to teach any tools or concepts, but to rather allow you a little deeper into my personal process so that it might help you in yours.

Jul 18, 202230:31
EP5: Yoga and Eating Disorders: Lori Haas (Expert)

EP5: Yoga and Eating Disorders: Lori Haas (Expert)

Lori Haas is a 500 hour Certified Healing Emphasis Yoga Therapist who helps people create nurturing, kind and loving relationships with their body as well as calming their nervous system. 

In this episode she takes us through how we can tap into the body as a resource for cultivating calm and guides us through a practical grounding exercise. 

We touch on Dr. Stephen Porges "Polyvagal Theory" which relates to the autonomic nervous system, finding your "Anchor Pose" for nourishment and empowerment, and chat about her chapter in Carolyn Costin and Joe Kelly's book "Yoga and Eating Disorders: Ancient Healing for Modern Illness.

Lori describes her first experience with yoga as if she felt a "coming home". She realised that whatever is going on in your external world reveals itself on a deeper level when showing up on the yoga mat, and this place is ideal for noticing and nurturing the emotions that arise when practising stillness and connecting with the body.

You can find Lori's website "Yoga Nourishment" here

Jul 05, 202201:00:60
EP 6: Connection, Community & Creative Expression. Balancing these in Eating Disorder Recovery (Solo)

EP 6: Connection, Community & Creative Expression. Balancing these in Eating Disorder Recovery (Solo)

In today's solo episode, I chat about the three C's of recovery. 

These are Connection - to the self, Community - with others and Creative Expression - as a necessity. 

While they are not the be all and end all of recovery, I have definitely noticed (in my own journey) how balancing these areas (and nourishing them) have deeply contributed to my level of sanity and the decline of immense fear around food and my body. 

Take a listen to see what these areas mean for me, and check out the simple exercise at the end for you to try out!

Jun 24, 202232:31
EP4_Permission to Eat_Libby Parker (Expert)

EP4_Permission to Eat_Libby Parker (Expert)

Registered dietician, owner of Not Your Average Nutritionist, and author of International Best-seller, "Permission to Eat" takes us through some diet myths and perspectives from her personal and professional background with nutrition and eating disorders. Libby Parker helps people learn how to eat intuitively and to nourish their bodies for "normal life" and for theatre. 

If you are a performer of any kind, who faces long rehearsal hours and taxing strain on the body, she can help you make sure you are giving your body the fuel it needs to thrive. 

Find Libby here:


Jun 13, 202259:55
EP3_Family Based Treatment_Carolyn McCarter Wood (Expert)
Jun 10, 202259:29
EP2_Cultivating Internal Freedom in Eating Disorder Recovery (Solo)

EP2_Cultivating Internal Freedom in Eating Disorder Recovery (Solo)

Often, when we think of "freedom" in recovery, we think a lot about the external stuff. Our food behaviors, our body image and such. In this episode I talk to you about the importance of cultivating INTERNAL freedom in your eating disorder recovery journey.

I explore what internal freedom means, what I have found hinders my ability to find that freedom, and how to start taking steps toward this freedom I describe.

Please like and share with anyone you may think would benefit from this show!

If you are struggling with an eating disorder, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Follow me on IG @curiousaboutrecovery and @kirstenhunneyball

Thank you to all who have made this show possible!

Jun 10, 202230:53
EP1_Intro to Curious About Recovery Podcast (Solo)

EP1_Intro to Curious About Recovery Podcast (Solo)

In this episode I introduce the purpose of the show, tell you a little bit about myself (Kirsten Hunneyball, Peer Recovery Specialist Coach) and what you can expect when tuning in to each episode. 

Eating disorders are complex and challenging to navigate, whether you are a sufferer, professional or family / loved one of a sufferer. Join Kirsten Hunneyball as she gets curious by interviewing professionals, chatting to ED survivors, and sharing her personal ED experience so that you can better understand various perspectives, remove stigma, hear inspiring testimonies and simply get curious about all things eating disorder related.

Episodes will be released two to three times a month in these different formats:

Solo: Podcast host, Kirsten Hunneyball shares her thoughts, perspectives and personal stories.

Expert: Kirsten interviews a leader or expert in their ED-related field.

Stories: Kirsten chats to eating disorder survivors who can inspire your journey.

Trigger Warning: These episodes explore the topic of eating disorders and some content may be triggering to listeners. Topics explored may mention (but are not limited to) trauma, diets, food and body types, suicide, mental illness, substance use, self-harm, violence, gender-identification topics, and more. Please take care before listening to any episodes.

Important to note: This podcast is not aimed to diagnose, treat, or cure any form of mental illness and should not be seen as a replacement for treatment of eating disorders. Everything said here is expressed in relation to personal and professional opinions and listeners should be encouraged to view these episodes as an open -minded exploration of various possibilities and perspectives rather than hard facts and solutions. Please take what applies or resonates and leave the rest.

If you are struggling, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at

If you like this show, go ahead and share it and don't forget to follow my Instagram page @curiousaboutrecovery and my coaching page @kirstenhunneyball for information about episodes and support for your recovery journey.

Thank you to all those involved in making this podcast possible!

Jun 10, 202213:22