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021: Klang Mix 002: CRÎTØNÏA Live at El Local en Santurce

Klang MagazineApr 07, 2023

Klang Mix 006: Worriedaboutsatan's Truth in Melody

Klang Mix 006: Worriedaboutsatan's Truth in Melody

⁠Gavin Miller⁠ is the founder of ⁠Worriedaboutsatan⁠, an electronic band that originated in Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK in 2006.

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Read the full artist statement here.


1. Can - I Want More

2. Telefon Tel Aviv - The Birds

3. Autechre - Slip

4. Boards of Canada - Roygbiv

5. Mogwai - Hunted By A Freak

6. Tangerine Dream - Network 23

7. Burial - Archangel

8. James Holden - Common Ground

9. Aphex Twin - Xtal

10. Explosions in the Sky - Day Six1

1. Orbital - Halcyon + On + On

12. Sigur Ros - Untitled 3

13. Luke Abbott - Modern Driveway

Sep 11, 202301:02:38
Klang Mix 005: Shrey Kathuria's transitioning still...

Klang Mix 005: Shrey Kathuria's transitioning still...

Written and Mixed by Shrey Kathuria

Words from the artist:

transitioning still… is a mix about being in two places at once – both geographically and psychologically. It is primarily inspired by my migration to London (UK) after having lived a considerable part of my life in New Delhi (IN). A work-in-progress endeavor, this work is the starting point to think about the much larger notion of ‘home’ from the lens of migration, displacement, diaspora, and crossed memories of New Delhi and London. It aims to create, or reiterate, a ‘mental landscape’ that recalls moments both ordinary and extraordinary. transitioning  still… delves into the overlapping soundscapes of tranquility and dissonance.

This mix, merely a glimpse into the unseen world of South Asian ambient music, showcases 15 diverse sounds South Asian artists spanning across ambient, drone and field recordings to name a few. transitioning still… encapsulates the temporal cross between past and present geographies  during a state of transition - constantly bending the haunt of what once was.

The mix begins with 'Fragments,' a composition I made under the moniker Hitherto during a brief return to New Delhi amidst the aftermath of the third wave of COVID. Adopting a collage-like approach, 'Fragments' evokes memories of warm summer evenings spent in the park during my  childhood. It is through this piece that the duality of existing between cities truly takes shape.  Without it, one merely exists within a single realm, while the dimensions of memory remain elusive,  slipping away.

A homage to the lives lost during the pandemic in India, transitioning still… acknowledges our  history and current circumstances as we contemplate what lies ahead. The works showcased on  this mix maintain my political connection to my roots, if not a physical one, reminding me of the  ongoing crises in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and more.

Songs For A Tired City’s Dupahr acts as a requiem for the loss of lives during the Delhi pogrom  that unfolded in the winter of 2020. Following the passing of the controversial CAA (Citizenship  Amendment Act), the capital city of India saw one of the most gruesome acts of state-sponsored  violence against the Muslim community. Furthermore, as Sri Lanka grapples with economic  catastrophe and political turmoil, it was crucial to highlight Syrphe’s compilation that continue to  raise funds to address the country's ongoing crisis.

Another facet of this mix captures India’s perpetual transformation. It draws inspiration from the  evolving soundscapes that reside within Delhi – the bustling chaos of markets like Chandni Chowk in Old Delhi, or the disruptive weekly bazaars in West Delhi, my hometown (accentuated through conversations recorded next to what sounds like a temple by Charles Powne).

While these markets change, the clamorous hubbub remains. Occasionally, transitioning still… echoes the rapid erasure of local communities, camouflaged as infrastructural growth by right-wing leaders through the works of Ruhail Qaisar. Simultaneously, the melancholic washed out melodies of P.M. Tummala continue to paint a nostalgic portrait of my hometown.

I express my heartfelt gratitude to all the artists featured in this mix. Transitioning is an ongoing  work that will expand in various formats. South Asian creatives interested in collaborating are  encouraged to reach out to me via my Instagram.


  1. Fragments - Hitherto
  2. Planned Obsolescence - Jawad Nawfal
  3. Out of Reach - Farah Mulla
  4. rig veda000 03 - Debashis Sinha
  5. Meera Post Awakening - P.M. Tummala
  6. Painter Man (feat. Dis Fig) - Ruhail Qaisar
  7. Dupahr - Songs For A Tired City
  8. TECHIE COMMITS SUICIDE (xcrpt) - Hemant Sk
  9. faasleyredux2022 - RHL/ Rahul Giri
  10. Weather Machine (feat. Shrey Kathuria and Geanina Gypt) - Colorblind
  11. Indian Field Recordings - Charles Powne
  12. Wet Pebbles - Comets In Cardigans
  13. Chandni Chowk, Dheli - Indian Field Recordings
  14. While We Play - Haved Jabib
  15. Dure (Far Away) - Bidisha Das

May 26, 202330:24
Klang Mix 004: Honowski's Unspooling, oder sich einen Film fahren

Klang Mix 004: Honowski's Unspooling, oder sich einen Film fahren

Mixed live by Honowski in Cologne on 26th March 2023.

Words from the artist:

This mix is inspired by the untranslatable German idiom "sich einen Film fahren", which is a mixed metaphor about "driving yourself a film," and is used to describe hallucinating, being entirely in the grip of your imagination, or following a wild idea. Can you spool yourself a film? See, it doesn't really work in English… Perhaps the closest word is ‘unspooling,’ so you can call this mix that too.

The mix begins - as perhaps many things on Klang Mag do - with an online argument. In the middle of the pandemic, I posted a comment on a certain online forum about my preference for wrong speeding Coil records, specifically the ones made under the influence of the dubplate culture of the early nineties. This comment did not go down well with some members of this forum. However, playing the ElpH records at the wrong speed sounds amazing, so that’s how this mix begins.

What never ceases to fascinate me about the late post-industrial period in British music in the nineties is how willing these so-called avant-garde artists were to engage with pop music and culture. On the one hand, this was influenced by the fact that their artistic community had actually managed to have pop hits in the eighties, while on the other it just reflects the radical openness of the best weirdo, out-there artists. After all, even Bernard Parmegiani soundtracked horror movies.

Witch house is perhaps a more recent nexus for such contrary and coagulating impulses. The art school warehouse noise crowd meets trap producers on ecstasy. While the cultural appropriation inherent in that scene always needs addressing, witch house, and its close cousin vaporwave were (in the time it used to take to torrent a movie) re-appropriated by artists like Lil B and the Goth Money crew. This then led to such trans-dimensional collaborations as Gangsta Boo and Sightless Pit, or Nick Weiss, Jacolby Satterwhite and Satterwhite’s mother’s release as PAT, both featured in this mix. Inspired by Satterwhite’s paintings, he has a great series influenced by Tricky which I’ve featured – the Nearly God track Poems, with the late Terry Hall.

The magpie tendencies of witch house are a clear but inadvertent prelude to the present playlist era. Music was being pirated so flagrantly and with such genius (see those SpaceGhostPurrp instrumentals) that it is little wonder that we have to re-learn to value our access to it. This mix is all vinyl – and I thoroughly encourage you to seek out all these records and play them so much you have to buy new copies. Analogue might not be necessary, but it is fun. That being said, the freedom inherent in playing records as wrong as you like can also be achieved by using CDJs or a DAW to make edits, so total sonic freedom is yours, whatever the format.

In this mix, I have tried to apply the musique concrète toolkit by stitching together longer, abstract ambient passages with pop music; something that Klein achieves with her own compositions on her truly radical LPs. But which are the tools here? Is it the vinyl sound objects? Are the segues between the ambient passages or the pop songs? Perhaps that’s what’s magic about telling stories with sound: the equivalences between quite opposing styles can bring about completely new meanings, and still remain coherent. Dream logic accepts form and incongruence reveals unconscious intentions. This show was made on a Sunday, and you can hear that in the softened textures and sleepy mixing. Sometimes it’s all about drifting.

The image above is from a recent video piece that I made for LALA Athens, entitled Custard, which was inspired by fragments of Gertrude Stein.

This is also the first Episode of the radio show Sonic Fictions on 674fm, it was recorded live in Cologne on 26th March 2023.

May 08, 202302:00:25
Meredith Bates on "Tesseract", Space Garbage, and Non-Attachment

Meredith Bates on "Tesseract", Space Garbage, and Non-Attachment

Read the interview in full at

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May 05, 202308:59
025: On Mentorship, Labor, & Scene Politics
Apr 24, 202320:32
024 Klang Mix 003: Teemoney’s Women Respond to Bass (1963-2023)

024 Klang Mix 003: Teemoney’s Women Respond to Bass (1963-2023)

Mixed By Tamara Palmer aka Teemoney

Words from the artist on this mix:

I’ve been DJing and writing about electronic music for half of the six decades that are covered here in this tribute to innovative women, and I’ve never heard another mix like this. I would like it to inspire you to delve deeper into the discographies of every featured artist and to appreciate the sense of adventure in the songs as well as the lineage of influence that women have had in this realm from the very beginning of digital production. And to make more mixes like this!

Five and a half hours of music went into the digital folder used to make this one-hour set with the help of old-school Technics 1200 turntables and new-school Serato Pro DJ software. Artists from all over the world are on it, but I can feel and hear a singularly unifying grace, toughness, proficiency and joy for experimentation.

I study the craft of DJing with Babu at the world-famous Beat Junkies Institute of Sound in Glendale, California, and he often observes that I mix based on emotion. That’s certainly true with this set, which I hope infuses every listener with even a fraction of the happiness I now feel after recording it live with love in one take!


Daphne Oram — New Atlantis (1963)

Pauline Anna Strom — Mushroom Trip (2017)

Nabihah Iqbal — Zone 1 to 6000 (2017)

Star Eyes — Lost Girls (2012)

Anz — Inna Circle (2021)

Beyoncé — All Up in Your Mind (2022)

Björk — Hyperballad (1995)

Suzanne Ciani — Morning Spring (2021)

Mira Calix — danaïdes (2021)

Zola Jesus — Vessel (2011)

Dawn Richard — New Breed (2019)

Neotropic — 15 Levels of Magnification (1996)

SOPHIE feat. Bibi Bourelly — Faceshopping (Money Remix) (2018)

Emika Elena — No Language (2018)

Anne Dudley — Paranoimia (2018)

Xyla — Feel (2020)

Madame Gandhi — The Future Is Female (2016)

Clara Rockmore and Nadia Reisenberg — The Firebird (1977?)

Lizwi — Prayer (2023)

Pauline Oliveros — Bye Bye Butterfly (1997)

Delia Darbyshire — A New View of Politics (1979)

Laurie Anderson — O Superman (1982)

Tamara Palmer (aka Teemoney) is a professional DJ, journalist and independent publisher from California.

Apr 21, 202301:00:26
023 The Klang Magazine Spring 2023 Compilation Episode
Apr 17, 202345:44
022: Parasocial Mentorship: This Is Your Life On Ryuichi Sakamoto
Apr 10, 202312:09
021: Klang Mix 002: CRÎTØNÏA Live at El Local en Santurce

021: Klang Mix 002: CRÎTØNÏA Live at El Local en Santurce

Mixed by Nicole Vega Reyes aka CRÎTØNÏA

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Words from the artist on this mix:

Hola Hola. My name is Nicole Vega Reyes, also known as Critonia. This mix is for Klang Magazine. It's being recorded right here, right now, at El Local in Santurce, which is a very special place to me and to others. Here we showcase bands, DJs, and art projects from Puerto Rico and around the world. It's been here for quite a while - more than 10 years, if I'm not mistaken. Which brings me to remember, [that] when I started my DJing career, it was 10 years back... I first started doing playlists for my friends here, and on joy rides, I would take them out and put [on] whatever I wanted.It all started back in the Indie Sleaze era, I started listening to more electronic music, and I [found] a duo named Justice. So one day, I was walking on the street, and when I looked down, I saw a flier, and it was Justice — [they were] going to come here to Puerto Rico. They came and I had the most amazing time and I came to realize that I wanted to be a DJ and producer. So I bought my first equipment, which was a Pioneer DDJ SX and started mixing. I started DJing at El Local, Club 77, La Respuesta, La Placita sometimes, and made my name.

Later on, I started producing music and I became more and more aware that I wanted to do this for the rest of my life. So now I'm gonna present to you the mix that I made with much much love about the songs when I was a young raver. In my raver era, I listened to Club House and Dark Electro House. I hope you'll enjoy it...

Noisia-Machine Gun

FATHER-Negrowolf - Part 2

Teenage Bad Girl-Cocotte (Hystereo Rebrand)

Ian Jury-Anguish

Owl Vision-Kill Me Now

Ian Jury-Glass Tomb

Kroyclub-Psychological Shit

Boys Noize-& Down

Justice-Waters of Nazaret (Erol Allan Remix)

ZZT-Party Over Los Angeles 

FATHER-Maybe It’s You

Justice-Phantom Pt II (Boys Noize Remix)

Teenage Bad Girl - USB Dick (Plug Me In)

D.I.M.-Klein Träume

Etienne de Crécy-All Right

Fischerspooner-Danse en France (D.I.M. Remix)

Marseille-Over My Soul

The Bloody Beetroots-Cornelius

Boys Noize-Let’s Buy Happiness (Proxy Remix)

Justice-Stress (Auto Remix)

Honorable Mentions

Uffie-Ready to Uff

Fancy-What’s Your Name, Again?

Proxy-Dance in Dark


Mr. Oizo-Bruce Willis is Dead

Fukkk Offf-Rave is King (Le Castle Vania Remix)

Does It Offend You, Yeah?-We Are Rockstars

Huoratron-Corporate Occult

The Toxic Avengers-Toxic Is Dead (Cyberpunkers Remix)

Mustard Pimp-ZHM


Zombies!-Designer Drugs

Digitalism-Digitalism In Cairo

Vitalic-La Mort Sur Le DanceFloor

Kick Ass Beats - Polymorphic


Nicole Vega Reyes is CRÎTØNÏA. Electrónica manifestation from industrial based techno to electro from Puerto Rico.. The name Critonia portoricense is an endemic species from la Isla de Vieques. C. portoricense, known for surviving extreme conditions, is also known as Guerrero.

Apr 07, 202301:09:05
020: Content vs. Context: Group Critique as Mutual Aid

020: Content vs. Context: Group Critique as Mutual Aid

Written by Max Alper.

Presented by Vareschi Mastering.

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Mar 31, 202318:57
019: Business Techno Institute Presents: How to Make It as a Street DJ
Mar 24, 202310:39
018: Suzanne Ciani Live in LA, or The Three Great Problems of Electronic Music
Mar 20, 202313:51
017: Push the Soundscaping Tempo Forward

017: Push the Soundscaping Tempo Forward

Klang Audio Transcript 017. Written by Karsten Osterby.

Read the report in full at

Field recordings provided by

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Mar 13, 202310:24
016: Who Are You Talking To? Voice Message Globalization
Mar 10, 202310:14
015: The End of Audio: Speculative Fiction on the Death and Rebirth of Organized Sound, Chapter 1
Mar 06, 202310:51
014: Benoît Pioulard on "Eidetic" and Conversational Lyricism

014: Benoît Pioulard on "Eidetic" and Conversational Lyricism

Klang Magazine Audio Transcript 014. 

Read the full transcript at

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Mar 03, 202311:52
013: Batonebo: Personal Reflections on Georgian Choral Music
Feb 27, 202311:15
012: Real Love is About Constant Communication: A Sweetwater Fan Fiction
Feb 24, 202306:22
011: Studio as Social Work: Mizmor in Conversation with Sonny Diperri

011: Studio as Social Work: Mizmor in Conversation with Sonny Diperri

Klang Magazine Audio Transcript 011.

Read the interview text in full at

For our second longform interview, we have A.L.N. of funeral doom giants Mizmor in conversation with his longtime collaborator and producer Sonny DiPerri. Having worked together on both Mizmor full-length LPs "Yodh" and "Cairn", as well as their soon to be announced LP, DiPerri takes A.L.N. through the steps on how to not only effectively engineer a mix, but how to maximize the studio as a social setting for collaborations to occur.

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Feb 20, 202301:12:34
010: Cruel Diagonals on "Fractured Whole" and Ownership of the Voice
Feb 18, 202313:26
009: Scene Report: Post-Coup Myanmar

009: Scene Report: Post-Coup Myanmar

Klang Magazine Audio Transcript 009. Written by Zwel Mun Wint aka Heft. Audio essay reporting by Max Alper. Featuring music by Heft, Ito, Burmelange, A La Kar A Chit, Shin Htwe Eain, Ko Maung Maung.

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Feb 15, 202316:51
008: The Synthfluencer Essay
Feb 10, 202317:29
007: Postmodernism and Rosalía’s Motomami

007: Postmodernism and Rosalía’s Motomami

Klang Magazine Audio Transcript 007. Written by Nico Daleman, all music from Rosalía's Motomami.

Read the transcript in full at

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Feb 06, 202314:21
006: King Vision Ultra on "Shook World" and Remix Culture

006: King Vision Ultra on "Shook World" and Remix Culture

Klang Magazine Audio Transcript 006. As part of our collection of sample and stem packs available to subscribers in The Zone, we are asking contributing artists to provide a written statement on the sounds their contributing in relation to their recent record releases. To start this series, we have Purple Tape Pedigree mastermind and New York experimental hip-hop staple Geng aka King Vision Ultra here to discuss his latest album SHOOK WORLD, which in and of itself is an album of Algiers' Shook samples with original recordings layered on top, and to reflect on remix culture as a whole.

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Feb 03, 202318:56
005: An Ethnography of Jungle and DnB in 90s/00s Video Games
Jan 30, 202325:39
004: Klang Mix 1 - Against Crate Digging

004: Klang Mix 1 - Against Crate Digging

Klang Magazine Audio Transcript 004. The first in our Klang Mix series, 'Against Crate Digging' is DJ mix made from recordings of other DJs’ Instagrams, Shazam’d tracks, and the Beatport top 10 chart. Features extensive use of the ‘sync button’ and low quality Youtube rips. It was mixed live w/ accompanying written statement by Jake Williams.

Read the full text transcription on the Klang site:


Bye Tamika - African-American Sound Recordings

Acid Lines - Artwork

Brighter Days (Marco Lys Remix)     - Cajmere & Dajae

Live Your Life with Me (Narcotic Dub) - Corrina Joseph

What Have You Done Lately (1999) - Large Joints

Taboo (MJ Cole Full Vocal Mix) [feat. Shola Ama]- Glamma Kid

Marianela (Extended Mix) -Hugel, Merk & Kremont, Lirico En La Casa

Unknown (from Objekt post)

Infinity - Priori

Sidewindah (Extended Mix) - Gorgon City feat. Flirta D

2M3 2U -Joy Orbison

Welcome To Ghana ft. Bryte - Hagan

Likolo (feat. Tenor & Dj Amaroula) - DJ P2N

Jan 27, 202356:30
003: Sample Packing as Social Practice
Jan 23, 202326:41
002: Copyright and Ownership in the Digital Age: What is it Good For? Absolutely Nothing.

002: Copyright and Ownership in the Digital Age: What is it Good For? Absolutely Nothing.

Klang Magazine Audio Transcript 002: Copyright and Ownership in the Digital Age: What is it Good For? Absolutely Nothing. Written by Tiefling, with original music provided by the author.

Read the essay transcription in full here.

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Jan 22, 202314:09
001: My Angel Boy Hudson Mohawke on Memes and Music

001: My Angel Boy Hudson Mohawke on Memes and Music

Klang Magazine, Audio Transcript 001: My Angel Boy Hudson Mohawke on Memes and Music. Interviewed by Max Alper.

Full transcript available here.

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Jan 22, 202326:19