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Herston on Tennessee Family Law

Herston on Tennessee Family Law

By K.O. Herston

Knoxville, Tennessee family-law attorney K.O. Herston discusses current issues in Tennessee family law, divorce, and related topics.
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#7: Collaborative Divorce in Tennessee

Herston on Tennessee Family LawJun 20, 2018

How to Measure Distance Disputed in Murfreesboro, Tennessee Parental Relocation Case: Barrett v. Killings
May 11, 202305:54
Unequal Parenting Schedule Vacated in Fayetteville, Tennessee Parenting Dispute: Pogue v. Simms
May 08, 202303:19
Do I have to explain my divorce?
May 04, 202305:21
Criminal Contempt for Facebook Post Reversed in Memphis, Tennessee: Boren v. Wade
May 01, 202304:39
Risk of Substantial Harm Lacking in Columbia, Tennessee Termination of Parental Rights Case: In re Brianna B.
Apr 29, 202305:46
Distance for Parental Relocation Disputed in Sevierville, Tennessee: Chambers v. Chambers
Apr 29, 202304:07
Prenuptial Agreement Challenged in Woodbury, Tennessee Divorce: Howell v. Howell
Apr 29, 202304:23
Tennessee Supreme Court on Missing Witness Rule and Unclean Hands in Termination of Parental Rights Case: In re Mattie L.
Apr 29, 202307:52
Default Judgment Challenged for Excusable Neglect in Nashville, Tennessee Divorce: Wilson v. Wilson
Apr 29, 202304:10
Attorney’s Lien Challenged in Jackson, Tennessee Divorce: Baker-Brunkhorst v. Brunkhorst
Apr 29, 202304:39
Attorney’s Fees Awarded to Child-Support Obligor in Franklin, Tennessee: Mercer v. Chiarella
Apr 29, 202303:12
Ability to Pay Argued in Murfreesboro, Tennessee Alimony Modification: Gensci v. Wiser
Apr 29, 202304:10
Not the Widow, Just the Ex-Wife
Apr 29, 202306:35
Unequal Division of Marital Property Reversed in Nashville, Tennessee Divorce: Julie C.W. v. Mitchell W. Jr.
Apr 29, 202307:36
Child Support for Severely Disabled Adult Daughter Contested in Nashville, Tennessee: Lillard v. Lillard
Apr 29, 202304:59
Default Judgment Reversed in Clinton, Tennessee Termination of Parental Rights: In re Abigail J.J.
Apr 29, 202305:50
Marital Dissolution Agreement Challenged for Failure to Disclose Assets in Benton, Tennessee Divorce: Kautz v. Kautz
Apr 29, 202304:57
Court Divided over Grandparent Visitation in Brownsville, Tennessee: Morisch v. Maenner
Apr 29, 202305:35
Equal Division Reversed in Long Marriage in Kingston, Tennessee Divorce: Brown v. Phillips
Apr 29, 202304:47
Less Than Equal Parenting Time Affirmed in Waverly, Tennessee Divorce: Powers v. Powers
Apr 29, 202304:05
Denial of Offer of Proof Is Harmless Error in Covington, Tennessee Parenting Dispute: A.W. v. M.N.
Apr 29, 202305:10
Life Insurance to Secure Child Support Examined in Lebanon, Tennessee: McGrath v. Hester
Apr 29, 202305:45
Termination of Grandparent Visitation Vacated in Clarksville, Tennessee: Natasha S. v. Madison M.
Apr 29, 202303:45
Agreement to Pay Private School Tuition Instead of Child Support Examined in Memphis, Tennessee: State ex rel. Roberts v. Crafton
Apr 29, 202303:59
Attorney’s Fees Challenged in Lebanon, Tennessee Alimony Modification: Himes v. Himes
Apr 28, 202304:27
Parental Alienation Leads to Change of Custody in Murfreesboro, Tennessee: Honea v. Honea
Apr 28, 202306:57
Marital Dissolution Agreement Modified after Court Finds Property Division Inequitable in Clarksville, Tennessee Divorce: Shannon v. Shannon
Apr 28, 202304:47
Child Support Deviation for Private School Tuition Challenged in Chattanooga, Tennessee: Bastone v. Bastone
Apr 28, 202307:08
Failure to Pay Uncovered Medical Expenses Not Contempt of Court in Chattanooga, Tennessee: Mossbeck v. Hoover
Apr 28, 202303:27
Interpretation of Marital Dissolution Agreement Reversed in Jonesborough, Tennessee: Lockett v. Runyan
Apr 28, 202306:28
Divided Court Reverses Severe Abuse Finding in Lewisburg, Tennessee Dependency and Neglect Case: In re Angelleigh R.
Apr 28, 202312:45
Failure to Make Child-Support Modification Retroactive Challenged in Chattanooga, Tennessee: Church v. Jones
Apr 28, 202304:57
Constant Whining about Nominal Child Support Contributes to Change of Custody (and Increased Child Support) in Clarksville, Tennessee: Gravatt v. Barczykowski
Apr 28, 202306:05
Father Disgraces Himself When Making Final Child-Support Payment
Apr 28, 202305:58
Order to Disclose Privileged Records Reversed in Memphis, Tennessee Dependency and Neglect Case: In re Lucas H.
Apr 28, 202306:44
Parentage Challenged in Tennessee Same-Sex Divorce Where Child Conceived from In Vitro Fertilization: Potts v. Potts
Apr 28, 202307:01
Persistence of Conditions Reversed in Jonesborough, Tennessee Termination of Parental Rights: In re Elijah R.
Apr 28, 202304:54
Termination of Parental Rights Reversed in McMinnville, Tennessee: In re Evella S.
Apr 28, 202306:36
Children’s Private Testimony Contributes to Reversal in Crossville, Tennessee Divorce: Colvard v. Colvard
Apr 28, 202303:56
Material Change Examined in Nashville, Tennessee Parenting Plan Modification: Hoppe v. Hoppe
Apr 28, 202306:39
Monetary Judgment for Civil Contempt Affirmed in Clarksville, Tennessee: Tomes v. Tomes
Apr 28, 202303:10
Civil Contempt Reversed in Kingston, Tennessee Dispute over Retirement Benefits: Murray v. Godsey
Apr 28, 202306:22
Termination of Parental Rights Reversed in Cookeville, Tennessee: In re Jayda J.
Apr 28, 202308:38
Business Valuation and Goodwill Examined in Clarksville, Tennessee Divorce: Cela v. Cela
Apr 27, 202304:33
Divided Court Reverses Termination of Parental Rights in Newport, Tennessee: In re Ahleigha C.
Apr 27, 202309:22
Parenting Plan Modified Despite No Material Change in Murfreesboro, Tennessee: Canzoneri v. Burns
Apr 27, 202306:34
Change of Child’s Last Name Reversed in McMinnville, Tennessee: Lockhart v. Higgins
Apr 27, 202303:46
Enforcement of Marital Dissolution Agreement Violates Statute of Limitations in Memphis, Tennessee: Felker v. Felker
Apr 27, 202304:29
Court Split Over Wanton Disregard in Pulaski, Tennessee Termination of Parental Rights: In re Jackson H.
Apr 27, 202309:54
Division of Property Reversed (Again) in Nashville, Tennessee Divorce: J.C.W. v. F.M.W. Jr.
Apr 27, 202306:37