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Holistic Hive

Holistic Hive

By Kristina Stitcher

Welcome to the hive-all things natural and holistic to grow your family's health.
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Functional Nutrition... a game changer in how your view your body.

Holistic Hive Feb 21, 2023

How to Raise a Healthy Child in a Sick World

How to Raise a Healthy Child in a Sick World

Dr. Kristina Stitcher has released her first published book!

You can access it now on Amazon:

For a family chiropractor in your area visit:

To schedule with our doctors at Family First please visit:

Apr 11, 202329:42
Living your best life now!

Living your best life now!

So many times we wait to do something we want till after we achieve...

Your perfect health is what you are doing right now, let's start with the simple daily habits that you can implement now to live your best life.

Start now, start somewhere and know you are on the right track. for chiropractic care or we can help you find someone locally. for holistic providers in Utah. for the dirty dozen foods you need to be eating organic and the clean 15 which you can eat conventionally.

Apr 03, 202327:05
Functional Nutrition... a game changer in how your view your body.

Functional Nutrition... a game changer in how your view your body.

We are joined by Dr. Mark Kennington, D.C. who focuses on functional nutrition.  He will explain what functional nutrition is, why it matters and how it can change your health.  

Dr. Kennington has multi-generational roots on his maternal side and found his passion for Chiropractic while working at the practice that his grandfather established in 1949. While attending Parker University in Dallas, Texas, Dr. Kennington obtained a bachelor's degree in Anatomy, Health and Wellness, a Master's in functional nutrition, and a Doctorate in Chiropractic. Dr. Kennington enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife, Mykele, and their two dogs, fishing, camping, hiking, and taking advantage of Utah's beautiful mountains. Patients of Dr. Kennington say his greatest strength is genuinely caring for each individual. 

To schedule with Dr. Kennington visit: or or call 801-281-1688

Feb 21, 202331:16
Your nervous system is SO involved in your daily life

Your nervous system is SO involved in your daily life

Like in everything!  Your nervous system controls and regulates everything within your body as well as adapt to your environment.  Your nervous system is expected to function at 100% ALL THE TIME....but is it?

How do you know if your nervous system isn't functioning at it's best?

What can you do to optimize the function and communication of your brain to your body? 

How can you find a provider to grow your health, rather than react to it? 

Let's dive in! 

Aug 25, 202234:14
Ready to up-level your muscle work?
Aug 18, 202227:00
Let's talk about your cycle
Aug 11, 202237:36
SO much more than massage

SO much more than massage

Kim Stone is a licensed massage therapist who is also trained in Body Code, Sound Healing, Meditation, Reiki as well as other massage therapy techniques.  Kim is a great resource to the community in Utah as a provider but also hosts classes and retreats.  This conversation is all about options for your healing and how to live a daily life that is rich in connection, healing and mindfulness.  

If you want to reach out to Kim please contact Family First Chiropractic at 801-281-1688.  

Aug 04, 202230:46
Let's talk therapy with Jessica Thompson

Let's talk therapy with Jessica Thompson

Let's talk kids, sex, life, pregnancy and postpartum times.  

Jessica is a certified social worker at The Healing Group, located in Salt Lake City.  

Their website is:

Being passionate about your mental health is our mission. To be the leading specialty clinic in the Rocky Mountain Region due to top notch work culture and clinical care.

The Healing Group intentionally has a specialized and narrow focus in order to offer the highest caliber clinical services by providing team members with  specialized monthly trainings, focused case consultation and supervision, and staying current on best treatment approaches and outcomes.

The Healing Group was created as a way to assist mothers, partners, other family members and/or concerned friends get the help and support they needed. Our team has the highest levels of training in postpartum depression, sex therapy, marriage counseling, and reproductive health in the state of Utah.

Mar 24, 202238:18
Everything is better with a doula!

Everything is better with a doula!

Kristy Huber is a sought-after birth and postpartum doula.

Kristy is an advocate and educator for the birthing parents, she mothers the mother and supports the couple as they navigate labor and birth.  As a postpartum doula Kristy takes these resources into the home for that critical phase after a baby is born to help make this transition easier.  

To reach Kristy visit her website:

To learn more about doulas in general please visit:

You can always reach out to our clinic at to gain health.  

Mar 07, 202232:03
Healing with support

Healing with support

We interview Deb White who specializes in essential oils after her life-changing experience with her own healing through the use of oils.  

Please contact Deb with any additional questions at:

Oils4us Public Ed on Facebook

Feb 02, 202233:39
Trade out to Level UP

Trade out to Level UP

Want to start living healthier but don't know where to start, start by looking at the products you use on a daily basis and start trading out.  We explore easy trade out products you can start using today to improve your health and impact your family's health.  Our discussion with Michelle Ball leads into essential oils, her journey to wellness and how to lead others in their health transformations.  

To contact Michelle you can call or text her, the number is in the podcast.  Or email Michelle at:

Jan 13, 202232:48
Holistic Hive Debut

Holistic Hive Debut

Welcome to the Hive!  We discuss all things natural and healing for you and your family.  Dive into these incredible interviews with amazing healers and providers who's central focus is health and living an abundant life.  

Nov 16, 202125:55