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In Between Visits

In Between Visits

By Dr. Kristy & Associates

We are a team of health care professionals who want to see you thrive.
Through interviews, inspirational stories, candid conversations, impactful information, we will support you between your visits.
Our team will:
Answer your questions about how to stay on track
Inspire and motivate you on your journey.
See you in your struggles.
Affirm you in the challenge,
Reassure you that you are not alone.
Let's get started.
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On mindset: being in the middle

In Between VisitsNov 20, 2019

Finding softness during times of stress
Aug 15, 202223:40
We are still talking about stress

We are still talking about stress

Stress is a normal human reaction that happens to everyone. Without it, we ultimately would not be able to survive in our environment. It allows us to detect danger and perform the appropriate response to save ourselves. But what happens when it goes too long? Our evolutionary adaptation has not caught up to the stressors of modern civilization. This can have a profound effect on us physically and mentally.

Dr. Kristy, ND, and Dr. Viinberg, ND, speak about the consequences of unmanaged stress, share some of their personal experiences, and go over simple tips to break the endless cycle. 

You don't want to miss this one!

Aug 01, 202223:30
How to deal with fatigue, part two: mental/emotional support

How to deal with fatigue, part two: mental/emotional support

Are you feeling overwhelmed and drained by daily tasks or responsibilities that previously weren’t difficult for you?  Are you finding that you have a shorter emotional fuse than usual?

Trauma can be defined as “too much, too fast.” As we continue to dive into our conversation around the events that have taken place in the last couple of years and the resulting fatigue, we will discuss mental and emotional fatigue with Anika today.

Let’s continue to be gentle with ourselves as we become aware of how we have been impacted and find our balance again. You are not alone, and this podcast offers some practical tools to help you nourish your mental and emotional health during this time.

Tune into the full episode at bio.

Jul 17, 202224:13
How to deal with fatigue, part one: physical support

How to deal with fatigue, part one: physical support

It's no secret that everyone's feeling generalized fatigue these days. It seems like significant catastrophic events keep coming at us, making our tolerance for the little stressors unbearable. 

Being in this "fight, flight, or freeze" state can significantly impact our mental/emotional and physical well-being. 

In this episode, Dr. Kristy and Dr. Rachelle dive deep into what to look out for and how to improve our energy while increasing resilience.

Jul 04, 202225:37
The Perimenopause women during the Pandemic

The Perimenopause women during the Pandemic

It's not your imagination.  You are more reactive!

Over these past few years, the external stressors and situational challenges have impacted your hormone health.  When your body is already experiencing internal uncertainty, the pandemic was especially difficult for peri-menopausal women.

Full disclosure, this episode does not offer the magic solution; however, it does validate what has been going on in your body that may be contributing to the aggravation of peri-menopause symptoms.

My first intention with this solo recording is to affirm the experience and allow you to bring an understanding and language to what you have been suffering with.

This short and sweet episode is dedicated to all the peri-menopausal women impacted by the pandemic.  You are not alone!


Jun 17, 202215:33
Where we fit in your healthcare

Where we fit in your healthcare

In this episode, Dr. Rachelle and I discuss the therapeutic order and how Naturopathic doctors fit into the overall health care model.

We align in our gratitude and appreciation for conventional doctors and discuss the importance of modern medicine in screening for disease and managing acute and chronic conditions. 

During this episode, we break down the role that Naturopathic doctors play in the medical system and educate on the time and place for Naturopathic protocols.

We share our vision for a system where Naturopathic and Conventional medicine integrate to support all aspects of health. 

Intending to generate awareness and empowerment, our passion for this topic shines through in this episode. 

May 29, 202220:46
How therapy supports whole body health

How therapy supports whole body health

I am so excited for you to meet Anika Dilawri, our newest team member.  Anika recently graduated as a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) and is very excited to be joining us. 

In this episode, we discuss what therapy means to Anika and how she knew this was her life purpose from a very early age.  

Anika discusses her approach and her commitment for the clients to be seen and supported in the unconditional space she creates.  With a firm understanding that beliefs become our thoughts and realities, Anika strives to understand patterns and shift behaviors.  We align in our view of therapy's role in overall health and lifestyle medicine choices. 

I know you will agree within minutes of this interview, that Anika is a perfect fit and welcome addition to the team. Listen now to find out for yourself.

May 16, 202218:26
One year later, getting caught up with Amy Longard

One year later, getting caught up with Amy Longard

I was over the moon to connect with Amy Longard in this special Mother's Day edition one year later.

During this interview, Amy shares how this year has changed her, the lessons she has learned, and the clarity she has gained in her role as a mother.  

Amy's recognition of the value and importance of herself and all mothers is incredible.   She aims to shift societal norms and expectations for all people in a primary caregiver role or who identify as mothers. 

She discusses how her self-care patterns have evolved and how she is able to prioritize what is essential to her health and let go of the things that no longer matter.

Genuinely a heartwarming conversation that I know you will enjoy.

**Giveaway Alert** listen in and follow us on socials to learn how you can enter for a $2200 Mother's Day giveaway package.  Contest closes May 7, 2022

May 02, 202234:19
The truth about detoxification

The truth about detoxification

In this episode, I go solo to discuss the myths about detoxification.

I share my frustration with all the misinformation and ask you to question what you have heard about detoxification.

I offer methods for safe detoxification and break down when, why, and how to go about this treatment protocol.

I leave with you the knowledge to discern for yourself if the detoxification plan you are considering is 

Apr 10, 202220:23
Melinda Assaf: The heart of Kardish Health Food Centres

Melinda Assaf: The heart of Kardish Health Food Centres

I have always been drawn to health food stores as I feel like you can tell a lot about a city by its locally-owned shops.  Kardish was one of the first places I checked out when considering moving to Ottawa.

I loved the feeling and warm welcome I received while I visited, and now all these years later, I got to meet one of the co-owners through this podcast.

In this interview, we meet Melinda Assaf the woman behind the scenes.  We learn about the original vision for this family-owned business and how it has evolved over the past few decades.

Melinda shares how her personal growth and self-discoveries are mirrored in the business today.  She talks about motherhood's role in her journey and her intention to continue to support women as they manage to find a work-family balance.

With an emphasis on community and connection, this episode will have you realizing that there genuinely is a heart and soul behind this chain of health food stores.

Tune in to the full episode here.

Mar 28, 202224:25
Meet Pamyna Bourgeois: Creating connection through empathy

Meet Pamyna Bourgeois: Creating connection through empathy

This episode introduces you to our new associate, Pamyna Bourgeois.  

Pamyna is a registered psychotherapist and one of our virtual health care team members.  She is an incredible human and brilliant therapist.   

Pamyna aims to create a safe, non-judgmental space for her clients while they walk the courageous healing path. 

In this conversation, you will learn about the emphasis Pamyna places on the therapeutic relationship, and why "affirmation and empathy" are at the center of each experience she has with her clients.

Pamyna brings a much-needed element to our services that will genuinely enhance your health and impact your experience.  

I can't wait for you to meet her.  Tune in to the full episode at bio.  xo

Mar 14, 202216:39
Dr. Sarah Vadeboncoeur ND: The courage to be heard

Dr. Sarah Vadeboncoeur ND: The courage to be heard

I am giddy to share this episode with you! 

In this conversation, Dr. Sarah Vadenboncoueur shares her incredible expertise in helping women connect with their intuition and use their voices to speak their truth. 

She guides us with her wisdom and practical approach to connect with the sensations in our body, messages in our gut, and truth in our hearts. Dr. Sarah beautifully explains how to combine these three inner languages to find the ultimate truth and to use this knowledge to speak from a place of courage, vulnerability, and honesty.

I got so much from this time together with Sarah. It was one of those interviews that I was so engaged and busy processing the information that I forgot we were recording. 

I know you are going to get so many nuggets here!

Dr. Sarah is a Naturopathic Doctor and the owner of Docere Naturopathic Clinic located in Ottawa. Sarah has helped women suffering from fatigue, thyroid conditions, and hormone imbalances reclaim their health for the past decade. Sarah believes that health is the result of creating new habits, one small step at a time, and the first step to making any change is to tune into your inner voice, your intuition, and then honor your body. Sarah grew up being told she was “too loud,” and now she’s using her voice to help other women use theirs.

Stay tuned as Dr. Sarah launch's her new program called Awakening Intuition. You can find how you can join by following @sarahvadenboncoueur


Feb 28, 202227:37
With Rachel Collier: Stepping off the edge and landing into greatness

With Rachel Collier: Stepping off the edge and landing into greatness

We hear the story repeatedly and wonder if it is possible? Leaving our expectations and security behind in search of a life that aligns with our true self. Meet Rachel Collier, whose story is proof that the journey is not easy, but the outcome is beyond anything you can imagine. 

In this episode, Rachel Collier, author, entrepreneur, and CEO of Third Door Marketing shares the incredible shifts that happened in her life when she started trusting her intuition. She gives an honest account of the fear she overcame and the ongoing leap of faith that has become her life compass.

Rachel is wise beyond her years and entirely down to earth. She offers practical advice about connecting and living aligned with your inner knowing.  

You will love listening and learning from her and leave this episode feeling anything is possible when you trust your true self.  

Additional Notes:

Rachel Collier is an entrepreneur, author, and marketer. In 2020, Rachel started a marketing agency called Third Door Marketing. In 2021, she created Third Door Marketing franchises to help top students pay for school and learn entrepreneurship. Previously, Rachel was a journalist whose work appeared in the Globe & Mail, Ottawa Citizen, and CTV News. Rachel is also the author of Maps for Makers: Systems & Stories for Changing the World.

Third Door Marketing is a franchise company that provides turnkey social media management services for businesses. Our Owners are top students. Our mission is to help students pay for school and learn entrepreneurship.

Feb 14, 202226:06
What is your PMS telling you?

What is your PMS telling you?

You know how right before your period, you want to scream when you hear your partner chewing, or you notice the slightest smudge on your fridge, and it drives you crazy?  Or maybe your experience is more breast tenderness, belly bloat, and sugar cravings?  The list of PMS symptoms is long and what's worse is many of us have normalized the experience.

We have accepted how the quality of life is impacted and even shamed ourselves for the reactions from these imbalances.  It's our mission to bring awareness to that. 

In this episode, Dr. Rachelle and I discuss:

-the 4 phases of the female reproductive cycle and why it's essential to become intimate with your hormones 

-the impact that other body systems can have on the natural rhythm of your cycle 

-which lifestyle factors harm or heal your hormone fluctuations 

-simple yet impactful lifestyle ideas to bring ease to your body 

You will leave this podcast episode feeling empowered with practical tools to take charge of your hormone health.

This episode is all about alignment and adjustments to tap into your hormone power.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Jan 31, 202227:53
Say no to the "self-help" movement

Say no to the "self-help" movement

New year, new beginnings, new health goals, new thank-you!

Dr. Rachelle and I decided to start 2022, stirring things up a little. How can two people who have literally dedicated a combined 30 years to "natural health" not believe in self-help?

It's pretty simple because we have seen it all. What starts as a big goal for improvement typically ends with feelings of failure. The message that if we "just do these 5 things," we will achieve (fill in the blank) is not only BS but harmful.   It allows for no room for pauses, setbacks, reality checks, shifting values...basically the growth of any sort.   

Many times the actual "failure" or loss of motivation in these plans is the precious gift of all.   If we are not mired in guilt, shame and disappointment, we can begin to align ourselves with our true heart desires that revealed themselves from the failure.  We can build an individualized, accessible plan to get us there.  

Don't get us wrong, the evolution of self is a beautiful thing to strive for.   When approached with the truth it comes with ease, struggle, challenges, and wins.   What it does not include is: a 5 step one size fit all approach.

Anything, spark your interest here? Join us for the entire episode @ profile.

Jan 18, 202225:07
Food freedom over the holidays

Food freedom over the holidays

I love fruit cake, and I wait all year for it to come back on the shelves.

But wait a second, isn't it filled with sugar, fat, carbs, and a million calories per slice? You bet it is, and I enjoy every bite of it. 

As Naturopathic doctors, @drviinberg and I believe in the power of healthy eating AND the importance of pleasure, connection, and joy that food can bring. 

This episode discusses the delicate balance we take on when advocating healthy food choices AND avoiding diet flare-ups for the patients we treat.

It was during this conversation the light bulb genuinely went on for me: 

-Diets are dysfunctional and harmful, and food habits create harmony and health.  

During this show, we identified and discussed ways to implement a few healthy habits so that you get the best of everything, eating your favorite seasonal foods without having to feel terrible, obsess or miss out on anything! 

Spoiler alert: Dr. R's favorite festive treat is egg nog and not soy, oat, almond, or other alternatives! 

Dec 16, 202119:17
Finding comfort during stressful times

Finding comfort during stressful times

One of the biggest things that Dr. Rachelle and I want to achieve with these podcasts is relatability, connection, and comfort.

I am in my bedroom in Ottawa while she is in her office in Toronto as we record these episodes week after week.  Yet, the connection we have felt through these conversations is incredible.  It turns out we are not as alone or different in our reactions to the past few years as we thought. 

This episode could not be more relative to this intention.  This week is all about stress and what that has looked like for ourselves and the people we treat.  We discuss the inevitable stressors, the impact that it is having, and the opportunities to support yourself along the way.

We hope you receive a deeper understanding of what you have been experiencing in your mind, body, and emotions.

Our wish is that you leave this one with the ability to give yourself compassion as you realize just how difficult these past few years have been.

Dec 10, 202124:18
Sleep and the things that keep us up at night

Sleep and the things that keep us up at night

In the mood for an honest conversation about sleep?  You have come to the right place.

In a world where a simple google search or a mindless IG scroll will provide us with hundreds of tips, tricks, and advice on how to get a "good night's sleep," Dr. Rachelle and I decided to take this topic in a completely different direction.

So let's assume we all know what to do to achieve restorative sleep; no screens before bed, blackout curtains, white noise blah, blah, blah and jump right into the truth.

In this episode, Dr. R and I chat about the realities of what keeps up a night despite our best efforts.  Whether it is crying babies, snuggling puppies, worry thoughts, snoring partners (or all of the above), we discuss how to support your body through and around these disruptions so that the cost to your health is minimal.

Our ultimate intent is to help you feel better even if you are currently not sleeping through the night! xo

Nov 26, 202123:47
Your beliefs become your choices

Your beliefs become your choices

In this episode, we dive deep into a conversation about what mindset means to us both in our work and in our personal lives.

We share our own journeys in how a shift in our mindset impacted our quality of life, connection with ourselves and the people we love.  

We discuss how this aspect of lifestyle medicine can significantly influence overall health and what we have seen in practice when a patient begins to see themselves and their symptoms in a different perspective.

Looking to gain a deeper understanding of what impacts your behaviors? This episode is for you! 

Nov 11, 202128:25
Let food be the medicine, and eat the cookie

Let food be the medicine, and eat the cookie

I knew I had met my partner in crime from the moment Dr. Rachelle and I started a conversation about our approach to nutrition. 

In a profession where food is medicine, we discussed how we fumbled in the early days of our careers, with extreme nutrition approaches and unaware diet mentality making its way into patient treatment plans.  We share what we have learned over the decades and how our mandate around food and health is one of balance, mind-body health, and sustainability.

Both with our own stories about how we discovered a healthy relationship with food and body image, this conversation is filled with honesty, laughter, and tears as we get passionate about the need to heal food dysfunction.

Grab a cup of tea and a cookie and settle in for an authentic conversation!

Oct 29, 202124:55
With Dr. Rachelle ND: An Olympian's thoughts on movement

With Dr. Rachelle ND: An Olympian's thoughts on movement

This is a really cool conversation!  

I was a little uncertain about what a discussion about movement would look like with a silver medal Olympian but once we got into it I quickly realized just how relatable Dr. Rachelle is when it comes to this topic.

In this episode, we discuss the unhealthy messages that so many of us have received about fitness and our bodies, the realities of a sedentary lifestyle, and the costs of overtraining.  We break down types of movement that are most beneficial during different seasons of your life and how to listen to what your body needs as it relates to exercise.

Rachelle gets super honest about how elite sport impacted her both physically and mentally/emotionally and how she found peace in her body after her career as a competitive rower ended. 

Whether you are just getting off the couch or recently completed an Iron Man there is something in this episode for you! 

Oct 15, 202125:54
With Dr. Rachelle ND: It's okay to not be okay

With Dr. Rachelle ND: It's okay to not be okay

This has been a terrible year for stress and most of our nervous systems have been hit really hard with so much uncertainty, compounding pressures, and unrealistic demands.

For the first time in our careers, Dr. Rachelle and I are right alongside you experiencing similar challenges and reactions to the same situations that we have all been in.  This understanding of what you are going through is what burst the doors open with the conversation about stress, behaviors, and how to cope during this crazy time.

During this episode, we get super real about how we have been managing, share the inevitable impacts that we have felt and talk about short and long-term accessible solutions to support ourselves along the way.

In the mood for an authentic connection, look no further! 


Oct 01, 202129:50
With Dr. Rachelle ND: Reconnecting, big news and sleep chats

With Dr. Rachelle ND: Reconnecting, big news and sleep chats

We are back, did you catch that...WE! I am so excited to announce that I have collaborated with the most amazing Naturopathic Doctor, Rachelle Viinberg.
You are going to love her, she is an exceptional doctor with over a decade of service as a Naturopath and mentor/clinical supervisor at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine.
And get this, Dr. Rachelle helped take Canada to the podium with her silver medal finish as part of the women's 8 rowing team in the 2012 Olympic games. Pretty inspiring right?
Over and above all these incredible accomplishments she is an intelligent, empathetic, and relatable person on a mission to share her years of wisdom to help you reach optimal health. With a very similar practice style as myself, Rachelle will listen, affirm and support every step of your Naturopathic journey.
In this episode, you get your first taste of Dr. Rachelle as we dive deep into a conversation about sleep hygiene, sleep tools, and tricks and how they relate to all aspects of Lifestyle Medicine.
So glad to be back!
Sep 17, 202136:17
Amy Longard: The birth into motherhood

Amy Longard: The birth into motherhood

This episode is dedicated to all the hard-working and committed moms, care providers, mother figures and friends who continue to show up for your children, pets, nieces, nephews, neighbours every day in different ways.  You inspire me!

When asked by Kardish Health Food Centres to do a podcast episode for Mother's day, I had no doubt in my mind about who I would ask to be my guest for the show. 

Amy Longard, Ottawa's premier vegan chef, nutritionist and new mom was the first person to come to mind. During our discussions about how we want to approach this show topic, it became very clear to us.  We want you the quiet and committed nurturers amongst us to feel affirmed, seen, support and inspired from our discussion.  

During our conversation, Amy shares some of the lessons she has learned since having her daughter and how she maintains her well-being during this time of ultimate transition.  I think you will truly connect with her message.

BONUS ALERT: You could win a Kardish Health Food Centre gift basket just by listening! 

Apr 30, 202133:59
Nora Pope, FCP & Dr. Jessica Liu ND: Empowering women with cycle awareness

Nora Pope, FCP & Dr. Jessica Liu ND: Empowering women with cycle awareness

Do you pay attention to your cycles?  I am almost embarrassed to admit that it was not until Medical school that I truly became aware of the phases of the female reproductive cycle.   Sure I knew about the bleeding part but not much else... 

Are you a little confused about this too? Then today is the day all that will change. 

Meet this week's guests, Nora Pope, FCP & Dr. Jessica Liu, ND who are on a very clear mission to ensure all women attain body literacy and know when they are fertile.

In this episode, this incredible duo breakdown the "cycle charting method" and provide practical information about how you can become intimate with your own cycle.   You will finally understand your own body and with this newfound knowledge have the ability to influence your cycle and fertility health.

Nora and Jessica's journey as Naturopathic doctors along with their 30 years of combined clinical experience in fertility medicine makes this powerhouse team experts in the reproductive health space.   As researchers, writers, clinicians, public speakers and most recently the creators of the Healthcare Professional Continuing Education webinar “Cycle Charting, Progesterone HRT and Fertility Enhancement” they are unstoppable in their mission. 

I feel so lucky to have them on the show and share their wealth of knowledge with you! 

Prepare to be wowed! 

Apr 22, 202132:47
Dr. Lisa Weeks ND: A doctor who has perfected the art of listening

Dr. Lisa Weeks ND: A doctor who has perfected the art of listening

In a world where we all want to be heard, Dr. Lisa Weeks ND listens.  

In this episode, Lisa and I have an amazing conversation about what it means to show up for her patients and how she approaches each person with individualized care.

She unveils what she believes to be the biggest obstacles to cure and provides a clear map about how to find your way back to optimal health.  With over 14 years of experience, it is no wonder that Dr. Lisa is a leader in the Naturopathic profession and a true visionary in the integrative health care space. 

Lisa absolutely shines as she shares her passion to build community through The Wild Collective, a unique women's health movement that fosters connection and health.  Yet another way that Lisa remains committed to her tribe is by co-hosting the Perimenopausal Mamas podcast, where listeners feel affirmed and engaged with her weekly episodes.

I am so excited for you to meet this incredible, intelligent and inspiring Doctor who will have you re-thinking what it means to truly receive personalized health care. 

Apr 10, 202126:48
Leslie Robertson: Helping mom's find their way back to themselves

Leslie Robertson: Helping mom's find their way back to themselves

Hey busy moms, are you telling yourself you don't have the time and energy for movement? Then you need to tune in to this episode. 

Meet Leslie Roberston, busy mom of 2 young boys, wife and small business owner of Prime Personal Fitness.

Leslie was raised in a very active family and played sports from a young age.  She earned a volleyball scholarship at the University of Southern Mississippi and loved the feeling of being part of a team.  She started her first career as an elementary school phys ed and science teacher but found it unfulfilling and not inline with her purpose.

During these years, Leslie felt lost and struggled with weight gain, yoyo dieting and depression.  It was her own path out of this struggle that put the spotlight on her next steps in life.  Through finding herself again through fitness, Leslie also found her calling and made the switch to personal training. She has never looked back.

Leslie considers herself a lifestyle coach and does not just help people get fit but also shows them how it's possible to feel good by prioritizing health and putting personal needs, wants and goals FIRST!

Since becoming a mom Leslie's mission has become even clearer as she helps busy moms go from overwhelmed, stressed and unhappy to looking and feeling empowered, in control, energized and confident.  

Tune in now!

Mar 26, 202130:34
Andrea Robertson: How to fiercely protect your self-care needs

Andrea Robertson: How to fiercely protect your self-care needs

Andrea Robertson is pretty much a household name in the Ottawa community.  If you have yet to meet her you are going to understand very quickly why she is so well respected.

As an avid athlete herself, she has taken her deep understanding of the body, how it moves, how to stay in balance and incorporated it into her own style of yoga.  Each of her classes offers a beautiful experience of strength, mobility and power with softness and fluid motion in a creative flow.  Andrea's class are truly for everyone as she caters to students at all levels and experience.

In this episode, things get really juicy when Andrea provides clarity around the need for self-care.  She has a non-negotiable commitment to her own self-care needs and prides herself in knowing what she needs and giving herself permission to take it, even though not everyone will like it. 

Andrea shares why this is so important, how she maintains boundaries, how to navigate disappointing others and the incredible benefits that come from prioritizing self-care.

Mar 12, 202135:05
With Scott Sigurdson: Shifting from a desk job to life on an organic farm

With Scott Sigurdson: Shifting from a desk job to life on an organic farm

Are you in need of a little motivation today? Look no further.

Meet Scott, co-owner of Indian Creek Orchard Gardens, an organically managed micro-farm located just outside Ottawa, Ontario.  This incredible piece of land provides naturally grown artisanal fruit and vegetables available for purchase through share programs and local markets.  

Equally impressive to this garden is the team behind it.  Scott left a 35-year career in advertising and graphic design to fulfill his vision.  What started out as a dream to build an orchard quickly evolved to multiple gardens dispersed across their property and a demand for produce that has been difficult to keep up with.

Although not the initial intention, it is clear from this interview that Scott's biggest accomplishment is the community that has been built around and through Indian Creek.  

Take a listen now as Scott shares what life on the farm is like and how he turned a vision into a reality by staying open and true to his path. 

Feb 26, 202132:20
With Sheri Chiprout: On tapping in to your intuition, we all have it!

With Sheri Chiprout: On tapping in to your intuition, we all have it!

What does your gut say? 

These days everyone seems to be talking about how important it is to trust your intuition.  It's fantastic advice assuming we all have access to this inner knowing.  

Stopping, listening and then acting from your intuition is not something that just spontaneously happens, especially in today's very loud world.  It requires a commitment and discipline to a daily practice to foster calmness and clarity within.   What works for one person might not for another and it is, for this reason, finding a mentor/teacher is so incredibly important when fostering your intuition.  And that my friends is just what this episode is all about...

Meet Sheri Chiprout, she is a mentor, seeker, teacher, Yogini and travel loving modern mystic. 

Sheri studies Yoga in a lineage-based system that combines Tantra, Hatha and Ayurveda, is a Reiki Master and uses her intuitive gifts as a Tarot reader and in her coaching practice. 

During this interview, Sheri discusses her service to people’s journeys, the tools she provides, and how to connect to innate wisdom, natural rhythms, power and truth.  All of that plus and her incredible contagious laughter...

Tune in now! 

Feb 12, 202127:05
With Stephen Bierbrier: A mission in motion - Happiness Habits 613

With Stephen Bierbrier: A mission in motion - Happiness Habits 613

Are you having a hard time finding the motivation and energy to get off the couch?  That stops NOW!

This week's guest, Stephen Bierbrier, has a no-nonsense approach to bringing fitness into your day to day life.  As the founder of Ottawa Free Fitness, he has made excuses a thing of the past with his collaborated offerings for free fitness at every age, level and interest.   

His infectious passion for movement will have you grabbing your running shoes or tuning into a yoga class without thinking twice.  It is without a doubt that Stephen, will fulfill his vision of getting every person in Ottawa, Ontario off their couch and into movement.   How does he plan to do this? By helping each of us access free exercise and the experience of the joy and vitality it comes with. 

Still not sold? Stephen has got you covered with Happiness Habits 613 where starting Feb 1, 2021, you can access 28 days of happiness through daily movement practices and community support.   

Tune into this episode then get yourself moving! 

Jan 30, 202125:23
With Lisa Sabatini: Finding your path through grief and trauma

With Lisa Sabatini: Finding your path through grief and trauma

I can't think of a better person to ring in the 2021 season of In Between Podcasts.  Meet Lisa Sabatini! 

With stressors at an all-time high and many of us feeling lost as to how to manage our reactions this conversation could not be more relevant. In this episode, Lisa guides us through a deeper understanding of the individual stress response and practical ways to support ourselves during this difficult time. 

Lisa Sabatini is a holistic wellness professional specializing in stress and trauma. She is an Algonquin Medicine practitioner, Quantum Shamanic Reiki Master, meditation and yoga instructor.

As a businesswoman, she built a financially successful corporate business but found stress destroyed her health.  Lisa has taken everything she learned on her personal healing journey and now helps others heal from stress and trauma.

This is 30 mintues well-spent! 

Jan 14, 202132:24
With Tina Lamontagne: Never underestimate the healing power of community

With Tina Lamontagne: Never underestimate the healing power of community

Are you longing to part of a community? This is your stop! 

Meet this week's guest,  Tina Lamontagne!  She is a creative soul, a new mom, a woman of passion and authenticity.   It is without a doubt that Tina has found her calling for openness, nature, good food and real connection as her life's work.  

She is the founder of Yoga Attic, an incredible healing space created in her own home in the woods.   Her vision is a fresh and inspired outlook on yoga, community and business, where she ultimately hopes people will find a sense of home within themselves.   Yoga Attic is a space of special attention, self-reflection, stillness and movement fostered by meaningful interaction and Tina is right at the heart of it.

During this incredible interview, Tina opens up about her journey inward in the creation of Yoga attic and her heart's desire to assist people in finding their way back home to themselves.

I did not want this interview to end...I am sure you will feel the same! 

Dec 02, 202032:03
With Tara Porter: A lesson on food that has nothing to do with nutrients

With Tara Porter: A lesson on food that has nothing to do with nutrients

Are you in the mood for something fun, light and full of authenticity? Look no further (you can thank me later!)

Meet Tara porter, she is an educator and connector who currently works as a social media/partnerships manager by day and is a foodie and spontaneous adventure seeker by night.  Above all Tara is truly one of the most REAL people you will ever meet. 

Her energy and zest for life are contagious and her passions being lived in full form.   In this episode, Tara shares her inner journey towards finding her purpose and what fuels her commitment to building community and positive change to this world.

And let's not forget one of Tara's greatest life achievements, training her cat to use the human toilet. 

Yep folks, you got meet this woman! 

Nov 24, 202035:10
With Dr. Kandis Locke ND: The biggest gift your doctor can give you!

With Dr. Kandis Locke ND: The biggest gift your doctor can give you!

I had my own agenda when asking Dr. Kandis Locke to be a guest on In between Visits.  You see, I wanted to find out what makes Dr. Kandis Locke ND such an incredible practitioner.  I knew I would gain valuable insight from this conversation about the art she brings into her Naturopathic practice.

Ultimately what makes Dr. Kandis so special is her ability to connect with each and every patient she cares for.   In this episode, Kandis shares why she believes that the healing journey begins when we connect with each other to deeply listen to those around us and most importantly begin to know and trust ourselves.

It’s Dr. Kandis’ mission to provide insight into the intricacies of the body.  She teaches her patients about how the systems of the body interplay with each other.   With this knowledge, people begin to know and listen to the messages their body is giving them.   It's with this wisdom we can begin to truly know what we need in mind, body and soul. 

Dr. Kandis believes that the journey towards healing starts with the belief and trust in yourself and then she works to help you to discover that within. 

Take a listen, she offers a message we can all benefit from. 

Nov 13, 202027:32
Meet Elisa Kurylowicz: A beautiful fall from greatness and the rise to self-love

Meet Elisa Kurylowicz: A beautiful fall from greatness and the rise to self-love

Heads up: there are no technical issues during this episode.  Those long pauses are me processing the incredible words of wisdom and profound inspiration from this week's guest.

Elisa Kurylowicz is a former member of the Canadian Freestyle Ski Team.  She is 2 x National Champion in Moguls, a World Cup Gold medalist and was ranked in the Grand Prix Top 5 in the world 3 years in a row.  After missing the Olympic Games in 2006, Elisa fell into a deep depression. She quit skiing, gained 85lbs in 1 year, abused her body and mind, was in an abusive relationship and was over $30,000 in debt. She then hit rock bottom in 2010 where she sat for over a year. 

Then one day, she woke up and realized that she had a choice in life.  From that day forward, she shifted her perspective on the world and began her journey to self-love and self-appreciation.  She has made it her mission to help others find this within themselves.  

In this episode, Eliza is beyond authentic and shares her vulnerability in a way that will make you feel connected and seen.   Within these 30 minutes, she will have you finding the magical moments and joy in every day and help you understand that balance is found within the pendulum swing of life.

This is good one folks! 

Oct 30, 202028:09
Meet Dr. Olivia Rose ND: The art of joy during stressful times

Meet Dr. Olivia Rose ND: The art of joy during stressful times

This inspiring episode is dedicated to those of you who are constantly wondering how to balance life with so many balls in the air.

Meet Dr. Olivia Rose, ND one of the most dynamic and directed women I have had the pleasure of interviewing.   Dr. Rose ND has truly managed to find work-life harmony amongst a very demanding schedule and busy family life.   

As the clinic director and owner of Rose Health Clinic, a thriving Naturopathic practice, Olivia's days are filled to the max.   In addition, Dr. Rose also manages the fertility acupuncture service for  Toronto fertility clinics and is regularly requested for television, print interviews and speaking engagements.   Recently, Dr. Rose launched Reliv Organics, a natural and organic skincare line that she is the founder and CEO of.   Olivia is also the proud and dedicated wife and mom to her husband, son and teacup Yorkie, Earl Grey (so cute right?). 

How does she do all that while staying grounded, joyful and healthy? You are about to find out that is all about priorities NOT perfection! 

Oct 16, 202026:08
Meet Dr. Jennifer Luck ND: Healing from the quiet embarrassment of IBS

Meet Dr. Jennifer Luck ND: Healing from the quiet embarrassment of IBS

Are you embarrassed about your digestive disruptions? Look no further, today's guest has got you covered.

Dr. Jennifer Luck ND is passionate about helping women get the proper diagnosis, treatment and education for all their digestive issues, from bloating and farting to heartburn and diarrhea.

Dr. Jennifer Luck is a Naturopathic Doctor and owner of The Somerset Health and Wellness Center, an integrative health clinic in Ottawa.  She is also the founder of The SIBO Sisterhood, a group treatment program for patients that are struggling with IBS and SIBO.  

She herself is a SIBO survivor and witnessed first hand what tremendous impact nutrition, mindset, movement and sleep have on the digestive system. 

 Today, we're going to take a deep dive into a very controversial topic - the therapeutic diet.  Dr. Luck often uses diet modifications with her patients as a way to re-establish balance and eradicate infections.  

We will discuss the ups and downs of the therapeutic diet and help shed some light on this very touchy subject! 

I promise you there will also be lots of laughs along the way! 

Oct 03, 202030:43
Meet Jewelia Orlick: Peace through mindfulness and the journey inward

Meet Jewelia Orlick: Peace through mindfulness and the journey inward

If ever there was a time to start is now! 

It goes without saying that stress levels are at an all-time high due to these uncertain times and with this brings an inevitability of chaotic minds, unsettled hearts, and anxious nervous systems.   This week's guest Jewelia Orlick has just the support you need to stay grounded and centred as you navigate the unknowns.  

Jewelia is a Canadian based meditation teacher + integrative nutrition health coach. She studied under world-renowned davidji at Unplug Meditation.   Her mission is to help others feel supported in their meditation journey & inspire them to take care of their beautiful brains and hearts. 

Jewelia’s meditation style has been described as “relatable, healing & like you’re meditating in your living room with a best friend.”  In this episode, Jewelia covers tips/tricks to make your meditation happen and helps you find the right kind of meditation style for you (the one you genuinely look forward to as opposed to yet another thing on your wellness “to-do” list) 

Sep 18, 202027:26
Meet Dr. Jessica Liu ND: On Mindset

Meet Dr. Jessica Liu ND: On Mindset

What if doing less and going inward was the starting point for optimal health and happiness?

Dr. Jessica Liu ND, one of the most talented and bright Naturopathic Doctors I have had the pleasure of meeting certainly thinks so.

In this episode, Jessica creates a compeling case that less truly is more when it comes to your health.   She shares her methods to connect with the internal wisdom and knowledge about the individual and unique needs of your body.  Dr. Jessica encourages you to listen to these messages and gives you permission to nourish yourself with simple yet highly impactful acts of self-care.  

Dr. Liu has transformed 100's of lives with her approach to medicine and continues to be recognized as a leader in fertility, women's health and mind-body medicine.   

And lucky for us, we all get a chance to connect with her wisdom!  

Aug 27, 202026:37
Meet Heidi Hauver: On Stress

Meet Heidi Hauver: On Stress

How is working from home going for you?  Not great? You are not alone!

I have no miracle cure on how to make this easier, except to tell you that you are not doing anything wrong!  It is challenging, exhausting and overwhelming at times, so be kind and caring to yourself and others.    That... and listen to this podcast interview with one of the best people to share on the topic of healthy ways to work from home.

Meet Heidi Hauver who has paid her dues with years of volunteer, mentorship and leadership initiatives to work her way up to a VP role in human resources.  She truly walks the walk and is fully committed to seeing her team excel, evolve and grow to be their best professional selves.   Heidi leads with grace and compassion and above all understands that success in the workplace requires harmony at home.   Her respect and fierce boundaries for work-life balance are both incredible and inspiring. 

In this episode, Heidi offers up some invaluable tips to ease the burden of working from home while finding ways to increase harmony in the process.  Heidi affirms the challenges as well as identifies opportunities during this time and guides you with practical support for improving your experience.      

Take a listen now! 

Aug 27, 202028:26
With Dr. Jennifer Castle ND: On Sleep

With Dr. Jennifer Castle ND: On Sleep

Meet Jennifer Castle... aka the sleep guru! 

Are you prioritizing Netflix binges over a good night's sleep?  I know I was...until I interviewed this amazing Naturopathic doctor.   

Jen has made it her mission to get us ALL sleeping better and her no-nonsense approach to doing what it takes to get a good night's sleep is definitely what we all need to hear.  With a "just do it" mentality, her inspiring message will truly leave you wanting to make these changes for your health. 

Jen breaks down her message into bite-size pieces that will have even the latest night owls trading in their unhealthy habits for the luxury of restorative rest.   With newfound energy and the vitality that comes from proper sleep cycles, you will wonder why you did not choose it sooner! 

It's time we all turn this unhealthy habit around and Jen is the perfect person to help us with the job!  Tune in now! 

Aug 14, 202025:27
With Magdalena Tomczak: On Mindset

With Magdalena Tomczak: On Mindset

Meet Magdalena Tomczak!

STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND PLEASE LISTEN TO WHAT THIS WOMAN HAS TO SAY ABOUT BEAUTY! I am literally begging you...This is an INCREDIBLE episode that left me reflecting on my own relationship with beauty and ageing well.    Magdalena offered so many gems through this conversation that I literally felt transformed after 25 minutes of listening, asking and understanding how she defines and relates to beauty.    

Magdalena is a holistic skincare therapist, a plant-based product formulator and the founder of Woman Divine Skin Care.
She has been in practice for over 25 years and is one of the leaders in the holistic skincare movement.   Magdalena is dedicated to bringing the best
quality facial treatments and products to women who wish to practice beauty care mindfully. 

Her mission is crystal clear: Magdalena's life purpose is to bring the best quality plant-based products to everyday women, not as a luxury
or once in a while treat but as an everyday sustainable way of self-care.

Jul 31, 202035:32
With Amy Longard: On Nutrition

With Amy Longard: On Nutrition

Meet Amy Longard! 

Amy Longard is a registered holistic nutritionist, plant-based chef, renowned speaker, published author and consultant

I am going, to be honest folks, I was a bit nervous to interview this nutrition pro who regularly appears on TV, radio and podcast shows as an expert and advocate of plant-based nutrition, but 2 minutes in, I realized I had nothing to worry about. 

Amy has made it her life’s work to educate and guide people toward more conscious food and lifestyle choices and this was an easy and organic conversation about her simple, non-judgmental approach to plant-based living.    She offers easily accessible tips to incorporate more plant-based eating in your life and even throws in a quick summer dessert recipe that sounds Yummy!

This was fun, light and very informative.  Take a listen now!

Jul 29, 202027:24
With Stephanie Kay: On Nutrition

With Stephanie Kay: On Nutrition

Meet Stephanie Kay, also known as Red!  She is passionate and fiery and loves to talk FOOD!

I don't think there is too much that Stephanie and I can't agree on when it comes to Nutrition.   This is an awesome episode for anyone who is struggling with "diet confusion" and overwhelmed with food and health.    Stephanie and have a great chat about the simple and fundamental aspects of real food eating and why it is so important to find your way to a healthy relationship with food. 

Stepanie is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (R.H.N.) with a passion for food and fitness with an approach to nutrition that is simple and sustainable.  Steph believes in real food first: eating fresh, whole foods, and cooking with real ingredients. 

Her ultimate goal is to change the way that people look at food and teach them how to make real food work for real-life while having a lot of fun along the way!  

This conversation is a great window into that goal! 

Jul 24, 202032:57
With Dr. Jodie Peacock ND: On Sleep and Movement

With Dr. Jodie Peacock ND: On Sleep and Movement

Meet Jodie... 

Suggestion: you may want to bring a notepad to this episode.    

This incredibly informative episode turned into a rapid-fire conversation about the key aspects of lifestyle medicine and the impact they have on your overall health.  Jodie brings to the table very practical suggestions that will leave you feeling motivated, inspired and excited no matter where you are on your health journey. 

Jodie is a naturopathic doctor, author and public educator! She is also the Chief medical officer at Enhance Fertility and the proud mom of 3 boys Maddox and twins Cooper and Carter.

Jodie is passionate about educating couples on the role of the environment and lifestyle to help optimize their fertility and the health of their future children. She authored Preconceived to support as many couples as possible through the wealth of research on the impact of diet and lifestyle changes with regards to conception. Preconception health is critical to ensuring the optimal health of our future generation.

I know right?  Jodie is all this while remaining super grounded, funny and an absolute pleasure to connect with. 

Tune in now, these 25 minutes will be well worth your time!

Jul 17, 202025:59
With Dr. Jillian Murphy ND: On Mindset and Nutrition

With Dr. Jillian Murphy ND: On Mindset and Nutrition

Meet are going to love her! 

This woman is on fire with her purpose, passion and conviction that DIETING IS DAMAGING!  She is out to shift mindset and challenge each of us to recognize the unhealthy messaging that we may have absorbed about food, our bodies and health.   

Jillian works with diverse, smart, health-conscious, people who are DONE WITH DIETING so that they can get out of their heads and reconnect with their bodies.   Jillian Murphy is highly educated as a  licensed registered doctor of naturopathic medicine and associate of the Ellyn Satter Institute.   Jillian uses up-to-date eating psychology, clinical insight & guidance around diet culture, health, and weight to teach individuals WHY they stay stuck in negative patterns around food and constant body dissatisfaction.

Pull up a comfy chair and grab a cushion, you are in for a treat! 

Jul 10, 202026:14
With Loren Crawford: On Movement

With Loren Crawford: On Movement

Meet Loren Crawford

This was so much more than a conversation about yoga, it truly was a profound experience that left me feeling a shift in my own perspective about what it means to know and follow one's own path in life.

In a world of external influences and constant messaging that we are not doing or being enough, through his teachings Loren has created a flow of energy and a way of life that ultimately brings you closer to your inner knowing.

Loren has a gift in bringing the ancient teachings from yoga, meditation, ayurvedic medicine and tantra wisdom into everyday life. The simplicity and consistency in his message from teacher to student create space for a profound transformation and personal growth.

Loren has a dozen years of study with contemporary Masters of Hatha Yoga - Yogarupa Rod Stryker and greats like Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, PhD., of the Himalayan Institute. He continues to choose a path of both student and teacher as part of his life’s work.

Part of this journey as a good student was to learn and share the wisdom of the sages and ensure that all had access to the teachings.  Loren is truly committed to sharing what he has learned over the past 25 years and does so with group sessions, 1:1 work and through community building.  

He offers a systematic framework for making yoga an integral part of each person’s path that will ultimately create a life that is filled with freedom and joy.

Want to meet him? Tune in now! 

Jul 03, 202030:43
With Tanya Robertson: On Movement

With Tanya Robertson: On Movement

Meet Tanya Robertson!

Want to make fitness fun?  This is where or more importantly who it is at!  Meet Tanya Robertson this episode's expert on movement! 

I was very excited to connect with Tanya Robertson to find out how she designed her entire life centred around movement and how she continues to share her wisdom with others.  She is funny, inspiring, real and an absolute joy to listen to!

With over 25 years under her belt, Tanya Robertson has been helping people reach their health and fitness goals for decades.  Trained as a personal trainer, yoga instructor, holistic nutritionist and meditation guide, Tanya has set a lifelong intent for ongoing education and experience in health and wellness.

In this interview, Tanya shares how grief and trauma lead her to fitness and ultimately became her medicine through a time of healing.  Tanya speaks about what she feels the ultimate mindset is to start, stick and feel all the amazing benefits from movement. 

Although self-declared as a woman who needs to move every day, Tanya discovered a passion for stillness through yoga and mediation that she brings to her classes, her clients and her own life.  She has crafted the art of motion with the services she offers by combining both movement and meditation for ultimate health in mind, body and soul.

Tanya is not your average personal trainer folks and if you are looking for a holistic approach to your exercise goals, you need to listen now! 

Jun 26, 202025:27
With Angie Wellman: On Mindset

With Angie Wellman: On Mindset

Meet Angie Wellman! 

This incredible conversation had me speechless and in tears during the interview.    A truly sacred soul, it is without a doubt that Angie has come to this earth to find and give compassion for all of those she meets.   

We have a beautiful and roller coaster ride of a conversation about what it means to be compassionate with ourselves and others.  We agree that compassion is the starting point for all aspects of health and share practices to find this grace within yourself. 

What started out as conversations around the dinner table as a child in a family of health care provides, has evolved into life for Angie of learning, evolving and sharing healing practise.   Angie got her first degree in Music Therapy and then went on to achieve a Masters of Education in Counselling Psychology.  She is a member of the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario and a Certified Canadian Counsellor.

A true gem to those who are suffering, Angie works with addictions, grief, parenting, couples and trauma.  

All that plus, Angie studies and teaches yoga, is a classically trained singer, and is a lover of trees, lakes, and all things nature.

I have no more to just have to listen for yourself! 

Jun 18, 202028:38