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Virtual Campfire hosted by Krystal Kelley

Virtual Campfire hosted by Krystal Kelley

By Krystal Kelley

In season 3, I am exploring, with you, as masters of our own experience in an epic and unique time in the history of conscious life.

We are all being called to do something unknown.

I’m turning to the ancient wisdom, when fire was the quantum shift that catapulted humanity.

Now, we are the shift.
Through conversation, let's enter this superhighway of consciousness and co-create within the quantum realm of light.
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E19: The Karaoke King with Anders Marshall

Virtual Campfire hosted by Krystal KelleySep 14, 2021

E44 What is Sound Healing? Part 1

E44 What is Sound Healing? Part 1

Part 1: Sound Healing is an ancient practice that touches the deep molecular structure of our bodies. Personally, sound healing has been a life-changing practice for me. I decided to interview one of the World's most respected Sound Healers, Joey McCune. Joey and her husband, Mitch Moore are the caretakers of the Tulum Sound Temple in Tulum, Mexico. There, they discovered an ancient cenote on their property and dug it out by hand. People are drawn from all over the world to experience Joey's sound healing as well as her network of Mayan and Aztek Shaman that work with the cave's energies during healing ceremonies. Find more about Sound Healing Tulum In this episode, Joey explains from her heart what Sound Healing is and how being in service to the healing process keeps her inspired. Grab your headphones and listen to Joey's Sound bath in Part 2 on YouTube: Here is a curated list of sound healing instruments Joey's IG@soundhealingtulum  @tulumsoundtemple7529  Veda Austin  @vedaaustin8198  IG@vedaaustin_water Orbit Studios I’m here to light you up!! I’m envisioning you becoming the brightest light you can be. SUPPORT THE CHANNEL HERE: Donate PRIVATE ONE on ONE CONSULTATIONS with Krystal: Krystal Kelley | Author 📚 | Sound Weaver | Light Worker 🙂 📚 BOOKS NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON | 👚 MERCH: Books | Krystal Kelley 😀 FOLLOW ON INSTAGRAM 👉 FOLLOW ON TWITTER: 👉 THE OFFICIAL KRYSTAL KELLEY WEBSITE: 💰 DONATE: SPONSORS CONTACT:

Sep 19, 202323:02
E46: The Hollywood Loophole

E46: The Hollywood Loophole

In this thought-provoking video, Media analyst, Terrell Quentin Rogers and I delve into the fascinating world of dreams, ETs, UFO’s, disclosure and Loopholes. Together, with you, we are exploring the intriguing concept of how they might be connected to quantum realities. Join us as we unravel the mysteries surrounding this mind-blowing topic. But that's not all! We also explore the intriguing notion of loopholes in the fabric of reality. Could there be hidden pathways that allow us to navigate through different dimensions? Prepare to have your mind stretched as we discuss the mind-boggling possibilities. And what about UFOs? We dive into the controversial subject of UFOs being shot down, shedding light on the enigmatic encounters between extraterrestrial beings and our own. Discover the astonishing theories and evidence surrounding this captivating phenomenon. Prepare to have your mind expanded and your curiosity ignited as we embark on this captivating journey into the unknown. Buckle up and join us for an unforgettable exploration of Dreams = Quantum Realities, Loopholes, UFO Shootdown, and the mind-boggling interactions between humans and extraterrestrials. Don't miss out on this mind-bending adventure!

Sep 05, 202323:32
E45: Dendera Temple + Conscious Conversation with Alandra Markman
Apr 11, 202345:08
E43 Egyptology Spirit + Science
Feb 04, 202324:50
E42: Karnak, Egypt's Temple of Purity

E42: Karnak, Egypt's Temple of Purity

Join me as I visit Luxor, Egypt. It is here that there is the largest temple complex in the world called Karnak. Karnak is dedicated to the Gods Amen and Mut and is known as the Temple of Purity. I explore two distinct areas of Karnak; The Sacred Lake and Ptah Chapel. Entering Ptah chapel are the seven heavenly gates that lead to a chamber where there is a very life-like statute of Sekhmet, the Lion-headed Warrior Goddess of healing.  After exploring Karnak, I follow a 2 mile 'Avenue of Sphinxes' that leads from Karnak to Luxor. By the time we arrived at Luxor, it was nighttime. Seeing Luxor at night is really the best way to view it because the temple is set up with thousands of lights and since it is almost all open-air, seeing it in the dark is quite riveting.  

To learn more about The OHMNISCIENTS meditation music visit

Jan 23, 202305:22
E41: What Did I Find at Edfu Temple?

E41: What Did I Find at Edfu Temple?

Explore The Edfu Temple in Egypt with me as I take you along to see some of my discoveries. The Edfu Temple is dedicated to Horus, the Falcon God. Horus' eye is the 'Eye of Ra' used throughout Ancient Egypt and it represents illuminated consciousness, vision and clarity. I know I walked away with more clarity after my visit, I hope you do after watching. Peace.

Jan 16, 202303:26
E40: Peace at Kom Ombo

E40: Peace at Kom Ombo

Kom Ombo is a dual temple found in Upper Egypt in Aswan. Come along with me as I explore the duality of the temple and experience the seat of neutrality. Kom Ombo is dedicated to the Falcon God, Horus and the Crocodile God, Sobek. Horus represents the light and Sobek represents the dark. Can we battle the light and dark to find Peace?

Jan 12, 202303:07
E39: I Grew Wings at Philae Temple

E39: I Grew Wings at Philae Temple

Explore Philae Temple with me as I reflect on a recent visit to Aswan, Egypt. It is my intention that by sharing this video, it spreads the love and joy I felt at Philae Temple.  Philae is a Temple dedicated to Goddess Isis. Isis is the Divine Mother; she gives life, love and is capable of magic. I try to explain how magical this temple felt and share some fun surprises. After my visit to Philae, I felt as if my heart had expanded and I had some sort of regeneration or energy boost.  

*One note: I mention the innermost chamber as being a heart chamber. Traditional Egyptology calls it the head, but I really felt my heart, so I called it the heart chamber.

Jan 08, 202303:45
E38: Dahshur Descent
Jan 04, 202308:03
E37: Crush your Goals, Not your Soul with Tara Wagner
Nov 22, 202249:45
E36: Time Travel, Dreams and Parallel Universes

E36: Time Travel, Dreams and Parallel Universes

In this episode of Virtual Campfire, Terrell Rogers and I discuss the theory of time travelers and how they may have played a part in 9/11. Terrell is an art healer who is based in New York City and much of his healing has centered around the shift that occurred on 9/11.   We discuss dreams and the possible meanings behind dreams and our sub conscious minds. We touch on infinite possibilities of parallel universes and the multiverse. This discussion centers around shifting timelines and how extra-terrestrials play a part in our lives whether we are aware of it or not. Listen with an open mind, neither Terrell nor I know answers to these lofty topics, but the discussion is intended to open up possible scenarios in our minds. Perhaps the truth is out there, but in the meantime, we will continue to wonder.   This conversation led me to this book; Aliens in Ancient Egypt by Xaviant Haze. Chapter 16 had a lot to say about time travel and teleporting. Get the book on Amazon here

Oct 31, 202226:04
E35: British UFO Network with Glen Richardson
Aug 08, 202237:24
E34: Jubilee UFO with Benni Sack

E34: Jubilee UFO with Benni Sack

After meeting Benni at a SUFON (Seattle UFO Network) Skywatch campout at an undisclosed location on Mt. Rainier this past July, I sit down around my virtual campfire with Paranormal Researcher, Benni Sack. Benni has 28 years of magickal and spiritual training, including being a Priestess in the Circle of the Owl, a Pagan Chaplain, an Entrepreneur and a Spiritual Coach.

Benni describes her first close encounter incident from 1992 in Illinois near Jubilee State Park. The "pizza" UFO was her first occurrence of experiencing an ontological shock. The UFO caused her to question her worldview and likely forged the path to her future. We further discuss how she feels guided and experiences synchronicities daily.

Now, I'm wondering if foil hats could help? and I feel fairly warned not to mess with Pizza karma, especially if it has to do with Dominos!

Jul 26, 202232:06
E33: Unidentified Over NYC, A Close Encounter

E33: Unidentified Over NYC, A Close Encounter

During this close encounter interview, native New Yorker and art healer, Terrell Rogers explains how UFO's have been becoming more and more common in NYC since the Pandemic. Terrell connects his sightings in NY with sightings he had as a child. He bridges it all to his experiences during the devastating World Trade Center event on 9/11/2001.

Jul 05, 202213:12
E32: Trash to Treasure
Jun 14, 202238:39
E31: Bennett for Senate
Jun 06, 202211:41
E30: Beings of Light, A Close Encounter

E30: Beings of Light, A Close Encounter

After revisiting the "Mothership" during my hypnosis session a few weeks ago, I've felt my intuition getting stronger and I have been guided to document as many close encounter stories as I can. I put a call out to my local SUFON (Seattle UFO Network) Group and I have a small series of close encounters to share. This first episode is told by voice alchemist and artist, Tamara Zenobia.   

Tamara updates us about paranormal activities in her home state of Alaska and tells her story about a visit she had as a child from beings of light. She explains how she was also given a mission and gets downloads and guidance from the light beings to this day.   

Tamara is a gifted teacher of vocal alchemy and she guides others how to find the power of their voice. She has lived and studied sound healing in Seattle and Paris. To learn more about Tamara's work, you can find her at

May 30, 202225:14
E29: Visiting the Mothership
May 22, 202205:05
E28: New Being Hypnosis

E28: New Being Hypnosis

In my quest for getting answers about a mysterious light I encountered in 1996, I consult with Certified Hypnotherapist, Troy Bacon about what Hypnotherapy is and how it can help me (and others) to answer unknown answers about unknown questions we may have in our minds. Troy's practice, New Being Hypnosis can be found at

May 18, 202216:50
E27: Sky Blue Waters

E27: Sky Blue Waters

Hamms beer was established in 1865 by Theodore Hamm who was born in Germany. The brewery expanded over the years and became a National brand by the 1960’s. The beer is currently making a retro brand style comeback under the ownership of Molson Coors. I’m interested today in the amazing marketing history and mystique of the brand that is most name as being “from the land of sky blue waters”.  Hamms produced an amazing number and stunning variety of paraphernalia related to blue waters from mini sewing kits to massive motion signs flowing along depicting an idyllic and mesmerizing Minnesota  lake scene. If that was not enough, Hamm’s created the anime Hamm’s Bear which has its own mesmerizing appeal and massive collectors market.  To help me understand the origins of this passion  and the recent astronomical price inflation of Hamm’s goods we  have two long time appreciators of the land of sky blue waters. Longtime friend  of VC and guest Peter Hetzel has joined us and he has brought along one of the legends of the Hamm’s collecting phenomenon, Stevan Miner, also known as Dr. Hamms.  Hello!!

May 09, 202246:15


The OHMNISCIENTS are a divine group of Sound Weavers who have synchronistically come together to create their first Album, The Quantum Realm. Our group consists of DJ Megan Taylor from Chicago, myself and Joey McCune, the founder and creator of the Tulum Sound Temple. 

Together, we reflect on the recording process in Tulum while we manifest our first live event in Seattle. Check future tour dates, including Chicago and Tulum on

Nov 10, 202101:19:24
E25: Art of HENRY with Ryan Henry Ward

E25: Art of HENRY with Ryan Henry Ward

Ryan Henry Ward, best known as HENRY, is a prolific Muralist and I'm honored to call him a good friend. Ryan has painted over 300 murals as well as produced large scale solo exhibitions that have landed him on news outlets from local to international. We discuss inspiration and he explains that seeing how his art has transformed people and inspired them is what keeps him painting. We tell stories of how art has helped bridge communication in families and brought love and joy into peoples daily lives. Ryan and I go on many tangents, but my favorite was our creative conversation seeing us (humans) as super computers, imagining ideas in which we are plugged into source energy and how that energy affects us. 

Oct 28, 202101:09:42
E23: California Country with Olivia Ooms

E23: California Country with Olivia Ooms

In episode 23, "California Country", I’m speaking with 19 year old, Olivia Ooms. Olivia is not your typical 19 year old--Okay, Olivia does do some typical 19 year old things-- she attends Cal Poly studying Psychology. On IG @theoliviaooms she dotes on her beloved dog, Aspen and on Facebook, I saw a killer zip-lining experience in Costa Rica--So, she is definitely "normal" but there is something deeper. We talk about Olivia's superpower--Music. Praised by the Los Angeles Times for "passionate lyrics paired with a distinctive pop-country sound," Ooms' emerged with her first single, “Thoughts of You," at just 15-years-old. "Thoughts of You" landed her a spot in CMT’s Artist Discovery Program and placement as the first female country artist featured on Radio Disney’s RDYou Station. The Huntington Beach, Calif. native has opened for numerous popular acts such as Lady A and Old Dominion as well as country music icon Tanya Tucker. In 2019, Ooms was invited to perform on the Spotlight Stage during CMA Fest and also made her debut at the historic Ryman Auditorium. Olivia also focuses on outreach and philanthropy. She is the Global Youth Ambassador for Airline Ambassadors International. In fact, her involvement in the Airline Ambassador’s music concert is how I connected with Olivia. Olivia and I talk about all of the above and MORE, we delve into the devastating oil spill in her hometown of Huntington Beach, California.
For links to all things Olivia, including her awesome music videos, visit my blog
Oct 21, 202134:30
E24: Knock On Wood with Jeffro Uitto

E24: Knock On Wood with Jeffro Uitto

In episode 24, I “bullshit” with Jeffro Uitto about his psychic creations of art that pop into his mind and turn into magic. From his whale that has become an icon at Eddie Vedder’s Ohana Festival to a Rhinoceros he made for a Taiwanese Museum project and is now a permanent exhibit. To see pictures of Jeffro’s amazing work, visit my blog
Oct 20, 202101:20:14
E13: Clean Water 4 Hopi & Navajo with Tom Griffith

E13: Clean Water 4 Hopi & Navajo with Tom Griffith

Tom Griffith is a Strategic Analyst for Clean Water Foundation. Together we are working on a team project to bring clean water to the Hopi & Navajo Tribes. Tom and I share stories about our connections to water and how we both ended up working on a project together, despite our different backgrounds. If clean water or this project resonates with you, please help us raise awareness and money for Hopi & Navajo tribes. 
Oct 18, 202153:29
E15: Project PERU

E15: Project PERU

This conversation is with four compassionate souls who spend their time helping others. Dissolving geographical boundaries, these four individuals have connected to help bring food, medical supplies, electricity and clean water to Peru.
Alicia Kozuch from Buen Power Peru, Nancy Rivard from Airline Ambassadors, Leon McLaughlin with Clean Water Foundation and Washington Gibaja Tapia in Peru. By bridging the heart and the mind in balance, we can have peaceful living. This group of lovely hearts is living the loving way everyday. This is an incredible conversation with no borders.
I hope that this episode encourages and inspires you to do one small thing today that can ripple to the future.
Oct 17, 202156:00
E22: Hidden & Haunted with Bob & Laura Antone

E22: Hidden & Haunted with Bob & Laura Antone

In episode 22, we get spooky. The Pacific Northwest of the United States has been a hot-bed (literally, the land of volcanoes) of paranormal activity; from Bigfoot to UFO's, Bob and Laura Antone have a lifetime of stories they have accumulated from North Bend.
Author/historian/paranormal researcher Bob Antone hails from North Bend, Washington with a longtime family history in the area. Bob and his wife, Laura lead historical and paranormal tours (which I HIGHLY recommend!) throughout the Pacific Northwest. From Bigfoot to UFO sightings, missing time and cursed/haunted locations, this husband and wife team collect stories from hidden corners of the Pacific Northwest.
Their research was compiled into a book co-written and available on Amazon Kindle as "The Odd Man Up." The two have also set up a Patreon page featuring virtual videos and blog entries connected to paranormal research and true crime. Laura is a registered member of DENE 1st nations. As a result, their company focuses on history and cultural understanding from an indigenous point of view. Namely, we are all related.
Cover art is from Bob and Laura's book, "The Odd Man Up"
Bob refers to Twin Peaks a few times in this episode. Twin Peaks is an American mystery-horror serial drama television series created by Mark Frost and David Lynch. It ran for two seasons until its cancellation in 1991. It was recorded in North Bend.
The Ancestral Lands movement can be found here.
IG @bobantone
Bob's Facebook
Oct 01, 202101:19:06
E21: Witch of West Seattle
Sep 24, 202101:35:50
E20: Galactic Pyramid Transmissions with Tamara Zenobia

E20: Galactic Pyramid Transmissions with Tamara Zenobia

In episode 20, I listen to Tamara Zenobia. Tamara is a vocal alchemist who has recently started experimenting with her sound in a new way. She is channeling her music while under a pyramid. My conversation with Tamara revolves around the recent passing of her father, the importance of the natural order and how she came to discover Pyramid Technology.
Tamara is sharing some transmissions that she received during her concert, Galactic Pyramid Transmissions. She shares a live sample during our conversation and it is literally, out of this world.
During this episode, we talk about a video on how to make your very own personal pyramid. You can find that video on my YouTube Channel.
We also reference another YouTube Channel, Pyramid Science Foundation. They conduct experiments and interview people about pyramids, both Tamara and I have independently watched a few of their videos.
If you want to participate in Tamara's Pyramid Explorers Group on Zoom, you can find that here. If the timing is right for you, DON'T MISS her concert, Galactic Pyramid Transmissions this Friday, September 24th at 8pm. You can get tickets here.
Sep 22, 202101:11:14
E19: The Karaoke King with Anders Marshall

E19: The Karaoke King with Anders Marshall

Episode 19: The Karaoke King
Anders Marshall is a classically trained award-winning singer ranging from swing and jazz to doo-wap and rock as well as soul and beyond. He has performed with the Seattle Symphony, Vocalpoint! Seattle, Seattle Pro Musica, and other astute organizations. Anders is able to meld his voice to many particular artists including Frank Sinatra, Frankie Vallie, and Elvis among others.
Anders has also made radio and television appearances on ABC's Karaoke Battle USA as well as recorded movies and video game soundtracks such as Medal of Honor: Frontline written by Oscar-winning composer Michael Giacchino. Anders has been singing since he was a boy soprano with the Northwest Choirs since the age of 8. He aspires to sing in every genre, every part, and loves the challenge of something new. Jeff Roman of the Seattle Weekly describes him as "a voice that kills!"
So, what does a person with this much musical talent do? I learn why Anders is the King of Karaoke. His stories are surprisingly heartwarming and his motivation is much deeper than one would assume.
Find Ander's "Infinite Playlist" Spotify list here.
Watch Anders light his hair on fire here.
Here is Ander's YouTube Channel.
Sep 14, 202101:48:10
E18: Meditation for Kids with Sadie Brumley

E18: Meditation for Kids with Sadie Brumley

Episode 18: Meditation for Kids Sadie Brumley is a 3rd generation teacher who teaches a 4th, 5th & 6th grade Highly Capable class in the Snohomish School District in Washington State. Her classroom environment is a collaborative, safe and engaging learning space where students are gently pushed outside of their comfort zones as they work to discover their inner awesomeness.  Krystal and Sadie co-create a morning meditation program for her upcoming school year during this episode. Krystal pools resources from her meditation mentors, Karah Pino and Patricia Anne Davis while Sadie adds her expertise of teaching for 25 years. We hope this can be inspiration for other teachers who wish to implement a meditation practice in their classrooms. More information about Krystal's resources for meditations for kids specifically can be found on her blog.
Aug 25, 202101:15:18
E17: Tattoo Vinyasa with Jon Osiris

E17: Tattoo Vinyasa with Jon Osiris

Episode 17: Tattoo Vinyasa
Jon Osiris is offering a path of inner and outer transformation through the medicine of tattooing. Jon explains his struggles he used to have when practicing tattoo art within a consumerist construct. As a mystic, a yogi, an artisan and a sovereign guide, Jon has developed a ceremonial and intentional practice he calls Tattoo Vinyasa. It’s inspiring and beautiful to hear his story. You can find him on IG @jon108osiris
Aug 17, 202158:41
E16: Nature Girl with Marylee Burman

E16: Nature Girl with Marylee Burman

Episode 16: Nature Girl
I listen as Marylee Burman shares her passion about nature and photography.
She talks about how she balances a busy life and her camera is just an extension of her adventures. Her adventures in nature help her stay connected to the memories of her childhood and her mother, who has passed from cancer.
Marylee has a beautiful, kind heart and it reverberates in her photographs. Definitely check out her IG, @maryleeburman
May 06, 202155:41
E15: Peace Is In Pieces with Karah Pino

E15: Peace Is In Pieces with Karah Pino

Episode 15: Peace Is In Pieces
This conversation is a co-creation with Karah Pino. Karah's gift is to apply whole-brain, holistic thinking in a modern world. Together we collaborate creatively to affirm the foundational principle of peaceful harmony with nature. In 2011, Karah orchestrated the global support effort while we were on our trek to Altai. She organized and facilitated groups participating through the Gold Star Meditation designed by Patricia Anne Davis with over 10,000 participants all over our planet in August of 2011. The intent was to manifest the humane-ness of humanity to co-create peace on Earth. Now, 10 years later, Karah and I revisit this intention through monthly full moon meditations in 2021. The first one is May 26th, 2021. To find out more about these Monthly Meditations and how you connect to Earth's High Mountain Energy grid and raise vibrations with us, click HERE To see more about Karah's work as a creative collaborator, artist and meditation instructor, visit her website
May 04, 202101:42:48
E14: Mathscaper with Rob Leonard

E14: Mathscaper with Rob Leonard

Episode 14: Mathscaper
Are math and science discovered or invented? I listen as Rob Leonard, one of three founders of @Mathscaper tells the story of how math, technology, engineering and science have merged together to create a unique artform. Woven into his story are Rob's fun antics about circus performing and Krystal's dream about having fire jugglers in her backyard. This is an artistic confluence of math and science...a true oxymoron, yet natural flow of creativity makes for a fascinating concept. Learn what a "Tactile Fractal" is along with a geometry lesson explaining convex polyhedra. I included a small excerpt at the end that was "off camera" when Rob explains to Krystal what a vortex is in scientific terms and why they are in high mountain areas. Rob pulls from his experience as a paraglider and relates it to how winds move and create these areas that Krystal calls vortexes that she treks to find in high mountain areas.
Apr 24, 202101:05:58
E12: Rattie Uprising with David Walega

E12: Rattie Uprising with David Walega

Episode 12: Rattie Uprising
I listen to how David Walega has intertwined his art and life around animal advocacy. David explains how his bond with his pet rat ignited a passion to spread the word of kindness, compassion and love to all animals, especially rats. He is currently working on his book, “Rattie Uprising” and we are releasing this episode on April 4th in dedication of World Rat Day. The conversation flows from rats, to water, to elephants, to telepathy, to BigFoot, to space exploration; and all back to rats.
Mar 25, 202149:54
E1: Light Codes with Anna-Katariina Holmerus

E1: Light Codes with Anna-Katariina Holmerus

In Episode 1, Together, Anna-Katariina and I actively co-create the future to cleanse and heal water. I listen to special stories of Anna-Katariina Hollmerus, a water Shaman from Norway. Anna-Katariina talks about her journeys along Northern waters. The conversation encompasses vibrations, crystals and more. If you can open your mind to hearing about these realms, you might realize how important water is to humanity and our future. At the end, Anna-Katariina shares a healing song with her shruti box.
"As much up as down .
As inside , so outside .
Praying for the peace and love in the hearts of humanity ,
in the hearts of man and woman .
To bring balance and love into female and male.
In the Mikro and Makro cosmos .
May the hearts in the world and the hearts in the universe open for peace, love ,healing and light.
I give thanks to the water,
that calmed me down and brought me peace.
May we work and come together for the highest good of all."
by Anna-Katariina Hollmerus
Mar 19, 202150:36
E11: Rebel Buddhist with Kevin McCormick
Mar 19, 202101:39:29
E7: Finding Joy in IRELAND with Joy Booth
Mar 17, 202101:04:39
E10: World Water Day with Neil Dhot
Mar 15, 202101:04:20
E9: 1iOPEN with Viv Smith & Eric Nachtrieb

E9: 1iOPEN with Viv Smith & Eric Nachtrieb

In episode 9, I hear Viv Smith in Australia and her business partner, Eric Nachtrieb in the US tell stories about their time all over the world. Their brainchild, 1iopen, is an Award winning adventure film and TV production company, specializing in remote environment and expedition content, on all 7 continents. Eric is both a molecular biologist and a producer. Viv is a digital media content producer and has worked on a range of projects from fashion, feature film production, corporate videos and music videos. Viv is also proficient in piano and trumpet. Both Viv and Eric use their whole brain and bodies to make their products come to life.

To learn more about 1iOPEN, visit my blog

Mar 12, 202101:23:47
E2: Tears of Reality with Rena Riekena
Mar 12, 202141:60
E8: Tulum Sound Temple with Joey McCune
Mar 10, 202101:07:35
E6: Where Are The Helpers? with Patricia Anne Davis
Mar 07, 202101:14:28
E5: Life Below Zero with Johnny Rolfe
Mar 06, 202101:05:00
E3: Anna Puts DENMARK on the Map
Mar 05, 202142:51


Coincidences, synchronicities, a natural order, music’s role in our lives.
We all have our stories to tell. Think of our phone as the warm glow of a virtual campfire. Each week, Listen to stories from all over the world about how we, as humans fit into the vibrations of Mother Nature and the universe. Collectively, lets co-create a future through conversation and storytelling.
Mar 01, 202100:40