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KT Talk Show

KT Talk Show

By Katee

Connect with me and let's talk about life!

I believe that we all have a story, a good story at that. I allow anyone with a positive message, and the brave opportunity to speak their full story, whether we decide to be vulnerable or not. All these episodes are full of great conversation, information and tools for a mindful life :)

Love you ALL

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KT Talk Show Jan 17, 2021

Yahavy Knows How
Jun 23, 202152:44
Our Healing Process

Our Healing Process

Patricia offers breakthrough healing sessions, courses, classes and retreats online and in-person and will help you transform your life in a meaningful, constructive and practical way.

Her warm, grounded and personal approach together with powerful tools, provide great insight, transformation, and empowerment.

Patricia will help you heal yourself, let go of past and present, live in wholeness and move forward with great confidence, clarity, peace, and sense of direction.

Mar 05, 202101:07:55
The Good Girls
Feb 16, 202101:02:28
Manifest The Things You Desire
Feb 14, 202149:12
Joy vs Happiness

Joy vs Happiness

There is a difference between being happy and feeling joy. Joy is the in the moment happy, and happiness is an external thing or object that we are searching for. The joy is the actual feeling of being inside of that happiness. Happiness can mean something different to everyone, but having joy means you have happiness within yourself and are not seeking it from anything else. You bring that with you and carry it around for other people to see and wonder how you got there. 

Erin is a master at understanding the meaning of living your life with true joy, she believes we all have that one special thing to offer to the world and she is the perfect coach to help you guide your way. A very open and real conversation about life, please join us and check her out here!

Jan 23, 202101:14:31


The best thing to do in this world as a human being is accept who you are, love who you are and show it off to the world. We all have unique talents, gifts and ideas that we can share with the world. 

My guest on this show David Archer comes from a psychology background( this hits home for me) and talks about a topic that is difficult and touchy, I try to be careful with the words I use and the questions I ask, David was very open and honest, heart warming and welcoming to openly talk about racism as it is today. 

Id like for you to join us and hear a deep conversation, that is real ,authentic and important for us to discuss. 

Thanks for tuning in 

Catch David here

Jan 17, 202101:03:23
Create Your Vision

Create Your Vision

Connie is so smart, fun and easy to get along with. She brings a great passion and energy to the show I love bringing her on. This episode we spoke about creating. a vision board, why its important the impact on your now and your future, along with writing goals and starting small. Anyone can create a vision board, create one with your kids or your partner! 

Thanks for tuning in

Jan 16, 202156:50
Loving Our Food

Loving Our Food

Shelley Loving knows all about food and the right foods to be eating. She wants us to understand that healthy eating does not have to be expensive or a stressful thing to do, but look at it as a huge investment in your life, your gut health is everything and effects everyday living. We all love food, we totally get it. Its ok to have some days where you eat a little more sugar, just promise you will not be hard on yourself about it!

Check her out! 

Thanks for tuning in 

Jan 16, 202150:04
Live In Touch With Your Soul-Ursa Alchemy

Live In Touch With Your Soul-Ursa Alchemy

Join my guest and I Ursula as we discuss astrology and how it makes apart of who we are. The astrologer makes us human beings make sense and what we can do here on this planet. The planet, the starts, the earth its all apart of who we are. An amazing episode to enjoy for those of you looking to get into the finding more of your purpose and brightening the soul. 

Ursula is a Certified Aromatherapist & Professional Astrologer, blending intuitive & healing arts to support the soul. You can find all her info her at her website

Instagram :

"Ursa Alchemy is designed to assist and support people during their own personal transformation in the embodiment

of the soul's purpose."

Thanks for tuning in! 

Jan 09, 202144:14
Discover Your True Path
Jan 09, 202158:22
Your First Story

Your First Story

 Come join LT and I as we talk about writing your first book, what techniques you can use and her program to help you along the way. This is more than just writing a book, this is your life story a huge piece of you to share with the world. 

Dec 31, 202001:14:11
Meditative Mind

Meditative Mind

Join David and I talk about having a calm mind, calm life and creating the life you want.

Thanks for Tuning In.

Dec 30, 202001:00:44
Its OK to NOT be OK
Dec 26, 202055:38
Understanding Our Differences

Understanding Our Differences

What an honest and open conversation. One of the most authentic and real conversations I have had in a long time. Join John and I as we uncover some secrets about our personal lives, along with the pros and cons of coming out as struggling with a mental illness, disorder, or as some would like to call it differences in our brains, and the way we function each day. Do not ever be afraid to come out and talk to the people, who are the closest in your life. Being honest and open is the best feeling. 

Dec 22, 202001:23:33
Late Nugget of knowledge

Late Nugget of knowledge

Here me KT chat with you and provide you with some info that can help get you through being stuck at home
Dec 21, 202020:10
Choose to Prevail with Sandy Rodriguez
Dec 19, 202056:24
Be You To Be Full

Be You To Be Full

Join Connie and I for a great convo, be prepared to take some notes!

We discuss the following

Learning to Be You

Self Reflection


Know Your Value


Monday Morning Meditation (FREE!): Every Monday at 7:30 a.m. Central for no more than 30 minutes. No need to RSVP, if you can make it, hop on at

FREE Meet-Up: “Gather and Gab: Learn self-acceptance strategies to build confidence” the first Thursday of every month from 7-8:30 p.m Central

My website for general information and the books downloadable worksheets:

Check out my signature coaching program “Fearlessly and Confidently Designing Your Fulfilled Future” found on my website

Watch my website for a webinar series/class to come out Spring 2021.

My book!: Be YOU to be Full: Learn the Art of Self-Acceptance for a Life of Confidence and Fulfillment: Holmes, Connie Jo: 9781735554204: Books Look for two more books in the series with the first coming out in Q1 2021.

Dec 16, 202052:36
Inspiration for All- Genesis Kemp
Dec 16, 202038:08
4 Keys To Wealth

4 Keys To Wealth

Please get your free 1 hour consultation @ Find her amazing book a @  

All about new ways for wealth and to protect you and your families future! 


Nov 04, 202046:21
Family Health With Crystal

Family Health With Crystal

Get to know more about what aspects of health we should be focusing on with our kids.

Crystal has a great insight and experience on better health for our kids which in turn can develop healthier relationships and lifestyles.

Tune In! 

Sep 17, 202048:50
CBD Advocate with Kayla :)

CBD Advocate with Kayla :)

A new CBd company 

Kayla will dive all into CBD and the ways its helped her and her families life. She even gives it to her dog! 

Tune in! 

Sep 17, 202028:10
Shamanism with Jake

Shamanism with Jake

Have you have wonder about shamanism or what it entails? 

Have you have had a spiritual experience through a dream or a vision? 

Wonder what a rune is and what the symbols can mean? 

Join in with Jake and I to hear his cool story and tune in on what shamanism really is about. 

Sep 08, 202054:42
Relationship Photography with ST
Aug 31, 202026:50
Yoga Practice with Leah

Yoga Practice with Leah

What is Yoga? 

How can we practice Yoga?

How can we intertwine spirituality and Yoga? 

Join Leah and I as we talk about how to get involved in a Yoga practice and the importance of doing what feels right for you and flowing while doing your practice 

Aug 19, 202031:48
The 3's of Life

The 3's of Life

Be Present 

Be Patient 

Be Joyful 

Be the change you want to be 

Happy Life 

Remember key terms of life: 






In the episode my special guest Ryan has worked with several clients ranging from musicians to CEO's. Ryan has also released his first book based on the principles of the 3's of Life. Ryan created this short and simple book for those who are not readers and need something quick for guidance. 

Check out Ryan on all platforms and his amazing T-shirt Company.

Aug 17, 202034:44
Jennie Talks

Jennie Talks

Had some difficulty so jennie took over and rocked it! Energy work. Shadow work and all her cool stuff she has to offer
Aug 16, 202023:33
Free Your Life with Cynthia Martin

Free Your Life with Cynthia Martin

What does it mean to be a personal freedom Activator? How do we take control of our own lives and live freely and joyfully. 

Cynthia has a kind soul and  warm heart to help you activate the life you are truly meant to live. We want to shed the light on all these wonderful souls that walk the earth 

Aug 15, 202046:16
Laugh with us. Talk with Lila

Laugh with us. Talk with Lila

Lets dive into some happy hour healing. Lila understands deep of where our emotions and pain comes from. She can teach techniques and has the healing power!
Aug 08, 202046:09
Whats it mean to be a dark horse? Talk with Tracy Brinkmann

Whats it mean to be a dark horse? Talk with Tracy Brinkmann

We talk about his newly produced podcast. A dark horse entrepreneur, how it got started. Our lives are a roller coaster, we find ourselves going through some of the worst and some of the best times. Always take each opportunity to learn and learn each other
Aug 08, 202055:33
Talking Life with Gabriel Medina

Talking Life with Gabriel Medina

What a great show! 

We talk about Entrepreneurship, being a teacher and the effects from the pandemic 

Following your dreams and always going after what love most in life, being an entrepreneur can be scary but we talk about how not to be scared and 

enjoy this life ride that we have and were given the opportunity to take. Quit finding yourself on the hamster wheel, jump off and make some 


Gabriel has so many exciting new things coming your way please check out his newly launched podcast: 

The Balance Effect 

Aug 06, 202037:27
Let's get spiritual. Talk with Mandee

Let's get spiritual. Talk with Mandee

First ever Spritual Talk with Mandee. We talk about how we became Spritual people why its important to be in tune with yourself and knowing you have angels that guide you.
Aug 04, 202025:33
Conversation with Matt Peet
Aug 03, 202018:19
Let's get Elevated. With Courtney B!

Let's get Elevated. With Courtney B!

Wanna know more about cannabis and the tasty edibles? Join us as we chat about our experience and the straims we choose!Elevated Sweets- Facebook and Instagram. Two Events coming up in August. Please tune in for a surprise!
Jul 21, 202018:39
LOVELY LIFE Segment with Amy Culver ❤

LOVELY LIFE Segment with Amy Culver ❤

We talk about all things CBD, why its safe for kids and what's forms they come in. Also some inspiration at the end for anyone struggling to stay positive 🥰 Amy is so inspirational and positive!
Jul 16, 202032:06
Jul 07, 202027:57


We all need to come together. Be open minded and bring each other's ideas to light. This podcast my boyfriend was able to come on and discuss his feelings as a black man and I invited him because he has an extremely intelligent perspective and we had a really positive and fun discussion!
Jun 01, 202056:35
Cannabis 411
Apr 30, 202033:32
April 6, 2020

April 6, 2020

Apr 06, 202000:14