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Moon Knight 2006: The Death of Marc Spector

Kulture KeepMar 09, 2022

Moon Knight 2006: The Death of Marc Spector

Moon Knight 2006: The Death of Marc Spector

My overview of The Death of Marc Spector story found in Moon Knight #21-#25 (2006) by Mike Benson

Mar 09, 202219:18
Spider's Shadow (2021)

Spider's Shadow (2021)

Spider-Man: Spider's Shadow

Writer: Chip Zdarsky

Penciller: Pasqual Ferry

Colorist: Matt Hollingsworth

Editor: Wilson Moss

What if Spider-Man kept his symbiote suit and started killing his opponents? Welcome to the dark non-canon story Spider’s Shadow.

While released in 2021, the events leading up to this can originally be found from Secret Wars and the Amazing Spider-Man comics which came out in the 1980s.

Originally Spider-Man found the venom symbiote in Secret Wars issue #8

After escaping Battleworld with the other heroes he would continue to wear the symbiote suit until he went back to Reed to run some tests and eventually put it back in containment.

During this time Spider-Man went through some changes, which clearly inspired the events of Tobey Maquire’s Spider-Man 3. Some of these changes included nightmares and that’s where we start this story.

This story really captures the struggle Peter Parker has with keeping his friends and family safe while also not putting his enemies down for good.

We also get to see how cunning the symbiote is by slowly working its way into Peter’s mind. It starts simple with making him feel more powerful and more comfortable while donning the black suit.

We can see how it feeds off of his aggression when he shoves a thief into a wall so hard that the wall cracks. Definitely not the actions of your typical Spider-Man.

The nightmares get worse, Peter accidentally hits MJ, which honestly this could’ve gone down a lot worse, and after a scuffle with Hobgoblin, he’s super done with villains.

He gives Hobgoblin a good thrashing, unmasks him to discover it is Robert Kinglsey, and then basically tells him that he’s done sending his enemies to prison.

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Mar 07, 202213:06