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#GfreeTogether Podcast

#GfreeTogether Podcast

By Kymberley Pekrul

Listeners of the #GfreeTogether Podcast will tune into talks about the gluten-free lifestyle. Listen to topics around gluten-free cooking, foods, diet, health, and living well, including reviews of popular gluten-free cookbooks and wellness book titles. The podcast exists to be fun and educational. A place where "Gfree-ers" can enjoy themselves while cooking, baking, and learning more about eating and living gluten-free: the host is the gluten-free coach, cook, creator, and publisher behind
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102: GfreeCookbook Club - December 2021 Club Selection

#GfreeTogether PodcastDec 22, 2021

102: GfreeCookbook Club - December 2021 Club Selection

102: GfreeCookbook Club - December 2021 Club Selection

December 2021 Cookbook Club Reading: Gluten-Free Holiday Cookies: Allergy-Friendly Sweets for Everyone

Author: Brianna Hobbs

Author Blog: Creator of “Flippin’ Delicious” at

Publisher: Independently Published by Brianna Hobbs, Flippin’ Delicious –, Copyright 2016

Photography: Brianna Hobbs

Appeal: An iconic cookie cover scene photographed by the author features “Miss E” (the older of two daughters). The cover begs you to jump inside the book to discover the cookie treasures within. First, of course, you’ll want to taste for yourself the sweet frosting, decorations, and yummy-looking Vegan Sugar Cookie Cutouts cookies pictured. You’ll find the recipe on page ten of the eBook.

What to Expect: Ten Classic Cookie recipes, nine fun and seasonal “Holiday Twists” cookie recipes, and six internationally inspired popular recipes based on cookies from around the world. All Recipes are Gluten-Free.

Pages: 35 pages – 25 cookies

Learn more at:

RSVP for the club gathering at:

Dec 22, 202117:30
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Sep 16, 202110:18