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Letters To A New Developer

Letters To A New Developer

By Daniel Moore

What I wish I had known when starting my development career.

This podcast is going to be regularly released sets of short episodes (under 5 minutes, typically) that mirror previously written blog posts that I found particularly insightful.

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Speak at a meetup

Letters To A New DeveloperJul 11, 2022

Seek feedback loops
Jan 14, 202303:19
Always leave the code better than you found it
Jan 14, 202305:20
Turn off those notifications
Jan 14, 202304:49
Make the ask
Jan 14, 202306:27
Avoid toxic environments
Jan 14, 202302:15
How to criticize code
Jan 14, 202304:01
Ways to stand out
Jan 14, 202305:20
Cycles of Work
Jan 14, 202303:35
How I Got Into Software
Jan 14, 202303:50
Answer the question someone wants answered, not the one they ask
Jan 14, 202303:10
The first time
Jul 11, 202202:34
Ask for great hardware
Jul 11, 202202:59
Businesses will spend money to make money
Jul 11, 202202:25
Eat lunch with your coworkers
Jul 11, 202202:30
What should you look for in a job?
Jul 11, 202207:22
What To Change If You Aren’t Getting The Offers You Want
Jul 11, 202207:36
Speak at a meetup
Jul 11, 202205:50
How to make a move to a related occupation
Jul 11, 202206:08
Plant a tree
Jul 11, 202205:40
Act like an owner
Jan 09, 202204:41
You’ll always be learning

You’ll always be learning

This episode is also available as a blog post:

Jan 09, 202202:17
Meetings are work
Jan 09, 202202:21
Take a tour with a different department
Jan 09, 202202:41
Show gratitude
Jan 09, 202202:54
Interviewing is a two way street
Jan 09, 202202:42
Deep vs wide experience
Jan 09, 202202:22
Don’t make the same mistake twice
Jan 09, 202202:01
Be kind
Jan 08, 202203:23
“Work will never love you back”
Jan 08, 202203:11