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"Lady Up" America with Diane Canada

"Lady Up" America with Diane Canada

By Diane Canada

NEW episodes Monday through Thursday evenings! Diane Canada guides Christian suburban moms through the toughest political climate of our lifetime. As the "Breaking News" hits us each day, Diane teaches us how to "RESPOND", not "react" to it, and quickly get our bearings. She then sets us up for success in the inevitable conversations that will follow with friends, family, or our children, and we learn to gracefully win people to our values. Disclaimer: Diane offers her suggestions based on her personal and professional experience. Her guidance is general and not specific to any one person.
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Christmas Trinket #3: Releasing The Agonizing Need To Know "Why"!

"Lady Up" America with Diane CanadaDec 07, 2023

Christmas Trinket #3: Releasing The Agonizing Need To Know "Why"!
Dec 07, 202310:41
Christmas Trinket #2: Inviting You Back To The Light!
Dec 05, 202308:10
Christmas Trinket #1: Take A Seat!
Dec 05, 202309:00
Prayers Up For Gov Ron DeSantis Debating Gov Gavin Newsom on Hannity Tonight
Dec 01, 202325:32
No Party Crashers at Rockefeller Center Tonight
Nov 30, 202323:28
Why Your Prayers May Not Be Working
Nov 28, 202329:14
How To Tap Into Our Spiritual Authority and Push Back Evil In Our Culture
Nov 28, 202325:12
How To Be Thankful "In" The Pain This Holiday Season
Nov 17, 202320:01
Men Who Identify As Women Are Now Joining Sororities

Men Who Identify As Women Are Now Joining Sororities

Men who identify as women have infiltrated women's sports as of late, costing many women the championships they've worked their whole lives for. Now, these men are being allowed to join sororities, such as the University of Wyoming's Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority.

They're not getting away with it because strong women are taking a major stand. On today's show, Diane Canada explores how with Michelle Parker, Nashville Director of the Independent Women's Network.

For those interested in donating to the lawsuit:

All gifts to help with legal fees will be fully tax-exempt and can be handled as follows:

Checks should be made out to:

NDCME (North Dakota Coalition for Member Education)

Checks should be sent to:

Patsy Levang

10841 Highway 73

Watford City, ND 58854


Margo Knorr (Kappy Daughter BZ)

2981 16 W. St. NW

Coleharbor, ND 58531

All contributors will receive a letter acknowledging their tax-exempt gift for accounting purposes.

Date of this notice: 10/20/2021

Employer ID #87-3197342

Nov 16, 202339:43
Interview with Dr. Carol Swain

Interview with Dr. Carol Swain

Due to illness today, Diane is unable to film a new episode for you, but we felt re-airing this important interview with Dr. Carol Swain, would be a great substitute. We recorded this late summer and her book, The Adversity of Diversity, is available now!

Learn more about Dr. Swain HERE

Learn more about Diane Canada HERE

Download the Lady Up America APP in your Google or Apple store today to learn to gracefully win people you know and love to conservative values.

Nov 14, 202333:33
Our Kids Shouldn't Bear The Weight of the World
Nov 13, 202333:52
SPECIAL: Diane Hears Natalie Beisner's Conversion Story From Athiest Liberal to Christian Conservative
Nov 09, 202332:41
What Are Christians Missing?

What Are Christians Missing?

The Audrey Hale manifesto was leaked on the Crowder Podcast this week and gives us a sobering glimpse into her mindset before the tragic shooting at Covenant School in Nashville.

Michelle Parker from the Independent Women's Network joins Diane Canada to explore an in-depth conversation about how this could happen at a Christian private school...what are we missing, America?

Download the Lady Up America APP in your Google or Apple store to take Diane's 6-week challenge and learn to gracefully win people to conservative values without a fight.

Learn more about Diane at

Nov 09, 202347:49
The Enemy Can't Have Our Kids

The Enemy Can't Have Our Kids

We've got to learn to tap into our spiritual authority and become very savvy at winning back our young people, especially those being so deceived by this current war in Israel. The enemy can't have our kids.

Joni Bryan from the 917 Society joins Diane Canada for some candid conversation over Tea Time.

Download the Lady Up America APP in your Google or Apple store to take Diane's 6-week challenge and learn a graceful approach to winning people to our values.

Learn more about Diane at:

Nov 07, 202347:49
The American Injustice System

The American Injustice System

Today's breaking news centers around Trump taking the stand in New York. Whether you like him or not, there are important things to discuss on how his mistreatment will play out in this next election. Aundrea Gomez from Citizens For Renewing America joins Diane Canada for Tea Time.

Download the Lady Up America APP in your Google or Apple store to learn a graceful way to win people to conservative values without the fight.

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Nov 06, 202335:03
Senator Marsha Blackburn Sits Down With Diane Canada To Discuss What It Means To Be A Conservative Woman
Nov 02, 202315:16
Lady Up and Vote Republican
Nov 01, 202332:40
We Are Women!
Oct 31, 202328:28
A Surprising Connection Between Lady Up America and Speaker Mike Johnson
Oct 30, 202333:48
Step Into Your Authority
Oct 26, 202323:31
Let's Get to Know the New Speaker of the House!
Oct 25, 202325:06
Lookin' To The Skies While Swingin' For The Rafters

Lookin' To The Skies While Swingin' For The Rafters

Many believe Jesus is coming back ANY moment as we see so many signs that align with the end days predictions in the Bible. But none of us know the day or the hour. We'll talk today about how we can "wait well".

Be sure to download the Lady Up America APP:

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Google Store:

Learn more about Diane Canada and Lady Up America at

Oct 24, 202327:15
We're At A Major Crossroads: Worldview vs Biblical View
Oct 23, 202321:44
If They Don't Share Our Values, They Won't Share Our Outrage
Oct 19, 202319:57
Peace Is ONLY Achieved Through Strength

Peace Is ONLY Achieved Through Strength

Today on the Lady Up America Podcast, Diane Canada gives a passionate explanation of one of our 7 crucial conservative values, Peace Through Strength, and explains the series of events we have ushered in by relaxing that stance. We need to not avoid seeing the heartbreaking consequences of relaxing it so that it leaves such a lasting impression that we NEVER allow ANY Administration to repeat it.

Learn more at and download the Lady Up America APP in your Google or Apple store.

Oct 18, 202312:47
Can We Please Just Take A Minute?
Oct 17, 202319:13
Here's A One-Way Ticket Out of America With Your Name On It
Oct 16, 202330:37
Sympathizing Is Backfiring On College Campuses
Oct 12, 202330:34
How Can We Co-Exist With People Who Won't Assimilate To Our Values?
Oct 11, 202322:57
Keeping Our Faith In The Face of Evil
Oct 10, 202334:05
Our Response To The Attack On Israel
Oct 09, 202334:56
Lessons From The Open Border
Oct 05, 202332:43
Speaker McCarthy Is Ousted
Oct 04, 202332:34
What's Feeding The American Grudge
Oct 03, 202326:09
Trump Is In Court in New York AGAIN!

Trump Is In Court in New York AGAIN!

Welcome to the first episode in our new format!

Summary: In this 1st episode of the new Lady Up America Podcast format, host Diane Canada discusses why the breaking news of Trump on trial for fraud in New York should matter to the average suburban mom. Diane is joined by Andrea Gomez, the Nashville representative for Citizens for Renewing America, based in Washington, D.C. The conversation emphasizes the need to be strategic in conversations about Trump and the state of the country. Chapters

| **Timestamp** | **Summary** |

| ------------- | ----------- |

| 0:00:20 | Introduction to the breaking news about Trump's trial for fraud |

| 0:01:18 | Lawsuit against Trump for overvaluing his business holdings |

| 0:02:20 | Allegations seen as a way to bankrupt Trump and interfere with the election |

| 0:03:15 | Media is counting on people not following the details closely enough |

| 0:04:44 | Dangerous weaponization of the Department of Justice |

| 0:05:55 | Introduction of guest Andrea Gomez |

| 0:06:35 | What's the connection between government shutdown, Trump trial, and fire alarm incident | 0:09:16 | Funding weaponized agencies and cutting woke spending |

| 0:12:59 | Using the Holman rule to defund salaries of individuals pushing woke practices |

| 0:14:17 | Letitia James bringing charges against Trump without any reported crimes |

| [0:14:56] | Judge overseeing case is biased against Trump. |

| [0:15:18] | Trump is being targeted to exhaust his resources. |

| [0:16:37] | Consequences for anyone who wants to drain the swamp. |

| [0:17:51] | Fear of being exposed silences voices of America First movement. |

| [0:18:41] | Skeletons in closets exploited for political gain. |

| [0:19:26] | Practical advice: don't succumb to fear, pick one main issue to educate yourself on. |

| [0:20:52] | Weekly grassroots intelligence call for national issues available. |

| [0:22:53] | Pray about what God is asking you to do. |

Learn more about Aundrea's organization at:

Learn more about Lady Up America:

Oct 02, 202327:12
EP#11 An Evening With Alice Rolli, Nashville Mayoral Candidate
Sep 03, 202301:06:28
EP#10 The Adversity of Diversity with Dr. Carol Swain
Aug 01, 202333:33
EP#9 Leading In Tune with Javier Pena

EP#9 Leading In Tune with Javier Pena

Diane Canada sits down with Javier Pena, who is about to bless you more than you can possibly imagine!

If you have seen this movie, For Once In My Life, on Amazon Prime, Netflix, or PBS, then you have seen the force of nature that Javier is.

He went to a job interview that totally discouraged him at first, but then put him on the path to his incredible destiny!

He took a room full of young people with disabilities of all kinds, taught them to sing and play instruments, and they became a band. They shocked the world with what they accomplished. They were invited to the White House and the documentary that accompanies this journey is being shown in US Embassys across the world.

Ladies! If there is ONE Podcast you need not miss, it is this one!!!

You will walk away with golden nuggets of wisdom from this Episode. Javier grew up in Venezuela and moved to the United States in 1995. He is a strong Christian man with a deep love for our country and for people. Carve out an hour either in your car, in your office on your earbuds, or curled up on the couch with a cup of hot tea and settle in for some pure wisdom.

Learn more about working with Javier:

Jun 20, 202301:15:47
EP#8 Keeping It Real with Riley Gaines

EP#8 Keeping It Real with Riley Gaines

Riley Gaines was so open with Diane Canada about her faith as the conversation turned very personal. You'll remember Riley as the NCAA Championship Swimmer who was cheated out of her rightful victory by Lia Thomas, a trans swimmer who was shockingly allowed to compete against her University of Kentucky Swim Team.

Riley has been seen on numerous national media outlets, she has been active in the passing of new legislation to help protect women's rights, and she openly demonstrated courage when an angry mob brutally attacked her at San Francisco State University after delivering a speech.

Riley is now the spokeswoman for the Independent Women's Forum and is a strong voice for women in sports.

May 23, 202321:39
EP#7 Has America Become Sodom & Gomorrah? With Pastor Aaron Davis
May 20, 202356:57
EP#6 The Mind of a Conservative Woman with Senator Marsha Blackburn
May 18, 202315:16
EP#5 How God Repurposes Pain with Eva Angelina Romero
May 02, 202345:01
EP#4 Authenticity Is The New Black with Honoree Corder
Apr 11, 202332:13
EP#3 Who's Hand Are You Holding with Sandra Lee

EP#3 Who's Hand Are You Holding with Sandra Lee

Diane sits down with Sandra Lee, Director of Artist Relations and Events at The Fish Nashville Christian Radio and Executive Director of

Today, we're talking about how it's impossible to "ride the fence" anymore in this spiritual battleground and the vital importance of mentorship in an increasingly confusing world.

Learn more about Sandra Lee: Sandra Lee

Learn more about Lady Up America:

Download the Lady Up America APP in your Apple or Google store!

Mar 21, 202331:25
EP#2 Ending Racism with Kip Dodson
Mar 14, 202334:34
EP#1 The Answers Lie Within with Dr. Ming Wang
Mar 07, 202350:28