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Golf... Golf Never Changes

Golf... Golf Never Changes

By Lagrange Directory

Gwyn and Avery are two ladies with a strange fixation that they've never fully indulged: Golf video games. And there are a lot of golf video games. Join them on their leisurely journey through the history and present of golf video games, as they explore old classics, discover hidden gems, and rank every single game in a single Tier List.
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A Link to the Golf, pt. 2

Golf... Golf Never ChangesFeb 09, 2022

BONUS: A Link to the Golf, Newfoundland Edition
May 11, 202247:12
A Link to the Golf, pt. 2

A Link to the Golf, pt. 2

After an unintentional hiatus, Avery and Gwyn return to journeying through the history of the Links series of games. Today's major digression is a rabbit-hole dive into software piracy in the early 90s and poor academic rigour. We discuss Links 386 and Microsoft Golf 2.0, before finally sitting down and playing Microsoft Golf 3.0!

Ranking: Birdie!


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Additional Links

  1. Parsec - Screen sharing app:
  2. winevdm - Running 16-bit applications on 64-bit Windows:

You can find Gwyn and Avery on Twitter @hellgnoll and @rezzish, and Mastodon and

Feb 09, 202246:03
A Link to the Golf, pt. 1
Nov 14, 202139:38