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Lame Film School

Lame Film School

By James and Lucas

Two film graduates talk about film stuff.
Reviews, production, gear, GoPro usage in Peter Jackson's 'The Hobbit' and much, much more.
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Ep.5 - The Return

Lame Film SchoolMay 11, 2020

Ep.5 - The Return

Ep.5 - The Return

We're back! Today James begs RODE for sponsorship as well as discussing the impact on film releases due to the pandemic, cultural impact on story inception, and Gear Talk discussing the EOS R5!

May 11, 202049:53
Ep.4 - Good Grief, We Love Alita Battle Angel
Feb 07, 201929:54
Ep.3 - James Gets Rehabilitated

Ep.3 - James Gets Rehabilitated

In this episode of Lame Film School, we talk about The Shawshank Redemption (1994), Get Out (2017), university type things, existential dread, please employ us, shameless plugs, and a guest appearance from our resident Adam Sandler specialist Tom Brown. P.S. Unfortunately splitting the show into segments within Anchor has been giving us a few issues, so refer to the timestamps below if you want to skip to a specific part! Timestamps: 00:00 — Intro 00:30–02:13 — Existential dread and uni bashing 02:16 — Review Time! 02:17–08:41 — The Shawshank Redemption (1994) 08:41–22:00 — Get Out (2017) 22:00 — Recommend Time! (Working title) 26:10 — "Speaking of nominations..." 27:07 — Shameless Pub Crawl (2016) plug 29:08 — Sandler's Corner (Welcome to Sandler's Corner, it's where we talk about... Adam Sandler and all the things he does in his life! Okay!) 30:02 — Where we know exactly what's been going on. 30:30 — The End 31:47 — A little something extra Links: The Shawshank Redemption (1994) — Get Out (2017) — Fractured Horizon (2018) — Pub Crawl (2016) — Notes: I REALISE NOW THAT NEITHER PHENOMENON OR PHENOMENON TWO WERE MADE IN 2005 AND I AM SO SORRY. However, they are both good films and you should watch them. (Phenomenon & Phenomenon II, 1996 & 2003 respectively). Fanfare for Space Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
Jan 29, 201931:54
Ep.2 - New Year, New Favourite

Ep.2 - New Year, New Favourite

In this episode of Lame Film School, we talk about the Samson C02, discuss The Favourite (2018), fingering, our favourite Christmas Films, drifting trains on ice, Robert Zemeckis, Beowulf (2007), Surf's Up (2007), and wrap up in REVERB CORNER.

00:00 — Intro
00:46–01:06— An awful joke by Lucas
01:06 — Samson C02
04:35 — Talking about The Favourite (2018)
09:57–11:35— Alien: Covenant (2017) is weird
13:20–13:32— We go insane for a brief stint
13:33 — Christmas Films! (1 month late, or 11 months early?)
20:29–23:01— We love you Robert Zemeckis
23:01–24:12— James goes on about realistic 3D and VR
24:12 — Surf's Up's (2007) cool tech
26:04 — A shameless plug and angry space dreams
26:53–27:03— Lucas' brain melts
28:54 — Samson C02 Returns and we talk next time in REVERB CORNER
30:34 — Outro
31:19— A little something extra

The Favourite (2018) —
Alien: Covenant (2017) —
A Christmas Story (1983) —
The Family Man (2000) —
The Santa Clause (1994) —
The Polar Express (2004) —
Robert Zemeckis' Films —
Surf's Up (2007) —
Empyreal (2018) —

The clip of the Samson C02 @ 28:58 does have Adobe Audition's 'DeReverb' effect applied. The clip at 01:25–02:10 does not. Also, the RODE M1 has been spliced in, so when you notice the changes in audio quality, that's that.

Fanfare for Space Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
Jan 16, 201931:37


In this episode of Lame Film School, we talk about The Front Runner, A Simple Favor, trash films, budget film gear, and how you should not use the Zoom H4n with the RODE NTG-2. Please.

As you may notice we recorded this a fair while back before we got all caught up with University work once again but worry not— more is on the way.

0:00 - Intro
1:00 - The Front Runner
7:23 - A Simple Favor
11:08 - Rating Systems and Trash Films
21:08 - Gear Talk
27:36 - In Conclusion...

The Front Runner -
A Simple Favor -
Podcastage, Understanding Microphone Specifications (FAQ Series) -

Regarding the Zoom H4n and RODE NTG-2 comments here's a little info. First up, if you're not sure what I was on about then you should definitely check out the video I've linked by Podcastage. In fact, if you care at all about audio then his channel is worth a sub. I've linked to the point in the video where he talks about the 'Output Impedance' and then about 30s later, 'Load Impedance'. With that in mind... RODE NTG-2: 250Ω, Zoom H4n: 1 kΩ. Worth noting though at the H4n Pro is rated at 3 kΩ so that's probably a different story, although the pre-amps could still be weak.
At the time of writing this the H4n Pro is ~£170, while the Tascam DR-60D is sitting at ~£145, so I'd still recommend that unless you need on board mics too (And even then, I think I'd still recommend saving for the Tascam DR-70D).

Fanfare for Space Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
Jan 07, 201928:59
Ep.0 - Welcome To Our Room
Dec 29, 201836:51