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Revolution of Man Podcast

Revolution of Man Podcast

By Lance Cashion

Lance Cashion is taking the conversation deeper... A journey into worldview, cultural analysis, and current issues from a biblical perspective. Transforming knowledge and understanding to action.
"Head knowledge is great but if you don't do anything with it, then all you've done is learn something interesting."
The Revolution of Man podcast is a further exploration from what I write at
Telos (purpose): Challenge, equip, and mobilize - information and understanding must lead to action.
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Ep. 2 Cancelling Women and Girls

Revolution of Man PodcastApr 05, 2022

Ep.3 What Is Culture and What Does the Bible Tell Us About Culture?
Aug 05, 202252:50
Ep. 2 Cancelling Women and Girls

Ep. 2 Cancelling Women and Girls

Topic: "Cancelling Women and Girls"  A discussion about the culture's direct attack on human females, the denial of reality and truth, and the pathologies that contribute to the objectification, exploitation and violence against women and girls. We cover the prevalence of psychological self-expression based on individual emotion, forced acceptance of identity by society, the obliteration of mediating institutions, virtue signaling and where this takes us if we don't put a stop to these trends. Then, we formulate an initial response using practical actions and real world solutions in order to recover a biblical vision of what it means to be woman (and a man).

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Resources Mentioned in Podcast:

Book: The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self: Cultural Amnesia, Expressive Individualism, and the Road to Sexual Revolution by Carl Trueman


BJJ World: Fallon Fox, Transgender MMA Fighter Who Broke The Skull of Her Opponent

National Review (video): Judge Jackson Refuses to Define ‘Woman’ during Confirmation Hearing: ‘I’m Not a Biologist’

Swimming World: A Look At the Numbers and Times: No Denying the Advantages of Lia Thomas

Note: Fight the New Drug articles and resources provide excellent primary source links.

Fight the New Drug: Report: The US Is One Of The Biggest Consumers Of Sexual Exploitation In The World

Fight the New Drug: How Porn Can Change The Brain

Fight the New Drug: How Many Women Watch Porn?

How you can help: Combat Sex Trafficking

5 Stones Anti-Trafficking Taskforce 

Freedom Shield Foundation



Additional Links:

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Apr 05, 202229:05
Ep.1 Deeper Questions, Defining Reality & Rebuilding Trust
Mar 23, 202228:02