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Alkemy with a K

Alkemy with a K

By Landon Grant

This podcast is intended as a platform for my human to express. Hi, it's me Landon!! I have found that I discover quite a lot through flowing with verbal reflection, so that is what this podcast is. Here is an accumulation of my professional insights as an Embodiment Guide & Intuitive as well as my human perspectives :)
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I Am Be-ing

Alkemy with a KNov 21, 2023

I Am Be-ing
Nov 21, 202314:26
Maintaining Gratitude through Exhaustion
Nov 14, 202308:25
Finding Presence — Guided Meditation
Nov 07, 202312:10
Energenetic Experiencing
Oct 24, 202307:58
Choosing YOU in Every Moment (non-narcissistically)
Oct 17, 202318:36
Remembering Who You Are
Aug 29, 202307:46
Aug 22, 202310:50
Differences in Stability
Aug 01, 202310:12
Choosing YOU in Every Moment
Jul 25, 202318:36
Simultaneous Prosperity/Scarcity
Jul 18, 202312:13
Energy Update

Energy Update

Landon takes us into his intuition to filter through the current energies and provide grounding information to maneuver through this chaotic time. He mentions as his resource for looking up astrology charts. To connect more with Landon Grant go to He is open to chatting via dm and email and would love to dove into your charts or just an intuitive flow with you. Caio for now.
Jul 11, 202328:15
Gridworking: Our Natural Way of Being

Gridworking: Our Natural Way of Being

Landon takes us inwards to remember that we are all pillars of light moving through this space & time reality. He reminds us of the energetic residue that trails behind us and activates spaces and lay lines of this planetary body. We are here on purpose simply by existing as human. Connect more with Landon at
Jul 04, 202312:31
Knowing Your Energy

Knowing Your Energy

Sarah Mergoddess is a mermaid sharing love. This episode is a co-created reclamation of the present moment and empowerment into the body as energy beings experiencing a human life.

Connect more with Mergoddess on instagram @mergoddess11

Connect more with Landon at

Jun 27, 202343:23
Quantum Leaping — more tangible than once thought
Jun 20, 202318:59
Be Here | Be You
Jun 13, 202306:13
Trust in Self & Other

Trust in Self & Other

What would it be like if TRUST was a foundational value of socioeconomic standings and interactions? What if we trusted life to bring us each opportunity and people to connect with in exact timing we are ready & willing? This is the episode we unravel and dream of a world that is trusting. Connect more with Landon at
Jun 06, 202309:28
The Projector Need for Rest
May 30, 202313:57
Gentle Sustainability
May 23, 202307:37
Battle Strategizing Made Easy — Thanks Media!
May 16, 202319:03
The Call to WAKE UP
May 09, 202312:20
Message from a Dragon
May 02, 202317:29
Money, Flow, & Redirection
Apr 25, 202321:57
Be Here Now
Apr 18, 202307:16
Women vs Men — Why the separation?
Apr 11, 202320:58
Dress the Part
Apr 04, 202303:57
Let’s Dream — A New Paradigm
Mar 28, 202310:53
Navigating This Collective Shift
Mar 23, 202327:37
Equinox — Simultaneous Past & Present Choices
Mar 20, 202310:58
Being a Mirror for Others
Mar 09, 202306:52
Turning Up the Volume — An Embodiment Journey

Turning Up the Volume — An Embodiment Journey

Landon is an Intuitive Creator, Energy Worker, Movement Artist, & Embodiment Guide. He has discovered a calling in assisting others to go deep into their conditioning to reprogram their body, mind, and spirit to work in harmony as divine tools for creation. Connect with Landon at
Mar 07, 202311:32
Money — A Destination Free Vibration

Money — A Destination Free Vibration

It seems with the continuous changing of this material world that money mindset and manifestation seems to be more on the collective mind. This rampage is to ease ourself back into the frequency of appreciation and finding solace in the present moment of magick.
May 25, 202231:09
Finding Clarity Despite Mental Clutter
May 21, 202224:48
Lessons From A Stream
Feb 24, 202209:22
A Remembered Vision — Perspective of Progression
Jan 28, 202220:46
The Matrix Distractions
Dec 10, 202109:32
The Ego - A Unity Perspective
Nov 27, 202120:28
Importance of Rest — Spirit Body Reconnection
Nov 24, 202120:54
A Guided Ancestral Release

A Guided Ancestral Release

In this episode we go through a mini experience of a collective ancestral release that I felt resonant to guide us through today! Be in your own space where you can really feel into your present moment to hold space for your journey and your ancestors emotional release. So excited to be sharing this side of me while being in such aligned action! This feels so beautiful to share with you! This release was half scripted on my Resource Guide by Tam Pendleton. I am trained in the modality of Cellular Release which is where this came from. The last half of the release was intuitively guided by me :> For more, Visit my website | Email me
Nov 04, 202122:49
Samhain Unwinding and Stepping Into Presence
Nov 02, 202116:24
Pronouns, Gender, & Possessive Nouns
Oct 30, 202117:35
Anchoring In A New Paradigm
Oct 30, 202133:54
My Journey of Becoming
Oct 28, 202138:14
How Podcasts Liberate Our Senses
Oct 27, 202107:40
Imposter Syndrome — A Telling of Expansion
Oct 23, 202126:13
Fluctuating Frequencies — How They Are Impacting Our Human Experience
Oct 23, 202130:43
I Am A Wizard — A Vision Quest Discovering
Oct 18, 202121:27
Importance of Completion — Death Card
Oct 17, 202128:43
Why Are We Men — A Perspective on Divine Polarity
Oct 16, 202116:29
Stream of Consciousness — An evening flow
Oct 15, 202120:08
What’s Going On — My Perspecitve
Oct 14, 202129:54