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From The Field

From The Field

By LandscapeHub

Digging deeper with Green Industry professionals!

Joe Juricic and Will Haverkamp discuss topics that matter the most with new guests each week. Tune in and follow along with us on this journey!
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From The Field Oct 27, 2022

Pam Dooley with Plants Creative Landscapes - From "the field" to NALP's Woman Leader of the Year

Pam Dooley with Plants Creative Landscapes - From "the field" to NALP's Woman Leader of the Year

Joe and Will spend some time with well-respected leader and business owner, Pam Dooley, owner of Plants Creative Landscapes in Decatur, GA. From de-tasseling corn at the age of 12, to now owning a Landscape Maintenance/Design Build company with 4 divisions and 2 locations serving the Georgia area, Pam's story and tips for success are based in humility, passion, and commitment to her team and their individual growth. Pam discusses recent changes and challenges in staffing and autonomous mowers as well as her involvement with NALP and the value it brings to her and others. Cheers and Thank you Pam for joining us for a great episode of From the Field!

Apr 19, 202301:04:57
Win the Spring with Ramblin Jackson

Win the Spring with Ramblin Jackson

Today's guest is Jack Jostes from Ramblin Jackson and he's here to give you a preview on an upcoming half day virtual workshop that LandscapeHub will be participating in. It's called Win the Spring and is coming up on March 9th. The workshop is designed to provide landscapers with the tools they need to help them succeed this spring and beyond. The workshop will be hosted by Jack, including a presentation from him as well as Team Engine and LandscapeHub.

Feb 17, 202319:23
How Brands Help Bailey Nurseries Succeed in the Green Industry

How Brands Help Bailey Nurseries Succeed in the Green Industry

We're excited to have Nick Stevens from Bailey Nurseries on the latest episode of From the Field. Bailey Nurseries is one of the biggest names known throughout the world in the green industry. For over a hundred years, people have been relying on Bailey Nurseries to provide the highest quality plants and fantastic customer service. In this episode, Nick talks about his history in the green industry, gives a bit of background on Bailey Nurseries and goes deep on what Bailey is doing with brands that has helped them succeed in the industry. Nick also touches on the challenges he sees for the industry moving forward and what can be done to mitigate those challenges.

Feb 09, 202355:27
EQUIP yourself for the EQUIP Expo with Kris Kiser, CEO of OPEI & Equip Expo

EQUIP yourself for the EQUIP Expo with Kris Kiser, CEO of OPEI & Equip Expo

Joe and Will get to know Kris Kiser, CEO and President of OPEI, the organization responsible for representing and setting industry standards for Outdoor power equipment Manufacturers across the country. Get a better understanding of the EQUIP expo along with what it takes to host a crowd of 40,000+ registrants and exhibitors from around the world. Hear about what's new at the EQUIP expo for 2023, including education, new exhibits, entertainment, and what they plan to offer those spending their week in the city of Louisville this coming October. They've made sure its a destination for all to understand what's trending in the industry as it pertains to Equipment, hardscapes, and more. Not to mention, they provide everyone a chance to get down and dirty with the tools and machines in their GIANT outdoor demo area. Kris shares some tips about how to plan ahead to attend Equip along with more about a true passion of his, an organization/effort called TurfMutt where Superheroes TurfMutt & the Outdoor Powers teach kids and families backyard science. Incredible interview! 

Feb 01, 202353:41
The Next Generation of Gardeners and more with Marshall Dirks from Proven Winners

The Next Generation of Gardeners and more with Marshall Dirks from Proven Winners

Proven Winners is a brand known worldwide that you see almost everywhere you turn, and that's by no mistake, or lack of effort by their incredible team. In this episode, Marshall goes into depth about his start in the industry, the brand itself, and the lengths they go to to better understand their consumers to produce the highest quality plants, at the same time providing industry standard support for the growers that trial, produce and sell their lines across the country. Joe and Will also discuss an array of topics with Marshall including the new generation of Gardeners post Covid, the incredible benefits of using branded Plant on your project installations, and the trends we see ahead for our industry. Wrapping up, Marshall asks a few questions for Joe and Will about LandscapeHub including the challenges we face with our own Marketplace and helping the wholesale side of the industry dig into purchasing online. Enjoy!

Jan 11, 202301:11:44
Tips of the Trade with Green Industry Advocate, Beth Berry

Tips of the Trade with Green Industry Advocate, Beth Berry

Get to know Beth Berry in a conversation that covers a broad range of relevant topics ranging from how she got her start with Scott's, her involvement with Real Green Systems, including truly leveraging technology and really "seeing" how to grow your business by understanding what your front line employees and consumers are experiencing. All in, she's a powerhouse Green Industry Advocate that’s been making a difference in our Industry for years at multiple levels. She has a broad range of experience in SaaS/Software as a Service. In 2020 Beth was acknowledged as one of the Top 50 Women leaders in SaaS according to The Software Report. Beth has lead multiple sales teams, and most recently spearheaded integrated and strategic partnerships for Real Green Software. She’s a widely regarded Green Industry advocate and expert, Beth co-authors the Turf Care Index and also has a Podcast of her own, called Ahead of the Curb. We hope you enjoy the conversation as much as we did! 

Jan 06, 202355:41
GROWing with Marty Grunder

GROWing with Marty Grunder

If you've ever attended a GROW Group annual event, you already know what it means to be "Grunder Struck"! 

More and more landscape contractors are digging into working with Marty Grunder's consulting business, the GROW Group, creating connectivity with their peers and ultimately getting the practical help and precise expertise they need to achieve growth within their business. Don't be fooled, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree when it comes to the business tactics he teaches also being executed in his day to day operations at Grunder Landscaping. Join Jeremy and Will as they learn more about Marty's Entrepreneur mentality, where/how he got his start, his 100% dedication to his employees success, and how being committed to letting go helped him achieve more of his goals both professionally and personally. Hope you all enjoy the conversation as much as we did!

Dec 08, 202249:17
Let's get down to "business" with Founder and Inventor of Mulch Mate, Nick Carlson

Let's get down to "business" with Founder and Inventor of Mulch Mate, Nick Carlson

Episode 29: Mulch Mate x LandscapeHub

Will and Joe get to know Nick Carlson, Inventor and Founder of Mulch Mate. You may have seen him on social media rocking his brand, or recently on the Equip show floor showcasing his power line up of equipment and accessories designed to make the life of the Landscape Pro that much easier and efficient. 

We’re all about innovators at From the Field and inspirational stories that encourage others on their business journey. His story is just that, not to mention this guy drives race cars, and heavily believes in systems to create a stable and profitable business. Have a listen, you won't be disappointed! 

Dec 01, 202245:26
Everde Growers: Part 2

Everde Growers: Part 2

Episode 28: Everde Growers x LandscapeHub

The conversation continues as Nicholas turns the microphone back to Joe and Will with great questions around change and LandscapeHub's five year journey on building the industry's premier online marketplace.

They discuss the importance around continuous education, networking, and embracing change. 

Tune in to gain a better understanding of what Everde Growers is all about!

Nov 23, 202247:02
Everde Growers: Part 1

Everde Growers: Part 1

Episode 27: Everde Growers x LandscapeHub

On this episode of From the Field, Joe and Will have a fantastic conversation with Nicholas Staddon, Spokesperson and Plantsman for Everde Growers, a nationwide grower of high quality Nursery material. Nicholas has an impressive list of accomplishments and involvement within the Green Industry.

He tells us more about where he got his start to where he's at now, including a high level view and history of Everde Growers as an organization. Nicholas also shares some great advice about being a better person - both personally and professionally. Joe, Will, and Nicholas talk about the importance of interaction and connection, a key part of a successful business. (shout out to MANTS, the Mid Atlantic Nursery Trade Show) 

Tune in to get to know Nicholas, he's a wealth of knowledge and an overall great "Chap". Cheers!

Nov 15, 202235:27
All things H2A and H2B with Kyle from Farmer Law PC

All things H2A and H2B with Kyle from Farmer Law PC

Episode 26: Farmer Law PC x LandscapeHub

Labor is one of the hottest topics in the Green industry today! Maintaining your staff and keeping your bench full is key to sustaining the overall health of your operation. When it comes to using H2B and H2A to supplement your needs, there's a lot of uncertainty of where to start, and how to find the right support to responsibly engage with these programs. 

In this episode, Will and Joe sit down with Kyle Farmer for an initial Cliff notes version of H2A and H2B. For the meat of the convo, they talk through some general NEED to know info about the both programs, accompanied by some great conversation - Kyle is passionate about what he does! 

You'll get a better understanding of the services they provide, how Farmer Law PC is actively engaging with the Green Industry, and how a business can easily lean into working with them... Enjoy!

Nov 09, 202246:48
Ivanhoe Nursery and Farms

Ivanhoe Nursery and Farms

Episode 25: Ivanhoe Nursery and Farms x LandscapeHub

On this episode Russ Stokes and Joe talk about Ivanhoe Nursery located in Mundelien, IL. 

Owned by the Wirtz Family (for all you BlackHawk Fans), Ivanhoe has become a staple name in the Northern Illinois market. Russ shares his knowledge over a lifetime spent in the nursery.  

Tune in to hear what Ivanhoe has done to succeed and how they can help you with your material needs!

Nov 02, 202228:53
Millcreek Gardens LLC

Millcreek Gardens LLC

Episode 24: Millcreek Gardens x LandscapeHub

Fred Higginbotham, Growing Operations Manager at Millcreek Gardens shares his many years of experience in the Green Industry!

Millcreek Gardens is located in Ostrander, OH and has been around since 1978. They grow a lot of different material but perennials are the backbone at this nursery.

Joe and Fred dig into conversations around labor, logistic, and inventory. Of course, Fred shakes up he crystal ball and predicts that technology is the future and it's here to make everyones lives easier. 

Tune in and check out Millcreek's quality material on The Hub!

Nov 02, 202236:20
Willoway Nurseries, Inc

Willoway Nurseries, Inc

Episode 23: Willoway Nurseries x LandscapeHub 

On this episode of From the Field, Joe sits down with Danny Gouge of Willoway Nurseries located in Avon, OH.

Danny gives us a glimpse into what it takes to run a highly efficient operation that Willoway has known to be. Joe and Danny chat about labor, how the H2A program has helped them throughout the years, and how the culture at Willoway fosters growth and dedication. 

Danny shares how he started in the industry and how he keeps the customer in the know of the 7000 SKU's that Willoway has to offer. Tune in for some good laughs and a great conversation! 

Oct 27, 202232:59
Waverly Farm

Waverly Farm

Episode 22: Waverly Farm x LandscapeHub 

Will and Joe sit down with Laura Hagmann of Waverly Farms located in Adamstown, MD.

Laura gives us a great overview of the high quality material Waverly grows in the field as well as her perspective as she starts her second life in the green industry. Tune in and check out their premium quality B & B, landscape-size ornamental trees & shrubs on The Hub!

Oct 27, 202230:16
Home Nursery

Home Nursery

Episode 21: Home Nursery x LandscapeHub 

On this episode Joe chats with Home Nursery sales manager and fellow ILLINI, Hilliary Metzger. 

They dive into Home's history, their diverse product mix of perennials and shrubs, and what's on the horizon for production. Listen in to learn the difference in the 8" perennial pot versus the traditional #1 container, how they handle their logistics across their markets, and future labor force. If you are interested in doing an internship this is the episode to hear!

Oct 27, 202229:48
Charleston Aquatic & Environmental, Inc

Charleston Aquatic & Environmental, Inc

Episode 20: Charleston Aquatics x LandscapeHub

Stu, the owner of Charleston Aquatics, chats about their natives plant production in South Carolina.  

Charleston Aquatics also grows salt water natives. They have an interesting way of production that has helped Stu and his hard working team stand out to provide high quality natives.

Stu was just a ball to chat with and get to know. If you are into Natives, or want to hear more on salt water plant production, tune in!

Oct 20, 202222:24
Kankakee Nursery

Kankakee Nursery

Episode 19: Kankakee Nursery x LandscapeHub

Nostalgia sets in on this episode... Kankakee is the first ever supplier on LandscapeHub!

4th generation leaders Pete Worth and Amy Baker talk about their 97-year-old labor of love and how it has evolved over the years.  Located in Aroma Park, IL they service Colorado (all you rocky mountain fans out there) to Boston, as well as our friends in Ontario and Quebec, Canada. Their diverse plant palette makes them an easy truck filler. 

Looking to the future, Pete discusses their new crop of native trees and evergreens in Root Pouches (another shout out), their benefit of growing in the root pouches, and the Native tree movement here in IL. Amy talks about their long tenured labor force that has become family with next generations stepping up to help keep the nursery growing as a company. Don’t forget – they also do some liners too. 

Tune in to check out the diversity that Kankakee has to offer along with the great people that are continuing the family legacy.

Oct 20, 202229:20
Zirkle's Nursery

Zirkle's Nursery

Episode 18: Zirkle's Nursery x LandscapeHub

"Sell plants that sell themselves." - Joe Zirkle 

Joe gives us the download on Kirkle's Nursery located in Bridgeton, NJ. Zirkle's is on 280 acres on land, 40 of the acres are for container production. 

Joe emphasizes how important it is to create a friendly work environment where everyone is invested in the same goal and work as a team to get the job done. You won't have quality material without good workers so it's important to keep them happy!

Learn more about how the H2A program has helped with their labor production, the software programs they use for future availability, and their top sellers. 

Check out their high quality plants on The Hub - you won't be disappointed. 

Oct 20, 202236:20
Tyka Farms

Tyka Farms

Episode 17: Tyka Farms x LandscapeHub

Join us as we chat with Tyka Farms, a smaller B&B operation out of Oregonia, OH.  

Operators Doug and Jacob talk about how they keep their 30 acre production farm clean and of top quality material. Jacob is newer to the industry and is taking Doug’s experience and his younger view to keep the nursery growing quality product. 

Listen into get to know Doug and Jacob! They even take the reins and ask a bit more about LandscapeHub and how we look for the future. Enjoy!

Oct 13, 202229:38
Hoffie Nursery
Oct 13, 202227:19
Ruppert Nurseries

Ruppert Nurseries

Episode 15: Ruppert Nurseries x LandscapeHub

“There is a home for every tree out there”. - Kelly Lewis

If you like high quality, large specimen grade trees.. this podcast is for you! Kelly Lewis dives into the rich history of Ruppert Nurseries located in Laytonsville, MD. 

Kelly explains what it takes to handle big material, some of the cool equipment involved, along with the required tribal knowledge of their long tenured staff.  It's amazing that we can move such large, living, plant material with success…. and these folks do it right. Ruppert also goes above and beyond nursery production by helping the local market with big tree moving. 

Kelly has a wealth of knowledge with a strong passion for the nursery industry. It's evident that Ruppert takes pride in their work. If you have pictures from your projects of their material, please send them to Kelly! 

Oct 13, 202231:50
An Entrepreneur's Delight - Get to know Logan Fahey from Robin AutoPilot
Oct 05, 202234:46
Premier Plant Solutions

Premier Plant Solutions

Episode 13: Premier Plants Solutions x LandscapeHub

We have a packed room on this episode with our very own special guest, Jeremy Schultz – Direct of Sales and Operations for The Hub.

Joe, Will, and Jeremy sat down with Ron Schultz of Premier Plant Solutions. Premier has 3 locations across Ohio: Broadview Heights, Avon, and Hillard.

They're a re wholesaler that can provide a full array of material – making them the perfect one-stop shop!

Ron discusses how PPS has evolved over the past couple years and looks to fully utilize the LH Partnership. Ron explains how quick turns, always having fresh material, and getting it to the jobsite quickly has put Premier Plant Solutions at the top of the contractor's mind. Ron even shares a couple creative ideas that they are exploring regarding labor.

Tune in to listen to Ron’s view of the future, you won’t be disappointed.

Sep 28, 202223:00
Christensen's Plant Center

Christensen's Plant Center

Episode 12: Christensen's Plant Center x LandscapeHub

“We say what we do and we do what we say.” - Eric Joy

Eric gives a great overview of Christensen’s Plant Center re wholesale yard in Plymouth, MI.  

Christensen’s broad mix of plant material is complemented by an additional location that accommodates multiple hardgood items such as stone, lighting, and much more.  They bring the one-stop shop experience to the greater Detroit area. We also get a crash course on plant/insect quarantines when shipping in and out of the state.  

Eric discusses the value add of his re wholesale business which is bringing in what you need when you need it – check out the special order section on LandscapeHub!

Sep 28, 202246:00
Manor View Farm

Manor View Farm

Episode 11: Manor View Farm x LandscapeHub

Get ready for a lot of laughs! On this episode Joe and Will sit down with Brian Mitchell and Joe Clark from Manor View Farm.

Manor View Farm was one of The Hub’s first East Coast partners located in Baltimore County, Maryland.

The bulk of Manor View’s business is a re wholesale, distribution center yard. They have 80 acres of field production that’s focused mainly on ornamentals and woody plant material. Not only do they plant 10,000 pieces a year, but they're one of the few growers who replenish fields with soil and compost.

Relationships, quality inventory, and quick turnarounds are the name of the game for Manor View.

Tune in to learn more about their propagation department, preferred pickup program, and their goal with using RFID tags!

Sep 27, 202248:10
Mariani Plants
Sep 14, 202242:46
Acorn Farms

Acorn Farms

Episode 9: Acorn Farms x LandscapeHub

Ok folks, this is going to be a fun one!

Joe chats with John DeHaven from Acorn Farms for a special edition episode, recorded at the Cultivate ‘22 Show.

John dives into the history of Acorn Farms and his background in retail garden centers. He gives the overview of Acorn's operation with their one - stop - shop location in Galena, OH to their multiple B & B field production locations. In between naming their favorite movies - they discuss the younger generation, the future of the industry, and some challenges that lie ahead…

Tune in and check them out on LandscapeHub!

Sep 08, 202242:59
Scythe Robotics: The Future of Technology

Scythe Robotics: The Future of Technology

Episode 8: Scythe Robotics x LandscapeHub

Have you or your company been thinking of using Commercial Autonomous Mowers? Whether you're ready or not, the technology is here, and it may not be as expensive as you think... 

Joe and Will do a Q and A with Billy Otteman from Scythe Robotics. Scythe is a front runner in the race to market for Commercial Autonomous Mowers in the Green Industry. 

Listen in to find out more!

Sep 01, 202248:47
Carolina Native Nursery
Aug 24, 202228:13
Hinsdale Nurseries
Aug 17, 202228:43
A. Brown & Sons Nursery
Aug 11, 202217:46
From The Field Introduction

From The Field Introduction

Episode 4: Introduction 

Joe Juricic and Will Haverkamp (aka the masterminds behind the mic) dig deeper with Green Industry Professionals every week. 

Today they discuss the "why" behind From the Field and all of the exciting things to come. Tune in and follow along with us on this journey!

Aug 05, 202201:23
Green Acres Tree Farm
Jul 25, 202243:22
Stantec Nursery
Jul 18, 202233:40
Fiore Nursery and Landscape Supply
Jul 11, 202227:20