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How to be Human

How to be Human

By Lara Foster

How do you human? Join us as we take a deep dive interviewing high-caliber, heart-centered humans in the How to be Human Series hosted by Lara Foster.

Each week we'll dance with our curiosities through conversation and highlight our guest's zones of genius. Together we'll explore and discover what really needs to be said and heard for all humans, right now.

How to be Human is a Hedge School Series hosted on Substack where you can find a wide array of articles exploring similar themes.

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How to be Human with Lara Foster (guest host Steve Brophy)

How to be HumanOct 12, 2022

How to be Human with Lara Foster (guest host Steve Brophy)

How to be Human with Lara Foster (guest host Steve Brophy)

On today's Season Finale of the How to be Human podcast we are interviewing Lara Foster. Hey, that's me! We were lucky enough to have Steve Brophy return to the podcast and become guest host for the day.

Lara Foster is an author, coach and developer. Her debut juvenile fiction novel The Healing Gem of Arcadia released in October 2022! Her curiosity leads the way in life when she writes and creates new projects like this podcast. She is grateful to the experiences and deep connections she has with humans who have helped her to feel and be fully seen and heard.

Lara’s gifts to recognize when she is heard is magnified when she turns that mirror towards others inviting them to fully see and hear themselves. This is where her coaching prevails. This is where her writing takes flight. And these are the types of programs she develops. Deep deep listening, resonance and connection with all of life.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The Healing Gem of Arcadia
  • The process of writing
  • Morning rituals
  • Resonance
  • How to love yourself, like really
  • Holding space
  • Getting curious together
  • Love and Fun
  • How to move through life with grace and ease

And so much more!

Please enjoy the Season Finale of the How to be Human podcast. Thank you to everyone who held space, listened and joined in the fun during the process of creating this together.

Season 2 is TBD.


The Healing Gem of Arcadia (Indie Bookstore Partnership)

#HGA at Barnes & Noble

#HGA for our International friends

And this podcast!

Oct 12, 202254:11
How to be Human with Georgia Ellis

How to be Human with Georgia Ellis

"If I show up and be the best version of myself, the content I've created actually does all the heavy lifting. I've just gotta help people, guide them to have conversations around what they're learning and how that could be implemented in their lives." -Georgia Ellis

Georgia Ellis is a dear friend and confidant. We met in passing days prior to being immersed into a retreat amongst the Redwoods of California in 2019. Her magnitude shines bright, she is a soul set forth to encourage other souls to shine their brightest, not despite the storms, but amidst the storms.

Georgia's capacity  shines to captivate and motivate humans to bring forth not only their best selves, but to ignite and awaken those parts of ourselves that lay dormant. It is in this capacity that her orchestrating of combining each subjects unique signature sound lays a harmony to bear. Don't blink, or you'll miss it. Step in time with her, and you'll be it.

Amongst these transcendent qualities, Georgia walks daily with clients and lateral leaders as the Founder of BlueChipMinds.

Georgia believes that as an individual makes personal shifts across body, mind, emotions and spirit organizations also begin to shift, resulting in increased employee engagement, enhanced leadership capabilities, greater output and a winning edge in the market place. She is on a mission to help organizations and individuals thrive and to be an integral part in building a world where more people experience exponential growth through self-mastery.

In this episode we discuss:

-How people can experience exponential growth through self mastery

-How to chip away at our outer crust to reveal our inner gold

-Releasing outdated beliefs

-Noticing the polarities of those who "do the inner work" and those who "are hiding and hoping not to have to change"

-Meeting people where they are

-Leaning in with compassion and curiousity

-Learning how to learn again

-Genuine, generous, curiousity

-Gratitude as an entire somatic/bodily experience

Resource Links discussed in this episode:

Conversations with God >>

The Master Key System - Charles F. Haanel

Metronome video >> 

Todd Herman the Alter ego Effect >> 

Sep 28, 202259:10
How to be Human with Sharon DeMattia

How to be Human with Sharon DeMattia

Sharon DeMattia is AN ARTIST and SCIENTIST.

She is a systems thinker, strategic optimist, and creative concepts executive who creates large-scale interactive spaces that explore the interconnected relationships between planet and people.

She's a dragon rider, an invitation to the curious, and a curator of creative genius.

Sharon received her MS from the University of Colorado, Boulder in Kinesiology and Applied Physiology and worked within the Integrative Vascular Biology Lab doing invasive Human subjects research.  As her understanding of the integrity of query, methodology, and measurement expanded, so too did her understanding of the fragility and limitations of adhering solely to linear processes and prediction models.

She says, "When we only measure, we tend to miss the meaning; thus causing ecosystems to collapse into themselves from lack of relational cohesion. The art within science is found in the relationships between complex systems and the blurred edges of the spaces between what is purely evidence based."

What is relevant for her right now is how we show up and are accountable to ourselves, others, and the cosmic YES.

In this episode we discuss:

-Our relationship to the muse

-The language of connection in the soul

-Mother earth and The Mother Exhibit

-We just need to be heard

-Location markers

-Showing up

-The courage to be ourselves

-Becoming the artist and the art simultaneously

-Playing and laughing at yourself in the space between profane and profound

-The balance of structure/space and form/function aka the masculine and the feminine

Two things I learned from this conversation:

  1. How to respect the muse when she shows up! While being consistent and grateful for what she brings!
  2. How to set boundaries for my life and still have compassion for the ways others live their lives outside of those boundaries.
Sep 14, 202201:11:54
How to be Human with Christi Krug

How to be Human with Christi Krug

Christi Krug is an author, writing coach and owner of Wildfire Writing. She writes poetry, fantasy, children's novels, literary fiction, memoir, autobiographical fiction, a smattering of horror, inspiration, self-help and you might want to check in with her because next week it could be different.

Christi runs writing retreats in magical places, frequent workshops and teaches at Clark College. Her genuine intrigue for a writers heart and mind is what drew me to her and helped unravel my own writer's prose into published pieces and a forthcoming juvenile fiction fantasy novel.

Christi is every ounce of what she speaks walking the walk, literally everyday on trails, beaches and mountains in the Pacific Northwest and talking the talk with all of her students, counsel and wise friends.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Writing principles
  • Escaping criticalness
  • The Dream Kid & Dr. Codger
  • How to move through being outcome oriented
  • Allowing your work to begin and end with creative ideas
  • Turning creativity and productivity into a game
  • STOREY: the artificial things that we build to "try" to get to this place in our lives where we can feel like somebody
  • Listening to our bodies, listening to ourselves
  • Listening into connecting
  • Witness consciousness

During the first weekend in December 2022 she is holding her next retreat "Write into the Light" at Heceta Head Lighthouse. Please contact either of us for more details.

When asked about inspirational humans,

"Poets… in order to go to a place to hear what wants to be said to me, I need to get quiet, I need to tune into my body, I need to be willing to not just repeat something that I've heard and the way that I heard it," said Christi, adding "As a poet you have to have this pure channel."

Here are some of her favorites:

Paulann Peterson

Naomi Shihab Nye

Anis Mojgani

Kate Gray

Please enjoy the podcast!

Aug 31, 202247:01
How to be Human with Kelly Potts

How to be Human with Kelly Potts

"Ohana stretches far beyond what we think our normal concepts of family are." -Kelly Potts

Kelly Potts is a Surf Coach with Maui Surfer Girls and the Founder & President of the All Are We Water Collective. The Collective works in partnership with Tribal and Indigenous communities on the West Coast of the U.S. and in Maui to co-create therapeutic outdoor educational and recreational programs for families.

In this episode we discuss:

-Falling in love with volunteering

-Creating nurturing, positive, surf learning environments

-The positive ways surfing can affect people lives

-All Are We Water Collective Summer 2022 offerings

-The importance of being in a community

-Connecting with other humans to engage and build community

-Feeling our most human

-Dancing with life

And more!


You can find Kelly Potts on Instagram:

All Are We Water Collective:

Maui Surfer Girls:

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Jul 06, 202246:14
How to be Human with Ceylan Kara

How to be Human with Ceylan Kara

Ceylan Kara is a transformation guide offering one on one and group support to those seeking to come into a more intimate relationship with who they are at their core and building a life aligned. 

She is also trained in various modalities including somatic psychotherapy, coaching, sacred sexuality, womb work and soul initiation teachings. Most of all she is a student of the path and loves guiding fellow traveler's with her understanding of the tricky terrain of spiritual and psychological development.

She started her own spiritual and personal development workshops at 17 and has been lucky enough to learn from fellow traveler's all over the world. 

In this episode we discuss:

-Holding non-judgmental space of loving and compassion

-Being a "doctor of the psyche"

-Soul intimacy

-Guiding others to touch the core of their soul

-Recognition of other humans at a really deep level

-Integrating the different dimensions that we have access to as humans

-Holding the tension of divine/animal & feminine/masculine energies, etc.

-Learning the art of balancing our different parts

-Understanding that masculine/feminine energies is not defined by gender or bodies

-Jungian theory on inner marriage aka balancing masculine/feminine energies within ourselves

-The commitment through inner marriage to not leave or betray yourself for anyone or anything

-Maturity through self ownership and sovereignty

-Life and Relationships becoming a CELEBRATION!

-Learning through transmission, being in the presence of others who have already received and embodied that knowledge

-Revealing yourself to find "the others"

-Making your wish, desires, longings known externally

-How to integrate the masculine/feminine into your practices

-Down regulating your nervous system

-Allowing our bodies to come into centered and grounded states, "calming ourselves

-And so much more!

#HowToBeHuman #HumansBeingHuman

You can find Ceylan Kara on Instagram:

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Apple Podcasts:


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May 11, 202254:10
How to be Human with Steve Brophy

How to be Human with Steve Brophy

It would only be fitting that our dear Steve Brophy is officially the 7th episode of the new How to be Human Podcast. And, as I learned last month just weeks before chatting with Steve, we both were born on March 7th as well. Such a treat to celebrate our birthdays in tandem, through the curiosities of Hedge School, blossoming into what you're seeing now.

Steve is the creator of Hedge School a newsletter dedicated to reimagining learnedness. Hedge School is the original publication home of the How to be Human Series.

A self termed listener and re-story-er, Steve shares his delectable insights with all those tuning in for the treats glimmering from his soul. He has an uncanny way of delivering the definition of words you've never heard before and using them in ways you may not have imagined. And Steve is tenderly as David White says, "Writing the one line in the book of the world that only (he) can write."

Steve also just released his first book Alight in the Lament which features the telling of his own process of grief interwoven with beautiful poetry. He says, "It is about finding through grief hope and light and a way forward through the darkness."

In this episode we explore:

-Signature Sounds

-The reciprocity of writer/reader, speaker/listener

-The evolution of curiosity

-Alight in the Lament

-Speaking alive stories

-Being a member of the sh*t club

-Poetry as a collective language experience

-Finding our voice

-Humans weaving on the sentient level


-You at your original source and finding our way back to that

-Honoring the source material

-Allowing ourselves to be swallowed by big nature

-Creating conditions for engagement (aka boundaries)

And more!

#HowToBeHuman #HumansBeingHuman

Please view the interviews from the How to be Human Series at YouTube.

Apr 13, 202201:08:46
How to be Human with Josie Coleman
Mar 16, 202245:06
How to be Human with Jaleel Mackey

How to be Human with Jaleel Mackey

How do you human? Join us as we take a deep dive with these high-caliber, heart-centered humans in the How to be Human Series hosted by Lara Foster.   

How to be Human with Jaleel Mackey: Episode 5   

Jaleel is co-founder (with Tom Williamson) of Breath Rise + Thrive which started in 2020. 

"The message kind of came to me, I know breathwork, I know meditation, I know what it means to navigate times of uncertainty… I know what it means to try to fix my life, repair the brokenness. And try to come out on the other side with a little bit more clarity and purpose and a sense of who I am. And so I said, you know what, I'm best suited in the streets, in the trenches. So I quit my job at Google, started BRT, to teach people breathwork, meditation and other types of peak performance tools for them to navigate times of uncertainty. Which it felt like the world really needed at that time." -Jaleel Mackey   

In this episode we cover:   

-Setting intentional time to be emotional  

-How to put yourself back together  

-Emotional dexterity as a practice  

-How to express anger productively  

-Using the breath to remember our humanness  

-Naming emotions in conversation  

-Creating opportunities for connection and dialogue  

-Detaching from outcomes  

-Authenticity & Vulnerability   

You can find Jaleel here:   

Breathe, Rise + Thrive here:   

Be sure to sign up for future releases via Hedge School here:   

Subscribe to this YouTube for continued interviews with interesting humans:

Feb 16, 202248:09
How to be Human with Joshua Lundell
Jan 19, 202201:06:11