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Changing Your Dreams: Parenting a Child with Special Needs

Changing Your Dreams: Parenting a Child with Special Needs

By Lara Kitts

This podcast is about the unique grief we carry, changing our dreams, and how to care for ourselves when parenting a child with special needs.
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27. Finding Confidence with Adelle Spindlove

Changing Your Dreams: Parenting a Child with Special NeedsJan 20, 2022

27. Finding Confidence with Adelle Spindlove
Jan 20, 202240:23
26. Healing Yourself Through Nature
Jan 13, 202217:19
25. Traumatic Diagnosis Story with Shannon Dennis
Dec 23, 202153:39
24. My Story of Being an Energy Healer

24. My Story of Being an Energy Healer

This is a solo episode where I share my story about when I realized my gift as an Energy Healer. How do you know if energy healing is right for you?

I welcome your questions via email at, or a voice message at

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Host, Lara Kitts
Website and Flight Club
Dec 16, 202131:26
23. Parenting Through Trauma with Brandy Linen
Dec 09, 202153:22
22. How to Model Communication with Hannah Stainer
Dec 03, 202147:58
21. The Importance of Adult Play with Kara Latta
Nov 18, 202139:52
20. Intuitive Connection Reading with Nikhi Joshi

20. Intuitive Connection Reading with Nikhi Joshi

Today’s episode is an Intuitive Connection reading for Nikhi Joshi about her daughter. Nikhi struggles with her 3-year-old's “intense” personality and behaviors that trigger her own tendencies toward overwhelm as a Highly Sensitive Person, or HSP. She’s tried doctors and parenting coaches with no help. She came to me to seek support from her daughter's Spirit Guides to better understand her daughter and answer her questions about behaviors, sensory interventions, and more. Spirit sends me messages through images (clairvoyance), hearing things in my head (clairaudience), and by just knowing things (claircognizence). This episode begins after I have called in the Spirit Guides for me, Nikhi, and her daughter and asked them for clear messages that will help Nikhi feel better about parenting. 

Do you sometimes find yourself feeling... 

at a loss for what to do?  anxious or depressed thinking about the future?  grief about what your family/child is missing out on? 

I have walked in your shoes and I can help. Using my gifts as an intuitive energetic healer and psychic, I help you get clarity on your parenting questions so you can all live your best lives. I have a personalized solution for you to unlock what your heart needs to know. My unique gifts: - get parents answers to lingering questions - provide clarity on your path forward - create a deeper parent/child connection - reassure you that you aren’t alone on your journey. If you would like a 45-minute private, online Intuitive Connection session with me to uncover answers to your deepest questions about your child, you can sign up here:

Nov 11, 202141:54
19. Honoring Your Body, Intuitive Healing, and my BHAG

19. Honoring Your Body, Intuitive Healing, and my BHAG

In coming back for Season 2, I explain the need to honor your body, discuss my deep dive into intuitive guidance and healing, and talk about my BHAG (Big, Hairy, Audacious, Goal), which is building Little Cabins in the Woods as a place for caregivers to find rest, respite, and retreat. If you are interested in seeing this dream come true, please contact me! I want to know there is a need and support for this in the world.

Contact me at

I'd love to see you on social media too! Follow me on Facebook @larakittsllc and on Instagram @lara.kitts. I'm doing a giveaway on IG through Nov. 12, 2021! Be sure to check my feed for all the details on how to win amazing prizes!

Nov 04, 202122:53
18. Knowing What Your Special Needs Child is Feeling: A Magical Interview with Jennifer Waller
May 26, 202131:34
17. Mom vs. Caregiver with Jess Ronne
May 19, 202142:21
16. Finding Self-Love with Lara Kitts
May 12, 202131:54
15. After Acceptance with Liza Blas
May 05, 202137:59
14. Sibling Series: Amanda Yoder and Andréa Vugteveen

14. Sibling Series: Amanda Yoder and Andréa Vugteveen

Amanda Yoder describes what it’s like to have much of her life shaped by growing up with her younger brother, Spencer, who has autism. The uncertainty and violence that is often a reality in families living with autism lead to a life of anxiety and hiding behind a mask of perfectionism. Upon going to college, Amanda began to find out who she really is and at age 22, she still wonders what her future with her brother holds.
Andréa Vugteveen is a Sibshops Facilitator, Children and Youth Coordinator/Volunteer Coordinator for Circles Grand Rapids, Social Work Lab Instructor at Calvin University, and Spiritual Direction Apprentice. Her purpose and passion is to walk alongside people, empowering them to thrive. One of her favorite ways to live out her purpose and passion is through her role as a Sibshops Facilitator. Sibshops are monthly peer support groups for children and youth who have siblings with special needs. She has created safe and engaging communities of support, encouragement, understanding and education for sibs in the Grand Rapids area for the past eight years. She’s looking forward to expanding the impact of Sibshops by bringing groups to Ottawa County this summer.
TEDxSanAntonio - Alicia Arenas - Recognizing Glass Children
Host, Lara Kitts
Website, Flight Club and Blog
The Sibling Support Project
Founded in 1990, the Sibling Support Project is the first national program dedicated to the life-long and ever-changing concerns of millions of brothers and sisters of people with special health, developmental, and mental health concerns. Our work spans books and publications, online communities for teen and adult siblings, and workshops and training. We are best known for helping local communities start Sibshops—lively peer support groups for school-age brothers and sisters of kids with disabilities and health concerns.
Grand Rapids, MI Area Sibshops Facebook page
Ottawa County, MI Area Sibshops Facebook page
Apr 28, 202101:08:17
13. Sibling Series: Brigette Heller
Apr 21, 202153:44
12. Sibling Series: Marina Carlucci Goody
Apr 14, 202135:45
11. Sibling Series: Shannon Patch
Apr 07, 202147:17
10. Sibling Series: Remi and Paige Kitts

10. Sibling Series: Remi and Paige Kitts

Today’s episode is the first in our Sibling Series. I interviewed my own children about being a sibling to their sister with special needs. You will hear first from 11-year-old Remi, and then from 15-year-old Paige. My children are my greatest teachers. I have learned so much from each one of them about human nature, what each one’s soul needs from me as their mother, and what I need to do to grow and evolve in this life. I find lately, that I sit back a lot and just watch them with awe. They inspire me to be better and I’m incredibly grateful to be their Mama.

Host, Lara Kitts

Website, Flight Club and Blog



Mar 31, 202134:36
9. When Your Child Has a Super Rare Disease with Jessica Fein
Mar 24, 202154:38
8. Simplifying Your Home, Time, and Mindset with Sarah Reckman
Mar 17, 202153:38
7. How to Look on the Bright Side with Isabelle Mosca
Mar 13, 202151:09
6. How to Nurture Special Needs Siblings and Spouses with Alana Miller and Lindsay Grohowski

6. How to Nurture Special Needs Siblings and Spouses with Alana Miller and Lindsay Grohowski

Alana Miller and Lindsay Growhowski are moms to 14-year-old John and 10-year-old Brayden, who has intellectual disabilities. As a stepmom, Lindsay has been in the boys’ lives since Brayden was a toddler and John was in Kindergarten. Alana is a Family Resource Specialist for KidsPeace, a therapeutic foster care agency in Richmond, VA. Lindsay is a Middle School Counselor. And just last year they started a small business called, Say Hello Threads.

Their mission is to be conversation starters and advocates. They hope that instead of teaching children not to stare, people will instead teach them to say hello when they see someone who is different than they are. Although 10-year-old Brayden is mostly non-verbal, one of his favorite things to do is say “hi” and “bye.” And as his moms, they just want people to acknowledge him and converse with him even if he is not able to respond verbally past the “hi”.

Alana & Lindsay

website -

Instagram and Facebook - @sayhellothreads


website -

Facebook - @larakittsllc

Instagram - @lara.kitts

Mar 03, 202133:25
5. How to Support a Special Needs Family with Rachel Horcher

5. How to Support a Special Needs Family with Rachel Horcher

Feb 22, 202137:43
4. The Importance of Community with Shannon Klenk
Feb 15, 202138:08
3. Healing Anxiety with Kelly Winkler

3. Healing Anxiety with Kelly Winkler

In today's episode, I talk to Kelly Winkler about how her journey of parenting a child with anxiety and panic attacks lead her to understand and heal her own anxiety.
She found her voice through advocating for her children, and now she has her own podcast!
She teaches bite-sized tips for adults to help the kids in their lives gain control over their thoughts and manage their lives through breathing, meditation and mindfulness.
Her podcast is called Mindful Moments for Families and Schools and this is her transformation story.

Podcast – Mindful Moments for Families and Schools
IG - @mindfulmomentsforfamilies
FB - Kidding Around Yoga with Kelly
Feb 08, 202128:11
2. Divorce and Special Needs Parenting with Wendy Steinberg
Feb 01, 202150:06
1. Changing My Dreams

1. Changing My Dreams

I wanted to start this podcast because I have learned a great deal in the last few years that I feel called to share with other special needs parents. Today’s episode is my story of grief and transformation. My story so that you can get to know me and we can become friends. How do we live a beautiful life with chronic stress and grief? How do we nurture ourselves while we nurture our children with special needs? How do we make ourselves a priority when they need so much? Be sure to subscribe to the podcast so you don’t miss any of it.
Jan 25, 202114:19


The chronic and ever-renewing grief of special needs parents is barely identified and rarely talked about...until now! I'm Lara Kitts. I hope you'll join me on my podcast, Changing Your Dreams: Parenting a Child with Special Needs. It's about our unique grief, transforming your dreams, and how to care for yourself along the way when parenting a differently-abled child. I will explore various types of grief and the effects it has. I will talk to field experts and special needs parents at different stages of their journeys. We will discuss how grief has affected them, how they have evolved, and focus on important ways to take care of yourself. Look for Changing Your Dreams: Parenting a Child with Special Needs in January 2021!
Nov 09, 202000:53