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Larperati Podcast

Larperati Podcast

By Avalon larp studio

A podcast by Avalon larp studio where we talk to designers and theorists about larp.
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Larperati Podcast ep06

Larperati PodcastMar 30, 2021

Larperati Podcast ep06

Larperati Podcast ep06

Episode 6 of the Larperati Podcast, with special guest Hilda Levin, a Swedish larper living in Norway. Our main focus is her work on metareflection ( Other topics include immersion, and whether total immersion is totally a thing, aesthetics, and dramaturgy.  Martine delves deep into the process of metareflection, Simon provides a vague rambling reference to Jane Austen.

We do Ludography now: Arvet efter det onda by Enhörningen, (today Eleria), Inside Hamlet by Participation Design Agency, The Android larps by Atropos, A nice evening with the family (2018) by Anders Hultman & Anna Westerling

Mar 30, 202136:25
Larperati Podcast ep05
Mar 19, 202141:40
Larperati Podcast ep04

Larperati Podcast ep04

Episode 4 of the Larperati Podcast, with Special guest James Lórien MacDonald, a Finnish-Canadian stand-up comedian and performance artist, who has been working on the crossovers between larp, theatre, and performance for over a decade. Topics include clown, herd competence, design for performance and larp crossovers,what larpers can learn from actors and what it was like coming to KP for the first time. Martine asks the questions and talks about farcical larps, Simon tells a vague rambling anecdote about Punchdrunk and dissonance. We do Ludography now: Muovikuppi (The Plastic Cup) Juhana Pettersson, 2008
Nov 03, 202047:02
Larperati Podcast ep03
Jun 11, 202035:13
Larperati Podcast ep02
May 28, 202030:51
Larperati Podcast ep01

Larperati Podcast ep01

The Larperati Podcast featuring guest Jonaya Kemper. We talk about robots briefly, then about larps with erotic content. Martine is shocked at Feeding Lucy's metatechniques; Simon drinks red wine out of a sippy cup because he is not trusted with a wine glass; Jonaya does free emotional labour. Sound problems this episode are caused by a background application on Simon's laptop apparently using 360% CPU (Z-Scaler we are looking at you)
May 13, 202040:34