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Embrace Your UGLY®

Embrace Your UGLY®

By Latisha Anderson

In order to change your life, you must first change your mindset! This is an intentional action that only you can do... Let me show you how! Let's Embrace Our UGLY®! Let be Unique! Genuine! Love! & simply You!® Hi, I'm Latisha Anderson your certified Life and Empowerment Coach. I am also known as "THE PEOPLES COACH". I am here to EMPOWER You... To equip you to become Stronger and more Confident, gain Control over your Life and Claim Your Rights!
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Embrace Your UGLY®Sep 27, 2022



Where Have I Been? This is me allowing you A LITTLE INSIGHT into My TRUTH.

Sep 27, 202215:42
Harvest Time!!

Harvest Time!!

Understand your Harvest
Contact Us Today: 1-877-210-1501
Aug 31, 202201:08:32
Empower!! What is IT?
Nov 18, 202105:47


This was literally on the NOW!!! Just listen you will be EMPOWERED! How has "LIFE" conditioned YOU?

Nov 11, 202121:47
MIndset Matters: FEAR
Aug 16, 202118:01
Mindset Matters: Look Again

Mindset Matters: Look Again

Sometimes you have to Look Again... Reevaluate your view. Learn your truth and remove the dysfunction from your sight.  Oftentimes people look at their younger years and see fault and fear, I ask you to look again... Learning to go beyond what you see is not easy but it is so worth it.

Jul 05, 202109:35
Mindset Matters: Awareness
Jun 20, 202107:53
Anderson Speaks: Who Am I?
Jun 11, 202107:35
Anderson Speaks: Let's Be Intentional

Anderson Speaks: Let's Be Intentional

Many are trying to grasp how to change their MINDSET.  Learning to be INTENTIONAL about changing your life is the #1 step in evolving.  Many want their circumstances to change before their MINDSET change and have learned that the Dysfunction is still with them.  I want you to be Intentional about Your Growth.  Remember NO ONE can do that for you... You Must do It Yourself! Changing YOUR Mindset Is Intentional!

Let's Chat

Jun 10, 202109:24
EYU: Special Episode
Jun 09, 202118:54
EYU: The Scars I See
Jun 08, 202108:44
Mindset Matters: You are in a Dysfunctional Relationship... with Yourself (originally aired on fb/2020)
Jun 03, 202132:43
Mindset Matters: Embrace your Truth (Originally aired on FB/2020)
Jun 02, 202151:04
Mindset Matters: Accept Truth as the Gift it Is! (originally aired on fb/2020)
Jun 01, 202138:55
Mindset Matters: Acknowledge Truth your truth (orginally aired on FB/2020)
May 31, 202129:10
EYU: Broken For Purpose pt. 2

EYU: Broken For Purpose pt. 2

Latonya continues to take us on her journey of being Broken For Purpose, in this segment her mother Shelia will join us. You Don't want to miss this! For more information about Broken For Purpose contact Latonya @! Always remember to Embrace Your Ugly!!!
May 30, 202129:12
EYU: Broken For Purpose pt 1
May 30, 202121:16
Mindset Matters: Are You Empowered? (originally aired on FB/ in 2020)
May 28, 202130:13
The UGLY behind the Smile

The UGLY behind the Smile

Hello EYU Family, join us as Mrs. Tameka walks us through her journey of learning to say NO!!! Sometimes the smile is not always as it appears to be. Tameka discusses always showing up for others and not really showing up for herself (with self-care etc...) We must understand that if my yes will cause me any kinda negative movement...mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, or financially then it's not good for me. It's Okay to say NO!
To connect simply click the link below:
Embrace Your Ugly
May 23, 202111:04
Mindset: Diagnosed with Dysfunction
May 20, 202122:07
EYU... My Weight
May 16, 202107:45
MOM... Embracing Her UGLY
May 09, 202108:57
 My Ugly Beginning
May 06, 202117:15