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The Confident Moms Podcast

The Confident Moms Podcast

By Laura Dry

The podcast where we talk all things motherhood and confidence and anything else on the heart of a confidence-seeking, fun-loving, imperfect mom looking to empower other moms to be themselves, grow their Confidence and tune into their own hearts.
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#38-Being more Self Aware

The Confident Moms PodcastMay 08, 2023

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Jun 19, 202336:00
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Jun 12, 202344:49
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Jun 05, 202330:07
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May 29, 202349:13
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May 15, 202332:37
#38-Being more Self Aware

#38-Being more Self Aware

My life changed when I became more self-aware.

And full disclosure here... It made my life harder before it got better.

By self-aware I'm not just talking about knowing yourself and what makes you tick, I am talking about the stuff that really matters, the stuff underneath the surface.

Self-awareness is uncovering roots.

In this episode, I am sharing:

  • The difference between the self-awareness we gain in the beginning stages of childhood VS the deeper self-awareness we can choose to gain as adults via our inner thoughts, feelings, and actions.
  • Why self-awareness is so important for our health, happiness, and confidence.
  • The Stages of Awareness.
  • Simple ways you can become more self-aware TODAY!

May 08, 202328:49
#37- Managing Perfectionism with Kendra Huffman
May 01, 202346:56
#36- From Villain to Mentor with Joey Mascio
Apr 24, 202345:07
#35 Onion goggles and other useful tools

#35 Onion goggles and other useful tools

This week's podcast episode is kind of like an episode of a popular talk show where the host shares some of their favorite must-have things. 

 Now unfortunately, if you decide to tune in I won't be giving away any of the items like Oprah or Ellen used to do on their show, but I can promise you an amazing tip or two that you may want to try. 

My must have's are some of my most favorite tools, tips, or things that make my life so much easier.  

There's no mom I know that wouldn't want a little bit more of that in their life!

I am sharing my favorite physical tools that I love in the kitchen and some tips for cleaning as well as 4 really important tools that we each have within us that when utilized will help make our experience in this life so much easier.

 If you're in for making your life just a little bit easier you won't want to miss this one.

Apr 17, 202325:19
#34- Buffers
Apr 10, 202326:03
#33-Emotional Child VS Emotional Adult

#33-Emotional Child VS Emotional Adult

No one ever sat me down and taught me the difference between being a child and being an adult in my emotional life.

In fact, it wasn't until my thirty's that I found out this was even a thing.

What I soon came to realize was that I was in emotional childhood far more of the time than I was in emotional adulthood and it hit me like a ton of bricks.

On this weeks episode we are learning what emotional adulthood is, how to notice the emotional child in us, and how to transition from being a child in our emotions to an adult much more of the time.

Maybe you are asking why we might want to do this... well the short version is that being in emotional adulthood will create a more empowered confident life.

The longer more convincing version can be found right here. Don't miss it!

Apr 03, 202330:27
#32-The Importance of setting boundaries

#32-The Importance of setting boundaries

Boundaries breed confidence. They are the lifeblood of self responsibility and self empowerment.

By learning how to set and uphold our own healthy boundaries we not only create happier and more aligned lives for ourselves, but we can be a much needed example for our kids as well.

This episode has so much goodness.

  • What is a boundary? What do boundaries look like in motherhood?
  • Some important why's for making boundary setting a priority
  • 7 Common challenges moms face when trying to set boundaries
  • Why setting boundaries is so important for our kids
  • Some practical application examples for the mom who doesn't know where to begin with boundary setting

Don't miss this episode!

Mar 27, 202349:27
#31-Hello my name is People Pleaser

#31-Hello my name is People Pleaser

How often have you had a yes slip out of your mouth before you have even given it a moment of thought.

Have you ever gotten yourself into something that you wish you could take back?

That was me, the yes girl. The girl who would show up full of overwhelm, resentment and disappointment in myself  because I was doing more than I had strength or a healthy bandwidth for. The girl who would say yes at the expense of my family's need or my needs. The girl who believed that saying yes was the way to ensure people liked me and the best way to keep others happy. 

On this episode I am sharing more about my journey to becoming a recovering people pleaser and how for me saying 'No' was only uncomfortable because it was something I had never practiced. 

Tune in to learn my favorite kind ways to say no, why it's ok to change your mind and how saying no could actually create positive change in your life, your relationships, and the world.

Mar 20, 202332:55
#30-Out of Mind, Out of Sight

#30-Out of Mind, Out of Sight

Have you heard the old adage, "Out of sight, out of mind?"

Sometimes I will use this to my advantage as a mom. 

There are just some things I choose to block from my brain in order to avoid overwhelm or irritation in the moment. 

Like closing someone's bedroom door when it's a mess and I've already asked them to tidy it up a few times. 

I don't want to be upset about that. I don't want to expend energy on that... and so I close the door so it's out of my sight and out of my mind.

But, there are sometimes when I actually WANT to intentionally choose to put things in my mind in order to have them in my sight. 

What we think is what we create, so what are the things we want to be thinking in order to create new habits that will make a huge difference in our lives for the better?

This past month I have been intentionally increasing my intention for gratitude and celebrating my wins in life.

Listen to this weeks episode to hear my Why's and How's behind this new intention, and why you may want to consider adopting them too.

Mar 13, 202323:58
#29-Fake it till you make it

#29-Fake it till you make it

I don't know about you, but there are areas of my life where faking it till I make it is how I seem to survive.

What if we are all a little like this in some ways?

Isn't that the way of motherhood? Just when we think we have things figured out, the playing field changes again!

Can you relate?

Today on the podcast I am sharing my views about the common term "Fake it till you make it" and how you can access greater confidence by just desiring to feel confident and allowing that desire to drive actions, even if they aren't natural or sincere at first.

This episode has three ideas for things you can try on this week to put this idea of faking it till you make it to the test.

Let me know how it goes and what changes you see.

If you are finding this podcast helpful in any way please consider typing out a review and highlighting all the stars at the bottom of your podcast app!

Have a great week.

XO Laura

Mar 06, 202327:08
#28-Wanting to show your Weaknesses
Feb 27, 202328:01
#27-Finding the Crabs 🦀

#27-Finding the Crabs 🦀

Growing up on an island surrounded by the ocean made for some pretty amazing childhood memories.

A friend shared the most amazing quote the other day and as I read it, I couldn't help but think of an old family tradition I use to love which was finding crabs with my cousins and siblings at the beach.

It got me thinking of my life now. When is the last time I looked for excitement and joy? 

Surely, life can still be exciting like that, even though my circumstances and responsibilities look very different.

Today on the podcast I am sharing what I mean by finding the crabs in our lives and some of the finding crab moments that were so easy for me to see when I intentionally sat down to find them.

 My hope is that it will inspire you to look for and find your own crab moments and create and start reinforcing more happiness and joy in your life as opposed to always seeking out storms.

Feb 20, 202332:19
#26- Fighting against All or Nothing thinking

#26- Fighting against All or Nothing thinking

All or Nothing thinking is a sneaky little trap that stops us from investing time and effort into our top priorities.

When our life is a reflection of All or Nothing, you can expect to be feeling anxious, overwhelmed, frustrated, or disappointed a lot of the time.

These feelings aren't bad, but when they aren't countered with feelings of confidence, love, happiness, or enough-ness our lives begin to feel very out of alignment.

In this episode:

  • The story of the magic penny
  • The beauty of compounding
  • My personal battle with All or Nothing thinking
  • My secret weapon revealed. How you can win your battle against all-or-nothing thinking.

If you are loving this podcast please share it and consider writing a review, so others can find it too.

My biggest heartfelt thank you to those who have gone out of their way to tell me how much they are enjoying the show. You are the best.

Thank you for listening. 

xo Laura

Feb 13, 202336:41
#25-Mom Manuals
Feb 06, 202328:13
#24-How to help your Teen or Tween have Confidence with Lindsay Law
Jan 30, 202349:42
#23-Shoulding on yourself
Jan 23, 202324:31
#22-Self Care With Meridith Jacobs
Jan 16, 202333:50
#21-Finding Your Vision

#21-Finding Your Vision

Goals are all the buzz this time of year. 

I, like many others, can easily get excited and carried away by that excitement as I make my long list of personal New Years' resolutions.

But time and time again, I have felt that excitement wane, and those goals slip away even within the first month of the year.

The solution I have found to be so powerful and helpful with this is vision.

When we have a vision for what we want our life to look like it makes our goals more meaningful and attainable.

On this episode:

  • Why your current goal-setting habits aren't working for you
  • What Vision is and an example of someone with incredible vision
  • Why Vision is so important and the best solution to overcome your apathy toward goals
  • 8 questions you can ask yourself to help you create and find your own personal vision

Jan 09, 202326:09
#20-Clean Pain VS Dirty Pain
Jan 02, 202340:55
#19 Lessons learned in 2022
Dec 26, 202230:46
#18- How to enjoy Christmas

#18- How to enjoy Christmas

Does Christmas leave you feeling burnt out and exhausted?

Do you resent the fact that you are the one that has to be the magic maker in your home?

For years I used to tell myself that next year I would be more organized so that I could actually enjoy Christmas.

3 years ago I had a breakthrough in this, and I wanted to share the shifts I made in order to make Christmas enjoyable no matter what comes up or what your Christmas looks like this year or in years to come.

In this episode:

* How to measure your enjoyment at the holidays

*What to do when you are feeling like Christmas is a burden that falls on your shoulders

*3 quick tips that will make all the difference for you this year

Wishing you and yours the most amazing Christmas!

Dec 19, 202224:59
#17- Intimacy in Marriage with Jamelyn Stephan
Dec 12, 202237:13
#16-Getting out of a Funk
Dec 05, 202233:55
#15- Mental Health Matters with Candice Miller
Nov 29, 202257:15
#14- Managing Self-Doubt

#14- Managing Self-Doubt

Self-Doubt is an emotion that is so present for me in my life. 

If I'm not watching it close, it can control me in ways that really keep me stuck.

Today on the podcast I am sharing 7 things I do to help me manage my self-doubt, so it doesn't stop me from showing up in my life.

Listen for:

  • The true definition of self-doubt and the definition I use instead
  • The signs that tell me I am avoiding my self-doubt
  • What you can do to stop feeding your self-doubt

Nov 21, 202231:41
#13- Having Hard Conversations with Meredith Gardner
Nov 14, 202249:51
#12-Gratitude is your Superpower

#12-Gratitude is your Superpower

Did you know that we all have a superpower.. It's called Gratitude. 

I know, I know, I know.. People are always pushing gratitude as a fix all. 

I actually don't think gratitude can fix all, but it sure can make a difference in your life if you'll let it.

This week I am sharing exactly how I let gratitude make a difference  in 3 of my most important relationships.

This episode includes:

  • My favorite gratitude traditions
  • How I know gratitude is important 
  • Exactly how to let gratitude change any relationship for the better

Nov 07, 202224:58
#11-How to be a good Mom with Emily Wardrop
Oct 31, 202232:38
#10-Emotions On Purpose

#10-Emotions On Purpose

There is a whole big beautiful platter of emotions available to you. I want to empower you to start picking up the emotions you want to be feeling.

On this episode:

  • What stops you from choosing the emotions you want to be feeling
  • How I relate this concept to Las Vegas
  • Indulgent emotions vs Experiencing emotions

Oct 24, 202228:13
#9-Your Relationship with You!
Oct 17, 202229:33
#8-Comfort Doesn't Change You

#8-Comfort Doesn't Change You

Change is available to everyone, even you. Do you believe this about yourself?

This episode includes:

  •  3 big positive changes I have made over the past 5 years
  • The discomfort these changes have brought along the way.
  •  5 lies or beliefs about change that are keeping you stuck or stagnant in your life.

Oct 10, 202227:50


Is complaining a bad habit?

I think the answer is a resounding YES!

On today's episode I am sharing 3 reasons complaining doesn't serve us and actually repels confidence, and some ways we might be indulging in complaining without even realizing it.

You do not want to miss this episode.

Oct 03, 202220:40
#6-Validation Creation

#6-Validation Creation

Humans love to be RIGHT!

Does being right always serve us though?

Today we are talking about two ways you can be better at validating yourself to promote greater confidence and a more empowering life.

Sep 26, 202222:46
#5-Feelings Are For Feeling

#5-Feelings Are For Feeling

Don't get scared off by the title. I know sometimes feelings are the last thing we want to talk about.

This week I am explaining why feelings are not good or bad, what feelings actually are, and the 3 ways we think we are feeling them.

Spoiler alert: These three ways DO NOT create CONFIDENCE!

Stay tuned to learn what feeling our feelings actually looks like and how to do it in 3 easy steps.

Sep 19, 202224:48
#4-Facts Don't Hurt
Sep 12, 202222:28
#3-Mom Routines and Rituals

#3-Mom Routines and Rituals

This week I am sharing some of the most Helpful & Unhelpful Routines and Rituals that have been a part of my motherhood journey over the past 14 years.

FYI: The ones that serve me best are the ones I have intentionally chosen and continue to choose. (More about that in this episode) I am sharing my top 4. 

Tune in to reflect on your routines and rituals. Whatever they are, they are always completely optional and changeable.

Do you have a favorite mom hack, ritual, tip or trick that you love? Come on over to Instagram and share it with me. You can follow me @lauradrycoaching

Sep 05, 202223:08
#2-Changing your mind about Confidence
Aug 29, 202225:24
#1-I've never done this before!

#1-I've never done this before!

Welcome to Episode 1 of the Confident Mom's Podcast. Today I am sharing how perfectionism stops us from creating confidence and two things you have to start doing in order to show up, even if it's messy.

Aug 23, 202222:52