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You Are Your Answer

You Are Your Answer

By Laura Marconi-Cox

You know you have more to offer than what you’re doing now, if only you could stop doubting yourself and talking yourself out of taking action.

You know that a beige, boring life isn’t for you…but you don’t know how to change things so you can work on what really matters to you.

In the You Are Your Answer Podcast, confidence and organisation coach Laura Marconi-Cox shares practical ways to grow your confidence, get organised and stop feeling flawed. It's time share your gifts and skills with a world that needs creativity, love and healing more than ever before.
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Answer The Call

You Are Your AnswerFeb 13, 2022

Answer The Call
Feb 13, 202212:19
You are already good enough
Feb 07, 202209:58
Sharing your voice in a loud world
Jan 31, 202210:55
Dealing with anxiety moving from working at home to being in a workplace again
Jan 24, 202212:58
Use your values to make better decisions
Jan 17, 202210:02
Generate great ideas without talking yourself out of them
Jan 10, 202208:56