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Lawal Around the World

Lawal Around the World

By Lawal Around the World

A podcast hosted by Jenita Lawal, a Travel Curation Specialist and Life Design Strategist. Both her businesses are location independent, which allows her to homeschool her three teenage sons and work from around the world --including her home office in Mexico. Tune in and listen as Jenita shares travel insights and has delightful conversations with fellow travelers from around the world.
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From Teaching Online to Publishing Books While Traveling with Sara Tyler

Lawal Around the WorldNov 23, 2022

From Teaching Online to Publishing Books While Traveling with Sara Tyler
Nov 23, 202259:39
Retired and Writing in Belize with Vickie Locke
Oct 26, 202201:08:47
What's so great about Merida, Mexico?

What's so great about Merida, Mexico?

When Condé Nast Traveler deemed Merida, Mexico number four on its Best Cities in the World 2022, I knew I had to celebrate by sitting down with Monte Raynor. Deemed the "Unofficial Mayor of Merida" by those who know him, Monte has lived in Merida for three years and had created content on his website, YouTube, and social media documenting his day to day experiences. 

Since making his own move to Merida in 2019 with his wife and (then) three year old daughter, Monte has created MexitPlans and posts practical information to help others make the transition to living in the Yucatan region of Mexico. He's even created a course!

Listen up as he shares what he thinks is so great about Merida, Mexico!

Oct 12, 202234:44
Travel Q&A: Getting to Know Saint Lucia

Travel Q&A: Getting to Know Saint Lucia

What's it like living in Saint Lucia? 

In this Travel Q&A we'll get to know Saint Lucia through the eyes of Shalyene Todd. Born in Ottawa, Canada and now stationed in Saint Lucia by way of Belize and the BVI, Shaylene began her career in enterprise technology sales and for the past decade, has specialized in pre-development luxury Caribbean Real Estate.  Her most recent role was Sales and Marketing Director for Oil Nut Bay, a 400-acre resort and marina with 180 homesites, catering to UHNW individuals in the British Virgin Islands and she now acts as SVP of Sales for Cabot Saint Lucia, an up-and-coming world-class golf resort & community.  She is passionate about sharing her love of island life and culture with those looking for a home away from home and is joined in Saint Lucia by her husband, Luke and her adorable dog, Beau.

Listen in and get ready to be insipred to visit Saint Lucia. Connect with Shaylene on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. You can also join one of our escorted small group trips to Saint Lucia here

Explore travel options here:

Sep 28, 202239:42
Using Google Flights to save on travel costs

Using Google Flights to save on travel costs

In this week's Travel Talk Weekly, we discuss the recent article in USA Today, Which day is the cheapest to fly? When is best to book? Google Flights data shows cost trends.

  • How I use Google Fights in my research and personal travel
  • Should you purchase flights on Tuesdays?
  • When are the cheapest days to fly?
  • Can you save money by booking flights with long layovers?

Sep 03, 202210:11
All about airport lounges and why we think you'll love them

All about airport lounges and why we think you'll love them

Stuck in the airport for four hours? Make the best of that time by popping into an airport lounge. This week the headlines that got our attention were all about airport lounges. 

Our reasons for loving airport lounges include quiet spaces, complimentary food and beverages, adequate spots for charging electronics, and wifi. These reasons make lounges a great place to relax or work---whichever you need more of in that moment. 

Are you about that #loungelife? Share your reasons with us!

Aug 27, 202219:49
Foodies in Mexico, Halloween at Universal Hollywood, and all-inclusive ski vacations

Foodies in Mexico, Halloween at Universal Hollywood, and all-inclusive ski vacations

On this week's episode of Travel Talk Weekly we're covering:

Have you explored Latin American cuisine and all its many flavors? Go beyond the beach in Mexico and trek to the state of Yucatan to experience the flavors of Latin America and a different kind vacation. 

Halloween isn't just for kids! Universal Hollywood has us thinking about curating a grown-kid kind of getaway. Grab your friends and book your flights for some frightening fun this Halloween.

If you've ever wanted to experience a ski trip but got overwhelmed at all the costs for equipment rentals, then Club Meds new all-inclusive ski resorts may be just what you dreamed of. With one already in operation in Quebec Canada, three more are underway (two in France and one in Japan). 

Join us every Saturday for Travel Talk Weekly as we share travel news--from our desk to yours! 

Aug 20, 202213:44
Flight cancellations, reduced schedules, and a small airline makes history
Aug 13, 202222:47
Say goodbye to daily housekeeping

Say goodbye to daily housekeeping

In this episode of Travel Talk we discuss two trends: hotels getting rid of daily housekeeping and summer travel for 2022. 

  • Is daily housekeeping important to you? Is it a factor in your choice of a hotel? 
  • How do you feel about getting less service for the same amount or more? 

For more on the topic, check out these two articles:

Another hot topic right now, at least for the travel industry, is summer travel trends. We are still looking to see if numbers will hit pre-pandemic thresholds. According to Travel Pulse's New Summer 2022 Travel Trends:

  • Travel to Europre from the US is up 600% compared to 2021
  • 22% of the itineraries surveyed are heading to London (maybe because direct flights and no language barrier)
  • Three out of four travelers surveyed are going to stick to domestic travel this year

Tune in and leave your feedback in the comments. 

Aug 06, 202216:46
The Bachelorettes go Virgin (Voyages, that is) and Caribbean travel hightlights
Jul 30, 202214:14
The CDC ends its Covid-19 program for cruises

The CDC ends its Covid-19 program for cruises

Hip, hip, hooray for cruising! Maybe....

On this episode we'll discuss the recent lifting of reporting requirements for cruises in US waters by the CDC. For more information, see the Washington Post's CDC stops reporting coronavirus cases on cruise ships.

With the lifting of the reporting, we may see capacity on cruises increased and requirements for cruisers decreased. 

  • Do you see these as good or bad changes?
  • Do these changes make you more or less likely to cruise?
  • Would Covid-19 requirements determine which cruise line you choose?

Jul 23, 202220:54
Five Things We Love About Travel in Europe (with Nate & Cassie from Native Nomads)

Five Things We Love About Travel in Europe (with Nate & Cassie from Native Nomads)

You're in for a great conversation! This week, we're joined by Nate & Cassie of Native Nomads.   

Inspired to start your own European Adventure? Explore at

Want to dive deeper into the experience? Check out the blogs and video at   

Want to hear that Zero to Travel podcast we're referring to early in the conversation? Check it out here:

Jun 04, 202201:07:16
The Pros and Cons of Traveling with Friends
Apr 09, 202201:01:02
Tips for First Time International Travel

Tips for First Time International Travel

Listen in as Jenita and Khalief share travel stories and give some tips for those traveling internationally for the first time.

Thinking about taking your first international trip? Before you pick a place and book a ticket, listen in as we discuss our own first-time international experiences and our recommendations for others.

Mar 03, 202259:53