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The Law Junkie Show is a podcast examining current events, true crime, and society & culture through a legal lens. Hosted by Amy and Ethan Bearman. Learn more at
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Ghislaine Maxwell - Is Her Defense Going Too Far? LJS #22

Law Junkie ShowDec 06, 2021

Elizabeth Holmes GUILTY On 4 of 11 Counts, What's Next? LJS #25
Jan 09, 202217:12
Elizabeth Holmes Jury Deliberates - LJS #24
Dec 21, 202114:21
Elizabeth Holmes Admitted Wrongdoing, Will It Sink Her? LJS #23
Dec 07, 202116:29
Ghislaine Maxwell - Is Her Defense Going Too Far? LJS #22
Dec 06, 202123:31
Prosecution Rests and Defense Calls Elizabeth Holmes To The Stand - LJS #21
Nov 22, 202123:26
What Happened in the Kyle Rittenhouse Trial Before Verdict? LJS #20
Nov 17, 202132:23
How Could Both Sides Be Losing The Elizabeth Holmes Trial? LJS #19

How Could Both Sides Be Losing The Elizabeth Holmes Trial? LJS #19

The prosecution’s case in chief against former Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes continued this week with additional witnesses. Former lab director Dr. Lynette Sawyer was one, there could be a complication based on her experience, listen to find out what!

Former Fortune magazine reporter Roger Parloff wrote a piece about Theranos that has become a focal point of many questions. The defense wanted his notes, but the First Amendment may have stopped them. However, it isn’t as clear cut as you might think.

Prosecution witness, patient B.B., did not testify. Why?

Finally, the defense was denied by Judge Davila, is it their strategy of taking a long time intentional and could it work?

Hosted by Amy Bearman and Attorney Ethan Bearman (The Bearman Firm)

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