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Leading in Tech

Leading in Tech

By Michael Banner

My name is Mike and I'm an experienced technical leader, currently positioned as a Software Engineering Manager at Moonpig. I have a strong passion for leadership, people management, performance management and mental health.

In this podcast I aim to cover all aspects of leadership within a technical role, mainly from my own experiences but also by exploring different theories, models and case studies along the way.
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Setting Achievable Goals

Leading in TechOct 31, 2022

The Peter Principle: How to avoid rising to levels of incompetence
Nov 14, 202219:13
Interviewing the interviewer
Nov 07, 202211:32
Setting Achievable Goals

Setting Achievable Goals

Regardless of your profession, industry or level of experience we can all relate to having goals. Even on a personal level, we all have goals of some description - whether that is learning to play the piano or wanting to run our first marathon, so how should we go about defining them?

Have you ever set out to do something, with it to simply slip down the list of priorities and never to be seen again? I can confidently say that this has happened to me a lot during my life, so this begs the question:

What things can we do to give our goals the best possible chance of succeeding? 

In this podcast I cover 5 things I think we can all do to bolster your chances of reaching your goals.

Oct 31, 202220:22
Entering the software development industry with no experience

Entering the software development industry with no experience

Whether you're just leaving high school or want to make a career jump, entering the software/web development industry might feel daunting. There will be lots of questions running around in your head such as "what languages should I learn?", "how will I know I'm ready to apply for jobs?" or "what does the job application process look like?".

In this podcast I aim to put to rest some of the most common questions I get asked and have seen asked online numerous times before. I will give some clear pointers help provide you with a good overview starting from knowing where to start learning, right the way through to applying for your first role.

Oct 24, 202230:55
Being a vulnerable leader: How to use being vulnerable as a way to improve credibility, knowledge and trust

Being a vulnerable leader: How to use being vulnerable as a way to improve credibility, knowledge and trust

When I first started taking the journey into people management within tech, I was overcome with a fear of needing to know everything. Obviously this mindset is simply absurd - nobody (at any level) can possibly know everything. Sure you will get some people who are able to remember more and can push the boundaries of knowledge retention, but we all have our knowledge black-spots that can only be filled by others of greater experience until we learn the ropes ourselves.

By learning to step out of my comfort zone and expose some of my vulnerabilities, I have been able to massively improve my career, happiness and respect within my working environment. It has also led to opening up a much greater growth mindset than before, providing me with many more opportunities to explore.

In this podcast, the first I've ever done, I touch on my own experiences and share my views on why I think being vulnerable (and sometimes not) is important for a healthy way of working as a leader (or any level for that matter).

Oct 22, 202211:36