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What the Mind Sees, The Body Creates

What the Mind Sees, The Body Creates

By Leah Marmulla

This podcast series is an introduction to how the subconscious mind influences all that we do. Based on the book - What the Mind Sees, the Body Feels, Creates and Attracts. We will cover a broad range of topics around beliefs and how they dictate our lives.
Beliefs creation, attachment and psychosocial developmental theory
Belief and their role in biochemical changes, emotional triggers
Beliefs and the rules dictating how we relate to the world
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The challenge and opportunity of affirmations

What the Mind Sees, The Body CreatesDec 11, 2021

The challenge and opportunity of affirmations

The challenge and opportunity of affirmations

Affirmations are powerful, yet, if our core beliefs are incongruent, or not in alignment with our affirming, mayhem is likely. This episode explores the problem with affirmations, without doing the deeper healing work that drives our vibe, and therefore what we project into the world. 

Unexplored, healed and transformed limiting beliefs create mayhem and pain in our life.  How can they not?  They are by design limiting to keep us safe, and protected. They are there because sometime in our early life we decided to be adventurous, curious, playful, connected with others wasn't a good thing.  Or we figured is our parents, bugger brothers and sisters, teachers or society said "We can't, shouldn't, mustn't, or not for us" Then they must be right.  "After all, they are older, meant to be wiser and can certainly cause harm if we don't comply."

Affirmations are simply statements of belief.  Even our negative I am statements are affirmations. I can't,  I am not ..... I am ..... in the negative, conservative etc are affirming a belief of what we believe is not for us.  Therefore, to create and make the most of affirmations is to address the limiting, fear-based ones that are holding us back and uncreate the story and emotional entanglement/attachment we have given to the ideas. 

Previous episodes referenced during this one include: 

If this episode triggers you, reach out to your local mental health service. The information provided in this podcast is not intended as therapy but offers ideas to explore your beliefs and why you do what you do.  Working with a trained therapist is highly recommended to help you address the deeply rooted issues.

Dec 11, 202142:29
Fears, they potentially are the biggest gold nuggets

Fears, they potentially are the biggest gold nuggets

Fears, those feelings, and thoughts triggered that remind us of unpleasant and painful experiences.  The times when we felt embarrassed, scared, ashamed, guilty, not enough or not belonging etc.  These feelings, memories and thoughts show up so we don't feel or experience the same or familiar.  After all, who wants to feel less than, scared, inadequate etc.?  Yet, when we employ curiosity and are open to hearing the messages behind the feelings. The story was given as a way to protect ourselves.  When we learn 

  • who gave us these impressions, to begin with
  • why we chose to believe it to be true (family, culture, heritage, social norms etc.)
  • explore the story and consider its message and its relevance to the now, the current situations, experiences and people.

Being curious, and emotionally detached as possible, we can see things in a different light. We can make different choices and test newer ways of living based on the character we choose to become.

Previous episodes mentioned and encouraged you to relisten to include: 

  • Wheel of life - to explore if you believe you need to sacrifice a part of life to acquire something different or more.  Example love vs career, relaxation/easier life = poverty vs passive income etc. 
  • Questions you can ask to help identify your limiting fears and beliefs. 
  • Growing pains are felt when we start to face our fears and limiting beliefs.  Quality questions to help you navigate what you would like to be doing, prompting your fears and cautions to arise. 
  • Psychosocial Development theorists explored how our early life experiences shape and form our beliefs and fears about ourselves and what we believe is a suitable life for us.  Jung and his Journey Quest; Attachment Styles; Erikson

If this episode triggers you, reach out to your local mental health service. The information provided in this podcast is not intended as therapy but offers ideas to explore your beliefs and why you do what you do.  Working with a trained therapist is highly recommended to help you address the deeply rooted issues.

Dec 07, 202149:38
Self Perception influences self care

Self Perception influences self care

Dec 04, 202140:56
What if game - projecting the positive!

What if game - projecting the positive!

I love doing this activity, even though at times it also feels a bit tongue in cheek.  I love that it opens up possibilities, can stretch the boundaries, expose limiting beliefs and enables permission.  Re-wiring of the brain can start as the seed is planted in a different direction of 

What if xyz does happen, what if I succeed, and if I can evolve and become what I chose!

The challenge in this activity is to give yourself permission to daydream and even consider, ever so slightly, something else is possible for you.  

It is a great activity to combine with the Wheel of Life, and the information gathered in this activity is used in future episodes. An excellent activity to create a dream /vision board or even brainstorm your upgrades and changes you would like to create in the future. 

If this episode triggers you, reach out to your local mental health service. The information provided in this podcast is not intended as therapy but offers ideas to explore your beliefs and why you do what you do.  Working with a trained therapist is highly recommended to help you address the deeply rooted issues. 

Dec 01, 202137:59
Ep 10 Wheel of Life - which parts bring you joy?

Ep 10 Wheel of Life - which parts bring you joy?

This episode is to create a baseline awareness of how you see your life at the moment. As you label the roles or parts you have in your life, you also start to evaluate the meaning these have in your life and why.

Common segments include: health and wellbeing, adventure, friendships, family relationships, finances and investments, relaxation and self-care.  You can label the segments as you choose, as this is your life. 

Exploring the segments, exploring if you are living them from your conscious choices, they are of value according to your or others' values, or life scripts enables you to make empowered choices from here on.  Ultimately the questions raised filter if you are living your life on your or other's terms, explore whose expectations are you striving to meet and why.  With this information, you may choose to make changes subtle or profound to align your choices with your values and the character you want to become during your life. 

If this episode triggers you, reach out to your local mental health service. The information provided in this podcast is not intended as therapy but offers ideas to explore your beliefs and why you do what you do.  Working with a trained therapist is highly recommended to help you address the deeply rooted issues.

Nov 28, 202133:33
Two handed writing and integrating different change stratagies

Two handed writing and integrating different change stratagies

In this episode, I walk through an activity that engages both the left and right brains, exploring the thought/memory and feeling parts of memory.  Your dominant/writing hand asks the question, and the less dominant/non-writing hand gives the answers. In essence, you access the folders in the subconscious, and with the adult, mind make sense of what happened of the hurtful experience from all those years ago.  

Combining the technique with powerful questions, forgiveness, and insight into why people do what they do, this episode is an excellent refresher of ways to reclaim your power and create beliefs that work for you. 

If this episode triggers you, reach out to your local mental health service. The information provided in this podcast is not intended as therapy but offers ideas for ways to reduce the impact at the moment.  Working with a trained therapist is highly recommended to help you address the deeply rooted issues.  

Nov 25, 202139:07
The Amphitheatre Activty

The Amphitheatre Activty

This is one of my favourite strategies to use to help make sense of situations that are triggering me.  In essence, I ask my observer and director characters (Episode 6) to come in and shine. 

Reflecting on situations without emotional entanglement or judgement a lot of data can be collected, and interpreted for more accurate interpretation.  The upside - 

  • You may develop different perspectives on what is happening and why. 
  • Empathy and insight into why you and others are doing, being and saying in the situation.
  • Everyone's external situations - the personal life stressors, history etc. that are impacting on the now.
  • You also have the opportunity to re-write the script, and how you choose to be, do and ay in similar situations with the same or similar people in the future.

Sound good?

It takes time and practice. I will also encourage you to seek professional help to navigate through and objectively reflect in this manner.

If big emotions come up and you are triggered, tap it out, journal, or yell into a pillow.  Get into nature, forgive yourself and hold space for yourself to feel and heal.  Ask your judgmental voice to talk with you, but not to judge, explain their take on what and why you are feeling the way you do.  Encourage yourself from a loving space, if you can, what you might say to your best friend.  

This episode is not therapeutic advice, and listening to this episode you are taking the responsibility for the process, outcome and reactions you may experience

Nov 14, 202136:53
Daily Reflections and Life Mission Statement

Daily Reflections and Life Mission Statement

Continuing with the value of asking quality questions, this episode explores the type of daily questions one can ask to explore the wins, challenges and how to live closer from chosen value and character than from historic habits. 

Many of these questions are included in both the book What the Mind Sees, the Body Creates, Feels and Attracts, and the Awareness and Accountability Journal.  They are the regular questions I ask myself and clients as we move with curiosity through the why, what and how of both historic and future roles. 

Greater clarity creates structure and a life of purpose. 

There is a guided meditation asking questions for your Life Mission, to explore the type of person you want to be known for by a future date.

If you wish to work with Leah, you can choose the type of support and book online at

Caveat - do not listen to the meditation while driving, or when required to be fully present in an activity, care of another or operating machinery.  

If you are triggered by this information, then be sure to reach out to your local mental health organisation or support person. 

The information in these podcasts are generic in nature, and the listener takes on the responsibility for the outcomes. The information shared is not intended to be medical or psychological advice. 

Nov 12, 202140:32
The value of questions, and a few big ones

The value of questions, and a few big ones

Questions, in my opinion are the key to life. 

Asking questions provides so much valuable data, about who we think we are, and the world we interact with.  Questions literally give us the answers we are looking for, if you know how to use them wisely.  Focused questions provide detailed answers, curious questions are expansive, some can be double-sided drawing positive of negative data into our thought awareness. 

One of the biggest secret when asking questions about ourselves is to be curious, welcoming of all data and non-judgemental.  Ask your critique, judge and juror and shamer to leave the room or go on holidays for a bit while you take time out to receive data of how to create your life on your Terms

For instance 

  • What brings you happiness, joy and sense of okness?
  • If you could change something, what would it be, and what feelings would the change create?
  • How will you know you have achieved your goal 

These questions are not in this episode, but a teaser of what to come.  

Join me in this episode as we explore these concepts, more and ask some potent questions to kick start your self awareness.

Download your free 20+ Pivotal question ebook that has even more great questions, and explore more of how I can support your self-awareness journey, check in with my website

Also, one of my books is an Awareness and Accountability Journal. If you are looking for powerful, clarifying and defining questions, this is one book to purchase.  Available Internationally through Amazon.  

Nov 10, 202132:22
Effective Engagement of Character Roles

Effective Engagement of Character Roles

Character roles, in this episode are the parts of us that step in and support us.  Unexplored, they control and act from our beliefs, which as you can imagine can empower, neutralise or disempower our experiences.

In this episode, we explore journaling as a form of exploration, in particular 6 primary and common roles present in our behaviour 

The ones discussed include:

  • Observer
  • Director
  • Guardian
  • Warrior
  • Lover 
  • Leader

You may identify with others, and that is ok.  The principle is the same for the each character role that presents themselves.  With a curious, non-judgemental approach, each can provide you with invaluable insight into their role, function and purpose, and how to maximise their expertise for your growth and towards the life you choose to create, on Your Terms. 

Trust you enjoy this self-exploring exercise, and answer the questions provided for each character role to answer.  

Nov 08, 202155:46


What comes to mind for you with the word "Declutter"? 

Do you consider the emotional declutter and release that comes as you remove material things and dirt from your environment? 

Have you reflected how liberating it can feel to create a space you love to see, and live in? Or the idea of creating space is following a Universal Law, and so it required as part of living a fuller, happier life?

These are some of the benefits of removing 'things' from our space.  We clean, lighten the energy flow of the space, create opportunity to replace with things, experiences and reminders by more conscious choice.  All the while, lightening our emotional energy and opening up the flow for more good things to come in. 

Admittedly, like all other processes, this takes time, and bigger the clean out, potentially the bigger energy and memory shifts. With this in mind, it is suggested you be gentle with yourself, do in stages or on a mission to create more of what you choose to experience in your life. 

Nov 03, 202141:39
Mindfulness, could it be as simple as giving yourself permission?

Mindfulness, could it be as simple as giving yourself permission?

Mindfulness is the practice of allowance and permission for you to be human. To have feelings, reactions and responses to situations.  By giving permission, takes the sting out of the feelings, similar to reverse psychology. Another way of viewing the acts of mindfulness is seeing yourself with compassionate and empathetic eyes.  

You are a collection of experiences, which when triggered will come through, but I will challenge you.  To consider the cost of staying in pain and suffering by blaming, judging and holding onto your reactions when things do not go to plan, or you are activated, or your knee jerk reaction comes through before you have a chance to notice. 

What if, with practice you were able to see these reactions and responses simply raw data. Simply information.  Are you able to stop, see and let it be?  Is it possible for you to thank the information and choose a different response of action as a consequence of this data coming to the fore?   

What wold you like to create different, with the new insight and information?  As your awareness, allowance and non-judgement skills strengthen, are you able to celebrate this win and encourage yourself all the more to continue practicing the art of awareness without controlling each thought? 

Ready to consider a different way of seeing yourself, and possibly a different way of seeing mindfulness. 

Take away the judgement, blame and projection onto your past showing up in the present and see you different you feel, interact and heal  

Oct 31, 202133:22
Celebrate you, what would you like, and forgive your past
Oct 28, 202137:01
Welcome and introduction
Oct 24, 202134:09
Season finale

Season finale

This is the end of the series, introducing topics in the book What the Mind Sees, the Body Feels, Creates and Attracts. Over the series, we have explored big concepts outlining how our body and our mind create our life choices, and more so how our beliefs do this. 

The child's emotional and mental develop is key to how as adults we operate, for the child's brain is like a sponge and takes in all the bits of information they are exposed to.  We make interesting and very influencing interpretations about ourselves, the world we live in, our value and importance in life even in these formative years.  

The benefit with knowledge is you can choose to learn, apply, and practice the information. The next series of the Podcast is Change Beliefs, Create Your Life Activities and Strategies.  In this series, ways of addressing our beliefs.  Healing, re-writing, letting go and forgiving ourselves so we can Create a Life by choice and not auto-pilot dictates from our past. 

Oct 21, 202114:24
Universal Laws

Universal Laws

Believe it or not, you have been applying these laws, you can't get away from them, well because they are law!

Before you start dissing the possibility, listen to the episode with an open mind, and reflect how you are using the law for pleasure or pain.  Then, consider if you live more from fear, protection and heavy emotions or pleasure, joy and lightness.

Gold nuggets galore as you sift through insights, and Aha moments.  

If this episode hits home, and you are ready to use these Universal Laws to Create Your Life on Your Terms, then now is the time to reach out.  

Own your past!  Heal, forgive and let go!  Define and Declare what you Desire and move forward to creating life from love and acceptance. 

Oct 18, 202144:02
Growing Pains

Growing Pains

Challenges are designed to create growth. 

Life's adventures encourages growth, challenge the norm, the old dogma and ways of doing things, if one is open are receptive.  

Self-compassion, empathy and awareness to embrace the journey of self-discovery and coming back to yourself. 

Enjoy this one 

Oct 15, 202139:57
Self actualisation
Oct 12, 202134:55
Our physical body - the choices we make, and our beliefs

Our physical body - the choices we make, and our beliefs

Our physical body is directly influenced by the food, drink, medication, exercise, all the choices we make. 

Down stream or the ripple effect of these choices, often dictated by our choices are:

  • gut microbe imbalances, 
  • poor digestion
  • inflammation 
  • activation of the nerves, immune system, altering our hormones 
  • nutrient deficiencies, 
  • physical stressors
  • self-fulfilling prophesies around age, gender, family history etc.

Increasing our awareness of why do choose what we do, our resistance to look after our body, make changes appropriate to support health, we learn so much about our past.  With this information, we are in a position to make informed, empowered decisions that work for us, our character, our values etc.  

Enjoy the exploration of what our beliefs can do as a secondary effect. You might be quite surprised. 

Oct 09, 202140:45
Beliefs - creating dis-ease in your life and body

Beliefs - creating dis-ease in your life and body

We know our beleifs rule our world, but have you thought about how?

Previously we explored beliefs and the emotional vibration they created, and from this episode, we explore other ways the beliefs interfere with our body's health, mental health and dis-ease that is created. 

Oct 06, 202124:56
Jung's Archetypes - Journey Quest to heal the Shadow
Oct 03, 202146:46
Attachment theory and forgiveness

Attachment theory and forgiveness

Download this episode's notes 

Attachment theory is another that helps explain how we create our self-identity and value. It is a very light introduction and I encourage you to study it in more detail from the variety of great books available. Working with your therapist to explore your innate attachment style. this alone might help you tap into the feelings and will certainly help open the self-identity stories for healing.  

As always, if you require help reach out.  there are many different organisations available. If you wish to work with me, then book a free chat session and lets see the bet option for you for now.

Sep 30, 202150:36
Erikson's Psychosocial Developmental Stages - conquering our strengths

Erikson's Psychosocial Developmental Stages - conquering our strengths

Download this episode's notes 

Psycho-social development outlines the stages and virtures the child growths through out their life.  It is not age specific, in birth - 2 years for instance, but considered the family's,cultural and societie's norms as well.  

As we know, growth is more of a spiral or cyclic, and moving though the stages is the same, it takes time, experiences, encouragement and reinforcment etc to support the child to learn key character traits.  If the child struggles to do so, then, that part of the development may be stunted or even underdeveloped.  

Emotional, relationship and identity development is key to creating a fullfilling and balanced, life, but then again, by whose definition?   We may have grown up in unsupportive environments, yet, now, we are responsible to create what we choose to live our life by.


Sep 27, 202151:48
Beliefs - They dictate our life!
Sep 24, 202134:06
Gratitude and Appreciation goes way beyond feeling good.

Gratitude and Appreciation goes way beyond feeling good.

How do you feel when you receive an unexpected gift, help or compliment that means the world to you.  At a guess, it could be that deep sense of gratitude that is heart felt, that immerses your body with sense of amaze, wow combined with thanks. 

This emotion has the power to do much more than just feeling good.  It changes our body chemistry, the way we see and interpret life.  Under the Law of Focus, what we focus on increases, so the more we feel into the sensation, recall times of gratitude and share it with others, it gets bigger.  Besides, who doesn't like an appreciative person with a great outlook on life?

This episode we discuss the benefits in ourselves, relationships, and in the workplace.  

Sit back and allow all those gratitude moments come flooding back. 

Sep 21, 202133:52
What influences the way we see life!

What influences the way we see life!

Where or how do children learn the subtle messages of what is appropriate or not?

By listening, observing and being 'guided' as to what is expected of them in different situations 

Family, social interactions, school, culture, rituals, celebrations, sports, economics, peers, class structures etc. are some of the settings.

What is expected of us becomes part of our beliefs systems and the rules that guide all things we do in life. 

Sep 21, 202132:06
The subconscious mind - the folder maker and story teller
Sep 18, 202132:15
Emotions vs Feelings

Emotions vs Feelings

In this episode, we explore what emotions actually are - chemical changes in the body. 

What mimics the emotional chemicals - in particular food chemicals. 

Triggers, and things that help lift our mood - the common/normal emotional range felt. 

Become aware of these, and you are another step closer to empowerment.  

Sep 15, 202135:19
The Body- Is it just a lump of elements, or do we have choice?

The Body- Is it just a lump of elements, or do we have choice?

You can download today's supporting document:  downloaded here 

Today, we explore the idea the body has quite a few roles.  It is a container, connector, integrator and relational.  Each role is significant in creating the life we choose to have. 

We explore the organs, more so the nervous system, its role in receiving, processing, and responding to maintain homeostasis and meet the 'rules' we tell the body. 

IF you like what you hear, and are ready to Reclaim Your life so you Create it on Your Terms, then great, we can help you with this.  

Sep 12, 202131:45
Quick introduction into Spirit and Energy Vibration

Quick introduction into Spirit and Energy Vibration

To help make sense of this Episode, I have included a document with images to help bring it together.  You can access it here

This is a really quick introduction to the idea of spirit as we will be regularly including spirit in many of the episodes.  

In essence, Spirit is the part that is in and through all things.  The energy and vibration that is in between the neutrons, protons even.  

It is the alpha and omega and we embody the spirit at the point of conception. It is the purity of everything!. We feel Spirit when we see newborn babies, baby animals, flowers and unaffected nature.  Through meditation, prayer, accurate mindfulness and being very present on love.   

The other aspect of energy is created as the mineral elements come together to form matter. Everything has its own signature vibration created by the various elements coming together in the recipe for the specific thing.  In living matter, its parts such as the various fluids, communication compounds, tissues etc are the result of the recipe codes given by genes in the DNA to collect and around the various nutrients and cofactors. But the originating form is still specific mineral elements coming together in a pre-ordained way, held together by their attraction/repulsion based on the electrical charge. 

This explains who all things have a vibration, an energetic feel about them. 

We can feel it when we walk into a room or speak with others. 

It can change by interacting with our environment.  Being with others, in nature the foods we ingest.  Activating our sensory nerves that in turn change our body chemistry.  Colours, sounds, music, and breathe work helps to change our vibrational/energetic/emotional states.  Exercise, relaxation and body movement also release kinetic energy for our cells to use. 

Comprehending Spirit, and energy we open up the concepts of how we can alter the world we 'see', in line with the Book's concept of What the Mind Sees, the Body Feels Creates & Attracts.  Energy changes our body in so many different ways, and when we use this knowledge in targeted ways we change our mind's interpretation, processes and responses to the world we are interacting with.  

Be sure to download the image document to help make sense of these concepts shared today 

In the next episode, we explore the concept of the body, and aspects of the thinking mind. 

Sep 08, 202131:16
Introduction to the adventures of how the mind, body and soul work

Introduction to the adventures of how the mind, body and soul work

As with all new things, an introduction is needed.  This Series is based on the books I have authored - What the Mind Sees, the Body Feels, Creates and Attracts and its companion Awareness and Accountability Journal.  Both were born from my own healing Quest Journey as Jung would have called it.

For me, Our (human) Life Goal Is to come back to ourselves - Pure Love.  As we heal the parts of us that still feel the hurt, rejection, abandonment, not being good enough etc, we come closer back to that pure love state.  I liken this to self-actualisation from the psychological theory but also demonstrate the cross over to other spiritual philosophies of attainment and ascension.

Each episode will explore a topic in the book, generally following the chapter sequences in the book.  In each episode, you are introduced to a way your body is affected, impacted, dictated, or influenced by that week's focus.

We will look at


  • How the body systems talk and balance each other, interacts with our environment to provide sensory information and feedback for the mind.
  • How the Brain - Mind receives, processes, thinks and then instructs the body to respond/interact to the stimulus at the moment.
  • How the Subconscious - Mind interprets, perceives and then stores the incoming data into folders, similar to files in a filing cabinet or computer.  Each new experience with similar data patterns or emotions are stored together and over time creates our auto-pilot reactions.
  • How our choices, interactions etc trigger beliefs, memories and therefore choices.

Subconscious Beliefs:

  • Their formation through the lens of Psychol-Social-Emotional development, and world view creation. How thee form our beliefs and in particular the rules of how we are to live and interact with life.
  • Are the dictators of our experiences, our health and our wellbeing.  How we live our life, habits and preferences.
  • the energetics of our beliefs, and how they influence our DNA through emotions and expected programming.


  • We are connected to everything and anything. Other people, living things, it is what connects us to the Divine, God, The Universe etc.  When we tap into this, we raise our feeling and vibe to change our entire mind, body and belief systems.

Furthermore, we will explore various self-help healing techniques to support you, heal the patterns and release the entangled emotions trapped in the limiting beliefs in your psyche.

Want to start now in Reclaiming your life so you too can start to Create Your Life on Your Terms?  You can at

Sep 06, 202131:47