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The Ag Mom Podcast: All Things Life & Horses

The Ag Mom Podcast: All Things Life & Horses

By Leanne Nelson

Hi, I'm Leanne. I'm a horse-crazy girl, married to a grain farmer in Saskatchewan, Canada, raising two young daughters.

In this podcast, I want to share my journey through navigating motherhood, horses and farm life.

So many of our struggles are never voiced or shared. Being in agriculture, we already find ourselves isolated. If we could speak our truth and realize our struggles are not unique, that we are not alone or messed up, we can start to find connection and empowerment.

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Regaining Confidence

The Ag Mom Podcast: All Things Life & HorsesFeb 06, 2023

Regaining Confidence
Feb 06, 202311:56
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How To Get Modivated

How To Get Modivated

In today's episode, I go over some of my favourite ways to get yourself out of that funk! 

I mention a 30 Day Transformation, if you're wanting to check that out you can find it in one of two places:

1. Inside my Facebook Community - click HERE to join. Video is only available with this option. 

2. Inside your Free Membership Vault which is full of amazing guides, pdfs, workbooks and more. Inside there are both video & audio versions of this challenge as well. Create your free login HERE.

May 29, 202112:41
Guest Speaker: Tania Kindersley
May 29, 202150:57
3 Words That Will Change Your World
May 29, 202111:15
May 27, 202126:17