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The Influence Hacker Podcast

The Influence Hacker Podcast

By John Lenker, Kevin deLaplante, Matt O'Leary

The IHP explores an influence-focused, effective, more ethical vision for 21st century marketing.
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IHP 007 | Season 1 Finale

The Influence Hacker PodcastJan 13, 2023

IHP 007 | Season 1 Finale

IHP 007 | Season 1 Finale

In this capstone episode, we share why we started the Influence Hacker, what we learned through the first season, and what you can expect for Season 2 in 2023.

Jan 13, 202311:22
IHP 006 | Becoming a "Warrior in the Garden" with Dr. Kevin deLaplante

IHP 006 | Becoming a "Warrior in the Garden" with Dr. Kevin deLaplante

Dr. Kevin deLaplante is the creator of The Critical Thinker Academy, Argument Ninja Dojo, and Argument Ninja Podcast, dedicated to improving people’s critical thinking, communication, and persuasion skills. As a longtime professor of critical thinking, ethics, logic, scientific reasoning, among other things, he had a hunger to spread these skills outside of the classroom. With upwards of 50k students served through online courses, over 40k youtube subscribers, and even a video with over a million views, it’s clear that this move was fruitful. In this episode, we’ll get you thinking psychologically & philosophically about the human realities that lie at the core of persuasion and influence. Kevin has some of the best-selling and most popular Humanities courses on Udemy. See his courses on critical thinking, cognitive biases, and essay writing here. Learn more about Kevin’s community membership site and podcast at Want to go even deeper? Find more courses at and click here to find a recommended sequence of courses. Kevin’s YouTube channel
Jul 28, 202239:34
IHP 005 | Experience Design Success Formula with John Lenker
May 26, 202232:02
IHP 004 | Marketing in Medical Alley with Frank Jaskulke
Feb 15, 202232:59
IHP 003 | How To Elevate An Industry with Todd Crawford
Feb 01, 202240:01
IHP 002 | Marketing vs. Propaganda with Dr. Robert Lustig
Jan 18, 202243:46
IHP 001 | The Marketing Paradox

IHP 001 | The Marketing Paradox

83% of marketing messages are blocked or tuned out, but many marketers keep dialing up their efforts, pushing spammy, deceptive, and even predatory ploys down our throats. Marketers are the source of the information pollution, but ironically, they must also be the solution. Host Matt O’Leary is joined by marketing expert John Lenker and philosopher Kevin deLaplante to chart a path forward. For a deeper dive into the concepts discussed in this episode, check out the Influence Hacker Journal on Medium, written by John Lenker & Kevin deLaplante.

Jan 01, 202232:29