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Let’s talk Pure Ideas

Let’s talk Pure Ideas

By Pure Ideas

Have a brilliant idea but don't know how to protect it? Listen to the experts as we share how to protect and commercialise ideas and innovations. A Podcast for your business ideas covering Intellectual Property (IP), Trademarks and Commercialisation. Brought to you by the friendly inside voices of Pure Ideas: Danni Wears - Trademarks & Designs Paralegal and Katia Douglas - Commercial Director. The information is given as guidance and a starting point, if you want to find out more, contact:
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#11: Top Tips for a Successful UK Patent Application

Let’s talk Pure IdeasAug 21, 2023

#11: Top Tips for a Successful UK Patent Application
Aug 21, 202311:46
#10: Patents Part 2
May 23, 202304:29
#9: How the Unified Patent Court impacts you?

#9: How the Unified Patent Court impacts you?

Our host, Katia spoke to Avidity IP Patent Attorney, Dr Alex Povey on what Patent applicants and Patent holders need to consider with the recent Unified Patent  Court updates. They emphasise this is something to think about sooner than later, and with the guidance of your Patent Attorney. 

Feb 20, 202317:59
#8: Looking ahead to 2023
Dec 13, 202209:16
#7: Trade Marks Part 2
Nov 02, 202214:56
#6: Pure Ideas catches up with torc2 Ltd

#6: Pure Ideas catches up with torc2 Ltd

Our host, Katia, caught up with Gary from torc2 Ltd to discuss his journey to protect his business. A great discussion on the important steps taken to protect his business, find funding and grants and the benefits of IP Audit Plus. 

May 27, 202215:56
#5: Networking for your Ideas

#5: Networking for your Ideas

For our fifth Podcast and first guest speaker, our host, Katia, invited Alex Kerr from Coventry & Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce. We speak about the power of networking when it comes to Ideas. We discuss what engaging with other members of the Chamber has done for us, the importance of visibility of costs are for our clients and even a top tip for Dragons Den followers! 

Tune in to hear Katia and Alex now

Mar 21, 202215:51
#4: Introducing Patents

#4: Introducing Patents

In our fourth Podcast we speak to Sam our Senior Managing Attorney, who runs us through some of the most asked questions he gets on a day to day basis on Patents and the Patent filing process! Tune in to hear how Pure Ideas work with you to ease the process and ensure your Ideas are protected in many ways.

Jan 21, 202211:13
#3: Christmas Special
Dec 13, 202104:53
#2: Trade Marks Part 1
Nov 01, 202117:01
#1: Let’s Talk about Protecting your Ideas
Sep 02, 202110:48