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Let's Start Health

Let's Start Health

By Chelsea Haines

Welcome to Let's Start Health, a podcast willing to start the awkward, vulnerable, and even hard conversations needed in order to break through stigmas of mental and physical health, as well as educate and inspire those on a journey to healing. Hosted by Chelsea Haines.

Chelsea interviews industry professionals to bring you today's most updated knowledge on nutrition, wellness, and personal development.

Listen here to receive your healthy dose of real, raw and relatable stories of healing through gut health, intuition, Spiritual connection and the power of the Abundance Mindset.
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#20 - Riding the Waves of Grief with Bevin Mugford

Let's Start HealthNov 27, 2019

#58 - Cousin Coffee Chat #4 - Seasons of Life and Miscarriage
Sep 30, 202043:05
#57 - Gut Brain Nutrition with Dr. Heather Finley
Sep 23, 202044:35
#56 - Leadership & Health in Times of Change with Gemma Hulbert aka The Yacht Stew
Sep 16, 202053:26
#55 - Digesting Dogmas of Health with Dr. Golightly - Series 1
Sep 10, 202044:28
#54 - Cousin Coffee Chat #3: Navigating emotions, Life's Heartaches, and feeling Stressed and Bloated!
Sep 02, 202044:46
#53 - Throwback! Unlearning the Road to Health with Ashley Taylor
Aug 26, 202049:55
#52 - Faith in the Eleventh Hour Pt. 2 with Morgan Rhodes
Aug 19, 202037:16
#51 - Faith In The Eleventh Hour with Morgan Rhodes - Part 1
Aug 12, 202039:08
#50 - Cousin Coffee Chat #2 - Mental health, Blessing that Medicine, and Digesting Spirituality
Aug 05, 202033:10
#49 - Alchemy of Covid: The Good of Quarantine
Jul 29, 202020:43
#48 - Healing Myself to Find Myself with Kristen Lynch
Jul 22, 202046:16
#47 - Lauren Eliz Love on Spiritual Alignment for Physical Healing and Business Babe Success
Jul 15, 202055:14
#46 - The NoPoo Method How-To!
Jul 08, 202034:05
#45 - Cousin Coffee Chat - Mini-Series #1
Jul 01, 202035:18
#44 - Kristen Lynch interviews Chelsea for the Goddess Talk Podcast
Jun 24, 202001:12:51
#43 - Healing thru Inner Child Integration with Marien Sarriera
Jun 17, 202001:11:18
#42 - Stress’ Effect on Gut Health with Hanna Hanula
Jun 10, 202045:31
#41 - Hormones, Menopause & Living Lightly with Dr. Carleigh Golightly
May 27, 202046:25
#40 - Intermittent Fasting
May 20, 202031:13
#39 - Rifting on how to be Fitz and Healthy with Dr. Lauren Fitz
May 13, 202047:15
#38 - The Journey to Cloud 9 with Jordan Gross
May 06, 202054:17
#37 - Coping with Covid, Shifting our Belief system, and Moving forward!
May 01, 202036:18
#36 - Guided Mental Rehearsal for Success
Mar 25, 202027:40
#35 - Screw Being Shy with Mark Metry
Mar 19, 202001:12:24
#34 - "I thought I was Dying" Navigating Hashimotos and Entrepreneurship with Carrie Bohlig
Mar 11, 202042:27
#33 - Why Harnessing Your Intuition is Important and What It Looked Like For Chelsea
Mar 04, 202057:38
#32 - Women Supporting Women Entrepreneurs thru Trades of Hope
Feb 26, 202038:32
#31 - Recognizing Anxiety & What To Do About It
Feb 21, 202032:04
#30 - Tips for Better Sleep!
Feb 12, 202020:12
#29 - Living the Lemonade Life with Best-Selling Author, Zack Friedman
Feb 05, 202048:33
#28 - The Science Behind Intuition with expert Sunil Godse

#28 - The Science Behind Intuition with expert Sunil Godse

Sunil Godse recognized the true power of intuition years ago and after learning how to truly trust it, he successfully helped to grow a number of startups to a combined $20 million in revenues before moving onto a very successful career as a business coach, where he helps companies increase their productivity by using business intuition to establish trusted professional relationships.

He used his past learning and experience to write two critically acclaimed books, Fail Fast. Succeed Faster. and GUT! and took his message on the road, speaking to tens of thousands of people around the world and giving them actionable advice on how to trust their intuition in any situation.

He started the Intuitionology project to help people understand how their intuition behaves so that they recognize their unique set of intuitive signals that are telling them what the right decision is in any situation so that they lead a life full of happiness and success.

His mission is very simple – to help change as many lives as he can, one person at a time.

In this episode, we talk all about what Intuition actually is, including the 4 types of intuition as well as the 4 hurdles to trusting our gut, why it’s important to trust that gut instinct, and what could happen if this aspect of one’s life is never strengthened. Sunil shares case studies to support the science behind Intuition and do not fret as he also shares the first step to beginning to harness and trust your gut.

Be sure to click the links below to access his Free course on Intuition and Stay tuned for future collaborations between Sunil and I!


Sunil on LinkedIn

Sunil's Book Gut! on Amazon

Intuitionology on Instagram

Dive into your intuition with Free Course by CLICKING HERE


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Jan 29, 202054:33
#27 - Shifting the Healthcare Paradigm and Saving Lives with Dr. Mark Zhuk
Jan 15, 202050:35
#26 - What is the Abundance Mindset and How to Cultivate It with Chris Hatfield
Jan 08, 202044:20
#25 - What is STRESS and WHY is it so important to get under control?
Jan 01, 202042:11
#24 - 3 Tips for Better Digestion During Grief
Dec 25, 201916:46
#23 - 10 tips to Move Past Emotional Triggers and How to Measure if You’re Healing with Chelsea Haines
Dec 18, 201922:27
#22- Hitting RESET with Pamela Rojas
Dec 11, 201942:21
#21 What is Gut Health with Chelsea Haines
Dec 04, 201934:04
#20 - Riding the Waves of Grief with Bevin Mugford
Nov 27, 201901:04:31
#19 - Sober Series recap: 10 Tips to Stay Sober Over the Holidays

#19 - Sober Series recap: 10 Tips to Stay Sober Over the Holidays

10 Tips to Stay Sober Over the Holidays

  1. Gather like-minded community. If not available in person-there are a lot of amazing online communities focussing on alcohol free living.
  2. For holiday parties; personally, I don’t talk about not drinking at all, and when somebody offers a drink, I say that I first want to hydrate, or get a sparkling water with lemon. Some people like to bring Alcohol Free beer or so.
  3. Initiate exercise dates. You might find that the Alcohol Free you prefers more 1-1 dates or introversion. To deal with possible FOMO or loneliness, set up walk or exercise dates, coffee dates, cookie baking dates, movie dates..
  4. Get into a new hobby, channel that creativity into something new
  5. Seek a coach/professional who can help you face the family triggers, learn how to self soothe and reprogram your mind
  6. Meditate to center yourself and gain clarity about how you want to handle family/parties/temptations
  7. Get really into your “why”. Don’t let shame or a bad drunken fight be the only fuel. That might have kick started things for some, but having a love based vision for your future pulls us forward more then running from shame
  8. Get involved in causes that are meaningful for you, again, community community, community
  9. Geek out on the science that supports Alcohol Free living, as data usually helps family/friends understand your choices better than “I need to spiritually up-level”
  10. Reward yourself with free experiences that you always been curious about

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Nov 20, 201919:49
#18 - Sober November Speed Interviews Part III

#18 - Sober November Speed Interviews Part III

Steve Anderson - ZOOM recording 19-Sept-19 09:00 -  My name is Steve and my sobriety date is December 3, 2015. I am a father or 4, Managing Partner of a large Healthcare Recruitment firm, an entrepreneur and a recovered alcoholic.

Henry Wimbush - recording 17-Sept-19 13:00:  motivational speaker/ reentry group facilitator -

Henry Wimbush is the founder of Recovery Institute, Inc., a Non-Profit that focus is to educate, train, and empower those that work with individuals and are dealing with co-occuring substance abuse issues.

He has mentored dual diagnosed individuals for the past 8 years. He was trained as a Forensic Support Specialist and Recovery Support Specialist.

He has 19 years of sobriety and enjoys attending Support groups and traveling to motivate others in substance abuse prevention and mental health awareness.

You can reach him at:

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Nov 13, 201936:26
#17 - Sober November Speed Interviews Part II

#17 - Sober November Speed Interviews Part II

Enjoy Part II of this three-part series of "speed interviews" of stories of sobriety.

In today's episode, Chelsea interviews two men with two different addictions. Her first guest, Mark, has been a trial lawyer in Chicago for 22 years, first as a prosecutor, then moving on to investigate police-involved shootings and allegations of excessive force committed by Chicago Police officers. After a number of positions in the last three years, he has been a criminal defense and family law attorney for nearly a year. He is married with three children. And he is a virtual life-long addict who bravely shares his compelling story about his journey of sex, fantasy, and secrecy addiction.

Chelsea's second guest is Robert, who from a very young age became addicted to alcohol as a result of trying to compensate for the lack of friendships he had with people his own age. Robert has been sober since 5/27/2006. He is a below-knee amputee (6/15/2017) and a competitive powerlifter. He loves spending all his free time with the family and their dog and cats along with traveling.

Both guests are motivated not only to bring awareness to addiction but help shape and maybe change our perspective of people who struggle with addiction.


Something you'd like to share?  Contribute and connect with us and the Let's Start Health community!


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Nov 04, 201944:19
#16 - Sober October Recap and Speed Interviews Part I
Oct 28, 201952:34
#15 - Drowning in Addiction: Sink or Swim with Scott Leeper

#15 - Drowning in Addiction: Sink or Swim with Scott Leeper

In May of 2019, while serving active duty in the Marine Corps, Scott had to take his dad off life-support and watch him take his last breath due to years of alcohol abuse and self-loathing. After many challenges and trials, he is a published author, Life Coach and public speaker!

Drowning in Addiction: Sink or Swim is a book about saving lives and giving hope to addicts and loved ones of addicts.  We, the authors, believe this book is a lifeline for those affected by addiction to find their path to recovery.  We believe recovery is possible, regardless of background or situation.  It begins with a choice!

We have come together to share our stories, our mission, and our message. All of us have been affected by addiction in various ways, and we offer an unedited account of our stories in this tell-all book about addiction. The mission of this book is to save lives, give hope to family and friends of addicts, provide examples of the hard truths surrounding the consequences of addiction, and provide potential solutions for those addicted to drugs or alcohol.


1.  Website:

2.  E-mail:

3.  Social Media:  LinkedIn:





4.  Purchase the book:  Amazon:

5.  Book Website:

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Oct 21, 201901:00:50
#14- Healing Through Harmony with Susy Schieffelin, AKA The Copper Vessel

#14- Healing Through Harmony with Susy Schieffelin, AKA The Copper Vessel

Susy Markoe Schieffelin is a Sound Healer, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master, Sobriety Coach, and the founder of The Copper Vessel.

In this episode, Chelsea and Susy discuss what it was like to grow up with certain expectations of what “success” should look like and how that pressure led to a lifestyle of prescription medication and alcoholism masked as an extroverted socialite. These mechanisms were what she needed to survive the fast-paced lifestyle of a young woman in NYC who was hustling to live the dream. Addiction was a slippery slope for Susy that led her to a cry for help and the bottom of a bottle of pills; her darkest moment which inevitably saved her life.

Susy now leads deeply restorative crystal alchemy sound bath experiences in Los Angeles and all around the world. Her sound baths have been described as "other worldly" and "a mind blowing experience that is a must for people new to meditation." Susy also offers intimate transformational programs that utilize a blend of healing and coaching modalities to empower people to step into their highest self. 

Please share this episode with all the hustler’s in your life who may need a dose of inspiration and realization today that maybe that go-go lifestyle might no longer be working… and thats ok.


Susy on Instagram:

Susy’s Website:

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Let’s Start Health Facebook Community 

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Oct 14, 201901:06:53
#13 - Meth, Alcohol, and Entrepreneurial Felons with Cheri Garcia
Oct 07, 201901:13:48
#12 - Season 2 Launch with Chelsea Haines
Oct 01, 201904:55
#11 - Guided Meditation with Chelsea “She Let Go”
Aug 26, 201910:04
#10 - Navigating Infertility and Using Food as Medicine for Creating the Optimal State for Conception with Kela Robinson Smith
Aug 19, 201943:52
#9 - Chelsea Explains How She Cultivated a Strong Intuition that She Can Trust!

#9 - Chelsea Explains How She Cultivated a Strong Intuition that She Can Trust!

Tune in as Chelsea is interviewed by friend, Donna Cleveland. Learn how you can trust your gut, reframe your inner voice to be one that is empowered and one that can be truly trusted.

Aug 12, 201901:14:46