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Letters & Numbers

Letters & Numbers

By Sarah

Explore the world through language and math with a linguist/budding mathematician!
In season one of Letters and Numbers, we focus on books - delving into the world of publishers and platforms, who writes (and why!), and what makes some books more successful than others.
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Should books come with trigger warnings?

Letters & NumbersMay 09, 2023

Should books come with trigger warnings?
May 09, 202339:10
How important is it for writers to be plotters?
May 02, 202326:36
Do you need a 'bible' for writing?
Apr 25, 202322:58
If It Ends With Us... where did it all start?
Apr 18, 202318:52
How can I become a (seriously!) bestselling author?
Apr 11, 202318:48
What do politics and identity have to do with novels?
Apr 04, 202347:16
What English should novels be written in?
Mar 29, 202334:06
Why use a penname - or no name at all?
Mar 21, 202320:15
Who are big name authors writing with?
Mar 14, 202310:32
What is going on with e-book prices?
Mar 07, 202316:03
What is going on with book prices?
Feb 28, 202313:15
Why don’t books cost the same worldwide?
Feb 21, 202322:48
Do readers really own books?
Feb 14, 202319:06
Are indie authors truly independent?
Feb 07, 202328:26
How are the numbers stacked against indies and small publishers?
Jan 31, 202314:32
How much diversity is there in books and publishing?
Jan 24, 202315:58
Why does garbage get published?
Jan 17, 202317:53
Why are the Big Five publishers a big deal?
Jan 10, 202315:27
How many publishers are there - really?
Jan 03, 202314:24


In the first season of Letters & Numbers, our focus is on books,  starting with a mini-series on publishers and platforms. 

Join author, linguist, and mathematician-in-the-making Sarah on an exploration of the world through the lens of letters and numbers!

Jan 03, 202301:37