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Let There Be Light Podcast

Let There Be Light Podcast

By Sarah & Marleny

A place for the doubters, wanderers, and outcasts.

We are two best friends who seek to shine light on topics in the Church today with history, science, theology - and our love for Jesus.⁣ ✨️🌙☀️
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purity rings, myths, and shame - oh my! with Dr. Camden Morgante

Let There Be Light PodcastNov 03, 2020

those who came before...

those who came before...

THANK YOU all for listening! We are incredibly grateful for your support, encouragement, and love over our first three seasons!
Today is a more conversational format reflecting on the themes, courage, and contributions of women in church history. In our lives, we seek to honor the legacy of the women who went before us, and it is our prayer that Eshet Chayil did just that.
We hope you enjoyed half as much as we enjoyed creating content for you all! Stay tuned for the release of our fourth season in 2022!
Nov 03, 202125:52
the making of biblical womanhood: book review

the making of biblical womanhood: book review

Is biblical womanhood defined by ancient Greek grammar, by cultural norms, or by the actions and love of God? 

In our penultimate episode this season, we review Beth Alison Barr's bestseller, "The Making of Biblical Womanhood: How the Subjugation of Women Became Gospel Truth."

We found that this book perfectly wraps up our season ahead of the Eshet Chayil finale, and are excited to share what we've learned. 😀

As always, leave us a review of what you think!

Oct 27, 202130:23
here we stand - we can do no other

here we stand - we can do no other

In our last dive into the histories of prominent women throughout the Church, Sarah leads the discussion today with a glimpse into the Reformation.  •Argula, the first woman to apply Luther’s doctrine of priesthood of all believers to women, and also the first female lobbyist of the Reformation. •Katharina, who wrote a defense for speaking out against men in ecclesial power. (Significantly, also wrote a preface for one of Calvin’s sermons.) •Marie Dentiere, who wrote & published a formal defense for women being allowed to authoritatively teach to other women, which most of the Reformers were against. Listen to how these women’s arguments laid the foundation for much of what we enjoy today in modern-day Christianity! As always, thank you so much for listening and like or leave a review of what you think!
Oct 20, 202129:55
scholars, soldiers, poets, queens | part 2

scholars, soldiers, poets, queens | part 2

In our newest episode, we continue in our 2-part special of "scholars, soldiers, poets, queens" by delving into the Middle Ages:
Julian of Norwich, who wrote the first English language book ‘Revelations of Divine Love written by a woman on the ‘feminine nature’ of Christianity;
Anna Comnena, author of the most comprehensive book on church history of her time; and Hrosvit, composer of first dramas in Christian history, combining Christianity with art in a new way.
Let us know what you think and what your favorite part of the episode is! :)
Oct 13, 202127:00
scholars, soldiers, poets, queens | part 1

scholars, soldiers, poets, queens | part 1

In today's episode in our series, Eshet Chayil: Woman of Valor, Sarah dissects the histories of three women selected from the history of the medieval church. They are Brigid of Ireland (who founded the first Irish nunnery and is said to be the first woman appointed a bishop); Christine de Pisan (her writings on the defense of women in the medieval church are said to be some of the earliest accounts of ‘feminism’); and Melania the Younger (was a major theologian, assisted Boniface the great Christian leader, & used her knowledge to teach the emperor & aided the clergy in textual interpretation & translation). As always, the ladies delve deep into discussion, this time of the roles/culture surrounding women in the medieval church and middle ages. Leave us a review or comment your favorite parts! :)
Oct 06, 202124:32
upon these rocks, I will build my Church

upon these rocks, I will build my Church

Today, Sarah leads our discussion in the histories of 3 women who are recorded as major players in the establishment of the early church leading up to the middle ages:
St. Thecla, Faltonia Betitia Proba, and Egeria. Listen for descriptions of the subversion of Roman culture through the church and particularly through the roles women played (early church was predominantly female),
the transition to more hierarchical structures as the church assimilated to Roman culture, leading to the Middle Ages, and the increasing marginalization of women. And as always, leave us a review or shoot us a message of what you think of the episode! :)

Sep 29, 202127:09
a pastor, a deacon, and an apostle walk into a bar
Sep 22, 202127:01
last at the Cross, first at the tomb
Sep 15, 202124:32
trauma is not your identity

trauma is not your identity

Another season has come and gone! Thank you so much to everyone who has been following our season exploring trauma within the church, for sending us questions, and for returning every week for more. Today we close out the conversation by discussing how trauma relates to our identity in Christ as stated by scripture, while also including personal experience and lots of encouragement.

Scripture cited:

1 John 5:15

Ephesians 2:19

Romans 10:9-10

Romans 5:10-11

Colossians 2:13-14

2 Corinthians 4:16-17


May 05, 202127:42
who can help me? a history of christian vs secular counseling
Apr 21, 202132:00
grace-softened edges: healing from trauma
Apr 14, 202132:09
she who named God: the tale of Hagar
Mar 31, 202119:59
diagnosis: post-traumatic church syndrome

diagnosis: post-traumatic church syndrome

Prognosis: Hopeful. ❤ Separating from a community leaves its own special wound. Today, we break down the definition of trauma as described by medical experts, and discuss the ways we experienced trauma after leaving our church communities, and how we found healing after hope seemed lost. RESOURCES: Emotional & Psychological Trauma: Finding a Therapist Who Can Help You Heal: Post-Traumatic Church Syndrome:  When Church Leads to Trauma:
Mar 24, 202125:04
still searching for sunday
Mar 17, 202120:52
a survivor's guide to deconstruction

a survivor's guide to deconstruction

When all of your beliefs get blown to hell, what is left?
This week, Sarah reacquaints us with the definition of deconstruction, how it is affecting the American church today, the testimonies of those who have experienced it, and what scripture says about it all.
Mar 10, 202133:14
what makes a church

what makes a church


We are back and laying the groundwork for season 2 by discussing what makes a church, and how to define the universal Church. This will be a great episode to reference later when we dive into difficult topics on churches' responses to mental illness, sexual abuse, and spiritual mistreatment.
As always, we bring laughter, challenging questions, and our hearts for Jesus to the forefront of every episode. We hope you enjoy!
Mar 03, 202126:01
left behind: learning to love the church again

left behind: learning to love the church again

In our SEASON ONE finale, there is hurt, disbelief, betrayal, and uncertainty... Namely, the emotions we both felt when leaving our respective churches. Listen as we bear our souls, share our experiences, doubts, and how we learned to love the church again.
Searching for Sunday by Rachel Held Evans
Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller
It has been a wild ride over the last few months! We are incredibly grateful for the unbelievable amounts of support we have received since premiering our podcast in the summer. We can't believe season one, with all its joys and challenges, is actually over. Thank you so much, and we will be back in spring 2021!
a special THANK YOU to everyone who has contributed professionally to our podcast:
Nov 11, 202033:12
purity rings, myths, and shame - oh my! with Dr. Camden Morgante

purity rings, myths, and shame - oh my! with Dr. Camden Morgante

This week, we explore the world of purity culture with our own personal guide, Dr. Camden Morgante! With her expertise, we discuss the different kinds of myths that are created within the American Church as well as dissect questions that we have personally encountered regarding marriage, sex, and the fairytales that come with them. ***Due to the long-distance nature of this call, the audio recording reflects some connectivity & sound difficulties.*** Thanks for bearing with us and we pray that this is as much an encouragement to you as it was to us! For more information on Dr. Camden: Dr. Camden's FREE purity culture quiz: Photo credit:
Nov 03, 202041:08
red, white, & Blue Like Jazz
Oct 28, 202030:02
the lost apostle: the tale of Junia

the lost apostle: the tale of Junia

This is the story of a woman who was part of the early Church. The story of a woman who may have listened at the feet of Jesus himself. A story that was nearly wiped from history. This woman was revered as a symbol of faith for centuries, and in one stroke of a brush, her identity was tainted and her status questioned. Her name and gender were changed and taught as correct by men of great power in the church.  This history is rarely acknowledged, let alone taught. The average member of the Church today will most likely not know who she was. Her name was Junia, and she was outstanding among the apostles. Photo credit: SOURCES: Junia, a Female Apostle: An Examination of the Historical Record Blame Martin Luther for People Thinking the Bible’s Female Apostle Was Male Junia: The Female Apostle, Video History Who Was Junia in the Bible? The Lost Apostle: Searching for the Truth about Junia by Rena Pederson Was Junia in Romans 16:7 a female apostle in authority? Romans 16: Who was Junia? – The Text in Context
Oct 21, 202025:33
masculinity & other musings

masculinity & other musings

Welcome the conclusion of the two-part series where we explore the expectations of femininity and masculinity in the American church! Listen with an open mind as we compare cultural norms with biblical truths, and share stories that have helped mold our faiths and revisit our own biases. As always, we promise laughs, challenges, and maybe a food metaphor or two.  SOURCES: Redefining masculinity: Three psychologists strive to build a ‘better' man. What Is Toxic Masculinity? How the Christian ‘masculinity’ movement is ruining men 5 Themes of Biblical Manhood A Critical Review of John Eldredge’s Wild at Heart Sex, Marriage, & Fairytales || Spoken Word Photo credit:
Oct 14, 202041:16
femininity & other musings

femininity & other musings

In the first of our two-part series on Femininity & Masculinity, we dissect what the Bible and American church culture deem as being feminine. And yes, it will probably piss people off. Sources: What is Biblical Femininity? A REAL WOMAN? DEFINING BIBLICAL FEMININITY Biblical Womanhood: How the Bible Defines Femininity What the Bible Doesn’t Say About Femininity The Beauty of Womanhood Photo credit: 
Oct 07, 202034:22
to Kid or Not to Kid
Sep 30, 202038:23
how to light a candle with a WILDFIRE
Sep 23, 202032:02
in the case of the cussing Christian

in the case of the cussing Christian

What does it say when a Christian cusses? Are they not listening to supposedly "specific" bible verses? Are they abusing their freedom in Christ? What the HECK is going on here?! Like many other topics debated in scripture, there are almost too many stances to count. Similar to drinking alcohol or getting tattoos, cursing is often looked down upon by some as a "sign of lower intelligence" or a sign of spiritual immaturity. This stance often leads to those who cuss feeling less convicted by the Holy Spirit, and more condemned by their brothers and sisters in Christ.  Marleny decided to take verses that certain articles used as "proof" to not curse and research them in this episode. Listen as we dive deep into the historical context and different translations often used to refute cussing. Together, they uncover surprises ("Why does Jesus always talk about camels?") and discuss ways to better love and understand others who follow Jesus.  "The Unforgivable Sin" by Jefferson Bethke:
Sep 16, 202030:19
I preached a sermon (& I liked it)
Sep 09, 202030:10
trauma with a capital T
Sep 02, 202030:11
...and there was Light: introductions

...and there was Light: introductions

Some introductions are in order! We are Sarah & Marleny; listen as we introduce ourselves and make each other laugh, and discuss how our lives and faith journeys have led us to starting "Let There Be Light." You can also learn what to expect in future episodes, including our series premiere on 9/2/2020!
Aug 02, 202015:36
Let There Be Light Trailer

Let There Be Light Trailer

People want black-and-white answers from the Bible, but as author Sarah Bessey puts it, scripture is a rainbow arch painted across a stormy sky. Join hosts Sarah and Marleny in a fun and unpredictable exploration of scripture through discussions on history, theology, and our love for Jesus. 

Jun 14, 202000:44