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Levi Lyle

Levi Lyle

By Levi Lyle

An evolving platform whose current phase is highlighting the voices of thought leaders in agriculture to bring out-of-the-box thinking into mainstream awareness.
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Levi LyleMar 08, 2022



The Levi Lyle Podcast Episode, Building Stronger Communities, is an interview with Joshua Laraby of the Fairfield Economic Development Association (FEDA). Learn a wealth of information intended to inspire community leaders with resources necessary to get the ball rolling for their own community development.  This resource provides many avenues to incentivization of community projects. Organizations which provide grants and assistance for tax abatements are discussed. Go to the Levi Lyle Youtube channel or the to view the visual version with links included in the Youtube description.

Mar 08, 202201:14:50
Wounds of a Navy Seal: A Farm Story
Jan 24, 202208:10
Carbon Markets: Should farmers participate?

Carbon Markets: Should farmers participate?

A growing number of start-ups are offering farmers compensation for the generation of agricultural carbon credits. Large corporations purchase credits in pursuit of reducing their environmental footprints. The Growing Climate Solutions Act of 2021 cleared the US Senate June 24th making way for the development of a voluntary market in agricultural credits derived from prevention, reduction, or mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).

While the Act creates a voluntary certification program managed by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), there is still much unknown about the feasibility of developing new ecosystem services markets for farmers.

In this edition of the Levi Lyle Podcast, guest Ruth McCabe, Conservation Agronomist with Heartland Cooperative, offers clarity and insight into the question, “Should farmers participate?”

Nov 27, 202101:07:43
Ice Sage: Food Legacy poem
Mar 04, 202100:53
ICE SAGE: Lawn poem
Feb 20, 202101:12
ICE SAGE: Omen of a Calling poem
Feb 16, 202101:06
ICE SAGE: March Sheen poem
Feb 11, 202101:01
ICE SAGE: Humus poem
Jan 27, 202102:02
ICE SAGE: Square Mile poem

ICE SAGE: Square Mile poem

This episode is the first in a series highlighting works from Levi Lyle’s book “ICE SAGE: Living and Loving the Land Poems.”
Jan 26, 202101:45