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Life With Libbie

Life With Libbie

By Libbie

Spiritual and conscious based. Empowering women to find their self love magic and to use it to better their lives, relationships, and finances.
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Manifesting the Right Way With Lydia Bachmeier

Life With LibbieDec 10, 2020

How to Build & Cultivate Body Confidence
Nov 13, 202119:37
Signs You are in a Toxic Relationship
Oct 29, 202126:51
4 Ways to Feel More Worthy
Oct 08, 202137:11
How to Activate Your Spiritual Gifts
Sep 14, 202119:44
Overcoming Self-Judgement & Victimhood
Aug 26, 202132:18
4 Practical Ways to Begin Your Self Love Journey
Aug 10, 202137:27
Self love & Manifestation LIVE Q&A
Mar 31, 202136:37
Wands, Potions, Manifesting & All Things Magick with Natasha Heard from Blessed Branches
Mar 19, 202149:40
It’s OK to be Selfish
Mar 16, 202114:57
The Power of You: How To Brand Your Biz With Pixie Grace
Mar 12, 202141:49
Energy of the Divine Femme in Every Day Life
Mar 09, 202120:40
How to Use the Tarot with Pageant Queen Pixie
Mar 04, 202140:17
Why You Have Guilt & Shame When Putting Yourself First
Mar 02, 202125:29
Spirituality & Politics in Business With Whitney Mcquade
Feb 25, 202145:18
7 Daily Self Care Practices
Feb 23, 202138:06
Freedom, Alignment & Manifesting With Ryin Lokietz
Feb 18, 202140:06
3 Divine Ways to Own Your Power
Feb 16, 202124:11
Healing Relationship, Sexual and Personal Trauma With Isiasha
Feb 14, 202156:48
How I Manifested My Dream Home
Feb 09, 202100:24
Shamanistic Healing with Alissandra Moon
Feb 05, 202148:37
6 Signs You Have Abandonment Wounds (plus find your romantic attachment style)
Feb 02, 202100:24
Honoring The Self With Sonia
Jan 28, 202101:12:07
The Spiritual Meanings of Number 27
Jan 26, 202126:33
Emotion Code & PSYCH-K with Grethe
Jan 22, 202101:00:45
Living With & Overcoming Bipolar Disorder
Jan 19, 202139:54
Mental Health and Coming Out with Jay
Jan 14, 202101:16:25
How to Get Out of an Emotional Slump
Jan 12, 202129:29
Intro to Human Design with Shree Fulcher
Jan 07, 202151:47
Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone in 2021
Jan 05, 202124:47
Personal and Financial Success with Candice Bakx-Friesen
Dec 31, 202058:06
How my life transformed in 2020
Dec 29, 202044:04
Big Body Confidence with BODIED Katrina Nurse
Dec 24, 202001:02:34
How to Surrender to The Universe
Dec 22, 202029:15
Business Wellness & Mindset with Cherish
Dec 17, 202001:06:33
Being Enough for You
Dec 15, 202030:35
Manifesting the Right Way With Lydia Bachmeier
Dec 10, 202052:22
How to Love Your Body
Dec 08, 202043:27
Rockstar Sobriety with Brittany Graling aka GrlGlimmer
Dec 03, 202052:24
How to Overcome Negative Self-Talk & Beliefs
Dec 02, 202025:41
Trauma and Healing Through The Body with Cate Allen
Nov 26, 202001:05:16
Embrace Your Inner Goddess

Embrace Your Inner Goddess

Easy and practical ways to embrace the Goddess that you already are. 

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Nov 24, 202023:35
Sustainable Travel with Amina

Sustainable Travel with Amina

Ever wondered how you can safely, ethically and sustainably solo travel as a woman? Amina began her start up company, Indy Odyssey Travel,  answering this question.

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Nov 20, 202051:01
Problematic Christianity

Problematic Christianity

In this interview with former ministry worker, Lauralynn Maurais, we discuss lessons the church taught us such as self-sacrificing love and how we see this being put into practice in our lives. 

However, the church community itself is filled with problematic ideologies and behaviour. Lauralynn discusses why she and her husband chose to leave the church and the community they thought they would have for ever. 

We also get into problematic, short-term christian mission trips. How great intentions aren’t really benevolent - Dismantling the whiteness, patriarchal ignorance of the church.

Is today’s church really following what Jesus taught? When is it okay to leave the church?

You are connected to Divine, with or without church. You don't have to search for something outside of yourself. You are enough and the answers you seek are all within you. 

Jun 07, 202001:22:58
Consistency - How to make the Universe show up for you

Consistency - How to make the Universe show up for you

Motivation to keep you on track, light a fire under your ass, and get shit done! The universe loves you and wants to show up for you! 

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May 23, 202015:07
Lessons my best friend taught me

Lessons my best friend taught me

Every woman deserves to have a best friend in her life that not only motivates her, but one who also teaches her, one who can expand and empower her.

May 19, 202016:48
My mission, upbringing and a lot of unlearning
May 15, 202029:37
May 14, 2020

May 14, 2020

This podcast doesn't have a description yet. Stay tuned!
May 14, 202000:24