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Lifting, Running & Living with Kelly and JK

Lifting, Running & Living with Kelly and JK

By Kelly Lutz & JK McLeod

Welcome to Lifting, Running & Living! You may know us from our individual podcasts - Multifaceted Athlete with Coaching Klutz and Help Me Understand - and now we've joined forces. Honestly, we've done so many episodes together that it only made sense to start a new pod together. As coaches in the fitness space and two humans who love movement (running for Kelly, strength for JK), every episode will contain some element of fitness, plus a variety of other topics we're seeing, dealing with or hearing about. Join us every other Friday for chit chat, tangents & lots of laughing.
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13. The Winter Grind

Lifting, Running & Living with Kelly and JKNov 24, 2023

13. The Winter Grind
Nov 24, 202302:00:48
12. Mistakes We’ve Made as Athletes
Nov 10, 202301:51:54
11. Hybrid Training & Home Gym Essentials
Oct 27, 202301:49:59
10. Fear of Losing Fitness and Momentum After an Event
Oct 13, 202301:45:42
9. Handling Training Challenges: Travel, Judgmental People & Alcohol

9. Handling Training Challenges: Travel, Judgmental People & Alcohol

This week is all about training challenges! The scenarios we touch on include staying committed to training while traveling, dealing with judgmental people, and feeling pressure around drinking events.

00:33 JK’s updates: kids and his fat loss phase
16:26 Kelly’s updates: anniversary run + train ride and travel
36:32 Sponsorships on podcasts
43:42 Training while traveling when you have an event coming up
45:40 Expectations around training while traveling
58:00 Staying committed to training while traveling
01:07:06 Common travel scenario: late night hangs and drinking
01:18:00 Involving others in your training while traveling
01:24:17 How having an established identity helps
01:34:00 People commenting on food and beverage choices
01:41:21 Updates from Help Me Understand podcast and The Multifaceted Athlete podcast

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Sep 29, 202301:51:17
8. Training for Longer Events With Limited Time
Sep 15, 202301:51:51
7. Training Without an Event-Driven Goal
Sep 01, 202301:48:54
6. Hype or Helpful? Morning Routines & AI in Fitness
Aug 18, 202301:49:26
5. Processing Feedback (Social Media, Clients & More)
Aug 04, 202301:42:14
4. Motivation to Train and Coaching Different Personalities
Jul 21, 202301:48:43
3. Training Deload Research & Controversial (Social Media) Content
Jul 07, 202301:42:30
2. The Toxic Episode
Jun 30, 202301:39:23
1. Introducing.... Lifting, Running & Living with Kelly and JK!
Jun 16, 202301:34:05