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Light House Church Podcast

Light House Church Podcast

By Light House Church

Welcome to the Light House Church podcast. Light House serves the chain of lakes region as an Assemblies of God church. Our podcast serves to inform, educate, and equip people in the public square of ideas.

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End Game: All Right All Ready

Light House Church PodcastFeb 13, 2022

End Game: All Right All Ready

End Game: All Right All Ready

When are you ever ready? We’ll have moments in our lives when we say that we are, but until the moment passes, we can never realize how ready we were.

How about for the end of the world? Who can be ready for that? War, destruction, death, suffering. 

Jesus makes no apologies. You either listen to Him and choose His way, or you can never be ready for what’s to come.

Listen to the signs. Heed the word. The time is coming whether you like it or not, and the world grows ever tense.

Feb 13, 202249:59
The Rapture: As Believable As The Trinity?

The Rapture: As Believable As The Trinity?

Feb 12, 202201:13:34
2021 Membership Class

2021 Membership Class

In this special recording, Pastor Neil Lindwall covers what it takes to become a member of Light House Church.

This class is just under an hour and a half. Once you've listened to the full recording, let us know by emailing us at We'll contact you to discuss the final steps needed to complete your membership. 

You'll find our slide deck and supporting documents attached. Our final agreement will be sent once we've heard from you.

Dec 14, 202101:22:05
High Bar

High Bar

Instinctively, we watch people attempt daring feats and extreme challenges with a deep curiosity. We ask “can they do it?” Why? Because we believe ourselves unable, so anyone who can do something extraordinary is gifted.

There’s certainly an element of truth to this. And when we look at the bar that Jesus sets for His followers, it can often be looked at as impossible. So we seek grace, but we do it as a license to miss the mark, almost intentionally. Yet Jesus did not set the standard out of our reach. Stop seeing the bar as out of reach for you, and learn instead from Jesus who shows you how to achieve it from His view.

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Speaker: Pastor Neil Lindwall

Jan 24, 202155:35