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Lily Of The Herbs Talks

Lily Of The Herbs Talks

By Lily of the Herbs

Lily of the Herbs created this podcast to share herbal wisdom and plant magic. She seeks to catch the plant people nestled all throughout Australia and talk to them about their secrets and knowledge of traditional plant remedies, foraging, medicine making and plant connection.

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Heart medicine and plant initiations

Lily Of The Herbs TalksJun 06, 2023

Heart medicine and plant initiations
Jun 06, 202350:60
Life hacks by Lily of the Herbs part 1

Life hacks by Lily of the Herbs part 1

This episode might be a gentle reminder of some grounding and nourishing rituals you can incorporate into your everyday life. What we do habitually becomes a part of us, and plays a massive role in the way we show up in the world. I have included 7 of my favorites including: meditation 🌿 everyday herbal kit 🌿 bathing in natural water sources 💦 body oiling 🌼 regular meal and bed times 🌻yoga nidra
Jan 16, 202337:19
Light of the sun, St John's Wort the incredible healer.
Dec 06, 202221:59
10 things you should know as a herbalist (that you don't get taught in a degree)
Nov 02, 202239:34
Herbalism and birthwork as agents of change in face of climate disaster.
Jul 20, 202244:16
A deep dive into five element theory from TCM, and how bodywork and herbalism weave together.
Dec 21, 202157:52
Touch and the earth.
Sep 25, 202146:30
Medicinal food forests and a holistic approach to health with Kimmana.
Aug 11, 202157:05
Ayurvedic daily rituals to connect us to natural rhythms
Aug 04, 202146:47
A cup of tea with Dom. Founder of Medicine Room and creator extraordinaire.
Jul 15, 202128:57
Introducing Nymphea Botanica.
Sep 15, 202023:06
Spagyrics with Enki Organics
Jul 25, 202059:08
Wild Seeds grassroots regeneration celebrations
Jun 03, 202040:17
The power of plant connection as a way of life.
May 22, 202042:13
Viruses and Ross River Fever
May 20, 202049:03
Why we need a herbal revolution feat. The Perma Pixie

Why we need a herbal revolution feat. The Perma Pixie

What happens when we all slow down and listen to the rhythm of our bodies? When we learn to grow and forage for the medicines we use? What happens when we value the energy and time which goes into creating medicine. The Perma Pixie and I have an epic discussion in this episode around the fact that all herbalists and permaculturists or people who work with plants are revolutionaries. The grassroot herbalists are keeping alive our connection to nature and while large corporations and and pharmaceutical companies may not have evil intentions behind them it is certainly not in their interests for them to have the people empowered to grow and heal themselves. The Perma Pixie has been working, teaching and studying in the world of permaculture & herbalism. Her visions for the future are bright and green and I would follow her to the end!
May 01, 202045:59
Why we need a herbal revolution- feat. Nawala Nightshade.
Apr 25, 202050:39
Honouring our Roots - Reawakening Traditional Western Herbal Medicine.

Honouring our Roots - Reawakening Traditional Western Herbal Medicine.

"The world is begging to be healed through us, not by us". Words from Miriam of the Open Heart Apothecary, on her practice as a herbalist reawakening old and new traditions, she is a part of the cultural revolution of medicine. Miriam works with patterns and processes, rather than the cause and effect approach of modern biomedicine. In this episode we talk about the humoural temperaments of melancholic, phlegmatic, choleric and sanguine and how these are ancient lenses to view people and the world. We discuss how being a herbalist is not just about 'pills and potions' but is about the stories and archetypes within each one if us. We talk about how about the history of medicine, and myths from the ancient Greeks, the celts can helo us start to remember our lineage as healers and repair some if the damage that we are seeing in today's society. We are all made up of the same elements and matter. Let's relearn the stories of our ancestors and relearn to come from the heart not just the head.
Apr 21, 202048:14
Lily of the Herbs. Reclaiming our health sovereignty.
Apr 08, 202030:14