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Building Digital Products

Building Digital Products

By Linkup Studio

A podcast that helps innovators and entrepreneurs to create successful digital solutions - from idea to market. This podcast is brought to you by Linkup Studio - a software development & design company, which created more than 160 successful digital solutions.
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Minimum Viable Product Explained: Meaning, Benefits, Tips and MVPs Examples

Building Digital ProductsSep 15, 2023

Minimum Viable Product Explained: Meaning, Benefits, Tips and MVPs Examples

Minimum Viable Product Explained: Meaning, Benefits, Tips and MVPs Examples

Join Linkup Studio's CEO, Andriy Sambir, in this enlightening video as he dives deep into the world of building an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). Learn the ins and outs of what an MVP is, when both startups and established businesses should consider creating an MVP, and how to build an MVP that's both efficient for your business and valuable for your customers. This video dispels common misconceptions about the development of an MVP and provides comprehensive reasons why investing time and resources into building an MVP can pay significant dividends. You'll discover how data collection and analytics play a crucial role in shaping an MVP that aligns perfectly with users' needs and expectations. Andriy also presents case studies of thriving businesses that have adopted the MVP development approach, providing a tangible illustration of its effectiveness. These real-life examples further underline the importance of building a minimum viable product for your services and overall business. This video is a must-watch for anyone interested in building MVPs and understanding their true value. Tune in to gain valuable insights on how to build an MVP that can propel your business to new heights. Topics covered:

  • What is MVP and what for?
  • Reasons for developing an MVP
  • Misconceptions related to MVPs
  • Role of analytics and data collection
  • Why should you build an MVP?
  • More examples illustrating the power of MVP
  • When MVP is the key to product success
  • How to build an MVP stages
  • Famous examples of successful MPVs: Amazon, Angelist, and Spotify.

Have a brainwave for a new digital product and considering developing a minimum viable product for it? We'd love to hear from you in the comments! We're more than eager to shower you with valuable insights. If this video stirred your thoughts and ignited your curiosity, feel free to give us a thumbs up, press subscribe, and extend this knowledge to your friends and colleagues by sharing. Stay tuned to our channel for more illuminating content and engaging discussions about the evolution from a simple idea to a successful digital product. Follow us on Social Media:

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Sep 15, 202319:49
Master the New Product Development Process: Everything You Need to Know

Master the New Product Development Process: Everything You Need to Know

Andriy Sambir, the CEO at Linkup Studio, and Oksana Khrupa, the Chief Product Solution Officer, dive deep into the intricate process of new product development. This conversation is a treasure trove for anyone wanting to grasp what is new product development and how to go from idea generation to commercialization. During the talk, Andriy and Oksana walk you through the product development and design stages, exemplifying their points with real-world new product development process examples. They begin by discussing how to create your product idea, introducing the concept of design thinking as a part of the early stages of the new product development process. You'll also learn about the importance of user journey mapping and idea screening. By identifying the target audience early on, they explain how you can tailor your product discovery and business analysis to a specific user base. Further into the conversation, the duo covers the concept development & testing phase, outlining how to arrive at a minimum viable product (MVP). From there, they discuss marketing strategy development, ensuring your product reaches the right customers at the right time. Whether you're looking to launch the product or seeking tips for the prototype phase, this talk will equip you with the insights you need to succeed in the world of new product development. If you are considering developing a new product and have additional questions, we'd love to hear your insights and questions in the comments below or through email. If this video is valuable to you, don't forget to hit the like button, subscribe to our channel, and share the insights with your network. We're committed to delivering more enlightening content and in-depth discussions that cover the complete journey from idea generation to a successful commercial product. Keep an eye out for more! Join us on Social Media: Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: Instagram: Learn more about us: Website: Let’s discuss your idea:

Sep 14, 202334:06
The Ultimate CRM Guide for Real Estate in 2023: Making the Right Choice

The Ultimate CRM Guide for Real Estate in 2023: Making the Right Choice

Linkup Studio's CEO and Chief Product Solution Officer recently gave a talk on creating a real estate CRM. In this informative conversation, you will learn the meaning of CRM in the real estate industry, as well as the advantages of having your own CRM with real-world business experiences.

You will also learn about the main features typically included in CRMs for real estate, such as contact and lead management, filters, transactions, tasks, calendar management, reporting and analytics, and property listings management. Additionally, you will hear about the importance of integrating other platforms into your company's CRM, which can help you scale and customize your system.

Another valuable idea from the talk is the most effective way to implement CRM software for real estate into your specific business. You will get an expert evaluation of the pros and cons of some of the world's most popular CRM systems. And you will also learn when to build your own custom CRM and when to use off-the-shelf solutions.

Feel free to jump to the part you want to hear more about!

  • What does CRM mean in real estate
  • Main advantages of the CRM software for real estate
  • Key features for real estate software CRM
  • How to choose the right CRM
  • Existing CRMs on the market
  • Zillow Premier Agent CRM
  • Zoho CRM
  • Salesforce
  • HubSpot CRM
  • Wise Agents CRM
  • Steps for choosing the right CRM for your business
  • Custom CRM vs. ready solutions

Are you considering creating your own real estate CRM? We invite you to share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below or via email. 

If you enjoyed this video, hit the like button, subscribe to our channel, and share the knowledge with your network. We will continue to create informative content and engaging discussions about the journey from an idea to a successful digital product. Stay tuned!

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Aug 23, 202339:39
Gabriele Musella on How to Define Product-Market Fit & Attract Funding

Gabriele Musella on How to Define Product-Market Fit & Attract Funding

We were excited to have a deep and meaningful chat with Gabriele Musella.

Gabriele is a creative entrepreneur and the CEO and co-founder of Coinrule, a tool for automated trading. His numerous successful projects have gained the support of the famous Y Combinator startup accelerator. Apart from creating businesses, Gabriele also mentors at Google for Startups and teaches at various business schools, including the University of Palermo. Plus, he's a busy investor.

Our talk focused on the key parts of running a digital business. We looked at how to stand out in the market, the best ways to do that, and how to find a place in one's life as an entrepreneur. With his rich investment experience, Gabriele also shared his thoughts on how he chooses which startups to fund and which to skip. You're sure to pick up some great tips from this talk.

Jump straight to the part that catches your eye:

  1. How to define the product market fit? 
  2. How to develop a clear initial product vision? 
  3. What startups does Gabriel invest in and why? 
  4. TOP 3 mistakes most startups make
  5. What benefits of being a design-driven entrepreneur?
  6. Incorporating ML and AI into Gabriele’s fintech product 


Got an idea for a digital product brewing in your mind and want to get it off the ground? Share it in the comments below, and we'll be glad to give you some leads. 

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Jul 28, 202333:10
Lessons learned when Building Film Idea Pitching Startup with Fiona Gillies and Christine Hartland

Lessons learned when Building Film Idea Pitching Startup with Fiona Gillies and Christine Hartland

Let’s dive into the insightful conversation about a film pitch startup with our guests, Fiona Gillies and Christine Hartland. 

They’ve founded My SMASH Media. It is a startup that provides a suite of free digital tools to help content creators create pitch presentations for their ideas and match them with decision-makers in the industry, so they can invest in movies.  

Fiona Gillies is an experienced producer in the UK, but also a famous actress. She has produced films like “City Slacker,” “After Louise,” and "The beat beneath my feet," which have won many awards and have been shown worldwide. 

Christine Hartland has also been producing films for over 20 years. Her movies, such as WMD and Containment, have gained worldwide popularity. Christine is also a member of Women in Film & TV and the Royal Society of Arts.

Got a spark of an idea for a digital product, such as content creation platform or content marketing platform or any other? Thinking about bringing it to life? Drop a line in the comments below, and we'll be happy to sprinkle some insights your way. If this video got your gears turning, don't hesitate to smash that like button, hit subscribe, and spread the knowledge by sharing it with your mates and co-workers!

Keep your eyes on our channel for more enlightening content and thought-provoking conversations about the journey from an idea to a triumphant digital product. Catch you in the next video!

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Jun 29, 202334:16
Building Fashion Business: Essential Insights for Emerging Clothing Brands from Odd Molly`s founder Per Holknekt
Jun 22, 202336:38
Redesigning Digital Product: Behind the Scenes of Why, When and How

Redesigning Digital Product: Behind the Scenes of Why, When and How

Changing the way you’re doing the same inks the product or services you propose to the customers you are targeting. And to stay on top, you should always analyze your product and find the ways and specific problems which you want to solve and which will prompt you to consider the redesign.

Reasons for redesigning vary depending on the specific marketing goals of your business, the most common reasons are to rebrand your site, increase traffic, generate more leads, and add functionality to improve the user experience.

According to Taylor and Francis's online research, it saves zero to 5 seconds for a customer to like or dislike the digital product. So it is no longer a trivial task. A simple design update can be compared to painting a car a different color, replacing a cracked window, and cleaning up the cabin. Product redesign in the same car analogy means comprehensive and research-based improvements under the hood, such as a braking engine, fuel distribution system, or transmission settings. Although not immediately apparent, this modification significantly impacts the driving experience.

Mar 05, 202321:28
Building a campaign management app for volunteers and communities, with Naseem Makiya

Building a campaign management app for volunteers and communities, with Naseem Makiya

When it started out, Impactive was basically organizing campaigns and candidates. But now it's organizing permission-based work. Platform helps encourage people to participate in the elections. Impactive help people go through the voting process with our tools. And platform push campaigns forward. Impactive is both mobile- and web-based

Impactive is for nonprofit activities as well: mission-based work, fundraising, e.g. climate change, cancer research, doesn't matter who's at the organization. It just matters what they stand for.

Nov 24, 202227:48
Product Discovery Phase in Software Development: Crucial Guidelines

Product Discovery Phase in Software Development: Crucial Guidelines

In our conversation we have raised some crucial issues about the project discovery phase. What is the discovery phase and what is it for? What values does it bring, what types of discovery exist, does every project need discovery? What concerns people may have regarding the discovery phase? We will help us to figure out all the tiny details of the discovery phase. She has more than 10 years of experience in business analysis and auditing of software projects.

If you have ever dealt with software development companies, you came across such a concept as the discovery phase. It is the first development phase in the development process of digital products. The main aim of this phase is to translate the project vision and concept into its technical realization. The team collects information, analyzes, and explores the market, competitors, and target audience. And then, based on these outcomes, design the solution and build a detailed implementation plan.

Oct 06, 202230:02
Mastering Product Scalability: Avi Ashkenazi's Key Insights
Sep 08, 202244:44
Product Design with Steve Krug: How to properly analyze product design and make the right changes

Product Design with Steve Krug: How to properly analyze product design and make the right changes

Steve Krug is a UX consultant with 25 years of experience, who has worked with such tech giants as Apple, Bloomberg, Lexus, and NPR. You may also know Steve as the author of “Don’t Make Me Think”, one of the best books on usability and UX design for digital products. You will hear about his vision and valuable insights on developing a digital product.

Steve stumbled through a couple of careers, before ending up in UI / UX design and usability.

Steve's book “Don’t Make Me Think”, first published in 2000, is consistently in the top five books recommended for UI/UX designers. Now Steve returns with a fresh perspective to reexamine the principles that made his book a classic, with updated examples and a new chapter on mobile usability.

Aug 18, 202249:52
John Kamman: Building a digital product around what you love — Wholesum
Jun 23, 202230:07
David Siegel on how good decision-making drives success to digital product
Jun 09, 202230:33
Navot Volk: From launch to sustained business
May 26, 202222:48
Etgar Shpivak: Use customer's pain to build an effective product strategy

Etgar Shpivak: Use customer's pain to build an effective product strategy

May 12, 202245:48
Gal Klein reveals audio content potential as a digital product

Gal Klein reveals audio content potential as a digital product

If you're not into audio right now, you're missing out. So, if you're not, you should start doing this.

The digital innovator, Gal Klein, today’s co-CEO at AI-based Voice Search platform Audioburst, and his recommendations to everybody who wants to find their digital product or who doesn’t even suspect of various opportunities such tools can give.

Gal Klein started his career with mechanics serving for six years in the army as a mechanical engineer. In addition, he had some tech background. Then, he worked for a company computerizing it, creating technical manuals and catalogues for aircraft in the IAF. In 2000 Gal established his own company, which started providing solutions in the media world, e.g. personalized CDs, and there was also worked as CTO in mBox for international companies on creating technology to cut songs, video clips into short pieces of audio.

After that Gal founded another company PLYmedia. It allowed users to create layers on top of videos, like a speech or thought bubble, live captioning for such companies as Intel, Cisco, Microsoft, IBM, and big events like Oprah Winfrey.

- Blitz story of Gal’s journey

- How Audioburst came to birth

- Challenges of the product development process

- Product market fit: how to outline your audience, your segment of the market

- Bevelop their own digital product

- How the audio content can help other business

- Getting investments for your digital product

💻 Read the text version on the blog

Apr 28, 202230:40
How to use Artificial Intelligence to boost your business
Apr 14, 202236:09
War in Ukraine and its impact on the Tech Industry: work process at Linkup Studio
Mar 27, 202238:01
How to quit being a CEO and help other CEOs with their problems: a story of Peter Sorgenfrei
Dec 16, 202129:50
WordPress VS custom Website: How to scale from WP to custom software

WordPress VS custom Website: How to scale from WP to custom software

Figuring out the right time to say goodbye to WordPress and finding out how to do it painlessly.

One day you may realize that you need to scale to make your business larger and to add more functionalities. And then, most definitely, you will face different kinds of technical limitations from WordPress.

Things will get fuzzy, you won’t know what decision will be right, as you will probably be the one with a business model that works for years and brings you some money. Well, don’t worry, it’s a very common situation. WordPress might be very good to start with, but not good enough to continue.

WordPress is the CMS system that was originally created as a block publishing tool giving people the ability to make their own websites easily, fast and cheap. Social media weren’t so popular back then, some of them didn’t exist at all, so people were happy to share stories on their own sites.

A lot of engineers and designers started to work with WordPress too. They updated it with different themes and plugins which made functionality bigger. And that is why people started to use WordPress for other aims like making business websites, advertising websites or online shops.

According to the latest data, 35% of all the websites in the world are developed with WordPress (this is huge!). There are two main reasons for that. First, it is very simple. Any person without engineering knowledge can understand how it works. Second, the installation is fast and cheap. But...

👉🏻 Why WordPress is so popular

👉🏻 Why it may actually be not the best solution for your business

👉🏻 When you should get off your dead horse

👉🏻 Three things that will help you to make the right decision

💻 Read the text version on the blog

Dec 09, 202133:49
High-quality software development: is it worth the cost?
Dec 02, 202121:15
Digital transformation for business: 5 tips to upgrade your company to the next level
Nov 25, 202135:39
Jay Severson on how to succeed as a business-minded chess player
Nov 18, 202142:02
How to integrate an offshore dev team into your business
Nov 11, 202129:42
How Apps Make Money: 8 Proven Strategies
Nov 04, 202137:45
App Development and Design: 4 Reasons to do at the same software house
Oct 28, 202117:60
Сreate marketplace: what technical challenges you might face
Oct 21, 202135:48
What is a Marketplace: Definition, Features, Models
Oct 15, 202139:19
What is a QA engineer and how they help to save money
Oct 07, 202126:56
Business Analysis of New Product Development
Sep 30, 202118:49
The superpower of a word: how to communicate with a partner?

The superpower of a word: how to communicate with a partner?

Communication is not just the ability to talk, to exchange opinions and thoughts. According to the survey, which was conducted by LinkedIn, communication holds about 58% of the importance of all the soft skills. In terms of business, communication skill is a key to success. This is a tool for achieving goals.

That's why communication is actually being paid so much attention to in our company. During our new podcast, we talked to Julia, our communication tutor, to find out what she teaches our staff during her classes.

00:00 Intro

00:37 What communication exactly is?

02:46 Communication: the bridge or the wall?

03:55 What Julia, as a tutor, teach in her lessons?

06:19 About the client's pains we encountered at work

08:49 A little of practice ;)

11:09 What is the most challenging in communication?

13:36 How often communication suppose to happen?

15:20 How to be with shy communicators?

19:49 Why do introverts are the best communicators?

21:25 Hacks to be better in communication

23:42 Conclusion

💻 Read the text version on the blog

Sep 23, 202124:12
Product ownership: how not to lose intellectual property rights to software
Sep 16, 202128:59
Software Development Partner: The art of evaluating
Sep 09, 202122:13
Software Development Partner: How to choose the right partnership
Sep 02, 202127:48
Software Development Partner: 10 things to know before hiring
Sep 02, 202126:47
Things to consider before building your app
Aug 19, 202134:25
Digitalization: what it is, how and why it works and why businesses need it
Aug 12, 202130:36
Digital product creation: 7 lessons that we learned from launching 100 digital products
Aug 05, 202124:44