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Light Alchemy

Light Alchemy

By Lior Allay

Holistic healing from shame + trauma through vulnerability, creative expression, erotic embodiment, storytelling, + self-acceptance. Your nudist enthusiast, body positive, sex positive, kinky, polyamorous guide, Lior, will take you on an adventure of self-discovery, connection, + exploration. Each episode is an invitation to live intimately, engage authentically, + grow together.
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Ecosexuality, Redefining ‘Sex’, + the Agender spectrum

Light AlchemyMay 07, 2020

Cuntopia Takeover: Queer, Neurodivergent Leadership, an Origin Story

Cuntopia Takeover: Queer, Neurodivergent Leadership, an Origin Story

This special gang banger features 4 of my beautiful cunts: Lexi @TheCycleWitch the founder & daddy, Jasmine @AsianP3anuts the mythical flow guru, Ross Lewin @PraiseKinkCollective who creates transformative erotica & Davin @d2p_04 our hype man.

Hear the origin story of Cuntopia: CULTIVATING QUEER, NEURODIVERGENT + WOMB-HOLDING LEADERS TO REAWAKEN MENSTRUAL CYCLE + CUNT WORSHIP FOR HUMANITY Where the world's emerging leaders are coming together to ADDRESS HUMANITY'S COLLECTIVE WOMB TRAUMA and DISMANTLE the patriarchy from the inside out by teaching humanity to fall in love with the menstrual cycle - the cycle of life.

Travel to the Jungle in LIBERTAD, Costa Rica to dive deep into a process that will transform you into the leader of the divine feminine awakening movement.

Just 6,000 years ago - the earth had a flourishing global matriarchy that honored and worshipped the womb, the earth and their cycles. It is up to us as responsible leaders, to re-awaken this knowledge to heal the generations of shame, violence and indoctrination placed upon our wombs if we are to thrive again as humanity. All genders suffer from the violence and shame of the feminine- and all genders can benefit from this healing.

We embark on an unforgettable journey with your future mentorship community + friends. We will undo everything we thought we knew to help you tap into your natural infradian cycles and those of the earth - as the deepest medicine you need to step into your truth as a leader.

Eight of you will get a chance to teach your OWN workshop at the gathering, receive professional photos of the classes you teach to help build your portfolio and receive direct feedback from the mentorship group.

We will take you on an epic journey - from the inner workings and shadows of your Inner Autumn and destructive Kali energy force, to the Creatrix manifestation power of your Inner Winter menstrual energy. Then you will rebirth in your Inner Spring with practical tools to implement this wisdom into action, and end in your Inner Summer, where you are ready to radiate, shine and share everything you've learned with the outside world.

This work is for ALL GENDERS- women, men, nonbinary, trans, intersex... Womb Work and the awakening of the divine feminine and healing of its balance with the divine masculine is necessary to work towards being leaders who minimize harm.

May 02, 202301:25:07
Kinky, Queer, Self-Collared Uncoupling w/ Rope Rigger Nox Black
Apr 28, 202301:09:00
Epic, Erogenous, Emotional & Other Italian Virtues with Vanessa Cuccia of @Chakrubs

Epic, Erogenous, Emotional & Other Italian Virtues with Vanessa Cuccia of @Chakrubs

Join me and the Masturbation Maestro, Vanessa Cuccia, in a salacious, epic conversation on all things sacred, sensual, and full of song. If you're wondering about the throat to vulva/root chakra connection, this will be a great episode for you! We move through the musical theater of italian culture to the altar of pleasure. A very sex and body positive episode.

Vanessa Cuccia is the visionary founder and creator of Chakrubs, an innovative sexual wellness brand that masterfully integrates the healing properties of crystals into their products to foster self-nurturing and holistic well-being for individuals seeking not only physical pleasure, but also spiritual and emotional support. Through her brand's unique ethos, Cuccia has empowered her loyal following to identify and overcome energetic blocks while fostering greater creative expression. A talented musician and conceptual artist herself, Cuccia passionately advocates for the intrinsic connection between sexual and creative energies.

Connect with Vanessa and get you some rubs ~

Chakrubs Website:

Chakrubs Instagram:

Chakrubs youtube:

Crystal Healing & Sacred Pleasure (Amazon):

Crystal Healing & Sacred Pleasure & Chakrubs Method Books:

This April: Insider Circle III: Sex & Psychomagic (digital workshop):


Music Video:

Join me for a Pleasure Ceremony Circle

& learn more at

Apr 07, 202301:24:02
Memes for the Queer Utopia + Transformative Justice with @Softcore_Trauma / Margeaux Feldman

Memes for the Queer Utopia + Transformative Justice with @Softcore_Trauma / Margeaux Feldman

In this episode we hear Margeaux's personal story, what led them to the memespace, +  what they've learned from living in a chronically ill body. We talk about queer wounding, attachment trauma, healing and wholeness. This episode is packed with delicious queer and trans culture/literature bits and fantastic book recommendations. If you're curious about transformative justice and how YOU can contribute to the Queer Utopian Agenda, this one's for you!

Margeaux Feldman (they/them) is a writer, educator, artist, and activist originally from Toronto, now based in between Edmonton, AB and Los Angeles. They hold a PhD in English Literature and Sexual Diversity Studies from the University of Toronto, where they wrote a dissertation about the intersections of trauma, chronic illness, intimacy, and care. Margeaux recently completed certificates in Integrated Somatic Trauma Therapy from The Embody Lab and Embodied Social Justice from Transformative Change. Their creative writing has been published in PRISM, GUTS: A Canadian Feminist Magazine, The Puritan, and the Minola Review, amongst others -- and they are the author of 11 self-published zines. Margeaux just finished their first book manuscript Touch Me, I’m Sick and is currently working on their next, Queer Wounds: Reckonings on Relationality and Harm. They also run the popular meme account @softcore_trauma

To learn more about the work that they do and how to support them, visit their website

Transformative Justice by adrienne maree brown

I Hope We Choose Love by Kai Cheng Thom:

And a few others:

TJ Resources & Further Reading:


Feb 03, 202301:13:53
Clitoris Magic in Orgasmic Meditation: Shining a Light on Truth w/ Aubrey Fuller
Jan 26, 202301:08:44
Healing Belly Up: Kitchen Tops, Foodies, + Queer Family Traditions
Dec 30, 202201:28:59
Orgasmic Meditation, Sex Cults, + Cumming to Cure Capitalism

Orgasmic Meditation, Sex Cults, + Cumming to Cure Capitalism

This is the story of how Orgasmic Meditation changed my life. I was 8 years a mother before I experienced my first orgasm with another person. I was deeply traumatized and unable to find safety in my body, unaware of just how little ALIVENESS I had access to. I devoted my life to the study of human sexuality + tantra in an effort to heal my wounded eros. I felt horribly lonely, confused, at war with my body, + distrustful of my sensations before I found these practices. Then came orgasmic meditation! It blew me open, showed me what is possible, initiated me into to the state of full-body YES that is our true birthright as mutli-orgasmic gods. I began to really be in partnership with my body for the first time. I went from having delicate, dry easily torn, vulva tissue with no appetite of its own to living with a primal, insatiably sensual, sensitive, playful, and strong root. Every aspect of my life form health, career, to relationships began to thrive. This juicy aliveness melted out from the center of my being, reorienting all my cells, my perspective, + ultimately the trajectory of my fate. I have ended generational curses + anchored in generational wealth + blessings through ѕєχ magic like σяgαѕм¢ мє∂ιтαтιση This ancient, sacred practice is gentle, accessible, + powerful. As with any technology that truly works, there is push back culturally. The status quo does not want to see: EMBODIED INTUITION NATURAL RHYTHMS RETURNED SOMATIC HEALING because all these things make us SOVEREIGN BEINGS that are harder to control + exploit for labor to serve the capitalist system. So they call it a cult, they steal private footage of intimate experiences + rob people of their autonomy in an effort to discourage others from trying this. I challenge you to try one σяgαѕм¢ мє∂ιтαтιση session yourself + decide: Do NOT watch the Netflix documentary + support this direct violation of people’s privacy + autonomy. They should be ashamed for their heinous, unethical choices. Check out these resources if you want to learn more about what’s going on: Netflix documentary: articles: Science foundation: OM & Trauma healing (5 min) OM & Depression healing (5min) OM App link (and stories): Manifesto download: public link where you enter email
Dec 22, 202228:15
Completely made up and completely real: The Infinite Gender Cube w/ Lauren Levi

Completely made up and completely real: The Infinite Gender Cube w/ Lauren Levi

In this episode we talk w/ Lauren Levi about performance, authenticity, gender, coming out, drag, and SO much more! Then she takes us through how to use The Infinite Gender Cube: A theoretical tool for folks to visualize, articulate, and explore their identity and self expression.
Lauren is a queer trans woman currently living in the midwest. After engaging in the world of professional theatre, she began creating a social media platform that allowed her to perform, entertain, and educate on queerness and other social topics. Outside of content creation, she spends most of her time prepping for her upcoming drag shows.
personal instagram: @nowitslauren
drag instagram: @lady_piphone
personal tiktok: @nowitslauren
drag tiktok: @ladypiphone
twitter: @nowitslauren
venmo: @nowitslauren
Dec 20, 202201:13:03
Envisioning the Utopia: Beyond Tourism to Respectful, Rooted Travel w/ Sonia Erika
Dec 07, 202201:21:16
Divinity Experiencing: Intuition, Surrender + the Tale of Twin Flames w/ Brittany Deigh
Nov 30, 202201:22:56
Living with EDS: Secrets of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome w/ Catching On Thieves

Living with EDS: Secrets of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome w/ Catching On Thieves

Nov 21, 202201:20:39
Rest, Receiving, + the Magic of Motherhood w/ Neko360

Rest, Receiving, + the Magic of Motherhood w/ Neko360

Talking with Neko Three Sixty aka @devocean_hawk_heart about rest, opening up to receive more deeply, the mythical path of motherhood, the necessity of community, and the magic all around us.

Neko is a multi-faceted diamond witch devoted to the path of the alchemical marriage; where our opposites (like pain and pleasure, good and evil, separate and oneness) are equally held with divine reverence, so that our suffering within and without may be transmuted into gratitude, deep learning, playful awareness and magic in action! She is the Divine Domme of our production crew at and regularly melts into prayerful puddles on the dance floor.

She has decades (and lifetimes) of experience and deeply studied and practiced Tantrika, RYT-1000 yoga teacher, Sound Healer, Reiki Practitioner, Herbalist, Tarot + Astrology, and Psychic healer. She hosts and DJs (as DevOcean) Dance Sanctuary, a consent based, conscious dance and contact improv event every Thursday at the Foundation of Light.

For more info on what services, classes and events she offers go to

To dance to her DJ sets:

Nov 16, 202201:13:32
Pushing the Boundaries of Visual Poetics: a Photo Review w/ Richard Louissaint

Pushing the Boundaries of Visual Poetics: a Photo Review w/ Richard Louissaint

This unique episode is a conversation w/ photographer + filmmaker Richard Louissaint. We explore the poetic symbolism of images, talk about the visual techniques that make our souls sing, and review a selection of images we created together. We discuss what we see and how we arrived there through the creative project. If you are (or aspire to be) a model, photographer, filmmaker, or visual artist you'll really enjoy this. The video portion is available on
Watch the music video we talked about HERE:
Richard Louissaint @figureswithrichlouis is a first-generation Haitian-American filmmaker and photographer from New York City. Growing up in Queens, he was exposed to a wide spectrum of the Caribbean diaspora but was primarily influenced by Haitian and African-American culture. His work centers on people of color, especially those of Haitian descent, through portraiture, film and documentaries. His work has been exhibited at the Brooklyn Museum, Wilmer Jennings Gallery at Kenkeleba, and most recently at the Wyckoff House Museum. His films have screened at the Haiti Film Fest, New York Short Film Festival, and Newark International Film Festival. Richard also holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Brooklyn College.
Nov 10, 202201:35:32
Sensual Spellcasting, Pleasure Witchcraft, + Channeling through Improvisation w/ FeatherPistol

Sensual Spellcasting, Pleasure Witchcraft, + Channeling through Improvisation w/ FeatherPistol

Happy Samhain! Hold onto your broomsticks bitches, in this episode we're diving into all things: ritual, tradition, channeling, ceremony, seance + sensual spellcasting from a fellow pleasure priestess Feather Pistol. You can find more of her work on + or connect on Instagram at @featherpistol + @polefortheglobe Feather Pistol is an earth worshipping pole artist and activist.  She specializes in solo pole performances in a series of personas, each character expressed through a unique combination of makeup, costume and music. Featherpistol has travelled the world as a circus pole acrobat and performance artist, performing all over the world!  Today she is the proud founder of "Pole for the Globe" an online community platform for social justice and environmental protection.  Her patreon tribe "ATREYU" has donated over $4,500.00 to charity since November 2017.

Nov 01, 202259:12
Talking Self Portraiture + How Do Asexuals get Erotically Embodied with Bunny Luna

Talking Self Portraiture + How Do Asexuals get Erotically Embodied with Bunny Luna

We talk with Bunny Luna about erotic embodiment and how it intersects with asexuality, ecosexuality, and self-portraiture. Explore more of Bunny's work here: Support their work + join us in The Burrow on Discord by joining We mentioned 8 Steps to Creating the Intimate Explorations You Love — Embody More Love by Zahava Griss in this episode.
Oct 24, 202201:01:48
Romance + the Spectrum of Attraction

Romance + the Spectrum of Attraction

Interview w/ Marcus Rasaan. Get clear about WHAT attracts you to other people + WHY! Investigate the spectrum of attraction as it shows up for you + train your self awareness so that you can make CONSCIOUS choices in your romantic + sexual life.
May 28, 202001:06:19
Telling Secrets Together Time: Chosen Names, Identity, + Imagination
May 13, 202047:42
Ecosexuality, Redefining ‘Sex’, + the Agender spectrum
May 07, 202001:03:38
A Hero’s Journey: Discovering Life’s Intention
Apr 01, 202001:01:18
Personal Narrative Power vs Ethics of Storytelling
Feb 29, 202001:03:39
Resonance, Coherence, + Vibrational Healing OH MY
Feb 20, 202001:06:21
Polyamory, Consent, Snuggle Parties, + Self Love!

Polyamory, Consent, Snuggle Parties, + Self Love!

We talk about polyamory, consent, what the hell is a snuggle party, boundaries, agency, play parties, skin hunger, getting in touch with our needs + getting them met, as well as self love as a revolutionary act!
Feb 12, 202001:09:52
Vulnerability in Art: Shifting the Paradigm

Vulnerability in Art: Shifting the Paradigm

The solution to the modern problem of shame/sickness/disconnection requires radical shifts in how we show up in life. Step into your power + transform your life with vulnerability. Poetry, a guided writing exercise, + more!
Feb 05, 202052:37
Intro to Light Alchemy: Telling Secrets Together Time!

Intro to Light Alchemy: Telling Secrets Together Time!

Let’s get intimate! Exploring vulnerability together - an intro to who Lior is as an artist, what they do, what this podcast is about, how to get involved, what NUDE ART is even for + more! Let’s heal together
Jan 29, 202042:26
Light Alchemy Trailer

Light Alchemy Trailer

Beginning the journey
Jan 29, 202000:60