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Liquid Barcodes Loyalty Podcast

Liquid Barcodes Loyalty Podcast

By Paula Thomas

Liquid Barcodes introduces the “Live Loyalty” podcast – the only podcast in the world dedicated to sharing the latest ideas in loyalty marketing in convenience retail.

Every week we share articles designed to showcase the most powerful loyalty marketing initiatives by the greatest convenience brands.

Instead of finding the time to read or research online, we've developed this efficient and exciting opportunity for you to listen to our articles to learn the latest in loyalty marketing.

Our hope is that this weekly podcast helps us to help you learn how to increase your customer's loyalty.
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#64: Pret Bets on Subscriptions

Liquid Barcodes Loyalty PodcastFeb 28, 2021

#64: Pret Bets on Subscriptions

#64: Pret Bets on Subscriptions

Amidst unprecedented changes in consumer behaviour as a result of the covid pandemic, Pret a Manger has become the first major UK brand to launch a subscription programme for coffee customers. 

It's "YourPret Barista" programme is an impressive strategy designed to tempt customers in to new behaviours by subscribing to a monthly package of unlimited coffee. 

Listen to this episode to hear the strategic thinking driving this concept - another example of the power of subscription programmes to drive "extreme loyalty". 

Show Notes:

1) Pret Bets on Subscriptions - Live Loyalty article on Liquid Barcodes

2) Pret a Manger UK 

3) Live Loyalty video for coffee store owners interested in subscriptions

Feb 28, 202105:44
#63: Super Sabrura Sushi

#63: Super Sabrura Sushi

This audio article introduces the exciting loyalty programme for sushi lovers in Norway. 

Sabrura Sushi has created a community of loyal customers it calls "goldfish". Its programme includes an app to support eCommerce orders and allow the brand to connect with members digitally through an automated communications cycle.

In more recent times, their loyalty app has also allowed them to capture “track and trace” details for customers, required for Norwegian restaurants amidst the Covid pandemic. 

Listen to this article to hear all about the loyalty benefits available for Sabrura Sushi lovers in Norway.

Show Notes: 

1) Super Sabrura Sushi - Live Loyalty article on Liquid Barcodes  

2) Sabrura Sushi 

Feb 21, 202107:14
#62: Croatia’s New Concept

#62: Croatia’s New Concept

MOL Group is a leading international integrated oil company in Central Eastern Europe, with nearly 2,000 retail fuel stations in thirty countries.

It's also the region’s largest coffee retailer and is laser focused on the digital transformation of its business, launching innovative programmes including the INA Loyalty programme launched in Croatia in 2020.

Listen to learn how this programme has created a points-based concept as its award currency, yet has a rewards strategy based on free products and personalised offers of increasing value.

Show Notes

1) Croatia’s New Concept - Live Loyalty Article 

2) INA Loyalty Programme - Croatia 

Feb 14, 202107:47
#61: Cheesy or Charming? Coalition Loyalty Concept in Hong Kong

#61: Cheesy or Charming? Coalition Loyalty Concept in Hong Kong

Yuu Rewards is an innovative coalition loyalty programme launched in Hong Kong in July 2020. 

This audio article describes how the programme works and why it's proving so popular, ranging from its extraordinary range of stores through to the cheesy yet charming TV campaign which has delighted consumers. 

Yuu Rewards is a truly digital loyalty programme, awarding points in real time to exceed expectations of digitally-savvy Chinese consumers.

Enjoy this episode of our live loyalty podcast to learn more about the latest loyalty programme launched in Asia. 

Show Notes: 

1) Cheesy or Charming? Loyalty article on Yuu Rewards Hong Kong 

2) Yuu Rewards 

Feb 07, 202107:37
#60: Empowering Generosity
Jan 31, 202106:09
#59: Simply Nothing Like Nespresso
Jan 24, 202108:35
#58: Subscribe and Save on Fuel
Jan 17, 202106:29
#57: Circle K Car Wash Subscription Concept Proves Commercially Compelling
Jan 10, 202113:21
#56: Surprise and Delight at Scale

#56: Surprise and Delight at Scale

This live loyalty article discusses an innovative concept for many convenience retailers - the opportunity to sell in bulk to corporate customers. 

It showcases how the leading Swedish retailer Pressbyrån recognised the potential of our digital coupon shop to sell products as "everyday rewards"  to bulk buyers such as loyalty programme managers and HR Managers. 

This concept offers a radically new and untapped commercial opportunity that also drives brand awareness and footfall from an entirely new audience.

Listen to this episode to learn how your convenience brand can surprise and delight customers at scale.

Show Notes: 

1) Surprise & Delight at Scale - Loyalty Article 

2) Liquid Barcodes Coupon Shop 

Jan 03, 202108:59
#55: Going Crazy for Krispy Kreme

#55: Going Crazy for Krispy Kreme

In this week's episode of the Liquid Barcodes Live Loyalty podcast, we discuss the simple yet compelling loyalty strategies being leveraged by Krispy Kreme - a brand that is positioning itself as the "most loved sweet treat brand in the world".

We discuss how they're addressing the challenges of Covid 19 with some innovative campaigns, as well as the case study of their 2018 launch in Ireland, still their most profitable store worldwide.

Key insights include the power and impact of their digital activity on their brand value internationally, as well as the structure of their "MySweet Rewards" program and the ongoing importance of both promotions & product sampling to create loyalty to their delicious donuts.  

Show Notes: 

1) Krispy Kreme Loyalty Article 

Dec 27, 202007:56
#54: Subscribe and Save

#54: Subscribe and Save

As the world's most valuable brand, Amazon is the giant of online retail, particularly in sectors such as books and electronics. It's less well known for its "subscribe and save" proposition which is a grocery delivery service that has flourished in 2020 largely due to changing consumer behaviour during the global pandemic. 

With hundreds of thousands of everyday household products to choose from, Amazon's Subscribe and Save solution has in fact suffered from mixed reviews, with its pricing algorithm causing fluctuating prices that can prove frustrating for grocery customers. 

Listen to this episode of the Live Loyalty Liquid Barcodes podcast to hear our thoughts on both the appealing and less appealing elements of Amazon's grocery subscription strategy, including an interesting focus on products for parents. 

We also share some key success principles that are needed to delight online grocery subscribers and avoid high churn rates. 

Show Notes: 

1) Liquid Barcodes Live Loyalty Article - Subscribe and Save

2) Principles of Subscription - article on subscription-based loyalty principles.

Dec 20, 202007:33
#53: Flourishing in Finland

#53: Flourishing in Finland

Voted the world's happiest country, Finland is a Nordic country famed for its beauty, architecture and an exceptional education system. 

As the convenience retail market leader in Finland, R-kioski boasts over 500 convenience stores and has recently celebrated another milestone with over 150,000 members now signed up to its digital loyalty programme. 

Listen to this episode of Liquid Barcodes Live Loyalty podcast to hear about the growth and evolution of R-kioski's journey from cardboard stamp cards to digital dominance with their app called R-kantis and the great results being achieved as a result of its clear vision of speed and simplicity to connect with and reward its customers. 

Show Notes: 

1) Liquid Barcodes Live Loyalty Article: Flourishing in Finland 

Dec 13, 202006:14
#52: Lidl Launches Loyalty
Dec 06, 202006:04
#51: Plus or Prime?
Nov 29, 202007:43
#49: Unlucky for Investors
Nov 15, 202008:52
#48: Prime’s Proven Power

#48: Prime’s Proven Power

Billed as “the best deal in the history of shopping”, Amazon Prime is one of the world’s most popular subscription services and offers a powerful example how Amazon earns customer loyalty by first being loyal TO its users.

Amazon Prime is truly a compelling product commanding fees of over $18 billion, so we outline some of its fascinating key principles for subscription success, including the key insight that members of Prime spend 4.6 times what non-members spend.

Listen to this episode of the Live Loyalty Podcast from Liquid Barcodes to learn about loyalty from one of the world's greatest company's. 

Show Notes:

Nov 08, 202009:34
#47: What About Whatsapp
Nov 01, 202008:30
#46: The Compelling Case for Coffee Subscriptions
Oct 25, 202007:19
#45: Walgreens Loves Loyalty
Oct 18, 202009:27
#44: Empowering Intelligent Eating - Mealpal

#44: Empowering Intelligent Eating - Mealpal

Mealpal is an innovative food-tech company, leveraging the power of the subscription model to match hungry office workers with tasty, yet affordable restaurants nearby. 

Founded by the same entrepreneur who created the iconic Classpass concept, Mary Biggins created a platform that focuses on simplicity for merchant, and personalisation for diners, creating a compelling meal service that saves both time and cost at lunchtime. 

Listen to this week's episode of the live loyalty podcast to hear how this clever pre-Covid idea should emerge even stronger over time when office workers return to cities worldwide.

Show Notes:

1) Empowering Intelligent Eating article on the Liquid Barcodes live loyalty podcast 

Oct 11, 202010:10
#43: Edgy & Eccentric - Driving Loyalty the Danish Way

#43: Edgy & Eccentric - Driving Loyalty the Danish Way

Joe & the Juice is a Danish coffee and juice store chain, operating for almost twenty years across three hundred stores in sixteen countries, yet the company has managed to maintain the original eccentric and edgy brand created by its founder. 

This live loyalty article showcases the unique approach that Joe & the Juice use to find fun, friendly and entertaining staff to embody their brand identity, supported by an equally unique and fun approach to loyalty. We also discuss some of their clever commercial ideas such as pre-paid packages of their products, as well as innovative digital concepts such as the ability to digitally tip staff and export receipts. 

Joe & the Juice is truly a leading brand that successfully leverages the power of speed, simplicity and customer connections to position themselves perfectly for global growth. 

Show Notes: 

1) Joe & the juice article on Liquid Barcodes live loyalty website 

Oct 04, 202008:21
#42: Principles of Subscription
Sep 27, 202008:17
#41: Peet’s Delights.
Sep 20, 202008:03
#40: Meal Kit Magic

#40: Meal Kit Magic

While meal kit companies were already an established concept before the Covid-19 pandemic, many of them are now enjoying a surge in popularity as anxious consumers embrace the concept of fewer trips to their local grocery store. 

Hello Fresh and Blue Apron are two of the industry leaders in the US meal kit market who are battling for market dominance and profitability. 

This episode of the Liquid Barcodes live loyalty podcast discusses meal kit companies as important players leveraging the power of the subscription model as well as the increasing popularity of home cooking, with the simplicity of receiving both recipes and ingredients at home.

Listen to this episode to hear some exciting insights on niche concepts that are driving customer retention and overall growth of this subscription model.

Show Notes: 

1) Article: Meal Kit Magic 

Sep 13, 202008:30
#39: Global Brand, Local Relevance
Sep 06, 202007:38
#38: Subscribe and Save on Fuel - RaceTrac Rewards VIP

#38: Subscribe and Save on Fuel - RaceTrac Rewards VIP

As one of the US’s largest fuel retailers, it is exciting to see RaceTrac as another leading retail brand using subscriptions to drive customer loyalty. 

And perhaps even more exciting that RaceTrac is the first retailer we’ve seen so far to offer a tier exclusively focused on saving money off your fuel.

Listen to this article of Liquid Barcodes Live Loyalty podcast to hear the latest insights on RaceTrac Rewards and its innovative subscription layer within its loyalty program. 

Show Notes: 

1) Loyalty Article - Subscribe and Save on Fuel 

2) RaceTrac Rewards - Convenience Store Loyalty Program

Aug 30, 202006:19
#37: Why Car Wash is CEO Agenda
Aug 23, 202007:54
#36: Wawa’s Winning Ways.
Aug 16, 202008:30
#35: The Ultimate Question
Aug 09, 202009:26
#34: Starbucks Rewards - Latest Loyalty Update
Aug 02, 202010:17
#33: Starbucks and Alibaba Partnership in China
Jul 26, 202005:10
#32: Shell’s Loyalty Purpose – “To Understand”

#32: Shell’s Loyalty Purpose – “To Understand”

The Shell Driver's Club was an iconic UK loyalty programme with over 1.5 million members being rewarded for their fuel purchases, however in 2019, it was closed down and replaced by an exciting NEW strategy and a target to achieve double the membership to 3 million members. 

This new loyalty sub-brand is called "Shell Go+" and it offers an entirely new approach focused on driving purchases from Shell's full range of products and services in store, rather than simply fuel. 

This episode of Liquid Barcodes Live Loyalty podcast discuss the new value proposition Shell UK has chosen in this massive market to entirely replace its previous points structure and discusses the benefits and reasons for it, as well as some of the trade-offs that inevitably result. 

Go+ is expected to be rolled out as the new digital loyalty programme globally to enable Shell connect and learn about its customers preferences so this is a great episode to listen and learn all about the latest loyalty strategy from Shell UK.

Show Notes:

1)  Shell UK's Digital Loyalty Programme

Jul 19, 202009:48
#31: Let’s Talk Tims
Jul 12, 202007:11
#30: Digital Driving Growth in KFC China
Jul 05, 202011:21
#29: Connected Homes – The Ultimate Convenience?
Jun 28, 202009:55
#28: BK® Café – a Compelling Coffee Concept
Jun 21, 202007:28
#27: A Higher Purpose
Jun 14, 202014:29
#26: Americans’ Favorite Fueling Stations
Jun 07, 202009:28
#25: Tesco UK's Subscription Strategy

#25: Tesco UK's Subscription Strategy

Tesco's Clubcard programme is one of the oldest and most iconic loyalty programmes in the UK with over 17 million members. 

In late 2019, it announced the addition of a new option - "Clubcard Plus" - a subscription-based loyalty programme offering unique benefits for a fixed monthly fee. 

Listen to this episode of Liquid Barcodes' podcast to hear the range of benefits offered to Tesco UK's consumers and our view on its potential for success.

Show Notes: 

1) Tesco UK's Subscription Strategy

Jun 01, 202006:53
#24: Insomnia (Ireland) Inspires Loyalty

#24: Insomnia (Ireland) Inspires Loyalty

This article describes the success of the Irish coffee chain "Insomnia" and its digital loyalty programme - Insomnia Treats

As winner of the QSR restaurant of the year at the inaugural Irish Loyalty Awards as well as winning the "Retail Franchise of the Year", we discuss their digital loyalty innovations and some unique ideas which also help the brand demonstrate its commitment to innovation and sustainability. 

Show Notes:

1) Article - Insomnia Inspires Loyalty 

May 24, 202005:56
#23: Caffè Nero Keeps It Simple
May 17, 202009:19
#22: Super Simple and Super Clever
May 10, 202010:18
#21: Leon Lovers Club
May 03, 202007:43
#20: Coca Cola Insider’s Club

#20: Coca Cola Insider’s Club

In 2019, Coca Cola USA launched an exciting new concept, designed to create a sense of exclusivity for advocates of it's iconic brand. Dubbed the "Insider's Club", it's a subscription-based loyalty program that rewards its members with monthly packs of its new products along with a goodie bag of merchandise designed to delight these truly loyal users. The "Insider's Club" gives them even more reasons to connect with the brand and share their love of its products with others. Listen to this episode for insights on how one of the world's most successful brands is driving customer loyalty in 2020.

Apr 26, 202006:27
#19: Secrets for Success (Casey's Rewards)

#19: Secrets for Success (Casey's Rewards)

As the fourth-largest convenience and fuel retailer in the United States, Casey's General Stores has developed a successful business combining US consumer's love of pizza with a compelling brand proposition - "here for good".  

In January 2020, it celebrated over 50 years in business with the launch of a powerful new loyalty program called "Casey's Rewards". 

Listen to this episode of our 'live loyalty" podcast to hear how the brand has combined the power of points and frequency mechanics to support its growth as one of the world's top twenty fastest-growing retailers.

Show Notes: 

1) Article:

Apr 19, 202007:54
#18: All About Audio
Apr 12, 202010:12
#17: Vitality’s Innovation – Sharing Value

#17: Vitality’s Innovation – Sharing Value

"Vitality" is an extraordinarily innovative loyalty programme launched in South Africa in the 1990's. 

Built on the concept of rewarding customers for taking responsibility for their own health, it's run by "Discovery" - a health insurance company with a goal to minimise health claims, and actively incentivises its customers accordingly. By "sharing the value" and rewarding a healthier lifestyle, Vitality has driven dramatic behaviour changes, resulting in a true masterclass in loyalty marketing. 

Listen to this article to learn how the "Vitality" programmes uses a combination of long term and short term incentives and a genuine commitment to helping its customers achieve their goals in order to drive lifelong health and customer loyalty. 

Show Notes:

Apr 05, 202009:43
#16: Sip and Save (on Fuel)
Mar 30, 202007:52
#15: "Still Making Dough” (Pizza Express Driving Loyalty)
Mar 23, 202007:58
#14 - Five UK Trends for 2020

#14 - Five UK Trends for 2020

The UK market is a dominant influence on marketing worldwide and one of my favourite resources to stay up to date on how technology, communications and UK culture are evolving is published by Mindshare. Every year, they publish a report on UK trends which is useful and insightful, so this article discusses their conclusions on the top five trends for 2020 - and indeed for the decade to come! From 5G, through to adoption of innovative technologies such as 5G, and the insatiable demand for quality content, this episode summarises how consumers are feeling about emerging trends - essential insights that loyalty marketers need to consider as we plan and manage our programmes.

Show Notes:

1) Mindshare UK

2) Mindshare UK Trends Report.

Mar 16, 202013:27